Spinning Around Saturn with Anthony Mundine

By Ted Sares on February 28, 2014
Spinning Around Saturn with Anthony Mundine
"To come so far in such different sports," says Mundine. "Never before. Never again."

He remains the “single greatest Muslim Aboriginal self-made millionaire rugby league legend to win three boxing titles…”

“They call it an act of terrorism, but if you can understand religion, and our way of life, it’s not about terrorism. It’s about fighting for God’s law, and America’s brought it upon themselves.”—Anthony Mundine

“The point I was trying to get across was that it was in a war state of mind, and there is always going to be tit for tat, so why put yourself in a situation where you can endanger people. I have got nothing against any American; I have got nothing against any human being. It breaks my heart that people think I would even have that line of thought about being happy about people dying. That is crap and I want to clarify that because it is wrong.”—Mundine

“This myth that Anthony Mundine is the greatest, that he’s a champion fighter – it’s over.”—Jeff Fenech

“…arguably the greatest crossover athlete in boxing history.”—Steve Bunce

“Having turned to boxing with no amateur career at the relatively advanced age of 25, he was fighting world class opposition by his 8th, 9th and 10th bouts (KO3 Kevin Pompey, W12 Sam Soliman & KO2 Guy Waters) and scoring wins with a mixture of blistering handspeed and pure balletic movement.”—Mark McKenna

“For pure athleticism, Anthony Mundine is unrivalled. A prodigiously talented league player (he represented the Dragons and Broncos in 127 games), Mundine was a grand finalist and State of Origin representative before switching to boxing several weeks into the 2000 season.”—News.com,au, October 22, 2013

Anthony “The Man” Mundine (46-5) was born on May 21, 1975 and is an Australian boxer and former highly paid rugby player. Such was his natural talent that the brash Mundine could have played basketball had he not turned to football. He also was a two-time WBA super middleweight champion, IBO middleweight champion, and interim WBA light middleweight champion. He is the son of iconic boxer Tony Mundine (who retired in 1984 with a remarkable record of 80-15-1 and a reputation of being one of the country’s most accomplished indigenous fighters). The Mundines are members of the Bundjalung people.

Anthony has notches on his boxing belts to drool for including wins over then-top contender Daniel Geale, a prime Danny Green, Lester Ellis, Sam Soliman (thrice), Ryan Waters, Bronco McKart, Garth Wood, Rigoberto Alvarez, and a prime Antwun Echols. He is also the only man to have stopped Sugar Shane Mosley. In a rare show of good sportsmanship (and perhaps a trend toward mellowing), Anthony said after the Mosley stoppage, “My heart goes out to Shane. I know he’s winner. He’s not one to pull out for nothing. He’s one of the greatest fighters to have ever lived.”

Most of his opponents have come in with stellar records with only two coming in with losing marks. Aside from a KO loss to Sven Ottke in Germany in December 2001, two wins in New Zealand in 2003 and 2011, and a recent blow out of Bronco McKart (54-9-1) in Las Vegas, all of Mundine’s fights have been in Australia.

He made his pro debut amongst incredible fanfare. Within twelve months, he won the Australian and Pan-Pacific titles and after 11 straight wins, he challenged World Champion Sven Ottke. Unfortunately, his lead-up to the Ottke match was disrupted and overshadowed by his anti-American comments associated with the September 11 terrorist attacks. A contrite Mundine later apologized but lasting and irreparable damage had been done

Current Scene

The then IBF middleweight world champion Daniel Geale earned revenge for his only professional loss up to that time by easily outpointing Mundine on January 30, 2013 in Sydney. Two judges scored it 117-111 and the other 116-112.

However, after beating Mosley in November, Mundine won his 46th career victory with a lopsided point’s victory over gritty Kiwi Gunnar Jackson in Brisbane on January 29, 2014, after which he said that he wanted another fight in April and then every two months as he tries “to fight more, talk less and work his way to a title shot later in the year.”

In this respect, he is scheduled to fight former IBF welterweight world champion Joshua Clottey (37-4) on April 2 in New South Wales for the WBA International light middleweight title, hoping that a win over the inactive “Grand Master” with the fan-unfriendly Turtle Shell defense will propel him to a big money fight in the States.

“Anthony has to continue to fight, keep the rankings pressure on, perhaps leapfrog a fighter and maybe get into that situation where one of the big guys has to fight him,’’ Mundine’s manager Khoder Nasser said. Meanwhile, Mundine expects to keep losing money as he chases his world title dream. “And I am going to make it,” Mundine told the Newcastle Herald when asked about fighting in the US. “It’s just a matter of time…I’m losing money out of my pocket in order to chase my dreams, but I know if I get my dream then that will be reimbursed.” But then he added “…it’s not about the money to me, it’s about my legacy and legend I want to build and prove a lot of people wrong.”

Yes, Anthony seems to cry poor mouth as he pursues his dream of making BIG money against a Mayweather, Pacquiao, or Canelo, but before he garners too much sympathy, it should be noted that as he ponders his “sorry” plight in his Italianate mansion in Blakehurst, he remains the “single greatest Muslim Aboriginal self-made millionaire rugby league legend to win three boxing titles.” Indeed, some have described him as dumb like a fox.


“Think of any sportsmen… Mundine is still first off the rank. There’s nothing like me. To come so far in such different sports. Never before. Never again.”—Mundine (May 2009)

For any number of reasons, “The Man” lacks the popularity that would seem to correlate to his outstanding athletic resume (though he has a strong following among the aboriginals). Certainly part of it has to do with the fact he is an outspoken, self-promoting type and this has contributed to a stormy relationship with the media. Moreover, he seems to go out of his way to polarize and some even think this may have included his conversion to Islam in 1999 which was greatly influenced by the teaching of Malcolm X but this clearly is a stretch. Nevertheless, he has been described as “the most polarizing athlete in Australian sports history.”

Said a poster named Nick G recently: The real reason he can’t get the big fights is because they still remember the way he ran off at the mouth when the Twin Towers came down. America didn’t want a bar of him after that and that still applies today.” http://www.cqnews.com.au/news/mundine-tilt-title-hangs-all-right-moves/2161014/

Then this from the urban dictionary, “Anthony Mundine: A famous boxer from Australia. Unless you are reaching the end of your career as a boxer, you won’t have much chance of facing him as he only likes to do mismatches and fight people way beneath him.”

And this about gays, which Mundine posted on Facebook: “Like my dad told me GOD made ADAM & EVE not Adam & Steve…I got nothing against it cause I got friends family that are but promoting it to the youth & masses isn’t right…but each to there [sic] own.” A virtual slap back was fast in coming. Those involved with the indigenous production house behind the series Redfern (Blackfella Films) called the comments deeply worrying and upsetting.

In November, Aussie boxing legend Jeff Fenech was questioned by police over a fire bomb that destroyed a cafe owned by his bitter rival Mundine. Fenech had labeled Mundine “the most hated Australian ever” after he (Mundine) appeared to laugh on hearing Fenech had lost his money on the cancelled Mosley fight. Said a “concerned” Fenech, “I feel really bad about the firebombing. I honestly do. Anyone who’s worked hard to establish a business shouldn’t lose it like that. It’s bloody terrible. I hope the police sort it out.” http://www.boxingnewsonline.net/latest/news/jeff-fenech-denies-fire-bombing-anthony-mundine-s-café

And this from Xavier Toby in the Huffington Post in May 2013: “It’s as if Mundine is trying to be Muhammad Ali, but even mentioning those two names in the same sentence leaves me feeling dirty. Ali did pick on his opponents, but with such flair and intelligence it became less about his opponent and more about the theatre of the whole thing. Mundine is an embarrassment and I wonder if this is the result of an existence surrounded by people who just say ‘yes’. To every one of your ridiculous ideas, stupid comments and ill-thought out rants….”

Then Mundine declared that he would boycott the singing of the national anthem at his fight against the well-liked Tasmanian Daniel Geale because he believes that the song’s lyrics promote the country’s inherent agenda of white supremacy. Mundine said, “The truth is, that anthem was composed in the 1800s when Aborigines were considered fauna.” This inspired the following post by antmang: “Mundine, you are a dead set goose; people are just tired of the utter dribble that comes out of your mouth. You have made absolutely no sense in anything that you have ever said. Just do us all a favour and keep your lips closed. You are an embarrassment to this country. The only reason anyone in this country watched your fight, was to see your backside get kicked! You have bad sportsmanship & you are very very far from ‘the best ever athlete’ you moron.” The notion that Mundine would snub the national anthem was averted, as it was smartly performed before both men entered the ring.

Among Mundine’s other incendiary comments was the claim that Geale didn’t represent the Aboriginal community, citing his “white wife and kids.” He later took back the comments. Refusing to shake hands with Daniel Geale following their fight did nothing to enhance Anthony’s popularity.

This link connects to an article that lists in detail Anthony’s foot-in-mouth outrages over the years: http://www.news.com.au/sport/boxing-mma/anthony-the-man-mundine-is-a-multi-sport-superstar-and-human-headline/story-fndkzthy-1226744430716

The Future

If he loses to the Grand Master in April, the end of his boxing days would surely have arrived. But then Mundine just might have another path possibly as a spokesman for a minority in a country where a national Sorry Day (now called the Day of Healing) has been held every year since 1998 and where four years ago the then prime minister Kevin Rudd apologized in parliament for laws and policies that “had inflicted profound grief, suffering and loss” for Aborigines.

Taking an entirely different perspective, Martin Newman, co-editor of the Daily Mirror, writes in the Huffington Post, “Mundine may not be the most eloquent orator, and he may not be the obvious choice as a mouthpiece for political change in Australia, but maybe he has a decent point or two to make…. More people like Mundine are needed to start talking about solutions.”

Stay tuned as Anthony Mundine continues on his Saturnian Sleighride.

Ted Sares is a private investor who enjoys writing about boxing. A member of the Elite Powerlifting Federation, Ted is one of the oldest active competitors in the world and holds several state records.

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  1. Ted 07:48am, 04/09/2014

    Joshua Clottey (38-4, 22 KO’s) beat up Anthony Mundine (46-6, 27 KO’s) by a lopsided 12-round unanimous decision on Wednesday night at the Entertainment Centre, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

  2. John 02:35pm, 03/11/2014

    Eric: One word on an Ali vs. Chamberlin fight: T-I-M-B-E-R!!!

  3. Ted 01:10pm, 03/10/2014

    Thanks John. One of my intents with this is to provide wiki-like info on this person - One-stop shopping if you will.

  4. John 01:06pm, 03/10/2014

    I, too, don’t remember Mundine beating Mosley. As usual, Ted, you hit the nail on the head with this article.

  5. Ted 03:30pm, 03/04/2014

    Lot of people here in the US don’t know bout him.

  6. Tex Hassler 02:34pm, 03/04/2014

    Mundine certainly is a unique individual. Great article. I was unaware he stopped Shane Mosley.

  7. nicolas 09:01pm, 03/03/2014

    RAXMAN makes an interesting post about Mundine VS Geale, and how much money was involved in that fight. If you were to ask the casual sports fan who Mundine is, they could probably not tell you, even after his win over Shane Mosley, who has probably also dropped from the radar of the US Casual Sports fan. But I am sure that in Australia they can. What he has made of himself is a star there. Look at how many people went to see his fight with Green. What he has done is cut himself a niche in the Australian boxing market, and has been financially rewarded for it. If it is true that he has gotten a million dollars for fight C fighters and has -beens, one cannot entirely blame him, as he might not be able to get that kind of money in the United States ironically.. The amazing thing is though that he is still relevant there, despite his loss to Garth Woods, and also loss in the reutrn to Daniel Geale. Another fighter who did this, and in a much smaller market was I believe Brian Nielson of Denmark. Did he not make millions, if he had been smart, could have retired on? I remember when being up in Quebec in 2000 speaking to two people there who knew Davie Hilton and the French Canadian boxer with the tatoo’s, who I can’t remember. But they were not aware of Lennox Lewis, who was heavyweight champ, and had even represented Canada with a Gold medal in the 88 Olympics. I never considered Mundine a real world champion, but how did they feel in Australia?

  8. Eric 03:22am, 03/03/2014

    Wilt Chamberlin wasn’t the typical lumbering, slow, clumsy, seven footer. Chamberlin was remarkably agile and super strong. He had competed in the 440 hurdles and thrown the shot put while in school. Went on to become a good volleyball player. Of course this has nothing to do with if he could fight or not but if Cus D’amato was willing to train him for this proposed bout, he must have thought Wilt had a slight chance at making a good showing. Jim Brown had expressed a desire to box Ali while Ali was in England training for a bout. Brown supposedly met Ali in some park and Ali challenged Brown to hit him, according to rumor, Brown couldn’t touch Ali, and Ali would playfully slap Brown with ease. More than likely, Ali would’ve toyed with Chamberlin, but Wilt was much larger than Brown and held a foot advantage in reach and nearly a foot in height over Ali. I think Wilt would’ve fared much better than Jim Brown, but certainly neither one would’ve beaten Ali. But then again, how good would Ali do against Wilt in one on one, or running a football.

  9. Kurt 09:14pm, 03/02/2014

    Nat Fleischer once said he witnessed Jim Thorpe KO Jack Johnson in sparring before the Jim Jeffries fight.

  10. EZ E 08:06pm, 03/02/2014

    BIKER Olsen vs Thornton, first fight?? I have a copy of that one too. Bobo repeated his win later in the year.

  11. bikermike 03:54pm, 03/02/2014

    I’ll always remember Dave Winfield ...more or less ..running up that wall..and catching that out of the park ball….

    that he caught the clap; from whatsername…makes one wonder who she caught it from….just say’n

  12. bikermike 03:44pm, 03/02/2014

    Ted…great read..and we all line up to read ‘em…for good reason

  13. bikermike 03:37pm, 03/02/2014

    hey rax man…...that a guy with a high profile (deserved or otherwise) ..would go for the money instead of high calibre opponents is not a new strategy….see…Jack Dempsey ...or anyone else or before

    not a lot of great fighters ..cept guys like Holmes and Cooney and leonard ..Haglar…got out with enough to live on

  14. bikermike 03:28pm, 03/02/2014

    best thing to happen to Wilt THE STILT…was he not enter a professional Boxing match…with anybody…let alone Ali

  15. bikermike 03:24pm, 03/02/2014

    I agree with the tone of Ted’s article..about a hard working guy…

    I just watched a re run of one of my favourite fights…Carl ‘BO BO ’ Olsen…making his comeback against the tuff young Wayne Thorton…big fight for both of them…big time

    Young Lion vs Od Lion….

    the fight didn’t have compu box…but there were more punches thrown in that fight than lies about Watergate…

    Old Lion kept on KEEPN ON…and beat that young lad off from his turf…

    Old Lion got his due…even if it was fifteen pounds after his Middleweight Champion days

    Don’t see that many punches ..nor that rate of FIGHT..in today’s contenders….usually….only by exception


  16. Big Walter 01:31pm, 03/02/2014

    I take it you like Shorty?

  17. Ted 09:35am, 03/02/2014

    Here you go:


  18. NYIrish 10:53pm, 03/01/2014

    The flip side of the Martian Merry Go Round.

  19. Ted 10:47pm, 03/01/2014

    Ha, here you go Walt:


  20. Big Walter 10:16pm, 03/01/2014

    What is a Saturnian Sleigh ride”

  21. Ted 06:05pm, 03/01/2014

    Rax, not sure anyone is saying that. Any serious boxing fan knows the Mundine attraction.

  22. raxman 06:02pm, 03/01/2014

    he’s a shocker. no doubt. basically he just isn’t very intelligent.
    however, after being a super star in rugby league, at 25 he moved to boxing, fighting ottke in only his 11th pro fight (and 15th fight over all if you count the 4 amateur bouts he had as a 17year old) and he did well in that ottke fight, leading on points when stopped - as much by exhaustion as the power of the blow.
    He also fought a good fight with kessler - although kessler clearly won the fight, and won most rounds, mundine had his moments in every one of those rounds.
    the fight with Green is the biggest fight in oz history. he was paid in excess of 6mil for it - and he dominates green.
    he also, for mine, clearly beat a young geale too.
    but after every one of those performances that showed his skill he took his foxtel cable tv $$$$ and fought a C grader and or a has been. given the fact he was making at a minimum million per fight (how many fighters can claim that) i can understand him taking the risk vs reward option in his early days . but post green at still the relatively young 31 - with more money in the bank then he could spend - he should have stepped up and fought for glory. 
    its important for me to point out here something about the Geale v Mundine rematch that a lot of USA posters don’t seem to understand - the money Geale would’ve made fighting Golovkin in america would have been a pittance compared to what Geale made fighting mundine. and with Geale bringing a title to the negotiation table he was able to earn himself millions of dollars and revenge his first (and then only) loss. so say what you want about his motivation for not fighting GGG at that point but don’t be saying he passed up on money cause that is just straight out ignorance

  23. tED 04:52pm, 03/01/2014

    Brigitte Nielsen?

  24. TED 04:48pm, 03/01/2014


  25. EZ E 03:20pm, 03/01/2014

    TEDDY I’m trying to remember WHO was Gastineau trainer/chief second. Maybe I’ll try to youtube Mark’s fights and see what I come up with. Why go through all the trouble?? hmmm.. Good question, I don’t freakin know!! Maybe it’s because I have nothing better to do. LOL!!

  26. EZ E 03:11pm, 03/01/2014

    LOL!! Agree!

  27. Ted 02:08pm, 03/01/2014

    EZ Z As bad as Too Tall was, he waxes Gastineau.

  28. Eric 01:30pm, 03/01/2014

    Wilt Chamberlin was definitely one of the all-time great all-around athletes. I’m sure that proposed bout between Wilt and Ali was a “work” from the beginning, but if that bout would’ve taken place, Wilt MIGHT have given the much smaller Ali some anxious moments. Pretty sure that Wilt couldn’t keep up with the pace that a young Ali would’ve set back then, and that Ali’s legs and speed would have baffled the big man. However, Wilt was pretty quick and agile for someone so large, and Wilt was a lot stronger than Ali. People have said that Chamberlin had absolutely freakish strength. Maybe a Jim Brown vs. Wilt Chamberlin bout would’ve been more competitive and just as interesting. I pick Chamberlin.

  29. EZ E 09:47am, 03/01/2014

    Uncle Teddy ahhh… Gastineau vs Too Tall Jones, WHO LOSES?? (try not to laugh while you “fervently” analyse this heavyweight battle. Personally, I’d bet that they BOTH lose. They’ll probably fall out of the ring exhausted & clinched together and get counted out!!

  30. Ted 07:58am, 03/01/2014

    Arguably (and it’s not much of one), Gastineau was the very worse boxer in history.

  31. Lee 05:22am, 03/01/2014

    Eric I have to disagree on the subject of Gastineau’s ‘boxing’ career. It was quite spectacular albeit for the wrong reasons…

  32. Darrell 03:29am, 03/01/2014

    Couldn’t put my small & limited, if tough, journeyman compatriot Gunnar Jackson away…....is a good but never a great boxer.  Truly fabulous footie player at his best though, no doubts whatsoever about that.  Can’t recall if he ever played for Australia though….certainly deserved to but that’s not a story for an American boxing website or public which knows zilch about rugby league.

    Lists of American-centric dual sport athletes is somewhat…..pointless.  I must add, never heard of most of them (Thorpe & Brown excepted of REAL dual sport athletes).  BTW, MJ didn’t really succeed in baseball or golf (I class golf as a pasttime, not sport).

    Look up George Smith who played international rugby league, rugby union, champion track athlete & champion jockey!!

    Mundine’s old man was a bloody good boxer though.

  33. Ted 08:19pm, 02/28/2014

    My Aussie mate Vlad the Serb juts posted this on Facebook:

    Vlad wrote: “The most hated person & sportsman in Australia. Mundine is a delusional idiot.. Fought average journeryman bums. His best win I believe was against Danny Green . His greatest weapon is his mouth. He is old news here in OZ…”

    Wonder what raxman thinks.

  34. Ted 08:16pm, 02/28/2014

    I don’t know about 8, 9, or 10. The others are great. Neon Dion was good as well. I’LL STILL GO WITH OLIIE MATSON

  35. Eric 06:32pm, 02/28/2014

    Just read an article put out by ESPN on the top 10 greatest all-around athletes of all time. They were in order from 1-10:

    1. Jim Brown
    2. Jim Thorpe
    3. Dave Winfield
    4. Bo Jackson
    5. Wilt Chamberlain
    6. Rafer Johnson
    7. Jackie Robinson
    8. Michael Jordan
    9. Gordie Howe
    10. Lou Gehrig

    These athletes were not only great at their chosen sports but Jim Brown was a pretty good lacrosse and basketball player, as well as a decent decathlete. It stated that Gordie Howe would sometimes take batting practice with the Detroit Tigers. Totally forgot about Jim Brown, but I still pick Thorpe as numero uno.

  36. Ted 05:45pm, 02/28/2014

    Ha, yes he was a centerfielder so to speak.

  37. EZ E 05:37pm, 02/28/2014

    TEDDY LOL!! yeah, that Winfield was notorious and was known to play “ALL” the ‘fields’, in and outside of the ballparks!!

  38. Ted 05:16pm, 02/28/2014

    EZ Z pretty much agree with everything you said, but didn’t Winfield pick up a case of the c—- fooling around with Tysons ex’s mother or is my memory going into early onset mode? Not that it has anything to do with his athletic skills. It’s just a heck of a thing to be remembered for.

  39. EZ E 05:09pm, 02/28/2014

    TEDDY Don’t get me wrong, this is a great read and no doubt interesting, with some details that I wasn’t aware of. What I was trying to say is that I find it difficult to swallow Mundine’s excuse in reference to the 911 attack. I also believe that his mouth has gotten him more attention and notoriety than his boxing skills. i agree that he’s multi talented, no doubt, but I believe that a SINGLE sport hero like Fenech is revered more. Putting his foot in his mouth has actually been a ble$$ing for him. Overall, I’ve never been much of a fan of his, more mouth than substance. But that has nothing to do with him being an exceptional overall athlete, that he is. Basically what I’m trying to say that he comes off as somewhat of an A-hole. Now as for Charley Powell and Ted Winfield, I’ve always considered them great multi-talented athletes, especially for BIG men. Thorpe was a legend that we’ve ALL read about but never saw.

  40. Ted 04:27pm, 02/28/2014

    Powell was a great baseball player, All-Pro football player, tremendous track man, and also a ranked heavyweight who KOd Nino Valdez.  He did it. The others perhaps could have but didn’t.

    Thorpe is way before my time and I cannot make a judgments on him,

  41. Eric 03:19pm, 02/28/2014

    Dave Winfield had offers from the NBA and the Minnesota Vikings and I believe he wasn’t a bad baseball player. But I say JIm Thorpe is tops.

  42. Ted 02:28pm, 02/28/2014

    Re Powell


  43. Ted 02:26pm, 02/28/2014

    Eric all good but Bo knows!

  44. Eric 02:22pm, 02/28/2014

    Paul Berlenbach was a pretty good wrestler. Renowned collegiate wrestler Danny Hodge won the Chicago Golden Gloves heavyweight title in 1958. Hodge went on to win 7 or 8 professional bouts depending on the source and I believe his only pro lost was to Nino Valdez. Hodge was still strong enough to crush an apple with his hands even as a much older man. Wonder how good a fighter Jim Thorpe would have made?

  45. Ted 01:57pm, 02/28/2014

    I always thought the best athlete I have ever seen was Ollie Matson, but Charlie Powell had the most all-around cross over success of any athlete in history. Mundine was very good in 3 sports. Boxing, Rugby, and Basketball. The fact he did not have an amateur career speaks volumes,

  46. Eric 01:53pm, 02/28/2014

    There are probably plenty of athletes in football, basketball, track & field, etc., that could switch over to boxing and succeed. Most football players like Too Tall Jones, Mark Gastineau, etc., have tried with less than spectacular results, however, this is a very small sampling of football players. After all, initally Rocky Marciano attempted to become a pro baseball player in the Cubs organization. Athleticism counts for something in boxing even though a lot of great boxers aren’t very good athletes. Fighters like Quarry, Norton, and Frazier didn’t do very well in the old “Superstars” competitions from the Seventies, Frazier did terrible to be honest.

    @nicolas, As a white male, I am frankly sick and tired at having to apologize for being white and for all the so-called past wrongs that whites have allegedly inflicted on nonwhites. Whites are guilty of no more than any other race of people. Africans enslaved and sold their own to the Europeans, as well as Jews and Arabs in the African Slave Trade. Native Americans weren’t some nature loving hippies as they’re portrayed on Hollyweird movie screens, they were slaughtering each other long before the white man appeared. What about all the good that the white man has done. What about the telephone, the computer, the automobile, the airplane, cures for diseases, the radio, the television, etc., etc., How many nonwhites are better off thanks to these inventions by the white man? We’ve heard the grievvances over and over, but where is the gratitude? If whites are so evil and “wayciss” than why do so many nonwhites keep entering Europe and North America, both illegally and legally. Don’t see many Africans or Mexicans wanting to immigrate to Japan or China.

  47. Ted 01:28pm, 02/28/2014

    Nicolas, He is not losing money. That’s just a BS line he is throwing out there. Fact is, he will never come close to fighting the “Big Guys” in the US, but I think he might be trying to make a case for one last BIG one Down Under. I could see a third fight with Geale as a remote possibility or maybe even Wood. Green appears retired. I think The Man is fast running out of viable options.

  48. nicolas 01:04pm, 02/28/2014

    While I have been normally favorable about gay rights and such, I don’t find Mundine’s comments offensive at all. But this is what happens when you say something not 100 percent positive about the subject, you are labeled homophobic. As if you disagree with someone who is black on some race issue with them, some will label you racist. On national anthems, I wish they would just not have them before fights at all. It just brings up stupid nationalism at fights. Team sports are different, and don’t have a problem there, but this is an individual sport. I’ll always remember when a Mexican guy sung the national anthem before the second Randall-Chavez fight, and at the end, shouted, ‘Viva Mexico’, and then when a Mexican American kid sang the US anthem, at the end he shouted, ‘Viva Chavez’. Finally how is Mundine losing money by ‘chasing his dream’? Is he the promoter?

  49. Ted 12:57pm, 02/28/2014

    EZ E can you make yourself clear on this matter?

  50. dollarbond 12:26pm, 02/28/2014

    Yeah, this loon is really dumb like a fox.  The similarities to Ali are there to a certain degree.

  51. EZ E 12:20pm, 02/28/2014

    First of all, I don’t see the connection between his “America brought it upon themselves” comment and his attempt to “justify/explain” excuse. Seems like his TRUE colors originally showed quite a bit, but maybe that’s just me. If he’s Australia’s TOP athletic hero then they must be hurting, considering that Fenech did MORE in ONE sport than Mundine’s two sports combined. Yes, he’s accomplished much in both fields but has failed when it most counted. What did his win over Mosley prove? Well, that he could beat an older, worn, spent shell of what once was a great fighter, nothing more. Now, it’s actually his MOUTH than gotten him farther and richer than he would’ve gotten had he been humble and low key. He has done more with his tongue than he has with his fistic talents. Maybe this sounds like I’m not particularly fond of him and in all honesty… I’m not.

  52. kid vegas 11:53am, 02/28/2014

    Looked like Ottke almost killed him in the 10th round. My Lord, That was some Shot. Why did the referee even bother to count?

  53. kid vegas 11:50am, 02/28/2014

    : “Like my dad told me GOD made ADAM & EVE not Adam & Steve…” Unbelievable but funny

  54. Pete The Sneak 11:23am, 02/28/2014

    Riveting stuff Ted, riveting stuff…Mundine is certainly an enigma, no doubt. Curious to see what our Ol’ Mate from down under, raxman has to say about this, being that he’s situated in the eye of the Mundine Storm…Does Mundine consistently/inadvertently put his foot in his mouth, or is he truly ‘crazy like a fox?’...Peace.