Stevens Pulverizes Majewski

By David Matthew on January 24, 2014
Stevens Pulverizes Majewski
Stevens boasted his Brooklyn bravado: “Kid Chocolate? I’ll make his ass melt, you heard?"

On a night when Carmelo Anthony broke Bernard King’s scoring record at Madison Square Garden, Brownsville, Brooklyn’s Curtis “Showtime” Stevens (26-4, 19 KOs) generated tremors in Atlantic City as he KO’d Patrick Majewski (21-3, 13 KOs) just seconds into the fight.

After being knocked out by Gennady Golovkin, Stevens found himself reviewing film, frustrated at what he regarded as a sluggish performance. “I saw what I was supposed to do, and I saw the shots in my head, but they weren’t coming out in my arms,” Stevens explained a month after the fight. “During live action, I didn’t react. I didn’t press Golovkin.” Stevens would have no such trouble pulling the trigger against an overmatched opponent Friday night in Atlantic City.

In the opening stanza, Stevens came racing out to meet Majewski, very eager to get to work. Just seconds into the fight, the two fighters exchanged jabs, and Majewski was dropped from the first punch Stevens threw: a short, crisp counter jab. It wasn’t immediately clear if it was a balance issue or if Majewski was genuinely hurt from the jab. However, Stevens didn’t wait to find out and instantly jumped on Majewski, ripping him with a straight right-hand, followed up by a left-hook that dropped him again. Majewski rose to his feet, but not before Stevens blitzed him again with a final rapid-fire combination that pulverized Majewski’s defense and dropped him for the third and final time, all before a minute had expired on the clock.

Having never been stopped before, many thought that Majewski might be able to make things interesting, but this fight was over before fans could even settle in, and there was very little to be learned other than what we already know: Stevens is a deadly combination puncher when he finds his range and comfort zone, and when he has his man hurt, he is clinical when finishing the show.

After the fight, Stevens reflected on Golovkin. There is no shame in losing to Golovkin—a fighter who is emerging as a cyclone-force in the middleweight division. Bravely, Stevens decided to fight just two and a half months after being knocked out by GGG, exhibiting the DNA of a true fighter, and he made a very quick statement with his bounce-back performance, even if the opponent left much to be desired.

“I tried not to think so much tonight”, explained Stevens. “I was overthinking in the Golovkin fight and tonight I just had fun and let my hands go.”

Asked if he would entertain an all-Brooklyn affair with Peter Quillin, Stevens boasted his Brooklyn bravado: “Kid Chocolate? I’ll make his ass melt, you heard?”

While Stevens may have lost to one champion who is on a meteoric ascent, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the goods to beat another champion. At 28 years of age—and with a wealth of ring experience—Stevens has the talent and time to campaign for another title-run. If his detonation of Majewski is any indication of what is to come as Stevens climbs back to title contention, it will surely be an entertaining ride.

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Curtis Stevens vs Przemek Majewski KO 1 Round - Full Fight 25-01-2014

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  1. Koolz 06:00pm, 01/26/2014

    It helps when the other fighter actually boxes.

  2. Jack 09:09am, 01/26/2014

    Don, You had me laughing, I forgot to give Stevens credit for his performance because I think he has decent skills and some “pop” in his punches. I would have liked to have seen a more competitive fight while it lasted. I hope he can capitalize on the fight and maybe make some $ also.

  3. Don from Prov 07:23am, 01/26/2014

    Good for you, Stevens: Hope you make some money now

    A coalition of “old women” who I know are lobbying to find Jack’s last name—

    and location: Good luck to you mate

  4. Jack 02:59pm, 01/25/2014

    Irish, the reference to Golota may have been a compliment!!! Did he leave all working brain cells and his boxing skills in the dressing room??? How did he get a 21-3 record, fighting “old women”, what a disappointment to say the least. I hope he can recover, if not he may want to find another profession. Like Teddy Atlas says all the time: boxing is 75%mental, 25% physical!!! This fight could be the poster child for that statement. I hope I didn’t offend any old women, my next date could be with one!!!!

  5. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:56am, 01/25/2014

    What were you thinking Majewski?.....was it brain freeze that caused you not to realize that he was going to jump right on you…a better question would be, were you thinking at all? Are you related to Golota?  Was it stage fright….did that cause you to forget your lines or why you were even there?  Why were your knees so weak that a jab would put you on your ass…. after all it wasn’t Wladimir drilling you with one of his textbook jabs. What was that look on your face when it was called off….shock?....relief? You’re not some innocent victim of the “Knockout” game in Brooklyn….you’re a professional fighter who should be able to defend himself….even when your opponent goes kamikaze from the opening bell.  The only good thing that transpired last night was something that didn’t happen…. Stevens didn’t go into a rant like like Seattle Seahawk Richard Sherman and scream for another ass thrashing from GGG.

  6. didier 08:06am, 01/25/2014

    Tko not ko

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