50 + Manny = Strange Bedfellows

By Robert Ecksel on September 13, 2012
50 + Manny = Strange Bedfellows
"Just run around, spend, spend, do what he want. So there's no urgency—to anything."

50 Cent appeared on Power 105.1 today and came to the Breakfast Club with some breaking news. TMT Promotions, the latest and greatest boxing promotional company to hit the scene in many a moon, is alive and well. 50’s relationship with his former partner Floyd Mayweather is not.

Whatever is going on between 50 and Floyd is going on between 50 and Floyd and no one is talking. If they are talking, it’s not in public, and what they are saying in public needs to be taken with a grain of salt

During today’s interview 50 Cent did admit that he is forming a new promotional venture with none other than Manny Pacquiao. That’s no typo. 50 Cent, Manny Pacquiao and Manny’s advisor Michael Koncz are joining forces to launch a promotional company. It will be called TMT Promotions.

When asked how Floyd was taking the news, 50 Cent said, “Well, Floyd is a friend of mine. I look at Floyd like he’s my little brother. He earns so much that he just spend it. Just run around, spend, spend, do what he want. So there’s no urgency—to anything. And then when communication breaks and it starts not to be…” 50 Cent’s words trailed off. He decided he had said enough.

50 Cent was asked if Floyd would be upset that he was joining forces with Pacquiao.

“I don’t think so,” 50 said. “I think I’ll go I’ll wish him luck. You know what I’m saying?”

There are many lines to read between. There were rumors concerning a certain shapely third party that may or may not be true. 50 Cent is smart. He is playing his cards close to the vest.

The hosts of Power 105.1 were able to sneak in a final question. They asked if Floyd was acting any different since he got out of jail.

“Yeah,” said 50 Cent, “yeah.”

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50 Cent Explains His Promotional Venture With Manny Pacquiao & Relationship With Floyd Mayweather Jr

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  1. Oybek A 05:20pm, 09/15/2012

    Hey totally agree with Marty McFly. It’s just a setup. But the silver lining in this whole mess is that we getting closer to the fight, irrespective of the build-up to it

  2. Marty McFly 02:30pm, 09/15/2012

    This is all a setup to sell the fight. 50 did the same thing with Kanye West and acted like they had beef when both of their albums were dropping. Both of them made millions. 50 just recently admitted it was a setup with Kanye, same goes here. These guys are smart business men.

  3. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 07:42am, 09/14/2012

    “Bedfellows”? That really is strange…stranger than fiction or even Freddie Mills!

  4. the thresher 05:57am, 09/14/2012

    These guys are acting like a bunch of spoiled asswipes instead of businessmen. Makes me want to puke.

  5. Joe 04:22am, 09/14/2012

    Fiddy wants to make money and it sounds like he’s a little tired of watching his little brother WASTE money.  He’s a businessman not a betting, wasting, rainmaking man like his so-called partner.

  6. procopy 05:44pm, 09/13/2012


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