Strange Bedfellows: Pacquiao Signs with Haymon

By Paul Magno on October 11, 2018
Strange Bedfellows: Pacquiao Signs with Haymon
Pacquiao and Haymon will make for some interesting possibilities in the coming months.

Reports indicate that multi-division world champ Manny Pacquiao has signed with manager, adviser, and behind-the-scenes powerbroker Al Haymon…

Reports indicate that multi-division world champ Manny Pacquiao has signed with manager, adviser, and behind-the-scenes powerbroker Al Haymon.

The deal, which is rumored to be a two-fight arrangement, will also give Haymon access to fighters signed to Pacquiao’s MP Promotions. Haymon would likely provide US exposure for Pacquiao’s fighters through his Premier Boxing Champions deals with Showtime and Fox.

According to multiple sources, the Filipino icon’s first bout under this new deal would be against former four-division titlist and shameless provocateur (aka “professional asshole”) Adrien Broner in January of next year.

Then, should he get past Broner, Pacquiao would meet Floyd Mayweather in a big-money rematch of their bigger-money 2015 clash that broke all financial records for a prizefight. When the two cash cows met in 2015, Mayweather defeated Pacquiao via unanimous decision in a bout that reportedly brought in upwards of $600 million in total revenue while generating 4.6 million pay-per-view buys and over $72 million at the live gate.

Pacquiao recently ditched longtime promoter Bob Arum in favor of a run at promotional independence and brought life to a dull, stagnant recent career arc with a dominant TKO 7 win over Lucas Matthysse in Kuala Lumpur to capture the WBA welterweight title.

With the Matthysse win, the future first ballot Hall of Famer put his name back in the mix of high-end, elite-level welterweights like Errol Spence, Keith Thurman, Terence Crawford, Shawn Porter, and Danny Garcia. And now, aligned with the man who works with most of the top 147 lb. talent, he’ll have access to as many meaningful fights as he cares to have in this last chapter of a long, successful career.

But, realistically, this Pacquiao decision is about money and about getting the Mayweather rematch that will bring him a payday like no other. One also assumes that Haymon and his team will be helping to resolve the reported Pacquiao IRS issues that allegedly nudged Pacquiao to take his show outside the US in the first place.

For fans, the return of Pacquiao to America is nothing but a positive. A second Mayweather fight may be the cost for getting Manny against Broner and, possibly, guys like Garcia and Thurman, but that’s okay. A lot of the fake angst and cynicism over the “megafight” part 2 is flat-out stupid. Manny-Floyd is not the worst fight that could be made—not even close. Even after their predictably less-than-stellar first fight, the rematch will not be without intrigue. Mayweather has been inactive since 2015, returning just once since then to fight Conor McGregor in a bout where he looked lethargic and/or badly faded. Pacquiao, meanwhile, has fought four times since losing to Mayweather, posting wins over Matthysse, Timothy Bradley, and Jessie Vargas, but dropping a screwjob decision to Australia’s Jeff Horn in July of 2017.

The Pacquiao-Broner lead-up to Mayweather, itself, should be a hell of a show. From official announcement to final bell, the juxtaposition of Pacquiao’s self-righteous indignation against Broner’s shameless antagonism and headline-friendly badness will be something chaotically beautiful to behold. And there’s no guarantee that Pacquiao will roll over Broner, either. It’s quite possible that Broner could force a passing of the torch and rebuild a downward-angled career with one single fight before stepping into the Mayweather PPV promised to Manny.

But whether one cares for Mayweather-Pacquiao 2, Pacquiao-Broner, or neither, there’s no denying that these strange bedfellows—Pacquiao and Haymon, once on opposite sides of the great Top Rank-Al Haymon divide—will make for some interesting possibilities in the coming months. At the very least, we have nothing to lose from seeing where this new alliance takes us.

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  1. ceylon 05:44pm, 10/14/2018

    broner? broner already turned down millions to fight pacquiao. strange.

  2. Lucas McCain 05:27am, 10/12/2018

    just before, actually—at 0;50

  3. Lucas McCain 05:24am, 10/12/2018

  4. Lucas McCain 05:23am, 10/12/2018

    Which one’s Manny?—For those who have forgotten (or were born after)  the 1960s (the B-movie bombshell Barbara Steele appears at the one-minute mark)

  5. Lucas McCain 05:13am, 10/12/2018

    Good to see PM enthusiastic about something.  The future looks more like the ending of Felllini’s 8 1/2, when all the weird memory figures return and dance to Nino Rota’s circus music.

  6. Your Name 05:09am, 10/12/2018

    Follow the money

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