Street Fight

By Adam Berlin on October 25, 2016
Street Fight
When pavement’s the canvas the nuances and beauty of elegant boxing are often absent.

Street fights, for all their sloppiness and ugliness, are more fascinating than professional fights where rules are imposed on the heart of darkness…

October has been a slow month for boxing—a few bouts on the grade-B channels, nothing on the premium channels between A-list fighters, and the single mega-fight slated for this fall month evaporated like a bad pipe dream when the combustible Tyson Fury combusted.

With professional pugilism taking a hiatus, I started thinking about those less-than-professional fights that are rarely scheduled, never put on TV, but which are often more fascinating that the controlled matches in the ring, at least for the brief moments they last. Street fights. They usually just happen—a bad glance, a sharp word, a nudge too hard. Then, sometimes, and I say sometimes because most times people don’t want to fight, things escalate. 

I thought of my few kid-fights, flailings that usually ended in abrasions from pushing and pulling and gabbing and dragging instead of clean connects. I thought of my fewer adult fights that ended quickly, fights that have, in my mind, taken on slow-motion detail but, if I’m honest, were not close to movie-worthy. 

That’s how it is with street fights. Most go ugly, quickly deteriorating to ground-game pounding. When pavement’s the canvas (a street, a sidewalk, a schoolyard playground) the nuances and beauty of elegant boxing are usually absent. 

When I first came to New York City there was constant action on the streets, which was why I moved to New York. Fights were always breaking out. Cops were always chasing people. The subways were rougher. Central Park was off-limits after dark. Times Square was a triangled-square often as dangerous as a squared circle. Then Giuliani came into power and the humorless man went to work, sucking much of the life out of New York—along with the bad action that defined the Big Apple, the good action disappeared and NYC’s decline into homogenized began. 

The street fight I remember best is a Technicolor memory that’s becomes more vivid with time, probably because it was movie worthy. The best sports movies are about life, not sports, and this street fight had a theme.

June 11, 1982.  I was still a kid, really, from a small town in Massachusetts, spending a summer in Manhattan, living low to the ground, too low to afford a ticket to the pay-per-view showing of the Larry Holmes/Gerry Cooney fight taking place a country’s width away in Las Vegas. Madison Square Garden was showing the fight; instead of paying to see the fight on screen, I waited outside the arena, in back where the entrance to The Felt Forum used to be, along with about a hundred other boxing fans. We weren’t close to the live action in Vegas, we weren’t close to the televised action in the Garden, but together, standing outside on a cool summer night, some of the energy, some of the anticipation that makes a mega-fight mega, shot us through with adrenaline.

Every three minutes, some good Samaritan would come outside, give a one-line synopsis of what was happening—Holmes is jabbing; Cooney’s throwing body shots; Holmes won the round, easy—then duck back inside for the next round. Separating the crowd outside from the Garden entrance were police barriers, those connecting metal-barred gates that keep parade watchers from getting too close to the parade. That night the line was clear. There were those inside, the privileged ticket holders watching the heavyweight blow-by-blow. And outside, there was us. And that’s what it felt like that night—a collective we, unified by our love of boxing, by our need to know, as immediately as we could, what was happening inside the Garden and, really, what was happening at Caesars Palace. Inside, paying customers were seeing the picture. Outside, we were making our own pictures based on a line or two of information superimposed on what we already knew about the great Easton Assassin with his superlative jab and the big man from Long Island whose gangly style belied body-crunching power.

I don’t know how it started, which is how it happens with most street fights you see, but two guys started jawing at each other. One was an Insider, a man who worked at the Garden. One was an Outsider, one of us. Both of them tipped the scales at over two-hundred pounds, making them legitimate heavyweights. The Insider was big, a tall, broad-shouldered man with a gut. Not a fat gut, but a gut that looked well-fed, steak and expensive whiskey dinners that coated whatever was solid around his middle with a layer of good-living fat. The Outsider was younger and thick—thick-featured, thick-chested, and if he had a gut his denim jacket covered it. He looked blue-collar. The other guy, the Insider, was at least trying for something more. I guessed he drove a luxury car, not a pick-up truck.

Most Insiders stay inside. That’s probably why they became Insiders in the first place—for safety. To his credit, this Insider un-hitched one of the police gates and walked forward. He was talking cocky, he was walking cocky, and he was telling the Outsider he was going to kick his ass. The Outsider didn’t look fazed. I heard one of his buddies say, “Don’t worry.  He won the heavyweight Gloves.” 

To win the Gloves in a big city means you can do more than street brawl. The Outsider was the Insider when it came to the sweet science—he wasn’t a kid anymore and he’d lost that muscular definition that comes from rigorous training, but he knew (if his friend wasn’t bullshitting) how to fight. 

Street fights are fast. Maybe that’s why they have a slow-motion feel, at least in retrospect. So little happens—a few steps forward, a circle or two, a couple of punches at most (and then, too often, a lot of grappling that feels under-water slow)—that everything is remembered, each detail significant like in the best still lifes.

The Insider moved forward, his big body big but not graceful. The Outsider circled to his right. The Insider lifted his hands. The Outsider’s hands were already up. The Outsider threw one left. The Insider stumbled. The Outsider threw one right. The Insider almost fell. The Outsider waited. Some men from the inside wearing MSG uniforms grabbed the Insider and walked his dazed big body back through the opening in the police gates, back inside. I remember the confused look on the Insider’s face. He was blinking a lot. A welt was starting to rise next to his eye. His mouth hung open like a one-year old or an old man suffering from dementia. His legs weren’t working. Two punches and all his bluster had been deflated. He was the opposite of a tough guy. He was the loser and no amount of talking and lying after that fact would make him anything else. 

No one called the cops. It had been a fair street fight. And the Outsider seemed excited about his victory, accepted the congratulations of other Outsiders, even if he’d just kicked the ass of a sub-novice. Maybe the Outsider wasn’t aware of the fight’s theme—storylines are left to the writers and publicists and spectators (if they think that way)—but it was there. 

The moral, the through-line of meaning, seemed clear. Most fighters come from hard places, from outside places where struggles are greater, or at least more basic. The inner cities are really outer places. Boxing gyms are full of outliers, kids who don’t quite fit in. By training, they’re able to channel a brand of aggression that isn’t acceptable, that gets people arrested on the street and, if not arrested, gets people hurt or killed. Insiders make the rules for self-protection. Outsiders, when they’ve been outside too long, when the weight of being outside presses too hard, break the rules so they can feel empowered, if only for one glowing moment. I’ve seen prisoners, rule-breakers who’ve been caught and put away, light up when they talk about their one big crime. The irony is that professional pugilists become professional only when they learn and perfect a craft, only when they play by the rules of prize fighting. But most professional fighters start on the outside where unbridled toughness resides. And street fights, for all their sloppiness and ugliness, are more fascinating than professional fights where rules are imposed on the heart of darkness.

The proof is this—if you’ve ever been to a professional fight and a fight breaks out in the cheap seats, everyone, everyone, watches the fight they didn’t pay to see. There are no ropes. There is no referee. There are no rules. 

Max Kellerman, when he talks about why boxing is the most fascinating sport, sets up a hypothetical where someone comes to an intersection. On one corner, a baseball game is going on. On the second corner, a football game. On the third, a basketball game. On the fourth, a boxing match. Where do you look? You look at the two men fighting. And if there were a fifth corner where two men were street-fighting, no rules, no ropes, no ref, no gloves, you’d look there.

Adam Berlin is the author of four novels, most recently the boxing novel Both Members of the Club (Texas Review Press/winner of the Clay Reynolds Novella Prize). He teaches writing at John Jay College/CUNY.  For more, please visit

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  1. Your Name 05:26am, 05/06/2017

    angel cruz 1980 fighter call me 610 653 9949

  2. Eric 02:55pm, 10/28/2016

    Irish… I’m sure the NYT ran that story on the front page and the Irrelevant Corporate Media is looping the story 24/7. Probably people protesting in the streets right now.

  3. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 10:29am, 10/28/2016

    Walking Dead POS “street fights” 85 year old man in NYC dog park. The undead just love to rape 95 year old white women and sucker punch 85 year old white men….then all the white asswipes stand around like it’s got nothing to do with them.

  4. Eric 08:41am, 10/28/2016

    Or the weird case of the Russian soldiers in the movie, “Enemy At The Gates,” speaking with British accents. Good movie, but the cast was too damn lazy to even try and fake the accents. Gotz to say that even as a Trump supporter, Alec Baldwin is hilarious as The Donald.

  5. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:25am, 10/28/2016

    Eric-You are spot on about the accents actors employ in films. For some reason British and Australian actors can do American accents. Alec Baldwin says the best actors are really mimics and I guess that would include accents.

  6. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:16am, 10/28/2016

    Mike Tyson is better human being than either Clinton is and let’s get real about this shit for a Goddamned minute….he would make a better President than Hillary….for one simple Goddamned reason….unlike Hillary he is not a moral abomination!

  7. Eric 08:09am, 10/28/2016

    Irish… I think Bobby is out of Voight’s weight class. I think Voight is probably over 6’ tall and I’m guessing Bobby is about 5’8-5’9"ish tops. Still, given DeNiro’s boxing skills were praised by LaMotta, I wouldn’t discount a DeNiro victory if both didn’t collapse from a heart attack in the first round. Never forget that 80’s movie, “Runaway Train,” with Voight. Not because of the movie, but because Voight had the worst fake Brooklyn accent that I’ve ever heard with the possible exception of Steven Segal. Speaking of terrible fake accents, DeNiro’s southern accent in Cape Fear was cringe worthy as well. What was weird about Voight’s accent was the fact he was portraying himself as a convict in an Alaska prison, don’t know the reason for the Brooklyn accent in that one. Best reel boxer that might have actually had the talent to become a real boxer was without a doubt, Carl Weathers. Apollo Creed had some legit skills IMO.

  8. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:05am, 10/28/2016

    Another great matchup could be Bathhouse Barry vs. Larry Sinclair. Same rules….loser gets Cleveland Steamered and Tea Bagged. You just know both would be down for this if the money’s right….Don King to promote!

  9. Eric 07:58am, 10/28/2016

    You can assault someone in a hockey game and maybe spend a few minutes in the penalty box. You can mass murder people in war or genocide thousands of POWs and become a hero or even POTUS. Face it, people don’t abhor violence, it all depends on the situation. Men and women, even old-timers my age, are always bragging about how much arse they’ve kicked in their lifetime. Hell, I don’t think I’ve ever met one person who ever actually lost a fight, at least not one they are willing to talk about. IF you have never actually lost a fight, it probably means you were very selective in picking your opponents. Tyson said he really saw how human beings are while incarcerated, you probably can jack that up to the nth degree during times of war where attrocities like rape are committed by clean cut good ole all-American boys from next door.

  10. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:51am, 10/28/2016

    Street fights are ugly and nasty things, even uglier than fight to the death dog fights. What I would like to see is a catchweight three or four round bout between Robert DeNiro and Jon Voight. Rounds could be either two or three minutes, eight ounce gloves, no head gear… that would be fun!

  11. Pete The Sneak 04:41am, 10/28/2016

    I tell you guys, the scariest fights I’ve seen have been on a crowded subway train, where the train is speeding down the tunnel and two individuals are going at it. I mean, you see people screaming, jumping from their seats, trying to race across to the next car, and even if you don’t have a view of the fight, you can hear the struggling, pummeling, cursing, body slamming, I mean it’s truly terrifying. The scariest part is you are waiting for one person to whip out a blade or a gun, and here’s this crowded subway going berserk trying to get out of the way and almost stepping on each other. Man, I tell you, it’s the single most scared you would get, not being able to go left or right in the midst of this chaos and these guys trying to kill each other. Been riding the NYC subways for 46 years and have seen too many of these in my lifetime…Peace (and I mean it)...

  12. Pete The Sneak 04:30am, 10/28/2016

    Adam, thoroughly enjoyed this article and yes, you are very spot on when you say most fighters do come from the Streets and Poverty. Being a native Nuyorican and growing up in the South Bronx, street fights were pretty much the norm at every turn. But even then it’s nothing like the cowardice you see today, with the gang beatings and KO sneak attacks so you can then post them on social media. Back then, if you got into a fight with someone, for the most part you would sooner or later end up sharing a beer together and squashing it, regardless of who was the perceived winner. Today, it’s the most dangerous thing to do is get into a street fight, particularly if you end up winning, as guaranteed the individual would say this ain’t over and go back and get a nine millimeter and shoot you down .I personally would do anything in my power to try and avoid street fights today, unless there is really no other choice…Peace.

  13. non_prophet 12:45pm, 10/27/2016

    Must be Irish Frankie’s new boyfriend.  Dream on.
    Swamp’s been drained.  Found you, Irish Frankie and Trump spooning at the bottom of it.

  14. non-prophet 10:55am, 10/27/2016

    Irish Frankie got his ass stomped by a one-armed midget wearing a OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT button back in 2008. I was there.  Worked him over good. Split Frankie’s wig causing Frankie’s boyfriend to call it quits because now Frankie looks like a gargoyle. 

    Irish Frankie ain’t been the same since.

  15. Trigglypuff 10:47am, 10/27/2016

    Trigger warning. All hands to your safe space stations.

  16. Don from Prov 08:41am, 10/27/2016

    Very well written article, Mr. Berlin: Though you did use a picture of a jumping vs. a fight, some of the ranting by right wing nut jobs and jealous writers on here are a detriment to enjoying a finely crafted article. Then again, no one is forcing me to read the comments, and I usually no longer do—I guess it’s best to go back to that strategy, but I do wonder if the tone taken on here now has to do with some writers no longer contributing much.

  17. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:25am, 10/27/2016

    Without Valerie Jarrett and his teleprompters Obama wouldn’t be shit. I peg that empty suit at an 85 IQ tops….forget those Goddamned lies about him being the smartest guy in the room. The people around him who propped him up for the last very long, very miserable eight years do all his thinking for him….they bring the plans and proposals to him all ready to go and all he does is decide if its bad for our great nation…..if it is, it’s a go…..period. That’s how fundamental transformation works.

  18. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:04am, 10/27/2016

    Of course if you voted for Obama twice, if you voted for DeBlasio, if you cant wait to cast your hate vote for her, you’re the kind of koksuker that is totally in sync with batshit crazy buggers like Howard Dean, Harry Reid, Alan Grayson, and Sheila Jackson Lee, who not only is mentally ill but is intellectually disabled into the bargain. Google “crazy Florida congressman” and Alan Grayson’s Wikipedia bio pops up for Christ’s sake!

  19. Eric 05:53am, 10/27/2016

    She will be the deathblow that finally puts America out of its misery.
    (thought by every sane person who doesn’t actually go along with the destroy the West program or not part of The Walking Dead crowd.) Vote for the orange Smurf, America. #MAGA

  20. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 05:52am, 10/27/2016

    When she was “First Lady” the Secret Service referred to her helicopter as “Broomstick One”.....Geeziz fukin’ Christ!

  21. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 03:59am, 10/27/2016

    “She likely couldn’t land a job as an attendant in the ladies room because they would be afraid that she would still the towels. Even the toilet paper wouldn’t be safe from her.” (Jackie Mason)

  22. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 05:40pm, 10/26/2016

    “If you saw her resume which is a resume of accomplishing nothing and running from the police three quarters of her life. Let’s be honest about it, if you went on a vacation would you let her watch your home while you went on vacation?” (Jackie Mason)

  23. Eric 06:11am, 10/26/2016

    I think my peepers might be fadin’, but isn’t that a white guy gettin’ stomped in the photo and a white girl pleadin’ for the yufes to stop? The photo is grainy as hell, but the message it sends sure taint. Granted the “robbers” are all wearing hoodies but that just feeds into another stereotype. @Irish….I don’t even think America’s premiere “hate group,” the $PLC, even considers BLM a “hate group.” A group of singing nuns are a hate group, but not BLM. God, what a sick, putrid society we have become. Speakin’ of the $PLC, what the hell does it have to do with being Southern and it sure as hell doesn’t know anything about poverty.

  24. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 04:45am, 10/26/2016

    Which reminds of the sukass Prog asshats walking along on the perimeter with that BLM marching band that got the shit knocked out of them while all the while pleading, “Wait, please stop, can’t you see we’re sukass, shit eating Progressives’?!

  25. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 04:32am, 10/26/2016

    Speaking of street fights what would you tough guys do if you were caught up in that swarm of rats on the Temple U campus the other night? Keeping in mind that all they can see in the dark is your white hide and that they could give a fuk less if are a sukass Progressive when they are pounding and stomping the shit out of you.

  26. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:36pm, 10/25/2016

    Street fights are ugly, nasty things. I saw a Samoan guy at the airport the other evening. I doubt if he was 5’10”.....probably 300 lbs give or take….he had a big head, no neck to speak of, and was about 4 feet wide across his upper back. Who in the fuk is going to get into a street fight with him?!

  27. Eric 05:26pm, 10/25/2016

    I’ve had 499 street fights and one more gets me tied with Vin Diesel. hehe.

  28. Eric 05:11pm, 10/25/2016

    You also have people who take up boxing to learn to defend themselves from being bullied. Guys like the Spinks brothers, Willie Pep, Willie Pastrano, and I’m sure many others were the victims instead of the perps. Even Tyson was bullied early on until the pigeon incident. Me thinks that MOST fist fights between kids pre-high school, don’t usually result in serious injury, although a 12 year old girl was killed by another girl of about the same age in fist fight over a boy a few years ago. Unless the kid is a 13 year old genetic freak like Tyson, he isn’t likely to concuss someone with just his fist. Long about high school is when people are generally large enuff and powerful enuff to do some serious damage with their fists, knees, elbows and feet. Deaths resulting from a bar brawl or streetfight using just fists happen a lot more often than people think.

  29. The Thresher 05:03pm, 10/25/2016

    Good stuff Koolz. But the smart guy avoids fights. Mind over matter. Even if it might involve some perceived humiliation. And I’m fat too pretty to get in a fight…..

  30. Koolz 04:50pm, 10/25/2016

    More fights that are pathetic with wannabe fighters MA Start ups etc is BackYard Fights.  I watched these in the past and well laugh my ## off!

    You would be surprised at who came from these silly little group fights of people who know absolutely nothing…No one I mean No one knows how to stop a single punch.  There are no Thai Kicks. 

    Like I said if you want to watch fights just go to Live Leak and watch. 
    Oh and just for the boxing record GGG has been fighting since he was a kid.
    Canelo has always been a bully even beating up smaller guys over a girl friend drama.
    learning to fight should be a quieting of the mind and body, a spiritual union of motion and thought.  Putting mind first.  It should teach a higher understanding of control over ones emotions and ones self.
    The Highest Mastery of Ones Self.  The Quiet Mind does not seek Violence.
    see ya.

  31. The Thresher 04:30pm, 10/25/2016

    Harrumph, I feel duly chastised.

  32. David Slater 03:03pm, 10/25/2016

    Adam Berlin is right about street fights, their excitement, and the attention they attract.  He is also right about some of the best boxers originally being street fighters that honed their skills in the gym.  So many great boxers started as street fighters in rough neighborhoods where fighting was necessary for survival.  Tyson was probably the best of them.  Thresher is foolish and has no idea what he is talking about.  I doubt he has ever been in a street fight or knows what one is.

  33. The Thresher 01:56pm, 10/25/2016

    Eric, I was always a White Sox fan and then became a Red Sox fan when I moved to Boston, but EVERYONE is pulling for the Cubs including me. The Indians had their treat already with LeBron. Now it’s Chicago’s turn. It would be great for the city.

    When I was a kid, the area around Wrigley Field was Hillbilly and edgy. Now it’s a yuppie paradise called Wrigleyville. WTF.

  34. Eric 01:50pm, 10/25/2016

    Thresher… I take it that you are rooting for the Indians tonight. hehe. Wow, the Cubs finally made it. Now if my O’s can end their long drought. Been a long time since ‘83. Everyone outside of St. Louis and Cleveland will probably be rooting for the Cubs more than likely.

  35. The Thresher 01:35pm, 10/25/2016

  36. The Thresher 12:45pm, 10/25/2016

    Yeah, the thing you have to be careful about today is the “KO Game” that street thugs play. They come up to an unsuspecting person (man or woman) and try to knock them out with one punch. The reality is that such a blow can easily cause a subdural hematoma and kill you, but these morons don’t know that and get a orgasmic kick when they see a victim fall unconscious. Then, if they are caught, they are given a slap on the wrist and set free to do it again. They should be incarcerated in some place like Green Haven. 

    You have to be alert at all times. A gun helps but it depends in what state you live. I should note that the KO Game is may have originated in Chicago where I grew up——-unfortuntly.  Sick stuff in a sick world.

  37. Koolz 12:35pm, 10/25/2016

    you are Correct Thresher if ton of people are kicking and hitting you Curling up in a ball to cover your face and eyes is the way to survive.  You will be bruised but not broken.  Sooner or later the attackers will give up and leave.

  38. The Thresher 12:23pm, 10/25/2016

    Finally, a stomping (the photo) is not about fighting. It’s about a stomping . BIG difference. You curl up and pray to God one of the kicks misses your eyes.

    That is all

  39. The Thresher 12:21pm, 10/25/2016

    An if a kid gets his ass kicked 10 times in a row but survives the 11th time, that’s when he learns that you start winning when you can’t lose anymore. That’s when he becomes a true street fighter who hits first and then engages his thinking process second. It’s almost Pavlovian.

  40. The Thresher 12:17pm, 10/25/2016

    This writer discussing street fights is like Mike Tyson dealing with poetry. And including a wimp like Max Kellerman in the narrative is simply sour icing on a flaky cake. I’d love to see some thug come after Berlin while he is riding his bike to a Presser with his Knap sack over his back. I suspect he wouldn’t know whether defecate or go blind.

    This is one of the problems with the boxing media today. We have guys who are truly warriors behind their keyboards spewing out macho stuff while they would break the record for the 100 yard dash if they were ever really physically threatened.

    And to say “most professional fighters start on the outside where unbridled toughness resides.” is pure flowery narrative an d pure imagination. IMO, most fighters start in the CYO, PAL, or Park League gyms and work up from there. They are instructed that a street fight can ruin them and even kill them. 

    Street fighters are street fighters. Boxers are boxers. These days, the nature of a street fighter is entirely different than what it was decades ago. Today, it’s not fighting. It’s killing. Berlin needs to ride his bike through the South Side of Chicago.

  41. Koolz 11:46am, 10/25/2016

    Yes if you see two people wearing hoodies walking towards you walk the opposite way don’t look back don’t hurry.  How this works is their other friends are close by.  Knock outs work when the other person is not paying attention(Brain is not switched off to deal with it)

    Muslim Gangsta wannabes will move towards you sort of sway from side to side when they try to do violence or they will do the silly gansta arm thing from their chest. 

    Muslims Gangsta wannabes don’t know how to fight they know how to throw fists and kick.  every guy that is a gangsta black guy thinks they are a boxer(true) same with Mexican Gangs (they think they are boxers)

    I think everyone should carry a baton like police(easy to break wrists crack ankles and stop fight in seconds)  All women should carry them, crack a knee or an ankle and no one is going to continue to attack you, they will be on the ground screaming in pain.  The Ankle is bare there is no protection and good crack with a baton would bring down anyone.(unless they have boots on)Then you can crack them by the ear with the Baton.

  42. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 11:39am, 10/25/2016

    Grew up in a coal mining town in Southwestern Pa. Only a couple of Jewish kids in town. Half pint Kaufmann’s folks owned the town’s only drug store. He got his ass beat like every day after school….whenever there was a crowd you knew he would be in the middle of the circle getting thrown around like a rag doll by some bigger hero. The kids in that “one horse town” were hard up for entertainment and seemed to think it was great sport, but the thing that stood out for me, who had been bullied by some of the kids he fought, was that he always but always came up to the mark. Through time and lots of hard experience I guess he learned that he didn’t have the size to grapple but that he had punching power and when he hit even larger kids he could knock them off their feet. I still can hear the cracking sound his punches made when they landed. Long story short by the time he reached his Junior and Senior years there were no more fights….period.

  43. Eric 11:31am, 10/25/2016

    Koolz…What is very disturbing in a great deal of those fights, besides people being jumped by multiple attackers, is the number of times people are kicked and stomped in the head while they are laying on the ground unconscious. This seems to be very commonplace today,  whereas years ago, instead of filming, good people would be quick to make sure to break up a fight before it got to this point. Society has decayed a great deal in just a few decades.

  44. Koolz 10:46am, 10/25/2016

    Been in a couple myself and well I just used one arm to control the other persons motion.  They teach this in that silly Israel Martial art Krav Maga.
    (Can’t stand those people of Krav Maga yes I am looking at your DHS)

    But yes Street fights are horrible and dangerous it’s to easy to kill someone.
    Just watch Live Leak and all the street fights anyone on there no how to fight?
    Try and stay away from them.  Most people have no idea but there anger.
    So just be calm use distance to control the fight.  It is not going to be like the movies.
    Most street fights you can make the other person attack first then you can counter and end the fight, since there energy has already been drawn towards you. 
    If someone is trying to really hurt you go for the Throat and eyes.
    Stay Safe People!

  45. Eric 09:49am, 10/25/2016

    Sheesh, look at the photo above. It looks like what the media refers to nowadays as a robbery gone wrong. Poor guy is out and the misguided yufe decides to kick a field goal with his head. That my friends should be considered attempted murder.

  46. Eric 09:38am, 10/25/2016

    Street fights are extremely dangerous. All it takes is one punch, a guy or gal’s head hits the concrete and somebody winds up facing a manslaughter charge. Often the winner goes to jail and the loser goes to the hospital or even the morgue. No win situation, so if you must fight, you better make sure you it is well worth it, because you could be facing a lengthy stay in jail or even prison. Street fights in this day and age are also much more vicious than they were 20-30 years ago. Much better to be packing, especially for an old guy like me.

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