Superman Crushes Chad Dawson

By Robert Ecksel on June 8, 2013
Superman Crushes Chad Dawson
Bad Chad struggled to his feet and beat the count, but he was in no condition to continue.

Adonis Stevenson, aka Superman, lived up to his ring moniker by KO’ing WBC light heavyweight champion Chad Dawson with a single punch…

“Superman don’t need no seat belt.”—Muhammad Ali

Saturday night at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada, Adonis Stevenson (21-1, 18 KOs), aka Superman, in his first fight at light heavyweight, lived up to his ring moniker by KO’ing WBC light heavyweight champion Chad Dawson (31-3, 17 KOs) with a single punch at 1:16 of the very first round.

Dawson, fighting out of the red corner in black and red trunks, came out at the opening bell using his height and speed to full advantage. But Stevenson, fighting out of the blue corner and wearing Kronk gold, was determined to test Dawson, and the sooner the better.

Ignoring the body to go headhunting, a left hand dropped Dawson as though he’d been shot. Bad Chad struggled to his feet and beat the count, but was in no shape to continue. Referee Michael Griffin wisely waved it off.

After the fight, Stevenson said, “Do you know why people don’t want to fight me? Do you understand now? You know Kessler, Froch, they don’t want to fight me. Now you know why. The game plan was to use my speed, put the pressure, and as soon as I had a good chance, I put my left on top. I catch him, and that’s a beautiful punch.

“Emanuel Steward he told me if you have a chance to mix it with Chad Dawson or Tavoris Cloud, take the fight, you’re going to knock them out easy. So I take the fight and that’s what happens now. It’s a dream come true. I worked very hard for this fight. I’m world champion. I’m very happy. I want to unify the title with Bernard Hopkins. I want to fight Andre Ward.”

There’s no telling whether Hopkins or Ward will agree to put their titles on the line against Superman. But based on his demolition Saturday night, chances are he’ll be avoided like the plague.

Dawson is a man of few words, and his words were even fewer than usual after the loss.

“He caught me with a good punch,” he said, “and that was it. He caught me with a good shot.”

Chad Dawson may not be finished as a fighter, but he is finished as a serious threat.

And what about the man that beat him?

Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound! Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…Adonis Stevenson!

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  1. nicolas 01:50am, 06/11/2013

    Yes Frankie, just reading your earlier comment, I guess I had just woke up, and wasn’t reading your commentary properly, and didn’t read between the lines.

  2. nicolas 01:44am, 06/11/2013

    Irish Frankie: I thought about it later, and thought that you were perhaps just being humorous. But I know one of the greatest boxing writers here once wrote that Jersey Joe Walcott would put away one of the Klitschko brothers in two rounds, so I wasn’t too sure.

  3. Mike Casey 01:21am, 06/11/2013

    Ah, canny observation, Stephen!!

  4. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:24pm, 06/10/2013

    nicolas-That was just my feeble attempt at humor….actually your point is well taken….who knows what the future holds if the Chinese really get into this martial art in a big way.

  5. Stephen NYC 05:24pm, 06/10/2013

    To Mike Casey,

    Unfortunately, Adlai couldn’t fight backing up…

  6. raxman 04:50pm, 06/10/2013

    ted - re your comment on the preview of this fight - you nailed it when others thought dawson would outclass him

  7. nicolas 11:52am, 06/10/2013

    Frankie, I think you lose a little bit of credibility when you bring up Tony Galento and his status next to the Klitschko brothers. I bring up geography because back in the days of especially Ketchel, greatness as a world champ had a lot more to do with being in the right place at the right time. Someone let us say like a Golovkin today being from Kazakhstan, would not have had the opportunities back then.

  8. kid vegas 10:16am, 06/10/2013

    Shocker!  Stunner!  Spectacular! I wasn’t even comfortable on my recliner here in Henderson, Nevada and beautiful Lake Las Vegas where I am pleased to report real estate prices are on fire.

  9. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:55am, 06/10/2013

    nicolas-There you go…getting all cerebral again and even bringing geography into the discussion….blasphemy! Don’t tell me, a die hard old timey fan or some of the learned historians on this great site that the ATG old timey pugilists weren’t superior to present day fighters in every way , shape, and form! Just to to let you know, as reported on this site, two old timey fistic geniuses engaged in a four round bout where neither participant was able to land a scoring punch due to the fistic genius of his opponent! Moreover, it’s a known fact that neither Klitschko brother could last a round with Tony Galento….although some like yourself might say that either brother would dribble Tony like a dadgummed basketball….again more blasphemy!

  10. nicolas 06:57pm, 06/09/2013

    Because Chad Dawson got knocked out I don’t think means that Chad Dawson cannot beat Stevenson. had Stevenson perhaps gone more rounds with Dawson, and had been winning the fight and then knocked him out the way he did, I think then it could be said with certainty that Chad cannot beat Stevenson. For Hopkins, this actually might be a better opportunity to regain the lineal light heavyweight championship of the world. Another thing to consider as far as boxing history goes. Within a few years, two men born in Haiti, and fighting out of Canada have held the lineal world light heavyweight championship. While I won’t say they are all time greats, where were the opportunities for men from Haiti some 100 years ago, or even 50? I mention this because of the article on Stanley Ketchel, and others, and there greatness during their time. I would submit that while there may have been more fighters perhaps, they did not have to contend with the wider world geography of fighters that boxers today may have to contend with. What of course stymies some boxers optentila greatness today is the many organizations, and weight classes.

  11. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 05:36pm, 06/09/2013

    Superman will go to 168 in a heartbeat….the fistic genius from Oakland need not look any further….this is his money fight and he needs to jump on it!

  12. Tex Hassler 02:11pm, 06/09/2013

    What can I say? It is hard to beat Superman! At least Chad cannot beat him and Bhop will probably find something else to do.

  13. Ted 12:53pm, 06/09/2013

    I sure missed Harold last night.

  14. GlennR 06:17am, 06/09/2013

    I suspect if the money was right BHop would oblige

  15. Mike Casey 03:37am, 06/09/2013

    I must get ‘Adonis’ fixed in my mind instead of ‘Adlai’. Those of a certain vintage will understand.

  16. Mike Casey 03:34am, 06/09/2013

    I suspect that BHop will leave Mr Stevenson to dwell in his own dangerous space.

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