Superman Wastes Sukhotsky

By Robert Ecksel on December 20, 2014
Superman Wastes Sukhotsky
“You have to come to me,” Stevenson said. “I'm Superman.” (Amanda Kwok/SHOWTIME)

Superman looked super against Dmitry “The Hunted” Sukhotsky, but he needs to fight Lex Luthor, not Jimmy Olsen…

Saturday night at the Pepsi Coliseum in Quebec City, Canada, WBC light heavyweight champion Adonis Stevenson (25-1, 21 KOs), from Laval, Quebec, Canada, by way of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, wasted Dmitry Sukhotsky (22-3, 16 KOs), aka The Hunter, from Barnaul, Russia, knocking him down four times en route to a stoppage at 2:42 of the fifth round.

Fighting out of the red corner in Kronk gold, Stevenson, the 37-year-old lineal light heavyweight champion under the stewardship of the increasingly less mysterious Al Haymon, was fed a creampuff for the fourth defense of the title he won from Chad Dawson last year. It was a brutal mismatch that served no purpose. The fight may have filled airtime and the Pepsi Coliseum, but judging by the cheers of the crowd, a faulty barometer in the best of times, it was less to the consternation than for the delectation of the Quebecois in attendance and those watching the fight on Showtime.

The 33-year-old Sukhotsky, fighting out of the blue corner in black trunks trimmed in silver, had no business being in the ring with the man known as Superman. Although he is ranked #5 by the WBC, by virtue of god knows what criteria, his record is less a list of who’s whos that an assemblage of who’s thats. Sukhotsky may have looked good against the likes Joey Vegas, Eduard Gutknecht, Mikhail Krinitsin, and Volodymyr Borovskyy, but he was grotesquely overmatched against Stevenson.

Nobody in their right mind cares if Stevenson fights Jean Pascal or Bernard Hopkins. Neither is the best light heavy on the planet. The only fight that matters is for Stevenson to fight WBA/IBF/WBO light heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev. Pleading with Superman, or with Al Haymon for that matter, is equivalent to banging one’s head against a wall, but the hardheaded Jim Gray, at the fight’s conclusion, did ask Adonis about getting it on with Krusher.

“You have to come to me,” Stevenson said. “I’m the big champion. You have to come to me. I’m the main light heavyweight. So they have to come to me…I’m Superman.”

Superman looked super against Dmitry “The Hunted” Sukhotsky, but he needs to fight Lex Luthor, not the Daily Planet’s Jimmy Olsen.

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  1. nicolas 11:36am, 12/21/2014

    It is fights like this that I very rarely go for Showtime. Even look at the matches last week, both one sided. They have not really had a great show since the Super Middle Weight tournament and Batam weight tournament they had a few years ago.

  2. Robert Ecksel 05:31am, 12/21/2014

    Inept is the word, beaujack. Watching a mismatch like this makes me think that the folks at Showtime and mastermind Al Haymon know nothing about and couldn’t care less as regards boxing. It’s just a vehicle. All that matters is the bottom line. The rest of it be damned.

  3. beaujack 05:19am, 12/21/2014

    Gawd, what an inept “challenger” Stevenson beat from Russia…Yipes…
    On Showtime TV no less. When I was growing up in the 1940s, they had
    lightheavyweights as Ezzard Charles, Archie Moore, Lloyd Marshall,
    Harold Johnson, Joey Maxim, Jimmy Bivins etc, fighting each other often. Best against the best repeatedly. Today a Stevenson can avoid fighting a Kovalev in plain daylight and get away with it…

  4. NYIrish 03:47pm, 12/20/2014

    They found a Russian who can’t fight. Suk sure did!

  5. Pete The Sneak 09:21am, 12/20/2014

    Have to disagree with Superman there…All things considered, Krusher is the more ‘bigger champion’ at this stage of the game…Still get the feeling Stevenson wants nothing to do with Kovalev.

  6. Eric 08:28am, 12/20/2014

    At 37 years of age, Stevenson better fight Krusher soon because the clock is ticking. Last I heard, 62 year old Mickey Rourke was calling out Hopkins. Mick said to, “bring it.” teehee.

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