Sweet Sendoff: Pacquiao Outclasses Bradley

By Joshua Broom on April 10, 2016
Sweet Sendoff: Pacquiao Outclasses Bradley
If Saturday night truly was goodbye, it was a sweet sendoff indeed. (USA TODAY Sports)

With the win, Pacquiao returned triumphantly from a shoulder injury sustained against now retired, all-time great Floyd Mayweather Jr…

For 37-year-old icon Manny Pacquiao, if Saturday night truly was goodbye, it was a sweet sendoff indeed. Amid 14,000-plus adoring fans occupying the fabled MGM Grand, Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Pacquiao (58-6-2, 38 KOs) simply outclassed game five-time former World Champion Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley (33-2-1, 13 KOs) en route to a 116-110 unanimous decision victory. 

In a much anticipated rubber match, the pace began cautiously between the tactful world-class warriors. The opening four-rounds were signified by an extended feeling-out process, however, just as Bradley seemed to uncork the evening’s first significant salvo in round eight, Pacquiao would respond with two decisive knockdowns in the final four frames.

In total, the campaigning Senatorial hopeful out-landed a noticeably polished Bradley 92-87. However, the pendulum that ultimately swung the fistic affair in “Pac-Man’s” favor was the level of aggression the Philippine legend showcased, combined with a bevy of well-timed peppering straight lefts.

With the win, Pacquiao returned triumphantly from a shoulder injury sustained against now retired, all-time great Floyd Mayweather Jr. That Pacquiao’s performance opposite a 32-year-old world-class pugilist in Bradley was so impressive, many will no doubt postulate whether this truly was Manny’s swan song.

After the final bell, it was revealed that Pacquiao’s long-time trainer, Freddie Roach is in favor of his charge battling Ring Middleweight kingpin Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and then bowing out in a rematch against Mayweather.

Both scenarios seem unlikely, but in the sport of boxing one can never say never.

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  1. tuxtucis 04:03am, 04/14/2016

    Why rubber match?
    Pacquaio won all three fights 9 rounds- 3

  2. raxman 08:47pm, 04/13/2016

    Andrew - unfortunately (or fortunately depending on which side you sit on) the only results that count are the official ones. Popular consensus of Bradley v Pac #1 is irrelevant - as is a refs mistake - official records are the only thing that matters - and if you start discounting results, well, its a slippery slope; Taylor becomes the first to beat Chavez, Fenech becomes the first fighter to win titles in 4 weight classes, and the list goes… ( I also don’t think JMM was in that shot for vs TB either
    TB is 12-2 vs current or former world titlists - both losses to Pac - and he has years left.
    having said all that…
    Now although I believe a system that awards Gatti should also reward Bradley, I think you and I are likely in agreement that the standards for entering IBHOF should be much tougher. Most countries, states etc have a version of their own hall and it is in that which most would belong.
    I would judge purely and who was beaten - for instance no way is GGG IBHOF worthy at this stage - despite his near perfect KO record, lack of talent down grades him (its who, not how). And for that matter Oscar probably doesn’t belong in my HOF either. Although he was one of my favourites at the time (I loved his style) - wins over Whitaker and an ancient JCC don’t disguise the fact that Oscar lost to every other top tier opponent - Tito, Shane x2, Bhop, Floyd and Pac (late career and weight drained not withstanding)

  3. andrew 07:18pm, 04/13/2016

    rax- Pac#1 was reviewed by a panel of judges appointed by the WBwhatever who scored it for Pac. JM-acne chest-Pedquez was already a gimp kneed geriatric, and journeyman Provodnikov knocked him silly but was ripped off by the referee not scoring a clear knockdown. I agree Gatti doesn’t deserve the HOF on his record. He was inducted for the excitement he inspired by getting his head punched into suicidal early dementia.

  4. raxman 06:42pm, 04/12/2016

    Andrew - if Gatti is HOF worthy with losses to most of the quality fighters he faced then surely Bradley (who’s current resume has wins over JMM, Pac #1, Alexander, Rios, Peterson, Cassamyour, etc) is HOF worthy

  5. J.B. 02:56am, 04/12/2016

    When juxtaposing Pacquiao and Canelo’s performances opposite Floyd and Cotto, I’d say a well-trained Pac would be the favorite against Saul.

  6. andrew 06:30pm, 04/11/2016

    HOF? Bradley?

  7. Koolz 11:49am, 04/11/2016

    I really enjoyed this fight!  It truly was a great Weekend of Boxing all around the world!

  8. Darrell 02:53am, 04/11/2016

    Rehydration clause !?  LOL!

    Just go away pac…..and tow all the ‘tards with you.

  9. Steve-O 05:56pm, 04/10/2016

    Pac Man would beat Canelo DECISIVELY!.  There would have to be a re-hydration clause for sure as Canelo is a slimey, sleezy little diva and would do anything to win. Pac blows him out.

  10. raxman 04:43pm, 04/10/2016

    Pete the Sneak - you nailed it, echoing my thoughts throughout the fight. Bradley is a world class fighter who will probably end up in the HOF, and yet he was totally outclassed by Pac.
    I think of the 3 fights that was the most definitive of all Pac victories - and the most impressive. why? because I believe Bradley looked as good in that fight as he could - and it still wasn’t enough

  11. Pete The Sneak 08:15am, 04/10/2016

    Well, therein lies the difference between a good fighter (Bradley) and a great fighter (Pac)...I truly hope this is indeed his last fight and Pac just rides off knee deep into the Political sunset…Freddy, of all people should be looking out or his charge and insist on the same and not be insisting upon these ridiculous ‘fantasy’ bouts with Mayweather and least of all Canelo…Its been an awesome ride Manny, thanks…Peace

  12. Eric 07:49am, 04/10/2016

    Great way for an all-time great to go out. Roach is delusional or just another selfish, greedy arsehole. Alvarez would destroy Manny at this point and time, Canelo isn’t feather-fisted like Bradley. Congrats to Manny on a fine career.

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