Sweet Smell of Success

By Robert Ecksel on April 17, 2018
Sweet Smell of Success
Klitschko was asked by the Sunday Times to handicap a fight between Joshua and Fury.

It sounds like Klitschko is ragging on Fury, saying he’s “like a fart in the wind” qualifies, but language is often imprecise…

“I often wish I were deaf and wore a hearing aid. With a simple flick of a switch, I could shut out the greedy murmur of little men.”—J.J. Hunsecker (Burt Lancaster) in “Sweet Smell of Success”

When Tyson Fury defeated Wladimir Klitschko to claim the IBF, WBA, and WBO titles, boxing’s doomsday clock inched closer to midnight. Their November 2015 fight was a legitimate changing of the guard, but it was also an abomination, made all the more abominable by having to watch two fighters refusing to fight as though the greatest prize in sports was up for grabs.

When Fury melted down not long after his victory, and was subsequently stripped for failing a series of drug tests and formally retired, Klitschko spoke about the mental strength boxing demands and pointed out that not all fighters, nor all champions, have minds equal to their physiques.

Klitschko went on to fight and lose a surprisingly memorable bout to Anthony Joshua.

Fury stopped doing blow and overeating and made his way back to the gym. His two-year exile from boxing is finally at an end.

Having faced both men, Klitschko was asked by the Sunday Times to handicap Joshua vs. Fury and who he thought would win if and when they fight.

“Hands down, Joshua [wins],” said Klitschko. “He is getting to be the complete fighter. Technically, size-wise, weight-wise, power-wise. And he is a good learner. The other guy [is] like a fart in the wind. It is there and it is gone. In the history of boxing there are a lot of examples of this kind of guy. They can be successful for a time but are not disciplined enough to continue to be successful.”

It sounds like Klitschko is ragging on Fury, saying he’s “like a fart in the wind” qualifies, but language is often imprecise.

“I wish Tyson well,” Klitschko added, “but I think there is a lack of discipline there, and discipline is more important than motivation. Drawing from my experience I would say it is going to be very difficult for Tyson because there’s that lack of discipline.”

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  1. Jose 08:17am, 04/17/2018

    What is grandma Klitschko talking about? He refused to engage with Tyson afraid of getting ko and now come talking trash about Tyson. It’s ridiculous.

  2. Ollie Downtown Brown 08:07am, 04/17/2018

    Perhaps Tyson dealt Wlad a more embarrassing defeat than did Joshua. Wlad was praised in his valiant effort against Joshua, not so much in his embarrassing lost to Fury. At times, Wlad, seemed timid and afraid in the Fury match while he went out on his shield in his match against Joshua.

    Tyson will forever live in Wlad’s head it seems. That lack of effort and that loss will probably weigh on Klitschko’s mind until he is an old man. An embarrassing loss is much worse than being knocked out, look how the “no mas” lost haunted Duran for years, while his loss to Hearns was rarely mentioned by Roberto.

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