Sweet Tooth Is No Novelty

By Ted Sares on May 19, 2012
Sweet Tooth Is No Novelty
The young, affable Kevin Rooney is more novelty than boxer (Lori Van Buren/Times Union)

“I’ll go in the back to the dressing room after my fight to change. I’ll put my suit back on and be back working as the publicist for the show.”—Kevin Rooney Jr.

In a fluke televised fight from Albany, NY on Friday night’s ESPN card, NY local favorite Kevin Rooney Jr. of Catskills, NY, the 27-year-old son of noted trainer Kevin Rooney, lost to Anthony “Sweet Tooth” Jones of Newark, NJ. Jones took the bout on just four days notice but had been in the ring a week ago.

Jones (2-0-1) decked Rooney (4-2) in each of the first two rounds, though Kevin fought back in rounds three and four as Jones slowed down. With one minute left in round two, “Sweet Tooth” landed a right hook and followed it up with a straight left to the head which sent the boxer/publicist sprawling across the canvas and made the fight’s outcome academic. The official scores were 39-35, 38-36 (twice). I had it 39-35 but am loyal (to Kevin Sr.). Teddy Atlas scored it closer.

This was a sweet win for Jones and an even sweeter win for boxing since Junior’s career thus far has consisted of pretending to be a pro fighter presumably thanks to his famous father having key connections and the fact Junior works as a publicist for promoter Lou DiBella’s DiBella Entertainment. In short, the young and affable Rooney, though not quite like the “pro fighters” out of Notre Dame, is more novelty than boxer.

Kevin, who had a 9-2 amateur record, is scheduled to fight the dreaded TBA on June 12, but for the sake of boxing, he needs to consider ending this charade. He might be better served to stick to his day job of being a publicist and leave the boxing to men who genuinely earn their chance to get on TV.

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  1. The Thresher 02:03pm, 05/21/2012

    Yes. I was too harsh.

  2. The Thresher 02:23pm, 05/19/2012

    maybe so.

  3. Joe 07:29am, 05/19/2012

    Whoa, waaaaay too harsh. Maybe the guy shouldn’t be on T.V., but that he shouldn’t be a professional? He’s 4-2 and looked strong in defeat last night. I think he’s a legitimate pro. Not everybody can be a top contender!

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