Tale of Two Buffers

By Robert Ecksel on May 28, 2015
Tale of Two Buffers
What would Michael Buffer say if he were collared by a stranger outside Gold’s Gym?

I wanted an excuse to get Bruce Buffer in a headlock and run him head-first into the nearest Cadillac Escalade…

Are two Buffers better than one?

It depends.

One Buffer made his bones in boxing. The other Buffer made his bones in UFC. Each Buffer has a distinctive appearance. Each Buffer has a distinctive voice. Bruce and Michael Buffer love one another as only brothers can, but each represents opposing sports, combat sports that, whatever their respective virtues and flaws, are as different as night and day.

TMZ recently caught up with Bruce Buffer, the voice of UFC, outside Gold’s Gym in sunny California. Wearing a tight fitting shirt and looking well coiffed, if not as well coiffed as Michael, Bruce was lobbed a softball, “There seems to be more and more buzz about UFC in general. I think the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, as boring as it was, was the best thing that could have happened to the UFC.”

Asking Bruce Buffer about the UFC might have been like asking a plantation owner about cotton futures (actually, that may apply to Dana White). But Bruce, to his credit, didn’t dump on boxing, even though the opportunity was staring him in the face.

“Well, when you create something with so much hype,” he said, “you have to deliver, and if you didn’t deliver, instead of getting a shot in the arm, you get a shot in the leg. And as great as boxing is, and as being as big a fan of boxing as I am, that was really a shot on the leg for boxing and a shot in the arm for UFC.”

I might have used the words shot in the foot instead of shot in the arm, to suggest the wound was self-inflicted, but I can’t quibble with Bruce Buffer’s remarks.

“And the fight—with all respect to these fine warriors Mayweather and Pacquiao—it just wasn’t an exciting fight. They’re definitely two of the best fighters in the game, if not boxing history to a large extent. But at the same time the UFC is so much more exciting.

“Boxers box—and in the octagon they fight.”

I wanted an excuse to get Bruce Buffer in a headlock and run him head-first into the nearest Escalade. But his sensible comments made that impossible.

What would Michael say if he were collared by a stranger outside Gold’s Gym—the last place the svelte other Buffer would be seen—and asked the same question?

If he is half as reasonable as his half-brother, I would listen with open ears.

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  1. gwiz 07:57am, 05/30/2015

    chuck hull is good

  2. NYIrish 03:56am, 05/29/2015

    Michael Buffer personifies the chintz and BS that is today’s boxing. The announcer has to be a “star” as do many referees that interrupt the action when a fight breaks out. Draaaw out those syllables Michael. We’re all getting drinks and taking leaks as you bask in your glory.
    God bless Johnny Addie !

  3. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 05:31pm, 05/28/2015

    Jimmy Lennon Sr.on a night when Jerry Quarry or Mando Ramos was in the house the Olympic Auditorium was literally vibrating on its foundation!

  4. Kid Blast 12:34pm, 05/28/2015

    For me there will only be ring announcer Johnny Addie

  5. Eric 08:30am, 05/28/2015

    Michael Buffer modeled for the Ken doll in his younger days.

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