Tales of Teflon Don Corleones

By Robert Ecksel on March 21, 2018
Tales of Teflon Don Corleones
Don King spoke about Bob Arum as if he was a specimen preserved in amber. (J.D. Crowe)

“Let me ask you about Don King,” the TV host said to Don King. “You were one of the first supporters of Don King…”

The original Teflon Don was neither King nor Trump.

It was John Gotti.

Last week Teflon Don King appeared on “Making Money with Charles Payne” on FOX Business. The purpose of the visit was twofold. The promoter wanted to hype last week’s fight between Amir Imam and Jose Rodriguez for the vacant WBC super lightweight title. He also wanted to spotlight the special relationship between himself and his dear friend, Teflon Donald Trump.

The confusion began at once, as Charles Payne mistook Don King for Donald Trump.

“Let me ask you about Don King,” the TV host said to Don King. “You were one of the first supporters of Don King, you vigorously campaigned for him, and you tried to convince the American people that he would be something special. Has he lived up to all the hype?”

Don King’s reaction was barely discernible. Instead of correcting a fellow traveler, he addressed rather than answered his question.

“He has given us an opportunity,” said King about Trump. “No one has carried the type of lightning rod activity since the founding colony. The 13 colonies wrote a letter to King George saying they wanted to be discharged so they could be eliminated and be independent Americans.”

King adjusted his bespoke jean jacket, to which a Trump campaign button the size of a plate had been affixed, to let what he said sink in.

“What Donald Trump has done—my man, look at him—not that he’s an angel—but the fact of the matter is he is bringing out all the racism of everybody who wants to destroy him and in the process of the zeal of destroying Trump, stop and destroy Trump, they be stop and destroy his family and any friends and launch any supporters that help them. It brings out the decisiveness, it brings out the hatred, it brings out all these different things that we can now administer to.

“Why do I say that? Because the first thing that Donald Trump said that touched my heart and should touch every American’s heart is, ‘We will create a whole new system. We will take this system apart. I want to make America great again and America first.’”

Building on ruins is where it’s at, or so Don King would have us believe.

“Now what does that mean?” King asked of no one in particular. “That means the entire system. Everyone agrees that the system is corrupt. The Republicans, the Democrats, the Independents, the atheists all agree that the system is corrupt. But only one man had the guts, the intestinal fortitude to challenge the system, to say, ‘We want to remove you and bring about change.’

“Secondly, no power in this country supported Trump to be president. How did he get to be president? The will of the people and the prayers for change and the interposition, the intervention of God because Trump has as much business being president—why it’s almost impossible. And that’s why everyone is in shock and disarray.

“He is unpredictable. He is uncontrollable. He can’t be intimidated or coerced. He can’t be bought and the only people he has to answer to is the American people.”

Don King wasn’t done. He spoke of the lessons learned in Africa. He spoke about global hegemony with all the panache of a canapé at Davos.

Payne chipped in, while avoiding proper names, with some half-baked theory about China.

Then he asked about the fight.

King went on a rant. He spoke about Bob Arum as if he was a specimen preserved in amber. He also spoke about the Holocaust.

Payne objected to King’s clichés. He was offended by King’s generalities.

King wasn’t having it.

“I’m a peace ambassador for Israel,” he said. “I’ve got the letters here to prove it.”

With Teflon Don King burbling and gurgling disjointedly in the background, Charles Payne got in the last word.

“Bottom line, boxing is back,” he said. “And Don King is back.”

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Trump is a ‘lightning rod’ for the US: Don King

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  1. Lucas McCain 04:41pm, 03/21/2018

    Before anyone takes King’s views seriously about the welfare of his fellow man, he should recall King’s share in talking an already brain-damaged Ali back into the ring to face Larry Holmes.  Only Larry’s love for Ali kept him from killing him in that Vegas Ring.  King may well be Trump’s most perfect ally

  2. Ollie Downtown Brown 09:01am, 03/21/2018

    “America First” is why the establishment really hates Trump. Of course, DT, has caved a couple of times to the Bill Kristols and Charles Krauthammers, notably when he bombed Syria. The Donald has helped launch a stream of jobs that have put unemployment in the Black community at a place lower than its been in decades. Still no love for Trump in the Black community with the possible exception of DK and a few others?? Like James Brown, I bet Don King would have been a Nixon fan back in the day if the money was right.

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