“TBE” isn’t about risk management

By Dennis Taylor on August 4, 2015
“TBE” isn’t about risk management
Greatness? Floyd already has earned that label. But "TBE" isn't about risk-management.

I am willing to cut Mayweather some slack if he admits, immediately or sooner, that this isn’t his final fight…

Maybe we should call him “Easy Money.”

Floyd Mayweather Jr. just sent a clear message to boxing fans who, since 1996, have been waiting to see him do something scintillating and truly memorable.

The message? Pffft.

Mayweather made it clear Tuesday that putting an exclamation point at the end of his career isn’t nearly as important to him as finishing with a zero in his loss column, and/or walking away from the ring with a lot of $$$. (But not mine. Not this time.)

The world’s No. 1 PVP actually had the stones to choose Andre Berto (3-3 in his most-recent outings) for what supposedly will be the final fight of his career. And he proved those stones are large and brassy by trying to pass this off as a pay-per-view event.

There is zero evidence — only our own, irrational cravings — that Mayweather will do anything but dodge and deflect Berto for 12 rounds on Sept.12. How many of us have any remaining patience (or expendable income) for that?

I am, however, willing to cut Floyd some slack if he admits, immediately or sooner, that this isn’t his final fight. If he tells me Berto is a stay-busy title defense, a good tune-up for Golovkin in the 50-0 fight ... yep, I can be OK with that. Hey, Berto’s no humpty: He’s got fast hands and a puncher’s chance.

But if Mayweather really wants us to believe this is his swan song — 49-0, tie Marciano, and adios! — release the hounds. He deserves any criticism he gets.

“The Best Ever” should gallop into the sunset after gunning down Liberty Valance at high noon. If this is truly Floyd’s finale, we’ll watch him plod off on a Clydesdale.

Louis, Ali, Robinson, Leonard ... those guys taught us to expect more.

Greatness? Floyd already has earned that label. But “TBE” isn’t about risk-management.

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  1. Carlos Torres 03:51pm, 08/05/2015

    I know that I`m not even going to see the highlights of this match up.

  2. Eric 02:39pm, 08/05/2015

    Floyd will fight Ronda Rousey for the big Five-O. Book’em, Danno, murder one.

  3. kb 06:23am, 08/05/2015

    Floyd Mayweather’s Date With Andre Berto Is Both Laughable And Detestable

  4. AKT 05:42am, 08/05/2015

    ** By ‘dent’, I mean ‘Anti-Climax’ ..

  5. AKT 03:27am, 08/05/2015

    I really want Floyd to succeed mainly because I love pure boxing. It’s a sweet science and methodical; everything a slugfest isn’t. So every time he steps in the ring, I am glad he validates that theory (got that off my chest - Phew!).

    Berto is no mug, but neither is he necessarily deserving. I love crescendos, and a final note on Berto wouldn’t be a high one; it’ll be a bit of a dent to his immense previous accomplishments (my opinion). It shouldn’t be his final swan song. I agree.

  6. Aztec Warrior 01:32am, 08/05/2015

    “$$$ Not mine, not this time”
    Yep, that pretty much sums it up for me! I’ll save my “money” for Canelo and Cotto.

  7. squishy 11:34pm, 08/04/2015

    If this is Floyd’s last fight - then he does not deserve to be TBE.

  8. Clarence George 06:37pm, 08/04/2015

    Every time I think boxing has plummeted to its nadir…

    Berto is no longer a fighter of note, at least not at the elite level, and there’s exactly zero justification for this bout.  Pay-per-view?  Mayweather’s known for his delusional chutzpah, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

    Characteristically well written, but I don’t at all agree that Mayweather has earned the label of greatness, and he has about as much chance of history anointing him TBE as he has of touching the moon by stretching out his hand.  Nor do I buy into the Marciano comparison—by definition, a welterweight can’t match (or break) a heavyweight’s record.  And Mayweather will never agree to fight Golovkin, against whom he knows has has no chance.  Thurman is indeed much likelier.  By the way, while I very much appreciate the Hollywood reference, Liberty Valance got what he so richly deserved in the evening or possibly at night, not high noon.

  9. Rupert 06:30pm, 08/04/2015

    Floyd Mayweather jr, Call him A Champ or call him a Fraud, whether we like it or not
    He is undefeated of 48 fights, no matter how ugly and boring some of the fights or as predictable as it was over and over again, He remains undefeated and will continue to cherry pick an easy opponent no matter what in order to attain undefeated.  Floyd is no fool to please us all by fighting Golovkin or Keith Thurman or Amir Khan? No way, they are too risky so he picks the less likely to win over him and that is Ward, a sure win.
    Folks, that’s our Prizefighter, his name is Floyd Mayweather jr and He is laughing loudly to his Bank. And this fight is no exception. After all he is our Champion and he claimed the Best Ever.

  10. Jovijo 06:10pm, 08/04/2015

    How do we expect a prizefighter who made himself undefeated by cherry-picking an opponents against worthy and dangerous ones. So Floyd Mayweather jr became undefeated 48-0 record , some are worthy of his Las Vegas connection and more recently the Hometown win over Pacquiao despite the one armed onslaught of Manny Pacquiao. Nevertheless, the win stands but we witnessed a champion who dominated the fight by holding,going backwards all night long. However a majority held the judging a majority keeping us the other fans wondering if they are watching the same fight we watched? Now we wonder why he acts this way, Well you got fooled by this product you created . This is your business and it seems you will be fooled once again.

  11. KB 05:07pm, 08/04/2015

    He will fight Thurman for 50 and out, I THINK HE WILL ANYWAY,

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