TBE or Not TBE

By Robert Ecksel on June 5, 2018
TBE or Not TBE
“I am the greatest heavyweight of all time. I’m not going to be modest.” (Action Images)

“I already beat the legendary Wladimir Klitschko and I did it easy, it was an easy fight. So put me in the ring with these bums…”

On Saturday, June 9, at Manchester Arena, Manchester’s own Tyson Fury (25-0, 18 KOs), the star-crossed former heavyweight champion of the world returns to the ring after a two-and-a-half-year hiatus against unheralded Albanian Sefer Seferi (23-1, 21 KOs).

To build the gate, Fury has taken to the airwaves. He has said little about Seferi, the less said the better, because Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder preoccupy him.

“There’s been plenty of come forward aggressors throwing big bombs, there’s been plenty of boxers on the back foot,” said Fury. “But when has there ever been a 6ft 9in switch-hitter with the confidence of Muhammad Ali and Floyd Mayweather rolled into one”

“There has never, ever, ever been anybody like me. I’m unbeaten, I’m fast, I’m brash, I’m young, I’m good looking, I can dance, I’ve even got white teeth. What more can I have as a fighter, as a boxer, as a sportsman, as a showman?

“I am the greatest heavyweight of all time, I’m not even going to be modest. I already beat the legendary Wladimir Klitschko and I did it easy, it was an easy fight. So put me in the ring with these bums and I’ll tell you how to put them down: easy peasy lemon squeezy!

“I am the best that there’s going to be and I don’t believe there’s a man born yet that can beat me. Nobody has seen what I can do yet because I’ve not had an opponent take me to that level.”

Fury may be right.

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  1. Ollie Downtown Brown 07:00am, 06/08/2018

    None to worry, Koolz, plenty of fighters would look like world beaters in the gym and perform not as well when it really counted. Decent but not so great middleweight out of Philly in the 80’s, Curtis Parker, was an animal in sparring sessions. It was said that Parker bested Tommy Hearns in a sparring session when Hearns visited Philly for some training sessions. Dwight Qawi and Parker used to have wars and even heavyweight Tim Witherspoon said the 5’7 1/2” Parker stung him pretty good in a sparring session.  It will take time, Fury really, really, got fat and he has a 2 year plus hiatus of partying, eating and drinking to shake off. I have seen Fury deadlift 500lbs albeit with a rounded back. Made my back ache just watching it. Someone needs to work on the big guy’s technique if he is going to continue to deadlift heavy weights or he is definitely heading for snap city. Why a fighter would do heavy deadlifts is beyond me, maybe do sets of 20 to work the heart, endurance and metabolism, or explosive speed work with weights,  but not super heavy lifts. Sets of 20-rep deadlifts are a killer.

  2. Koolz 06:36pm, 06/07/2018

    Ollie Downtown Brown

    I’ll check out Marciano’s training.

    I see Fury Dead lifting 440 pounds!  But his jab in Sparring looks horrible and so does his feet placement and balance.  Little rusty there I think. 
    Fury could do Better! 

  3. Ollie Downtown Brown 05:50pm, 06/07/2018

    Koolz.. Marciano was the first fighter that I knew of that waded shoulder deep into a pool and threw punches until he could barely move his arms. Marciano credited this exercise for increasing his already tremendous punching power. Marciano started training at a YMCA in Brockton, had no sparring, didn’t hit a speed bag at first and limited his training to marathon sessions on the heavy bag, followed by calisthenics and his pool punching routine. He also incorporated hill sprints repeated over and over and jogging backwards back down the hill. This routine is described in the excellent book, “Biography Of A First Son” by Everett Skehan that was originally published in the late 1970’s. You might know that former Russian weightlifter Vasily Alexseyev also performed his Olympic lifts in waist deep water as well.

  4. Koolz 04:45pm, 06/07/2018

    you see all these guys get in the pool, go under, and shadow box in the water.
    There was a very long deep video of Wlad doing this, pretty impressive too.
    This all started with Ali.
    Just one slight problem here!  Ali never did this he lied to the media and they showed up to see him do it.  Ali hears the media are coming jumps into the pool and pretends he is boxing in the water.

    Now it’s a thing, part of training, resistant training.  Even MMA does it. 
    I don’t recall anyone doing it before Ali.
    Did Fury do it?  I have only seen his Sparring video.
    Looking for anything on Fury’s Training right now.

  5. Ollie Downtown Brown 11:40am, 06/07/2018

    It’s a half past four and I’m shifting gear on FURY ROAD !!!

  6. Koolz 09:08am, 06/07/2018

    Fury Road TIME!!!!

  7. Ollie Downtown Brown 07:22am, 06/07/2018

    Chuvalo and Liston were more or less the same size except in wingspan and hand size. Chuvalo was not a small guy. Not that tall, but at 6’1” he was just as tall as Sonny Liston. Bonavena was only a shade taller than Frazier, whose listed height of 5’11 1/2” might have been stretching it a bit. Still I think Jethro is right, these guys were just too small for today’s heavyweights. I think they were better fighters but to give up that much size is a monumental task to overcome. Sure, guys like Jim Beattie were around in those days, and Ali took on some big Hawaiian fighter by the name of Duke Sabedong in one of his earlier fights, but these guys weren’t as athletic as people like Joshua or even Fury. Fury isn’t ever going to be mistaken for a decathlete gold medalist, but he has enough athletic ability and speed to go along with his tremendous size and is far better than the giants of yesteryear. Frazier was even troubled by the size of 6’4” Joe Bugner when they fought. Frazier beat two big guys, Buster Mathis and Manuel Ramos, neither of whom were as good or big as Fury.

  8. Jethro's Flute 12:06am, 06/07/2018

    “even he knows that’s ticket-selling hype; guys like Chuvalo, Quarry, Bonavena, and an un-coked Dokes would have chased him out of the ring as would, of course, Liston, Ali, Frazier and Foreman.”

    Fury is not a great fighter but myth-making is annoying.

    Chuvalo, Quarry and Bonavena would have all been far too small for him, particularly Quarry who was a cruiserweight.

    Frazier fought his entire career, blind in one eye.

  9. Koolz 01:56pm, 06/06/2018

    Fury’s fight this Saturday might be two rounds

  10. Lucas McCain 07:36am, 06/06/2018

    The big guy gets a lot of credit for being entertaining, bordering on the crazy.  He neglects to mention that Wlad was on a streak of bad performances and was even worse than usual when losing the title, and that he (Fury) twice found ways of avoiding a rematch when most observers (me included) thought Wlad would clean his clock.  So now he struts and frets again.  He looked like a decent, solid heavyweight before, fast and occasionally fun but nothing special, and I congratulate him for getting back in shape.  But as for “greatness,” even he knows that’s ticket-selling hype; guys like Chuvalo, Quarry, Bonavena, and an un-coked Dokes would have chased him out of the ring as would, of course, Liston, Ali, Frazier and Foreman.  I don’t have any real hopes for him once he steps up in opposition.

  11. Ollie Downtown Brown 06:54am, 06/05/2018

    Meant to say had Mayweather competed at 135-154lbs in the 80’s and not 135-140lbs.

  12. Ollie Downtown Brown 06:24am, 06/05/2018

    Speaking of Hearns, Wilder has been described as a heavyweight Tommy Hearns, and like Hearns or better yet, like his trainer, Mark Breland, his fragile legs will be his Achilles’ heel. Remember how Hearns’ legs turned into spaghetti during his 3 round war with Hagler or how Marlon Starling pushed Breland all over the ring. Wilder isn’t about to beat either Fury or Joshua. You get a guy that can back Wilder up, lean on him, wear him down in the clinches, and it will be Starling vs. Breland all over again.

  13. Ollie Downtown Brown 06:11am, 06/05/2018

    TBE? Probably Ray Robinson. TBE at heavyweight? Ali. Floyd Mayweather would have been decimated had he competed in the 80’s at 135-140lbs.  Chavez Sr., Arguello,  Pryor, Duran, Leonard, Hearns, Benitez,  all beat Money Mayweather. Facing an old and faded Pacqiuao, or a Canelo isn’t even in the same ballpark as facing a 6’1” Tommy Hearns with the wingspan of a heavyweight.

  14. Dennis Taylor 03:03pm, 06/04/2018

    TBE or Not TBE is absolutely one of the greatest headlines ever written.

  15. Kid Blast 01:03pm, 06/04/2018

    Fury is doing this right. Instead of fighting for a Fort Knox amount of money against AJ, he is taking it step by step until he is ready. He’s not in it for the quick money; he’s in it for his legacy and that will be bad news for AJ and Wilder.

  16. Ollie Downtown Brown 11:48am, 06/04/2018

    Hmm, when did 30 become young for a fighter, and all things being relative, Fury is fast for a 6’9” behemoth, but he isn’t about to be confused with Ali dancing around the ring and snapping punches with the speed of a middleweight. “Good looking?” Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder I take it. I do think Fury has what it takes to beat a Deontay Wilder, who despite his 6’7” height is more or less a blown up cruiserweight with a few added pounds perched on top of a pair of fragile looking legs. Fury could use his bulk and strength and wear down Wilder, Deontay’s thin underpinnings will wilt trying to match the strength and bulk of Fury’s huge bulk. . Joshua? Tougher opponent for Fury. Joshua is a legit heavyweight, very fit and very athletic. Joshua seems to have been sporting a leaner look lately and is less bulky looking, which should only improve his stamina and conditioning. I still favor Fury over Joshua after he gets back in the groove with a couple or three tuneup bouts.

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