Team “Krusher” Media Call

By Caryn A. Tate on June 6, 2017
Team “Krusher” Media Call
“Does he want to take those body shots that Sergey’s gonna hit him with to get inside?”

“He need to prove, not me. I will get in the ring and kick his ass—I want to punish him and get my belts back…”

Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev (30-1-1, 26 KOs) was joined by head trainer John David Jackson, manager Egis Klimas, and promoter Kathy Duva of Main Events for a media conference call on Tuesday. The former light heavyweight champion is preparing for his next fight on June 17 as challenger to unified champion Andre “S.O.G.” Ward (31-0, 15 KOs) in a rematch of their bout last November.

During the call, “Krusher” stated that he thought he won 8 rounds out of the 12 in the first fight vs. Ward. When asked what the judges might have seen that would cause them to award more of the rounds to Ward than to Kovalev, the fighter responded, “It’s not my job. I don’t care—it doesn’t matter.”

His trainer, John David Jackson, said that he had scored the fight “9-3 at best for us, 8-4 at worst for us.” He added, “Sergey doesn’t have to do much more than he did. He proved in the first half of the fight that he can win it. He proved he’s the better fighter, the bigger puncher. If that’s Ward’s best, then guess what, he’s past his prime. All he did was survive.

“[Ward] wasn’t hit with Sergey’s best shot but it still dropped him. So just imagine if it was Sergey’s best punch on Ward’s chin—it would be lights out. We’ll have a better gameplan the second time around.”

Later, Kovalev was asked about the American judges from the first fight, and whether the fact that all three judges in the June 17 rematch are also American bothers him. “I believe that the judges will do the best job, as they should,” he said. “Nobody recognize Andre Ward as a champion. And he should prove on June 17 that he’s a real champion. He need to prove, not me. I will get in the ring and kick his ass—I want to punish him and get my belts back.”

The Russian also addressed his energy and physical condition now versus how he felt at the same time before the first fight. “I feel much better at this point. Before last fight I couldn’t say, ‘I don’t want to fight because I’m not ready.’ I walked to the ring and fought Andre Ward with empty tank. My energy tank was empty one month before the fight. I feel that definitely it’s going to be different and much better than last time.”

Coach John David Jackson was asked if he’s expecting Andre Ward to come into the rematch with a different gameplan. “Maybe,” he said. “If you’re a fighter and you’re smart you’ll come in and make adjustments. But what adjustments is he going to make? Is he gonna be more aggressive? Is he gonna run more? That’ll work in our favor. He can’t get much more brilliant than he is now. He’s good at what he does, and that’s surviving and winning the way he wins. He may make small adjustments but they’re not gonna be enough.”

A question was posed to Sergey about how he felt after the first fight and whether he was mad at himself for letting Ward off the hook after the knockdown in the second round. “Of course I was disappointed,” Kovalev said. “But most of my disappointment was by my performance. That I didn’t show what I could. It was not my day.”

I asked head trainer Jackson about not being able to speak to his fighter in the corner in the first bout. “We didn’t discuss it,” Jackson said. “It was a mistake that was made, and we’re just moving on.”

Kathy Duva, the CEO of Kovalev’s promoter Main Events, was asked about the judges for the rematch, and the fact that—per Nevada State Athletic Commission standards—they are all American. “I asked the commission to please appoint international judges,” she said. “But these are good judges. But they’re human. So Sergey has to convince them this time and I’m sure he will. I’m happy with the judges.”

WBC light heavyweight champion Adonis Stevenson was brought up to Sergey, and he was asked if Stevenson is still on his radar and if he had any thoughts on Stevenson’s performance last weekend. “He’s starting to beat his opponents by [rematch] because he doesn’t want to fight anybody fresh,” Kovalev said via translation by his manager Klimas. “He gets in the ring with guys he already knows he can beat. He’s fighting Uber drivers.”

Team Kovalev laughed at this comparison and Kathy Duva added, “That’s unkind to Uber drivers.”

One member of the media suggested that one criticism that could be made of Kovalev’s boxing ability is that he doesn’t finish strong, and asked John David Jackson if they’re doing anything to correct that. “Besides his last fight, when have you seen him not finish strong? Sergey has taken responsibility for why he didn’t finish strong. We’re working on what will make him more dominating in the second half of the fight. In the first half of the first fight, he outboxed Andre.”

Kovalev also addressed this question. “I think what happened just happened. I’m looking forward to June 17. What happened is already a long time ago. Let’s just see what happens June 17.”

Another journalist asked Jackson about something he’d said previously about Ward, that he is “a dirty fighter,” and asked the trainer if he saw those types of tactics in the first fight. The reporter also asked if the clinches and headlocks that Kovalev initiated were strategic. “I never said Andre was a dirty fighter,” Jackson said. “The things he does are not fan favorites. There was no inside fighter [in the first fight]. A true inside fighter doesn’t grab and hold all night. When you have the power Sergey has, you don’t need to hold on the inside.

“If Andre wants to fight on the inside, he’s taking a gamble—does he want to take those body shots that Sergey’s gonna hit him with to get inside? As far as the dirty part, it’s smart tactics on his part. He gets away with it.”

Jackson and Kovalev were both asked about the recent news that Jackson had gone to Team Ward and asked to join their coaching team—or that Team Ward had approached him to join their camp, as Team Kovalev states. “We talked about it,” Jackson said. “They tried to disrupt our camp. What they did actually made us stronger, so I need to thank them.”

Kovalev, through his manager Klimas acting as translator, said, “I don’t think John is so dumb to go to the other side where there is no guarantee they’ll take him. Most likely they contacted John and were trying to get some strategy or details of my preparation, they got the answer no, and then they tried to raise the flag that John did it. Now we’re stronger and we’re one team, and we’re going forward.”

Ward vs. Kovalev 2: The Rematch will be broadcast via HBO Pay-Per-View on Saturday, June 17 at 9:00pm ET/6:00pm PT.

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  1. Alt Knight 04:12am, 06/08/2017

    nonprophet…What a patriot you are! Emile Griffith, Bob Fitzsimmons, Max Baer, Emile Griffith, Lupe Pintor, Ezzard Charles, Wilfred Scypion, and other boxers have accidently killed other fighters in the ring. I wouldn’t classify any of these men as “killers,” given the fact that boxing is boxing and death is always a possibility. At least Putin has enough cajones to classify his nation as a Christian nation and isn’t completely allowing his country to be turned over to floods of fighting age, young Muslim men, to rape and pillage as they see fit in Russia. At least places like Hungary, Poland, and Russian still have some pride left. Putin at least kicked the bankster oligarchs to the curb for the most part. He still has some work to do, however, but he’s a start in the right direction. Your “American” is going to get knocked flat out this time around.

  2. Koolz 03:56pm, 06/07/2017


    He didn’t win the first time and Ward even realized he had lost.
    Ward didn’t win Seven rounds!

    But Hunter was yelling in Ward’ss ear after the fight and during the post fight “you won you won you won!”
    and later Hunter told Ward don’t worry “you won you won you won!”

    I was reminded of that Bradley Pacman fight where Bradley clearly knew he lost but said I need to see the tapes.

    It will quite the chess match between Kovalev and Ward in this rematch.

  3. nonprophet 01:55pm, 06/07/2017

    “Killer” (since he killed a man in the ring) Krusher Kovalev (aka KKK) will be K-K-K-OH-OH-OH’d this time.  I’m rooting for the American.  Only Putin’s stooges are supporting the thug…

  4. Koolz 11:31am, 06/07/2017

    you will happy to know that the a Goldman Sachs that resides on the Bilderberg Group is head of get this!
    Immigration!  He is the UN migration chief.  So yes they are behind it with George Soros Companies.
    London Gone, Germany Gone, Sweden Gone, France on it’s way, Italy on it’s way.  California Gone.  US Colleges almost Gone.
    Canada on it’s way!!!
    And at the very Top is the EU, and at the Top of that is the people behind the Bilderberg Group.

    Now Kovalev needs to calm down and be Zen.  Only through Zen is he going to beat Ward again.  This time I hope by stoppage.

    Using anger will make Ward frustrate him and he will lose rounds.

    Hunter won’t have a different plan.

  5. Alt Knight 09:16am, 06/07/2017

    Irish…Right on! Save the tigers. One of God’s most beautiful creatures. Here is a tidbit about England and its Muslim population. In 1939, only 0.1% of England’s population identified as Muslim, while in 1951, the Muslim population only increased to 0.2% of the population. The 1973 “fictional” novel, “The Camp Of The Saints” by Jean Raspail, was prophetic to say the least. An oldie but goodie from comedian, Jeff Cucksworthy, “if you think Israel has the right to protect itself from brown invaders but we don’t, you might be a cuckservative.” These wars for The Greater Israel Project,  are why these people hate the West. How about no more wars which kill innocent civilians, and family members,, this breeds the hate, no more wars also equal no more refugees. Before the social engineering and our involvement in the Middle East, the West didn’t have to deal with Islamic terrorism. The Moors conquering Spain, the fall of Constantinople,  etc., if you don’t learn history, you are doomed to repeat it.

  6. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:43am, 06/07/2017

    The government in Maharastra, a state in Western India has decreed that injuring or killing tiger poachers “will no longer be considered a crime”. Meanwhile near London Bridge three human poachers surrounded a lone female and repeatedly stabbed her to death….the fukface multicultural mayor of Londonistan says not to worry!

  7. aNONYMOUS 07:12am, 06/07/2017

    Ward by UD

  8. Alt Knight 06:18am, 06/07/2017

    Andre is whistling past the graveyard here. I see a confident Kovalev and an unsure Ward.  It is Ward, and not Kovalev, who knows he lost the initial encounter. The only people that Ward convinced he won that fight are his fanboys. Had nothing for or against Ward prior to his fight with Kovalev, but listening to all that bullsheeit, has me hoping that the Krusher scores a devastating knockout for a ten-count. End of story, and no call for a third match.

  9. Alt Knight 05:18am, 06/07/2017

    Kovalev doesn’t leave it in the judges hands this time around. Kovalev by stoppage sometime around 7-8 rounds.

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