Ted Sares’ Latest: “Shattered”

By Robert Ecksel on December 5, 2011
Ted Sares’ Latest: “Shattered”
"Shattered" delves deep into lesser-known crimes like that of the New Orleans Sniper

Ted Sares’ latest book, “Shattered: A Collection of True Crime and Noir Essays,” is now being released by his publisher (see link below) but Ted has an advance supply.


Anyone interested in purchasing “Shattered” should send a check in the amount of $17.50 (postage included) to:

Ted Sares
P.O. Box 2777
North Conway, NH 03860

Include your mailing address so he can send the book to you straight away. Ted’s email address is tedsares@roaddrunner.com.

He is in the process of working out a way in which to market “Shattered” internationally, but that may have to be done via the internet through Amazon or through the publisher directly.

Ted says the book would make a dandy stocking stuffer for the Holidays, but he urges readers to keep the doors locked and the lights on when they read it.

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  1. SR.BILL-HARDPORN XXX 05:13pm, 12/06/2011

    2011 has NOT been a classic year of boxing…. On the whole, all the super bouts have pretty much fizzled…... My top fight for 2011 is “Cotto-Mayo.”

  2. SR.BILL-HARDPORN XXX 05:11pm, 12/06/2011

    I’ll be anticipating this weeks HBO fight so I can copy and review “Cotto-Margo 2.” As for Kahn defending against Lamont Peterson, well, I’ll tune in but I am not drooling for it…

  3. pugknows 10:24am, 12/06/2011

    Ted. I found the book to be a non-stop read. Man, you have seen some stuff in your day. I remember the Schuessler-Peterson murders like it was yesterday. Who could ever forget? We kept the doors locked in our house for weeks. I never knew they caught the guy either. WOW!! What a shocker that was. Thanks for a great trip through some very somber stuff. BTW, Tampa was a blast and Maggie Flood says hello and says she wants a book.

  4. The Thresher 06:10pm, 12/05/2011

    Robert, what is your fax number? I have a great blog done but I also have a virus and can’t send it.

    Please post it.

  5. the thresher 10:42am, 12/05/2011

    I should point out that Irish John Coiley wrote two guest articles and they define what noir is all about. He is a great talent.

  6. john coiley 07:06am, 12/05/2011

    howda go, Ted

  7. "Old Yank" Schneider 06:28am, 12/05/2011


  8. the thresher 05:53am, 12/05/2011

    Wow! Many thanks Robert.

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