Ted the Bull’s Boxing Awards for 2011

By Ted Sares on December 18, 2011
Ted the Bull’s Boxing Awards for 2011
Andre Ward dominated both Abraham and Froch to win the Super Six World Boxing Classic

The win over Carl Froch unified the WBA and WBC super middleweight titles and also earned Andre Ward The Ring Magazine belt…

Fighter of the Year: Andre “S.O.G.” Ward

“He’s very good defensively…I couldn’t get my shots off. I never found myself in the range…”—Carl Froch

Andre Ward (25-0) dominated both Arthur Abraham and Carl “The Cobra” Froch to win the inaugural Super Six World Boxing Classic cup and in so doing demonstrated great offensive and defensive skills, albeit without shock and awe. The win over Froch unified the WBA and WBC super middleweight titles and also earned Ward The Ring Magazine belt. A Gold Medalist at the 2004 Olympics, he has not lost a fight since 1998.

Tied for second place are Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios and Hernan “Tyson” Marquez.

Brandon Rios (29-0-1) walked down Miguel Acosta in a thriller, rumbled with Urbano Antillon until he put him away in the third stanza, and then hammered out a TKO win against John Murray, turning the game but outgunned Brit’s face into gore. Bam Bam’s opponents this year had an impressive combined record of 87-6-2.

Flyweight Hernan Marquez (32-2) lived up to his nickname as he dispatched highly ranked Luis “El Nica” Concepción (twice) and in between TKOd Edwin “The Sting” Dapudong. Each win was for the WBA World d flyweight title.

2) Fight of the Year:  Akira Yaegashi vs. Pornsawan “Terminator” Porpramook

Akira Yaegashi (Japan) and Pornsawan Porpramook (Thailand) put on one of the greatest fights since the 2006 classic between Somsak Sithchatchawal and Mahyar Monshipour. It’s interesting how Thai fighters seem to have a knack for engaging in such fights. Yaegashi (15-2) vs. Porpramook (23-4-1) took place on Oct. 24 in Tokyo and those fortunate enough to view the footage are still in a daze over what they saw. These two warriors arguably fought the greatest strawweight (minumweight) fight ever. As the fury built into the late rounds, the display of fast punching, hooks, counters, overhand rights, durability, and incredible stamina on the part of both fighters had the crowd in a frenzy. It was hard to beat the Wolak vs. Rodriquez draw and the Berto vs. Ortiz brawl, but these two men did just that.

Second place: Makoto Fuchigami vs. Koji Sato

A razor thin second place involved the back and forth drama that unfolded in the blood spattering brawl between Japanese middleweights Makoto Fuchigami and Koji Sato in Dec. It was another fight that flew under the radar but fortunately I caught it on video and will not soon forget what I witnessed. It featured wave after wave of crunching haymakers in a battle of will and attrition, and one of the most dramatic comebacks I have ever seen. It was almost a mirror image of Yaegashi and Porpramook.

3) Trainer of the Year: Robert Garcia

While Ann Wolfe showed the difference a trainer can make, Robert Garcia did great work with Mikey Garcia, Nonito Donaire, and Brandon Rios, among others, to get this year’s nod. He also has Kelly Pavlik under his wing which attests to the fact fighters are now seeking him out. Robert’s boxing academy has put Oxnard, California on the boxing map.

4) Round of the Year: Round One—James Kirkland vs. Alfredo Angulo

After Alfred Angulo decked James Kirkland with a solid counterpunch, he moved in for the kill. However, he punched himself out and The Mandingo Warrior took over and finally decked El Perro and positioned him for a subsequent stoppage. What set this one apart was that most fans expected fireworks from the get-go and their expectations were not only met but exceeded.

Second place for Round of the Year goes to round 8 of Makoto Fuchigami vs. Koji Sato, as savage a round as I have witnessed in over 20 years. It almost seemed like the blood was splattering through the monitor. This one is not for the faint of heart.

5) KO of the Year: Michael Grant over Frans Botha

“I knew I had the strength to knock him out in the 12th round.”—Michael Grant

With just 37 seconds left, American Michael Grant stopped South Africa’s Frans Botha in the 12th round with a withering right cross that left the “White Buffalo” down and out for several minutes. Grant claimed the vacant WBF title and got himself back into the mix with this dramatic come-from-behind win.

Nonito Donaie’s near decapitation of Fernando Montiel in Feb. was a close second.

Lost in the intrigue of “Eyegate” and the jubilation of “Cottorama,” Holly Holm’s knockout loss to Anne Sophie Mathis of France in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Dec. 2 was every bit as scary as Vonda Ward’s KO loss to Ann Wolfe several years ago. Again, it is not for the faint of heart.

6)  Prospect of the Year: Darley Perez

Darley Perez (24-0 is a rare Colombian boxer/puncher who fights OUTSIDE of Colombia. The fast-rising Colombian is already rated by three of the top four sanctioning bodies, number five by the WBA while both the IBF and WBO have him ranked at number 12.

7)  Best breakthrough Fighter of the Year: Tie-Ismayl Sillakh and Seth “Mayhem” Mitchell

“I had no idea who he was when I first saw him, but there was an aura about him, a presence to this kid that the others lacked…He threw some crazy combinations with a fluid style that blew me away.”—Manager Ivaylo Gotzev

Born in the Ukraine, Sillakh (17-0) fights out of Southern California. He is almost 6-foot-4, and possesses both speed and power. Given the technique and poise he has from his decorated amateur career, Sillakh is fast becoming the complete package. A road warrior who has duked in 10 different locations, he won the NABF light heavyweight title by beating highly touted Cuban Yordanis Despaigne in Florida and then won two by TKO in Russia.

Mitchell (24-0, 18 KOs) savagely disposed of Timur Ibragimov (30-4, 16 KOs) at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC on Deecember10 to establish himself as an American heavyweight hopeful. He has gone 4-0 in 2011 with each win coming by way of KO (he has 9 KOs in a row). He is a rare crossover from football that has the goods.

8) Upset of the Year: Ishida over Kirkland

Nobuhiro Ishida’s KO over James Kirkland occurred just months after the Mandingo Warrior dropped Ann Wolfe as a trainer. It was one of the most shocking upsets in recent years as Ishida was 22-6-2 (KO 7) coming in and was known to be feather-fisted, but blasted out The Mandingo Warrior in the first round.

In a shocker, ninth ranked pound-for-pound fighter Giovanni Segura (28-2-1, 24 KOs) suffered his second professional defeat at the hands of Brian Viloria (30-3, 17KOs) by eighth round TKO. Segura came in the fight as a huge favorite as he challenged for the WBO world flyweight title.

9) Comeback of the Year: James Kirkland

After his shocking upset defeat at the hands of Nobuhiro Ishida in April, Kirkland came back just seven months later to upset Alfredo Angulo in equally shocking fashion. It’s odd to pick a comeback in the same year but this turnaround, with its subplots, was one made for the movies.

Erik Morales finished a close second as the old warrior showed he still had the skills to compete at the top level.

10) Best Breakthrough Commentator of the Year: Antonio Tarver

He is fan-friendly, articulate and knowledgeable and blends well with the rest of the Showtime Team.

11) Worse Decision of the Year: Erislandy Lara vs. Paul Williams

Enough said.

12) Easiest Pick of the Year: Worse Decision of the Year

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Andre Ward vs. Carl Froch (1/4)

Andre Ward vs. Carl Froch (2/4)

Andre Ward vs. Carl Froch (3/4)

Andre Ward vs. Carl Froch (4/4)

Brandon Rios vs Urbano Antillon - Part 1 of 2

Brandon Rios vs Urbano Antillon - Part 2 of 2

Pornsawan Porpramook vs Akira Yaegashi

Darley Perez vs. Oscar Meza (1/2)

Darley Perez vs. Oscar Meza (2/2)

Ismayl Sillakh vs Daniel Judah


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  1. the cruntcher 04:03pm, 12/22/2011

    Really great list.  Learned a lot from it

  2. The Welshman 12:45pm, 12/21/2011

    Good list I wouldn’t argue with them, may i have the audacity to add an extra award ? for the most stupid boxing decision of 2011 and that award goes to “Golden Boy Promotions” for thinking it was a good idea to take world champ Amir Khan to Washington D.C. to defend his titles against hometown boy Lamont Peterson, officiated by a hometown referee, what were they thinking ? G.B.P. were calling the shots they could have fought anywhere in the world, quite unbelievable decision, and now they have the brass neck to complain about the result,—-seasonal greetings to all your posters, and good luck for 2012.

  3. the thresher 11:50am, 12/21/2011

    B-Hop-Dawson rematch as a PPV would be a disgrace to all that is holy. But it WOULD cure insomnia.

  4. SR.BILL-HARDPORN XXX 10:26pm, 12/20/2011

    B-Hops sucked hotdog in his no-contest with Dawson, but his wins over Pascal were good fights / wins….

  5. the thresher 05:44pm, 12/20/2011

    Iris, it will be refreshing to no longer post any articles on ESB. There is no longer a ban policy there and anything goes. Actually, I now post on two crime blogs, BLH, and here—and that’s it.

  6. the thresher 05:42pm, 12/20/2011

    Pitbull, thanks man

  7. the thresher 05:35pm, 12/20/2011

    rax, come January 1, I am through with ESB forever.

  8. raxman 04:59pm, 12/20/2011

    ted - the more time i spend here the less time i have the “other” site. as i said vlad when he came on the first time - you’ll never hear the insults and hate here. and thats the best part - you can get heated and bark on with your opinion but no one ever gets nasty or moronic. and the next day you’re on the same side of a debate with someone else. i’ve gone from being on the other site twice a day now i’m lucky to go twice a week - i read vivek and slater but i dont even bother with the comments or forum

  9. PitBull Petrill 04:50pm, 12/20/2011

    A great encapsulation of the year in review.

  10. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat saijo 04:45pm, 12/20/2011

    The posters that Ted Sares references on other sites would vote for Hopkins’ and Mayweather’s latest outings as Fights of the Year over his picks….hands down!

  11. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 04:00pm, 12/20/2011

    Porpramnook literally was fighting to the death…that’s why this fight is so compelling…..he had absolutely no intention of surrendering….none, zip, nada!

  12. the thresher 11:52am, 12/20/2011

    Boxing.com poster would know exactly what I was talking about here. They would offer intelligent posts reflecting boxing acumen and debating skills. The issue would be subject to heated but civil debate.

    A certain other site offers the following as a representative posts:

    “who vs what? whom, what? WTF? jesus”

    “hey, you forgot watznidkrd vs awbnuidbpm.. that’s a candidate too for fight of the century.”

    “Listen, there’s no way I’m going to list a “fight of the year” with names that sound like jumbled words for rising up the dead. How about “Kirkland vs Angulo?” That works for me.”

    “Richard Stroumtsong vs Wladimir Boloverenerinsky and Pogolomesieu Pansemi vs Victor Jose de las flores verdes, for me the fights of the year.”

    “Why do they always have midgets for fight of the year?”

    And one that makes it a bit worthwhile:

    “no clue
    Great call Ted … looked this one Yaegashi vs. Porpramook up and was enthralled throughout.. amazing fight … on a par with Corrales Castillo .. and in terms of pure action and unflagging tempo even better.. Wolak vs. Rodriquez doesn’t even need apply – a lot of heart, but damn that fight was sloppy like hell and had Walak charging in like a demented buffalo all fight long, which to me was an ugly sight.. Berto vs. Ortiz needn’t apply either.. There were flashes of brilliance and multiple knockdowns but the intensity went up and down, there were a lot of clinches and rough stuff.. Yaegashi vs. Porpramook was pure fighting fierceness from word go and both showed great skill, resilience, punching versatility and heart till the end .. FOTY with no other fight even coming close and that holds true for Kirkland vs Angulo as well”.

    The obvious conclusion is that a some sites are only interested in post count regardless of the morons, assholes, and rump swabs who continually post their inanities without beng warned much less banned. .

    The Lesson: Boxing.com is a site for boxing fans.

    “Boxing is the red light district of sports.”

  13. the thresher 11:49am, 12/20/2011

    There is a lesson with this one that just went up on another site:

    Fight of the Year: Akira Yaegashi vs. Pornsawan “Terminator” Porpramook

    By Ted Sares:

    2011 could well be described as an odd year in boxing. We had “Toegate.” We had the horrid Lara-Williams decision, the Hopkins-Dawson debacle, and the strange ending of Mayweather vs. Ortiz. There were many strange referee jobs this year as well including the dangerous non-stoppage of Holly Holm and the low blow fest on Joseph Agbeko. 2011 also saw the Mexican fighters make a strong showing including Juan Manuel Marquez’s sparkling performance in “defeat,” and Canelo’s emergence as a phenom. Antonio Tarver continued to shine as both a commentator and a boxer.

    Ann “Brown Sugar” Wolfe and her charge James Kirkland did enough in one year to make any fan happy. The “Mandingo Warrior’s’ turnaround, with its many subplots, was one made for the movies.

    While Andre Ward will run off with Fighter of the Year, he still lacks the shock and awe or charismatic sizzle that usually accompanies such an award. He just may win all of his fights without a KO, but winning almost 90% of the rounds is probably as good as anything.

    Fight of the Year: Yaegashi vs. Porpramook

    Now most may assert that when it comes to Fight of the Year, it will be hard to beat the Wolak vs. Rodriquez draw and the Berto vs. Ortiz brawl, but I submit I have two fights that did just that.

    Yaegashi (Japan) and Porpramook (Thailand) put on one of the greatest fights since the 2006 classic for the WBA World super bantamweight title between Thai warrior Somsak Sithchatchawal and Frenchman Mahyar “Little Tyson” Monshipour. Thai fighters seem to have a knack for engaging in such incredible fights.

    Yaegashi (15-2) vs. Porpramook (23-4-1) took place on October 24 in Tokyo and those fortunate enough to view the footage are still in a daze over what they saw. These two warriors arguably fought the greatest strawweight (minumweight) fight ever. The fury of the fight built and increased into the late rounds, as the display of fast punching, withering hooks, sharp counters, punishing overhand rights, and incredible stamina on the part of both fighters had the crowd up and roaring throughout. Finally, in the 10th stanza, Yaegashi caught the Thai on the ropes and unleashed a flurry that snapped the Terminator’s neck back forcing the referee to end matters as the crowd went into an absolute frenzy. At stake was Porpramook’s WBA World Minimumweight title.

    Second place: Makoto Fuchigami vs. Koji Sato

    “Technique and skill had long been replaced by the basic desire to win. Blood, trickling off the face of each fighter, sprayed about the ring as each man launched and absorbed haymaker after haymake”
                      —Sidney Boquiren

    In a mirror image of Yaegashi and Porpramook, the back and forth, ebb and flow drama that unfolded in the blood spattering brawl between Japanese middleweights Makoto Fuchigami (18-6) and Koji Sato (20-2) on December 12 in Tokyo was not one for the faint of heart. This non-stop brawl featured one rattling haymaker after another—wave after wave— and most seemed to land. It became a battle of sheer attrition until near the end when one of the most dramatic comebacks I have ever witnessed occurred.

    Fuchigami,. his face looking like a tomato pizza, seemed ready to go up until the ninth, but then he decided that round nine would be his chance to end matters against a now badly fatigued and virtually powerless Sato.The bigger Sato found himself pinned against the ropes and unable to fend off Fuchigami’s swarming attack. The referee stepped in to rescue the helpless champion at the 1.26 mark.

    Like the Yaegashi vs. Porpramook, this was another that flew under the radar but fortunately I caught both on video and will not soon forget what I witnessed. The difference between these two brawls was razor thin and there was nothing odd about them.

    The lesson will be posted below

  14. mikecasey 10:15am, 12/20/2011

    I have a lot of time for Kirkland, Tex. I hope the kid makes it, because he is so exciting.

  15. TEX HASSLER 08:57am, 12/20/2011

    As is normal Ted Sares’ article is right on target and that is no BULL! Ward seems to be the best pick and Kirkland certainly has the comeback of the year.

  16. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 09:23pm, 12/19/2011

    After watching Fuchigami/Sato Round Eight, I concluded that I wouldn’t relish either of these guys “placing” shots on my proboscis, not to mention Ishida who I defamed in an earlier post by stating unequivocally that he was “feather fisted”. Ted Sares wrote that he was “known” to be so, which is a more apt assessment of Ishida’s punching power going to the Kirkland fight. It follows that if Angulo couldn’t get Kirkland out of there after an early knockdown and Ishida could….that Ishida wasn’t as “feather fisted” as I so boldly declared that he was.

  17. the thresher 05:27pm, 12/19/2011

    Pug, I actually did.

  18. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 04:57pm, 12/19/2011

    Upset of the year….damn near inexplicable….because Ishida really is “feather fisted”.....he literally “places” his punches. He did score another first round KO in his next fight against a fighter making his pro debut on a card down in old Mexico. Maybe next time out someone better check his wraps a little closer….just kidding!

  19. jofre 03:26pm, 12/19/2011

    From one “Old Geezer” to another!

  20. pugknows 02:55pm, 12/19/2011

    Ted, did you consider Rudy Markussen for comeback of the year.

  21. the thresher 02:20pm, 12/19/2011

    “old gezeer” I resemble that!

  22. jofre 02:17pm, 12/19/2011

    The choices look pretty solid. The KO of the year between the limited Grant and old geezer Botha was a beauty. Donaire is a solid # 2. Garcia seems a good choice. Who would have thought he’d advance as quickly to this level.

  23. the thresher 02:15pm, 12/19/2011

    RAX, He wants to and is in training, but…...

  24. raxman 02:07pm, 12/19/2011

    ted - is jacobs expected to fight again? and just the other day when i was looking up pirog on boxing rec to see if he had a next fight booked i saw jacobs and wondered exactly where he was. i’d half expected a jacobs v pirog rematch. sad news. when you watch these guys in the ring its easy to think of them as invincible, and not prone to bastard cancer type things.

  25. the thresher 01:14pm, 12/19/2011

    Irish, thanks, laddiebuck. Actually, this list was a long time in the making. I kept mixing and matching until I was satisfied I could defend each selection, but any kind of list is asking for a lot of piush back. All fans have their own ideas. This year, if anyone goes after me too stronly, they will need to review the footage of the fights in question and that takes some time.

    All in all, I really enjoyed putting this together because I witnessed some incredible stuff this year. If I had to charcaterize 2011, I’d call it an “Odd Year.”

  26. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 01:04pm, 12/19/2011

    Who could argue with these well thought out and carefully analysed picks in all categories. However, I would just add that the best description for the FOTY pick might be “effective”. Here are my picks for the fighters who will be effective and a lot more in the year(s) to come; Chakhkiev, Golovkin, Pirog, Proksa, Shumenov, Maidana, Matthysse, Mike Alvarado (his comeback on Prescott was unreal), Brandon Rios, Mikey Garcia, and Jhonny Gonzales. Pray for total remission for Danny!

  27. the thresher 10:17am, 12/19/2011

    “I hit him with the left hook and I looked down, and I saw that his legs were twitching, and I knew that the fight was over.”
                                  Nonito Donaire

    Nonito Donaire’s near decapitation of Mexican Fernando “Cochulito” Montiel in February. was a close second. When Donaire decked Montiel for the first time in the second round, the fight should have been stopped right there and then. However, Referee Russell Mora “allowed” Montiel to stagger back to his feet to take more, albeit unnecessary, punishment. Donaire finished off his helpless opponent with a malefic left hook .

  28. "Old Yank" Schneider 07:24am, 12/19/2011

    Great awards! Trainer: Although my heart is with Ann Wolfe, I too think Garcia deserved the nod.

  29. the thresher 06:41am, 12/19/2011

    “In May, Danny Jacobs was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, an aggressive cancer that manifested itself in a quarter-sized tumor, wrapped around his spine, which damaged his nerves and caused partial paralysis in his legs. Rumors swirled that Jacobs was dying.

    “... An MRI revealed a tumor, pinching his spinal nerves, resulting in bilateral paralysis below his naval. A subsequent biopsy revealed that the tumor was cancerous, and growing.

    “It was a shocker,” Jacobs said. “I’ve seen a lot in my life and nothing really shocked me, just being where I’m from. But this was unexpected. It just hit me, like, I have cancer? Me?”

  30. dollar bond 06:36am, 12/19/2011

    Ted, say more about Danny Jacobs.  that was a real shocker

  31. the thresher 06:27am, 12/19/2011

    Good ones, Pornn

  32. the thresher 06:27am, 12/19/2011

    If I did a most courageous man of the year, it would go to Danny Jacobs who hase been battling cancer for several months.

    For those who wondered where Daniel had gone since his loss to Dmitry Pirog in 2010, and a tune-up rebound win over Robert Kliewer earlier this year, the New York Daily News has your answer:

    He’s been fighting a particularly nasty type of cancer for the last seven months, but is making a recovery.

  33. the thresher 06:20am, 12/19/2011

    rax, Vargas and Rios are very close ffriends. Part of the Robert Garcia’s gang. They are very similar in demeanor, but Rios is from KC and that makes him somewhat of an original along with weier Victor Ortiz.

  34. Nopporn 12:01am, 12/19/2011

    Dirtiest Fighter of the Year: Abner Mares

  35. Nopporn 11:56pm, 12/18/2011

    Worst Decision of the Year : Pacquiao v.s. Marquez III

  36. Nopporn 11:53pm, 12/18/2011

    I have no doubt in my mind that Andre Ward is Fighter of the Year 2011. I completely agree with that.

  37. raxman 06:59pm, 12/18/2011

    Fellas when ted gave this fight the descrection advised tag i thought do i really want to see something that ugly now that pug and ted have commented i’ve got to watch it.
    and ted - i can hip shoot but i always put a proviso on it - as in “that may not be right” - i usually have good instincts for things like that i am surprised i’m wrong about him - he strikes me as a bit of fernando vargas type but i dont mean that as an insult completely because vargas has my all time favourite boxing quote - “i’d rather swallow my blood than my pride”

  38. the thresher 06:31pm, 12/18/2011

    Pug, I got wind of it on another site and then got the video of the entire fight in 3 parts. I watched it three times. If I had to do it over again, I would put it in a tie for first palce for FOTY.  The blood in that one would have made a dozen vampires blush.

    Bioth guys ended up with faces that looked like cheese and sausage pizzas.

  39. pugknows 06:26pm, 12/18/2011

    I just watched the link on Makoto Fuchigami vs. Koji Sato. Holy hell, have never seen anything like that. It was unbelievable. Where do you come up with stuff like this?

  40. the thresher 06:02pm, 12/18/2011

    Rax, I didn’t mean you were a hip shooter, but a lot of them are on other sites.

  41. the thresher 05:53pm, 12/18/2011

    of course it was unprofessional - what’s happened to you ted? No, not at all. I just do the research and go back into the training camps to get the real info unlike the hip shooters. I know what I am talking about.

  42. the thresher 05:51pm, 12/18/2011

    Here is Botha-Grant.


    Botha had dominated the fight, nearly finishing off Grant in the 7th and 11th rounds.

  43. the thresher 05:42pm, 12/18/2011

    “he strikes me as someone who lets himself go but that may not be right.” NO WAY. GARCIA WOULD NEVER LET THAT HAPPEN.

  44. the thresher 05:40pm, 12/18/2011

    FD, Did you see the Grant KO?

  45. FrankinDallas 03:30pm, 12/18/2011

    I agree with Ward as FOTY..but not the Grant-Botha KO. The White Rhino retired that award when Tyson KO’d him years ago.

  46. raxman 03:23pm, 12/18/2011

    great list. its hard to argue with any of it - especially numbers 11 and 12 - everytime i think of that decision i can’t actually believe it.

  47. raxman 03:19pm, 12/18/2011

    of course it was unprofessional - what’s happened to you ted? you’ve gone all new age, everyone who plays should get a medal, touchy feely on us. if he couldn’t make 135 anymore he shouldnt have taken the fight at 135. either way its unproffesional. besides he took that murray fight way too easy. he should’ve had him out of there in 5, it took him way, way too long to get going. okay weight drained blah blah blah. still bam bam is supposed to be elite he should act like it and again í‘m a fan of these guys ted - i just hold them to a much higher standard than you do - obviously. i’d like to know what his weight reaches between fights because he strikes me as someone who lets himself go but that may not be right.

  48. the thresher 02:41pm, 12/18/2011

    No, it was not unprofessional! as he really struggled to make the weight. Had nothing to do with his training. He worked hard in Oxnard, but his body was simply outgrowing him.

    And nobody likes to throw away 20 grand that way.

  49. raxman 02:29pm, 12/18/2011

    1. fighter of the year had to go to ward. although i think i give it to bam bam except for his losing the title on the scales - unprofessional! and i think that has to count when considering FOTY
    2. i’m embarrassed to say i havent watched that fight. i’m going to right now and finish come back to this after!! thanks bull!

  50. the thresher 01:59pm, 12/18/2011

    Mike, I am humbled, mate

  51. Robert Ecksel 01:53pm, 12/18/2011

    That’s a beautiful thing you’ve written Mike. Simply beautiful.

  52. mikecasey 01:50pm, 12/18/2011

    For those of you who are just joining us - and we thank you for doing so - Ted is your man for the current scene. He knocks my socks off with what he knows. Cheekay and Pug say it here. I’ve spent the thick end of 40 yearsw waiting for the old and noble Ring Magazine to come back. Well, I think it has - but it’s not with De La Hoya and his cosy crowd - it’s with us.

  53. the thresher 01:27pm, 12/18/2011

    Thanks Pug

  54. the thresher 10:58am, 12/18/2011

    Thanks Cheekay

  55. the thresher 10:57am, 12/18/2011

    Here is the link of the second place FOTY. Must be 21 or older to view it.


  56. pugknows 10:30am, 12/18/2011

    One of your best lists, Ted, and Lists are hard to do so get ready for the assault. I do agree with most of the picks. I love your last one.

  57. Cheekay Brandon 10:29am, 12/18/2011

    Great work.

    When I saw that you were putting this together, I was just thinking that it was a good idea to wait for the Ward-Froch outcome.  Ward’s had a fantastic year.

    Regarding decision: Agreed, but Pacquiao-Marquez has definitely got to be up there. Especially when you consider the scoring.

    Great notes on breakthrough fighters.

    I also learned quite a bit of stuff here (the prospect one in particular)

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