Ted the Bull’s Boxing Awards for 2012

By Ted Sares on December 27, 2012
Ted the Bull’s Boxing Awards for 2012
What Rios and Alvarado accomplished caused millions of spines to tingle. (Ed Mulholland)

At a time when political correctness has gone bonkers, violence is not acceptable (except of course at the movies and on TV)…

Fighter of the Year: Nonito Donaire

“I believe I am still getting better.”—Nonito Donaire

Nonito Donaire was an equal opportunity kind of guy in 2012 as he beat Puerto Rican Wilfredo Vazquez Jr., South African Jeffrey Mathebula, Japanese Toshiaki Nishioka, and Mexican Jorge Arce (and his results were better every time he stepped into the ring). Suffice it to say that the “Filipino Flash” was the best fighter from the Philippines in 2012 as well as a top pound-for-pound fighter.

Fight of the Year: Rios vs. Alvarado

“It will be two warriors going at it; blood for blood.”—Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios

“Sometimes when you figure that it’s a great fight, it turns out not to be so great. This really exceeded what I really thought.”—Bob Arum

Mike Alvarado (33-0) vs. Brandon Rios (31-0-1) exceeded expectations as they engaged in unmitigated savagery for 180 seconds of each round until Rios’s old school, incoming aggressiveness closed the show in the seventh round, winning via TKO. At a time when political correctness has gone bonkers, violence is not acceptable (except of course at the movies and on TV). Maybe so, but when two men do in the ring what Rios and Alvarado did, millions of spines tingled and fans, with chills running down their backs, were in boxing heaven.

Round of the Year: Round 6 – Pacquiao vs. Marquez IV

Round six of Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Manny Pacquiao was one in which Pac Man, after being rocked and decked in the third, had regrouped and was coming back strong and going after a busted up Marquez in Round 5 and most of Round 6—only to be knocked cold in the last second of the round as Pacquiao lunged in and was met by a crushing incoming counter right from Juan Manuel.

Pacquiao had evened up the knockdowns at one each midway through the fifth round and then hurt Marquez badly with a right hook with less than a minute to go. Marquez then came out for Round 6 with a busted nose and was clearly getting the worst of it. The crowd, sensing that a kill might be in the offing, was up and roaring for Manny. And then, just like that, it was over and Juan Manuel MarqOally got his vindication.

Knockout of the Year: Marquez’s KO of Pacquiao

Juan Manuel Marquez’s electrifying, shocking, and stunning KO over Manny Pacquiao may well end up being the KO of the decade. The fact that Pacquiao’s face and Marquez’s fist were moving from opposite directions intensified the ferocity of the collision.

Trainer of the Year: Robert Garcia

Robert Garcia wins Trainer of the Year for the second straight year as he works with and/or molds younger brother Mikey Garcia, Nonito Donaire, Marcos “Chino” Maidana, and inspirational leader Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios, among others. He also has Kelly Pavlik, Pelos Garcia, Neno Rodriguez, Andy Ruiz, Erik Ruiz, Hakim Ellisc Victor Passias, Tyson Marquez, Eddie Alicea, and Trevor McCumby under his wing. Robert’s boxing academy has put Oxnard front and center on the boxing map mainly because his fighters are very good at doing a certain thing in particular—- winning.

Virgil Hunter and old school trainer Ignacio “Nacho” Beristain also warrant strong mention.

Upset of the Year: Jaro Stops Wonjongkam

While not on everyone’s radar, the clear winner in my view was Filipino Sonny Boy Jaro’s shockig TKO of Pongsaklek Wonjongkam (83-3-2) for the WBC flyweight title on March 2 (in Thailand no less). Sonny Boy was 6-4 in his last 10 and had been stopped seven times. Affirming the upset was the fact Jaro lost his title in his very next fight to Toshiyuki Igarashi on July 16. Incredibly, Pongsaklek was hammered to the canvas four times even though he was a 20-1 favorite.

Josesito Lopez’s TKO over Victor Ortiz ranked second, but Ortiz was not 83-3-2 coming in.

As for Timothy Bradley’s win over Manny Pacquiao on June 9, see “Worst Decision” below.

Comeback of the Year: Alfredo Angulo

After being stopped by James Kirkland in 2011 and then incarcerated unjustly for eight months for alleged visa issues, Alfredo “El Perro” Angulo survived and prevailed and then won two fights late in 2012 as he began to regain his fan-friendly form. Given what he has been through, it’s hard not to root for Angulo.

Others worthy of mention include Carl Froch, Devon Alexander, Daniel Ponce de Leon, and Arthur Abraham, though Alexander’s “performance” against Randall Bailey was mind-numbing in its dullness.

Referee Russell Mora, placed on forced absence for his poor work in the Abner Mares vs. Joseph Agbeko fight in August 2011, more than made up for it with a superb performance in a December 8 bout between Patrick Hyland and Sergio Martinez wannabe Javier Fortuna. So good was his performance that it could well be used a training video for other officials.

Breakthrough Fighter of the Year: Adrien Broner

Adrien Broner continued to impress. He scored dominant wins over Eloy Perez, Vicente Escobedo, and Antonio DeMarco (against whom Broner was truly brilliant).  Both inside and outside the ring, Broner has become the Mayweather replacement—shoulder roll and all.

Gennady Golovkin, Leo Santa Cruz, Kell Brook, George Grove and Gary Russell Jr. also made their presence felt in 2012.

Worst Decision of the Year: Pacquiao vs. Bradley

“Jim Lampley, who called the fight for HBO, came over to me at ringside after the fight, looked at me and said, in 30 years of calling fights, the single worst decision he’s ever seen. Remember, he called fights like Holyfield-Lewis I….”—Dan Rafael

“After a thorough review by five veteran judges commissioned by the WBO, Pacquiao was declared the unanimous decision winner by the panel.”— BoxRec.com footnote next to Tim Bradley’s record

In the split decision for Timothy Bradley against Manny Pacquiao on June 9, Judges Duane Ford and CJ Ross scored it 115-113 for Bradley, while Judge Jerry Roth saw it 115-113 in Pacquiao’s favor.

The uproar caused by the decision generated so much noise that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senator John McCain postured with righteous, albeit phony, indignation and once again proposed legislation calling for the formation of a National Boxing Commission. However, their Pavlovian response was almost as noxious as the split decision from which it derived.

A plaque commemorating this disgrace will hang in infamy in the Boxing Hall of Shame alongside Toney-Tiberi (1992), Foreman-Briggs (1997), Casamayor-Santa Cruz (2007), and Williams-Lara (2011).

Easiest Pick of the Year

Worse Decision of the Year

Quote of the Year: Paul Williams

“My game ain’t over. Whether I am walking or not walking, my game ain’t over until the Lord takes my life.”—Paul Williams in Showtime interview with Jim Gray

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  1. te dumbo 12:08am, 01/10/2013

    Hey bodyshots* take your stupid ass asterisk and take a hike. Nobody likes you. Just like in your real life. You’re pathetic.

  2. the thresher 02:02pm, 01/06/2013

    He already does——-give it up————

  3. Don from Prov 01:57pm, 01/06/2013

    Give it up OY

    Opinions are like—well, opinions

  4. the thresher 08:42am, 01/05/2013

    From another site but I like the way it is said:

    “Robert Garcia and his fighters didn’t slow down in 2012, as the Oxnard, California, trainer led his men to win after win, including four HBO main event victories for Nonito Donaire, a bounce-back year for Kelly Pavlik (3-0), Brandon Rios’ Fight of the Year contender against Mike Alvarado, younger brother Mikey Garcia continuing to win, and a rebuilding effort for Marcos Maidana.”

  5. the thresher 06:28pm, 12/29/2012

    Pug, I get lots of my ideas from Don from Prov who truly is one very sick dude but those are the only kind of people I like.

  6. Don from Prov 04:38pm, 12/29/2012

    Holiday blessings to you as well the (almost?) politically correct Bodyshots—

    [I take it that this persona will be like Rios—smiling while he works, yes?  :) ]

  7. pugknows 03:37pm, 12/29/2012

    Ted, I for one thought the exchange last night was one of the funniest I have ever read on a boxing site. It seems there is some mutual respect despite the “insults.” I mean I totally laughed out loud. Where do you come up with expressions like “dangerous yuppy bars?” And chocolates martinis? Anyway, I think your list is a very sound one except that I’d go with Marquez-Pacquaio for fight of the year and maybe Lopez over Oriz for upset.

  8. Bodyshots 03:03pm, 12/29/2012

    PROV, Holiday greetings and blessings to you and yours. hope that you were able to enjoy and indulge like we’ve been able to on the westside. particularly in the boxing department. i’m surprised that somebdy hasn’t accused the entire year of 2012 to be as “biased” as myself? it’s been a very good year for the greater west coast. anyway, i’m trying out “Bodyshots” as the more civil version of “Tumbo” (can’t you tell?). i won’t blow a gasket the way one particularly sensitive “writer” did when a certain Yankee blew his “cover”(?) and stay out of the pissing matches. of course, not unlike Marquez, i can’t avoid FLATTENING anybody who recklessly collides with one of my posts . . . Peace to Don from Prov.

  9. Don from Prov 01:50pm, 12/29/2012

    Sorry: I don’t know how the spacing after the semi-colon happened.
    I didn’t put it there.

  10. Don from Prov 01:48pm, 12/29/2012

    “i’m not seeing particular innovation from Garcia but what i am seeing is dedication and good faith between himself and his stable of fighters”

    I’ll agree with this, and I will say—Ted—that Garcia IS working on Maidana using the jab more; I just believe that it’s pretty much the given direction;
    then I’ll refer to you and (do I have to call you BodyShots, Tumbo?) my good friend (who I send greetings and salutations to) agreeing that there is no need for Rios to rematch Alvarado: I think that is an example of not really doing the smartest thing for one’s fighter.  Just my opinion and I’ll drop this now as it’s being beaten into the ground by saying I believe you to be dead on about Golovkin, but both of us like that type of fighter, yes?

  11. Bodyshots 10:42am, 12/29/2012

    Broner showed me something v. DeMarco who is a limited but still a very capable and dangerous lightweight. breakaway talent is necessary to defeat him easily, which Broner did with relative ease = breakaway talent. i saw the best of whittaker and leonard in his performance. neither of whom are among my favorite fighters but Broner was a reminder of fighting qualities that those two should be remembered for. including the way whittaker became stationary and effective as he moved up in weight. Broner’s killer-instinct reminded me of leonard. on talent and potential alone this kid is a top-10 P4Pr in my book and i don’t care who has to get nudged to make it possible (Pacquiao*?).

  12. the thresher 10:36am, 12/29/2012

    Like I say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  13. Bodyshots 10:32am, 12/29/2012

    i’m not seeing particular innovation from Garcia but what i am seeing is dedication and good faith between himself and his stable of fighters. i Did see Maidana jab(?!?) himself out of a losing effort and set himself up for a dramatic win. he’s done that before but he relied on a practiced jab(?!?) to do it this time. perhaps it was simply kismet and both he and Garcia agreed that a jab would improve his fight-game, i.e., good faith that Maidana faithfully executed for a dramatic win. there are some bad-ass Argentinians roaming the “Pampas” these days.

  14. the thresher 10:31am, 12/29/2012

    Triple G will become the next BIG thing in boxing IMO. This guy is a perfect 10.

  15. the thresher 10:29am, 12/29/2012

    I agree. They already took part in what could be a career altering war. A second one is not necessary because there are so many other great possibilities for these two guys.

  16. Bodyshots 10:25am, 12/29/2012

    i Shouldn’t want to see a Rios v. Alvarado rematch. i see too many parallels with Vasquez v. Marquez, which neither fighter survived intact. never mind who “won” their Punishing rivalry. i shouldN’T want to see a Rios v. Alvarado rematch . . . (Viva Marquez!).

  17. the thresher 10:15am, 12/29/2012

    Garcia is not that trainer. It’s Angel Garcia who is the father of Danny Garcia.

  18. the thresher 10:14am, 12/29/2012

    SRL and HAGLER was close BikeMIKE. BRADLEY AND PAC was not close. IN ANY RESPECTABLE LIST OF BAD DECISIONS, SRL VS. Hagler never appears. SRL vs Hearns II does appear, however.

  19. bikermike 09:54am, 12/29/2012

    drugs , nor performance enhancement substances were not found after the fight…according to the tests rendered

    JMM never showed up ...except to fight his heart out…

    Pacquiao was very focussed for the last JMM fight….and not, as some observed, missing his punches in his previous fight with Bradley. (wife was going to divorce him…take LOTS of his money…at least what he hadn’t gambled away by that time)...drinking and dealing with domestic legal problems may have distracted the great one…..or so it seemed to me.

    I take exception to anyone who is trying to piss on Juan Manuel Marquez’s victory parade….....it isn’t the first time he beat Pacquiao…in most fan’s eyes

  20. bikermike 09:48am, 12/29/2012

    Ted buddy….

    seems we have an ironic difference of opinion…

    You chose leonard over Haglar
    I chose Bradley over Pacquaio ...............we both had the same reasons…

    Fight fans see what they want to see…and remember the fights the way we saw them….

    fkn glory boy leonard never beat Hagler…if the ring was square..and the judges weren’t blinded by the flash of leonard

    I’m sure you feel the same thing about Bradley

  21. bikermike 09:43am, 12/29/2012

    due was given to JMM ..and the match’s signifigance…

    I’d kinda wonder about that Garcia trainer thing….If it’s the same Garcia that starts a fight every time he gets up to the microphone after the weigh ins…

    Trainer…maybe not…but self promoter…ok….To be fair…the kid brother seems to have been prepared well…

    Good to see Broden mentioned…

  22. the thresher 08:26am, 12/29/2012

    I have never been anti-JMM. Never. Also, I don’t get into the PED’s thing mainly because I don’t know enough about it to get into it.

    JMM has always been in shape—whether drinking his own piss or working out in high altitudes. He does what is required. He has become an ATG and arguably the greatest Mexiccan fighter of all time. I’d rank him higher than Sanchez and Chavez at this point.

    I don’t know what more I can say unless it’s Viva Marquez which I’ll pass on for now..

  23. Don from Prov 07:36am, 12/29/2012

    And JMM is an expertly trained pro   :)

    Sorry, even though I promised to let you go off to read—
    I mean, I let your last winging shots go, so one little jab back doesn’t matter, yes?

  24. Mike Casey 06:51am, 12/29/2012

    Yes, Ted, JMM is a real pro.

  25. the thresher 06:46am, 12/29/2012

    Mike, I first became his fan when he fought Jimrex Jaca in 2006. He could have quit and woon the fight on a head butt cut. The referee Laurence Cole even told him that for which he was suspended 6 months. But JMM said no way and fought through the cut and proceeded to knock Jimrex into Pinoy dreamland. I wrote about it and called it “Que es mas macho?” Just loved that fight and became a big JMM fan ever since.

  26. Mike Casey 02:24am, 12/29/2012

    Thanks for giving all due credit to Juan Manuel Marquez, Ted. I really admire this kid for sticking with it over the years. And yes, what a knockout that was!

  27. Don from Prov 07:34pm, 12/28/2012

    :) You don’t remember: I thought he stunk—honestly and all kidding aside

    Have been immersing myself in mindless but fun fiction: Jack Reacher books
    But did read “Black Box”
    Sanity calls for mindless fun fiction between semesters

    P.S. See my email about poetry prize
        Go upstairs and read, but stay out of bathtub as you really might drown
          And—Good Article!

  28. the thresher 07:22pm, 12/28/2012

    Now Don, let me go upstairs so I can read, please. The exchange was-well-catharic. And while I am at it, get the

    Black Box
    Sanford’s new one

    All good reads.

  29. the thresher 07:15pm, 12/28/2012

    “I thought he stunk against Karrass Soto.” Bullshit. You said he was exciting if I remember correctly.

    Maidana is getting like Ponce de Leon. He is actually learning to box. Since he already is a monster puncher, that means he is on the way to becoming boxer/puncher.

    In some ways, I think Chino is Garcia’s masterpiece because he has done far more than made adjustments.

    Finally, an argument can be made for the old “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” re Donaire.

  30. the thresher 07:11pm, 12/28/2012

    Roger and Floyd Senior did the training. Floyd needs an expert trainer like a hawk needs an extra eye. He is gifted much like Broner is gifted.

    Pavlik is being groomed for a decent payday and that’s all he is being groomed for. He is done and Garcia knows that better than anyone. No one has claimed Garcia has done anything special with Pavlik. The key here is that he is with guys who respect him and make him feel comfortable. Youngstown was never a good idea. Oxnard is. Location, Location, Location.

    “Rios didn’t make weight for two fights, period.” The first time he still busted up that poor Englishman with inside uppercuts and made his face look like a pizza. The second time, he owned it as he was way overconfident against Abril. That won’t happen again.

    No my logic Margo is not weak nor is it compelling. It is realistic when you consider the circumstances. He told Garcia before the fight that he would die before he would quit and Garcia honored that desire. It was affirmed by Cole who knows something about the type of fighter Margo is. He held up 3 fingers twice and Margo got it both times.

    As for Frazier (note correct spelling), so what? We all know that he was no quitter. What’s your point? I’m talking about Mexican fighters who in my opinion have a tendency to not want to quit. If I were to extrapolate this argument, I’d have to do it country by country which I probably could make a decent effort at as you well know since you proof read my book “Planet Boxing.”

    In short, I think Garcia is trainer of the year. Who is better and why? I think if Nacho does a good job with Junior, I can see maybe giving him the nod, but not Hunter. Hell, Ward never fights. Donaire fights all the time. Garcia has the busier stable and the more successful fighters. Number don’t lie.

  31. Don from Prov 06:52pm, 12/28/2012

    Roger has trained Jr. for a long time—great trainer?
    We’ll let time time with Maidana: I thought he stunk against Karrass Soto.
    Anyone who was paying attention knew that Donaire was trying to hard for knockouts for a period of fights: I was certainly saying that and it don’t even make me trainer of the week-end.  And Nonito didn’t get hit all that much outside of the Vazquez fight to begin with.  Pavlik throws a few hooks to the body now—Genius.  Rios didn’t make weight for two fights, period.  Something was wrong there: if he needed to move up in weight, he should have been moved up.  And I’m sure as hell not the only person who thinks that Rios could implode: I hope that he doesn’t because I really like him.  So, if Margo knew what day it was, Garcia should have let him continue?  Your logic is weak: Just because a fighter CAN come out to take more of an unnecessary beating doesn’t mean that his trainer should LET him.  And your never answered the question about Fraizer: There is a basic question about being a responsible trainer here.  Do you think that Fraizer had any less heart than Margo?  Do you think one trainer was more responsible with his charge than the other?  And while we are making assumptions based on race, isn’t it built into black culture not to quit.  And the Irish?  You are throwing around peas thinking that you’re lobbing grenades.
    And you continue to make about as much noise as a fart in a bathtub.

    P.S. You likely started showering because you fear drowning in the tub.

  32. Robert Ecksel 06:38pm, 12/28/2012

    Can we call a friggin’ time out? You guys should take it to the alley and work out who’s more Mexican there. This isn’t adding anything constructive to the site. It’s grown tiresome.

  33. Bodyshots 06:31pm, 12/28/2012

    “. . . but his bias towards anything Mexican makes him very unreasonable . . .” and there You go again(?!). you are literally stating that being “Mexican” precludes the likes of Me from making most of the same choices you just made for this article. that because i’m “Mexican”, i am being “biased” when i express praise for Marquez, Mares, Angulo, Rios, or either Garcia. in effect, designating Me to be the stranger or outsider in My own community(?!). you must be the Father of All Gringos. Btw, i still have the one-and-only asshole that i was born with and nobody european or otherwise has ever come near it. keep fishing cause i’m not the Puto you’re looking for in any sense (or nonsense) of the word.

  34. the thresher 06:22pm, 12/28/2012

    Speaking of LA, time to finish “Black Box” by Connely—a great read.

    Hasta la manana amigos!

  35. the thresher 06:20pm, 12/28/2012

    And like a true keyboard warrior, he calls me “fatboy” knowing that I just lost 70 pounds and could probably twist his skinny neck off before I dead lifted 210 pounds. I have not seen him but I am told by reliable sources that he is 5’3” and weighs 135 pounds soaken wet. I do know he lives near downtown LA and probably drinks Cosmos or Chocalate Martinis in dangerous yuppy bars. That right there would give me pause because L.A. yuppies are worse than Pactard zombies

  36. the thresher 06:14pm, 12/28/2012

    Naw, I’d just call Margo Dawg, and he would say, eh Amigo, coma esta?

    As for Rios, I might be more circumspect because he might “implode.” LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. the thresher 06:12pm, 12/28/2012

    Pug, I have been battling Bodyshots for about 10 or 11 years now. He does know his boxing and can write extremely well, but his bias towards anything Mexican makes him very unreasonable if not unstable. And he is relentless.

    Years ago another poster brutally tore him a new butt on a sustained basis on ESB and he mistakenly thought it was me. It wasn’t. The guy lived in Europe for God’s sake. So now, through the process of warped displacement, he tries to get even at every opportunity. Fact is, I probably have forgotten more about Mexico and Mexican fighters, boxing, culture, food, art, literature, language nuances, and especially women than he does.

    But he does make me laugh.

  38. Bodyshots 06:07pm, 12/28/2012

    Btw, i wouldn’t be looking to Rios for etiquette cues. before you know it, you’ll be doing Freddie Roach impressions and calling Margarito a “Puto” to his face(?!). if you had any balls left, you would conduct the experiment like i told you . . . IF you had any balls left.

  39. pugknows 06:01pm, 12/28/2012

    Bull, what did you eat today? You are in rare form and I have been laughing my ass off at the exchanges. Bodyshots makes me laugh out loud. Who is he?

  40. Bodyshots 05:59pm, 12/28/2012

    don’t twist it fatboy: because you’re a gringo (i.e., outsider) you should refrain from using the term “puto” in Cali. earn your stripes;. stay in your lane; and stop behaving like such a Puto.

  41. the thresher 05:53pm, 12/28/2012

    Puto is a very popular Filipino rice cake.

    Puto, a word that originated in the spanish language more so in the castellano side. Definition: A man-whore, a male homosexual. Slang, term can describe cowardice, a name u call your best friend like “dawg”, or just a word to insult a gringo cuz he doesn’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

    Rios uses it like the “dawg” thang. Bodyshots uses it on me because I am a gringo.

    Can we now move on?

  42. the thresher 05:43pm, 12/28/2012

    Truculent aren’t you?

    Maidana became a guy with defense and who could jab against Karras Soto. Then he revereted to puncher and waxed Soto—the first time anyone has done that.

    Garcia tutored his younger brother since the amateurs and now you see the result.

    Garcia has made defensive adjustments for Nonito so that he doesn’t get hit as much as he did against Vazquez Junior.

    Rios has not and will not implode. You are the only one I know who suspects that he will. His frame simply could not hold his weight gains. The proof of that was when he stopped Alvarado and showed that he could bring his power with him.

    It’s the Mexican culture vis-a-vis Margo quitting. Cole asked him how many fingers, and Margo got it right.

    As for farts in bathtubs, I’ll leave that piece of experience to you as I take showers.

    PS: Look, give me something that is challenging here. Your comments are a debater’s wet dream.

  43. Don from Prov 05:35pm, 12/28/2012

    Miadana is not much of, or as, a boxer-puncher

    In what way has he “made” Mikey Garcia?
    Did Roger “make” Floyd Jr.?

    What key adjustments for Donaire?

    Rios came in over weight twice, that Is the Marquez tie-in

    The only way Frazier quit is if you killed him—do you doubt that?  Was he any less a warrior than Margo?  The job—one job—of a trainer is to make sure that his fighter is not hurt or killed, not worrying about whether or not his fighter loves him after a fight.  Garcia, IMO, did not do his job.  Nor has he always had Rios in top shape.  Hunter has turned Ward into an ultimate, well-rounded fighter: He started I imagine with a lot less natural ability that Mikey Garcia.  And “No” I’ve not close to had enough.  Your arguments make about as much noise as a fart in a bathtub.  Feel me?

  44. THE THRESHER 05:30pm, 12/28/2012

    And so that no one thinks Bodyshots is biased, here is a recent post on ESB:

    HERRON, this article reeks of “nationalistic bias”. you obviously just favor the “Mexican” fighters . . . (???) . . . wait a minute(?) . . . i guess since you’re not “Mexican” you’re just being honest, objective, and fair(?) . . . never mind.
    Posted December 26, 2012


  45. the thresher 05:20pm, 12/28/2012

    Bodyshots, I think CVS just got your order mixed up with my telephone number. They said your viagra, anal wart remover, and extra small-sized condoms are ready for pick up.

    Enjoy Popo :twisted:

  46. Bodyshots 05:02pm, 12/28/2012

    “That is what true vatos do”(?). i suggest you conduct an experiment and call Rios, Garcia, or even Margarito a “puto” to their faces. then you can return with your first-hand account of what happened. it could be a feature on behalf of Boxing.news. i think Mr. Bill and myself already know what the response to being called a “puto” will be in Cali but You can be the first gringo to document it for Boxing(?) posterity. Good Luck, Puto.

  47. The Thresher 02:16pm, 12/28/2012

    By the way, what has Hunter done?

  48. the thresher 02:16pm, 12/28/2012

    No, just being considerd

    Garcia has remade MAIDANA INTO A BOIXER/PUNCHER.

    Garcia has made Mikey Garcia

    Garcia has made key adjustments for Donaire

    Don’t understand your comment about JMM?

    The only way Margo quits is if you kill him. Cole and Garcia both knew this. It’s in the culture.

    Had enough?

  49. Don from Prov 01:18pm, 12/28/2012


    For having an opinion I win “despicable” award?

  50. pugknows 11:08am, 12/28/2012


  51. the thresher 11:06am, 12/28/2012

    Dollar, Harry Reid and Insane McCain—hands down (pun intended).

    These two imbeciles pop up like ducks at a shooting range every time there is an incident, but nothing ever gets done. Political posturing at its slimiest.

  52. the thresher 11:05am, 12/28/2012

    Prov, you just might end up being the answer to DollarBond’s question!!!!!!!!!! :(

  53. Don from Prov 10:58am, 12/28/2012

    JMM never came in overweight for a fight, never mind two in a row—

    Margarito being mutilated by MP: Think Eddie Futch would’ve allowed that?
    Garcia did not develop Nonito—

    Pavlik look a whole lot better under Garcia?  Feeling me on this, Ted?

  54. dollarbond 10:51am, 12/28/2012

    Ted, who were your picks for most despicable characters of the year?

  55. THE THRESHER 10:45am, 12/28/2012

    And please don’t diss MRBILL

  56. the thresher 10:43am, 12/28/2012

    Bodyshots (aka Te Popo), here is a recent post of yours on ESB:

    “HERRON, the reason that ESB crushes other boxing sites in terms of traffic is because it trusts and respects fans of boxing. ugly warts and all. other sites are little more than showcases for aspiring writers. even though very few actually merit that title and I would Know because i’m a voracious reader. that is what most “writers” don’t realize or would rather ignore. it is ALways the reader who determines the writers NOT the other way around. embrace this principle like Mayweather and Marquez embrace improved testing. don’t be a suspect Pacquiao* and reject or resent increased scrutiny . . . Peace and Happy Holidays to you and yours”

    If you like ESB so much, why do you come here to terrorize blue-eyed devils? And by the way, there have been any number of vidoes where Rios called Margo a puto all in jest. That is what true vatos do, but what would you know about being a true vato since you were born in wealth and entitlement.

  57. Bodyshots 09:57am, 12/28/2012

    “Garcia has Rios cool and collected in Oxnard where he is the main puto (???) now that Margo has gone to the sidelines”? really? Rios is now the main “faggot” in Garcia’s stable? your translation skills are about as accurate as many of your boxing opinions. IF you know even one spanish-familiar fight-fan, you might want to run your Cali-slang by them before showcasing your distinctly gringo moment before a national audience. even Mr. Bill would qualify (jeeezus-h-christ? where do they come from?).

  58. Tex Hassler 09:53am, 12/28/2012

    Well Ted it looks like you have hit the nail on the head. I would have a hard time not making the same picks you did. It is a real disgrace Pacquiao did not get the decision over Bradley.

  59. Bodyshots 09:48am, 12/28/2012

    i believe it’s already been established that Marquez’s nose was NOT broken in the Pacquiao* fight. in fact, there was no remarkeable damage visible on Marquez’s face during the post-fight interview aside from standard swelling and a small cut on the bridge of his nose. Btw, Marquez had won 2/3 rounds going into the 6th and if he had only scored a KD in that round, the bout would’ve been dead-even going into the 7th with momentum shifting in Marquez’s direction. only a boxing-ignorant fanboy would count Marquez out of a 12-round title-bout as early as the 6th round over a bloody nose(?!). fortunately, the topic is MOOT thanks to Marquez’s devastating KO win, which had everything to do with his preparation, ring-smarts, and execution and nothing to do with anything Pacquiao* did or didn’t do before or during their bout. Marquez is Greater. the rivalry is OVER. Viva Marquez!

  60. the thresher 06:05pm, 12/27/2012

    Naw, Garcia has Rios cool and collected in Oxnard where he is the main puto now that Margo has gone to the sidelines. After Rios dispatches Danny (and Angel) Garcia, he will be sitting on top of the world.

  61. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 06:00pm, 12/27/2012

    Rios is also good for boxing, but, he needs to face bigger name game if he wants to be recognized…. Plus, get the hell outta Carson, CA. and take his trade to Vegas…..

  62. pugknows 04:46pm, 12/27/2012


  63. the thresher 03:21pm, 12/27/2012

    Derek, Garcia-Rios would be marvelous. Rios vs anyone would be marvelous. I have a fantasy that Rios savages Garcia over 7 or 8 rounds and then Angel jumps into the ring and gets iced by Rios afterwhich Rios puts Danny to sleep. Kind of like the “last man standing” stuff in wrestling.

  64. the thresher 03:18pm, 12/27/2012

    Sheldon, Marquez vs Pacquiao was my second pick.

  65. the thresher 02:54pm, 12/27/2012

    My friend Johnny Walker (aka Gutter Dandy) has Pulev the best heavyweight in 2012 and I totally agree.

  66. Derek 12:58pm, 12/27/2012

    Thats the thing with Danny Garcia, the more his old man keeps up this clown act, i wanna see how SNR reacts when Danny gets KO’ed/ Disputed decision against Danny. Its not gonna be pretty. Its not even trash talk to me. Hes probably the biggest idiot in the sport at this time. Danny is not flashy, but he gets it done. Snr should realise this and stop embarressing Danny…........PS. I wanna see Danny-Rios in 13’..........interesting fight, and presser

  67. sheldon callum 12:15pm, 12/27/2012

    Got selections only one I disagree with is I would pick Marquez vs Pacquioa as fight of the year

  68. THE THRESHER 11:48am, 12/27/2012


    As for Scotty getting stiffed, Don King is a charter member.

  69. Mike Schmidt 11:31am, 12/27/2012

    Nice picks Bull—can i get my entry vote into the Hall of Shame—Johnny “Black Night” (indeed) Boudreaux vs Scotty Ledoux—was always partial to that live TV scene when Howard Cosell got his toupee kicked off his noggin—that was special-nice list again—keep it coming Sir!!!!

  70. Del G 11:28am, 12/27/2012

    Pretty much agree with all of this Ted, i would also add Danny Garcia for an honourable mention on breakthrough fighter in 2012

  71. the thresher 11:14am, 12/27/2012

    It is located in the Boston area near Dorchetser. I am the Executive Director and final authority on inductees. We have a long waiting list.

  72. pugknows 11:09am, 12/27/2012

    “A plaque commemorating this disgrace will hang in infamy in the Boxing Hall of Shame alongside Toney-Tiberi (1992), Foreman-Briggs (1997), Casamayor-Santa Cruz (2007), and Williams-Lara (2011).” Where is this Hall located? I’d like to visit it while I still can.

  73. the thresher 10:59am, 12/27/2012

    Here is the Boxing Tribune’s 2013 Awards (Paul Magno)


    I especuially liked the “The Rat F*ck Douche Bag Award”

  74. the thresher 10:55am, 12/27/2012

    Same to you Paul!!!

  75. Paul Magno 10:37am, 12/27/2012

    As usual, good stuff (although I disagree a bit with the Fighter of the Year)....Seeing “Ted Sares” in the byline always means good stuff…Hope you have a great New Year…

  76. the thresher 10:24am, 12/27/2012

    Thanks Dollar Bond. You are one very loyal fan!!

  77. the thresher 10:23am, 12/27/2012

    Rios has not imploded yet, probably because of Garcia’s sage guidance. Then you add in two parts of Maidana, one part of Mikey Garcia, remove one part of Pavlik, stir in a generous portion of Donaire and you have the quintessential atomic cocktail. You feeling me on this, Don?


  78. dollarbond 09:57am, 12/27/2012

    Awesome list that reflects reality rather than sentimentality

  79. Don from Prov 09:42am, 12/27/2012

    I’d take Hunter or Beristain over Garcia.
    Triple G and Rios are the two fighters I want to watch—

    But fear Rios could implode.  I think that if Garcia were the best trainer, then Rios could be turned into a monster.  I don’t know who else but Angulo to call comeback of the year but I don’t think he’s going to come back all that far—just my opinion.  Nonito: Good call.  I really thought that he was stalled for a while, and I would love—what a surprise!!!!!—to see him with Beristain, but he had a hell of a year and is a very good fighter.  I like his stance on doping as well.  Bye-bye Manny, hello Nonito I guess.

    The Bradley “win” was beyond my comprehension.
    I’ve never seen Jaro or Wonjongkam.  Don’t do Internet fight so never will—

    Another good year end article on Boxing.com!

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