Ted the Bull’s Boxing Awards for 2013

By Ted Sares on December 24, 2013
Ted the Bull’s Boxing Awards for 2013
Judge C.J. Ross assures herself a place in boxing infamy by scoring this one 114-114.

Showing no signs of getting long in the tooth, the sublime beauty and finesse that he brings to the table simply remains unmatched…

“I knew boxing before I knew anything else.”—Floyd Mayweather Jr.

“…I train extremely hard and I’m dedicated to my craft. I’m a hard worker and nothing beats hard work. I’m doing VADA testing, not for anybody’s sake but mine.”—Timothy Bradley

“To become a world champion you must take risks, I came to his hometown. My team told me from the get-go I would be a world champion. I needed to win for Freddie. I miss him. I just needed to stay calm. I am a world champion like Leonard and Duran. I made him not want to fight me anymore.”—Ruslan Provodnikov on his win over Mike Alvarado

“When Ann [Wolfe] tells me to do this or do that, I just do it, no matter how hard it is.”—James Kirkland

“You see what I do. They can take it for a few rounds, but they ain’t gonna take it for 12 rounds.”—Keith Thurman

“There’s one thing, however, that remains certain: Ms. Ross remains boxing’s biggest enigma. And I, for one, feel kind of bad for her. Deserved or not, the woman’s taking a whole lot of heat after a long time spent in the trenches.”—Sean Crose

Fighter of the Year : Floyd Mayweather Jr. In a year when Timothy Bradley gained redemption, Danny Garcia shined and surprised, Gennady Golovkin (the Euro Pacquiao) won four times, slick and talented Guillermo Rigondeaux won just about every round he fought, Sergey Kovalev totally destroyed his opposition (Ismayl Sillakh as Exhibit One) , Mikey Garcia won two world titles in two divisions, and Adonis “Superman” Stevenson lived up to his nickname, one man firmly remained the straw who still stirs the drink.

Showing no signs of getting long in the tooth, Floyd Mayweather Jr. (45-0) dominated Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero, who had not lost a fight in over seven years in over four different classes, and then handily beat long-undefeated Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (42-0-1), a bigger, younger, and stronger fighter. Junior remains the No. 1-ranked pound-for-pound fighter and nothing he did this year suggests that will change in the near future. The sublime beauty and finesse that he brings to the table simply remains unmatched.

Fight of the Year: Bradley vs. Provodnikov. After the Pacquiao debacle, Timothy Bradley had something to prove and when he set forth on his quest for approbation, the fans witnessed a warrior who could stay in with anyone including Siberian monster Ruslan Provodnikov. Prov’s power almost took out Tim in the thrilling final round, but the gassing “Desert Storm” weathered the assault and took a razor thin win—one that greatly enhanced the reputation of both fighters. This one had ebb and flow, knockdowns, and toe-to-toe exchanges that had the crowd in shock and awe. Provodnikov later showed just how tough he (and by extension Timothy) is when he stopped another rugged guy in Mike Alvarado.

Knockout of the Year: Undefeated prospect David “Nino” Rodriguez (36-0) was winning on two of the cards when “opponent” Darnell “The Ding-A-Ling Man” Wilson (24-17-3) cut Rodríguez in the sixth and final round and then went after him with crunching left hooks—his signature punch. It looked like the now exposed David would survive forcing the fight to the cards for a decision victory, but then Wilson swung a big left with seconds remaining and it landed flush sending Rodriguez down and out as referee Lindsey Page waved off matters without a count at 2:59 of the final stanza.

Yes, Adonis Stevenson’s KO of Chad Dawson was sudden and startling, Sergey Kovalev’s destruction of Ismayl Sillakh was scary, and GGG’s KO of Macklin was decisive. But this one was far more dramatic because it snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, saved a career for Ding-A-Ling, and exposed Nino.

Round of the Year: Round One Magomed Abdusalamov vs. Mike Perez. What the round may have lacked in excitement, comparatively speaking, it made up for in significance. The Rebel started fast throwing over 95 punches as both men exchanged aggressively setting the tone for the rest of this fateful and savage encounter. Mago suffered severe, albeit camouflaged damage in the round, but also meted out his own fair share of punishment as both men traded heavyweight bombs. Mike hurt Magomed early and, despite Abdusalamov’s courage and resolve, outboxed him down the stretch for a points win. Said Mago, “In the first round, I hit his head with my left hand, and after that I couldn’t make a fist and I couldn’t operate with my left like I wanted to…But a champ is a champ, and he was a great champion tonight.” The affable Perez was equally effusive in his praise for Mago.

Of course, we now know that the damage was far more than a broken hand—or broken nose. Sadly, Mago remains in a medically-induced coma in critical condition with brain damage and we can only pray that he recovers.

Trainer of the Year: Barely edging out Freddie Roach, Robert Garcia wins Trainer of the Year for the third straight year as he works with and/or molds younger brother Mikey Garcia, Nonito Donaire, Marcos “Chino” Maidana, and Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios, among others. Robert’s work with younger brother slick Mikey and with the hard-nosed Maidana borders on genius. He also has, many others under his wing, too numerous to list here as his boxing academy continues to put Oxnard front and center on the boxing map—largely because his fighters are very good at doing a certain thing in particular; namely, winning. But like that other guy at the end of the movie “The Downhill Racer,” Abel Sanchez bears watching in the future.

Upset of the Year: Although Jhonny Gonzalez shocking first round KO over Abner Mares was an eye-popper and Marcos Maidana’s beatdown of Adrien Broner was unexpected, few even knew who South African Simpiwe Vetyeka (26-2) was until he forced undefeated Chris John (48-1-3) to quit on his stool after six rounds of dominance. For the first time in his long 15-year career, Chris was defeated, as Vetyeka broke the veteran’s will in Australia. Earlier in the year, Vetyeka pulled off another starling upset by stopping Daud Cino Yordan in Jakarta making the South African arguably the most disliked person in Indonesia.

Comeback of the Year: James Kirkland. After a long layoff of 20 months, the Ann Wolfe-trained Mandingo Warrior survived a shaky first two minutes in Atlantic City and then, as he did two years earlier against Alfredo Angulo in Cancun, proceeded to pound game Glen “Jersey Boy” Tapia from pillar to post winning a TKO victory and putting himself well into the mix.

Best New Boxing Announcer: Paulie Malignaggi. The very capable Antonio Tarver is a hard act to follow but Paulie has done it. Not only does he point out things that others miss, he can be a great teacher to those who want to learn the subtleties of the sweet science. His calls on the Broner-Maidana fight were as good as it gets.

Breakthrough Fighter of the Year: Keith “One Time” Thurman (22-0, 20 KOs). This welterweight’s ability to adjust as required and to punch from angles is remarkable as is his KO power. He is the quintessential boxer/puncher and he also has a solid defense. In short, it’s hard to find fault with Thurman and his recent demolition of Jesus Soto Karass did nothing to diminish this assessment. Thurman has emerged as a legitimate contender and one who can and will be dangerous for anyone at 147 or 154 pounds.

Closet Classics of the Year (3): In a blistering war and a classic case of changing momentum, Poland’s Krzysztof “Diablo” Wlodarczyk (49-2-1), the WBC cruiserweight champion, got off the floor to knock out unbeaten Rakhim “Machine” Chakhkiev (16-0 coming in) at the Dynamo Palace of Sports in Moscow. This was Diablo’s seventh cruiserweight title fight victory and undoubtedly his most meaningful.

Honorable Mention: The fight between aging Andrew Golota (41-9-1) and aging Przemyslaw “Chemek” Saleta (43-7) when they put on a surprising and brutal brawl in front of over 14,000 rabid fans in ERGO Arena in Gdańsk, Poland on February 26, 2013. The fight resulted in both men going back into retirement, but they went back in honor. Both put forth a valiant effort with Golota’s being reminiscent of his all-out efforts against Kevin McBride and Mike Mollo. And to his credit, he went out on his shield. Golota has had a career full of ups and downs, but this loss was not one of the downs.

Honorable Mention: “Merciless” Mike Mollo (a Chicago favorite son) and Polish bad boy Artur “The Pin” Szpilka (a fan favorite in his native Poland as well as with the massive Polish community in Chicago) fought a blood and guts pier six on February 1 of this year at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago, one in which both men hit the deck and one in which Mollo lost by KO but nevertheless came out a winner in the eyes of the fans for the grit he displayed during the fight.

Worse Decision of Year: Mayweather over Alvarez by MD. C.J. Ross, who had Bradley beating Pacquiao 115-113, assures herself, deservedly or not, a place in boxing infamy by scoring this one 114-114.

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Full Fight: Bradley vs. Provodnikov 2013 (HBO Boxing)

2013.11.02. Майк Перез-- Магомед Абдусаламов Mike Perez--Magomed Abdusalamov

2013-12-06 Chris John vs Simpiwe Vetyeka

Glen Tapia Vs James Kirkland

Keith Thurman TKOs Jesus Soto Karass - SHOWTIME Boxing

Krzysztof Wlodarczyk vs Rakhim Chakhkiev (Good Quality)

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  1. Ted 08:17am, 12/28/2013

    Eric, Glen Tapia is a skilled fighter with plenty of heart. Style-wise, he was a major risk for James. Also, if not James, who?

    But I take your point.

  2. Ted 08:15am, 12/28/2013

    Thanks, Mike. Same to you.

  3. BIKERMIKE 08:12am, 12/28/2013

    still got the magic Ted…....great read !!!....like that Bradley gets his mentions….He won the Title and got treated like ......a lesser Champion than he was….Some folks convinced him to change his style and go head to head with that Provodnkof…..Bradley won…..even though he was out of his comfort zone….
    Best of the Seasons to all ....and HAPPY NEW YEAR

  4. nicolas 09:46pm, 12/27/2013

    TED: for me a comeback fighter is won who is thought of as finished, or shows that after so many years of inactivity, comes back as if he never really left.  Of course, famous comebacks would be in 1970, when Ali after having been out for three years beats both Quarry and Bonavena. The other is 83 when Roberto Duran shows he still matters with his win over Davey Moore, and his narrow loss to Marvin Hagler. Who has Glen Tapia really ever beat: If you want to talk about not fighting a long time, and doing risky, why don’t we look at Ike Quartey, when he fought De La Hoya. He had not fought in 18 months. Of course Vitali against Peters, nearly four years.

  5. Ted 03:00pm, 12/27/2013

    Fight Sturm in Germany.

  6. Ted 02:59pm, 12/27/2013

    GGG cut up Rosado like a Kosher butcher cuts up a chicken. The guy was bleeding like a stuck pig, but he did get in a few solid shots on GGG who took them, shook them off, and kept cutting off the blood-splattered ring. It was a gory slaughter.

    And Rosado IS tough as Quillin found out.

  7. raxman 01:09pm, 12/27/2013

    don & Ted
    Don - in GGG defence re rosado he was supposed to be sick that week - so maybe thats why or maybe he just isnt all that in the power department. or maybe rosado is just that tough - or maybe its a bit of all 3
    ted - i think Kovalev is the man but Adonis goes into that fight with a legit punchers chance - if he can catch Kovalev as he switches from his boxing stance into his squarer bangers stance he could hurt him.
    i think a kirkland v ggg fight would be great but just not next. i think i’d like to see the kirkland v canelo fight we were supposed to get when p-dub got hurt, after ortiz got stop by lopez.  i heard a fight being spoken about is danny garcia vs victor ortiz at 47 - it would usher garcia into the weight class and a win put him in line for the september mayweather fight.
    but isn’t 154 a much more exciting place with James Kirkland in it. the combinations of match ups is mind boggling - but the perfect fight is canelo v kirkland - with the winner being able to move up to 160 for either GGG or martinez - although i read that martinez plans, post injury, to go back to 154 and try to get his slice of the money-may pie.

  8. Ted 12:47pm, 12/27/2013

    Wrong. A fight against GGG would mean mucho dinero for Kirkland and the name of the game is to make as much money as you can the fastest way you can. This is the model I keep talking about. Get the most bangs for the buck with the least amount of risk.

    I also think you are underestimating Kirkland’s fan appeal. This guy is a monster. He s like Provodnikov. Look at Alvarado. He is now all done. Too many wars in a row. Same will happen to these monsters. That’s why they need to get it while they can and a fight with GGG would truly be a mega attraction.

  9. Don from Prov 12:36pm, 12/27/2013

    Well, they should mean diddly to Kirkland and Golovkin—

    For GGG, when many—yourself included—are saying he needs to step things up, how does he move to establish himself as kind the the Middleweights by taking on another Junior Middleweight? And Kirkland—that man is NOT going to have an exceedingly long career, and now that he has folks attention in HIS own division again, what good does it do him to get KO’d by Golovkin?  I’d like to see Kirkland/Canelo, but I doubt Canelo’s team is making that fight—and Wolfe would be insane to throw Kirkland in a fight where he is almost certain to be stopped?  Make some money against fighters he has a shot against.

  10. Ted 10:47am, 12/27/2013

    Don, ranking don’t mean diddly squat to me What I know is that Kirkland has never been in a non-compelling fight and would give GGG hell until he-Kirkland—was KOd. It would be thrilling and COMPELLING.

  11. Don from Prov 10:02am, 12/27/2013

    Kirkland is not in the middleweight rankings, Ted—

    The fight might be compelling, most car crashes are, but—IMO—it would be a piss poor choice for Kirkland and not a very stellar step up for GGG.

  12. Ted 08:23am, 12/27/2013

    Evgeny Gradovich could have been a good choice but I will not budge on Thurman.

  13. Ted 08:22am, 12/27/2013

    nicolas , Jhonny Gonzalez could have been involved in upset of the year, but he was no “comeback of the year.” A fighter is off 20 months and then comes back and wins a risky fight, that’s a comeback,

  14. Ted 08:19am, 12/27/2013

    GGG vs Kirkland would be compelling. Boxer/puncher vs puncher. Boxer/puncher picks apart puncher but not before being rocked and rattled. I’d love to see that one.

    Those who write off Kirkland may be discounting Ann Wolfe and the difference she can make.

  15. Don from Prov 08:04am, 12/27/2013

    “it” wasn’t me amending….

    Too many other errors of clumsy writing in that post to fix.  Apologies.

  16. Don from Prov 08:01am, 12/27/2013

    Mr. Bull—He should, but that left hand of Supe is not something to run into.

  17. Don from Prov 07:59am, 12/27/2013

    BTW, Mr. Rax, if and when GGG tastes some bad times in the ring, please try to recall I wondered that if Golovkin was the killer puncher he was portrayed as being why he couldn’t knock down—or discourage from coming forward—Rosado, a JM moving up.  It seemed, and still does, if as Abel Sanchez asserts, that Light Heavyweight such as Kovalev and heavyweights too are intimidated by GGG in the gym, he should WRECK smaller men (and someone like Stevenson).  So, he wasn’t me amending my ATG Middleweight list to usher in Golovkin.  I just like to watch him—nasty jab, good body punching, effective at cutting off the ring—and HOPE that he will turn into something special.  I’m not really of the ilk of my ilk. I have psychotic moments such as convincing myself that Canelo had a chance against Junior, but I am usually fairly conservative about “he is great!” shite.

  18. Ted 07:56am, 12/27/2013

    The Krusher will Krush Superman faster than a speeding bullet

  19. Ted 07:54am, 12/27/2013

    Fighting Adama is a disgrace.

  20. Don from Prov 07:14am, 12/27/2013

    Happy New Year, Mr. Rax—

    Okay, I’ll give it a while and see if I’ve just been drinking the Kool-Aid on “fear of GGG.”  If he fights Kirkland next, I’d certainly consider that a step in a poor direction.  I’m just not sure the top guys want to fight him, but I may be wrong.  At the moment, he sure is not going to be in any position to outbid

    the other suitors for the apparently vulnerable Martinez.  If GGG doesn’t step up the competition, I (and MAYBE my ilk—those sneaky bastards) will start to hold him to account.  I do imagine that HBO will want to see more as well.

  21. raxman 04:09am, 12/27/2013

    nicolas - you’re right - i’ve raised Adonis Stevenson facts in other threads when he’s been dismissed as food for kovalev - not only did he win the 4 fights in a year but the last 3 were in like 6 months - and its not only when it s how (4ko’s) and who- his last 3 wins were all against legit top 10 light heavies and his first win of the year was to avenge his only loss.
    my admiration for Kovalev is on the record but i hate it when people make the assumption that he’ll beat AS with ease. Stevenson has proven - in the last year alone - that he’s a serious fighter

  22. nicolas 02:29am, 12/27/2013

    For me the fighter of the year is Adonis Stevenson, and yes I could also suggest that he may really only be the third best light heavyweight in that division. But look what he did, he won four fights, all by stoppage. He avenged his only defeat, scored a shocking one round demolition of Chad Dawson, stopped Tavoris Cloud with little trouble, and had little trouble with Tony Bellew. For me, his four fights that he had this year are what “A Fighter” should be, and he did it in dramatic fashion. For me his accomplishments this year stand out far more than what Mayweather did. Also for me the comeback fighter of the year in Kirkland is way off. While some may have wrote him off, beating a Glen Tapia in one fight does not qualify him for that , unless there is no other fighter who can be said to have made a comeback, and for that I would have to give it to Johnny Gonzalez. Before the Mares fight, I am sure he was looked upon as another fighter that Mares could put on his resume for fighters that he beat. His best years I am sure were looked as behind him, but he came and scored probably his greatest victory of his career.

  23. Tex Hassler 09:16pm, 12/26/2013

    Great read, Mr. Sares. Kirkland is the come back of the years and I agree with you about that.

  24. raxman 08:53pm, 12/26/2013

    i keep forgetting - my breakout fighter of the year would have to be the robert garcia charge who is never mentioned amongst his stablemates - evgeny gradovich 18-0 with 9ko’s and the ibf featherweight title champion

  25. raxman 08:41pm, 12/26/2013

    don from prov - Now Don…. please mate, don’t use the “no one wants to fight him” spiel for excusing GGG his piss poor resume. Golovkin is no more a beast at 160 than Kovalev is at 175 and he can find opponents of quality. the whole no one wants to fight etc is a crock. its the same mentality that claimed Danny G was scared of LM based on a ko of peterson and snap shot taken out of context. in that case DG was an unbeaten 25year old champ - now its irrelevant how that fight ended up or the fight plan to get there - the point is fear. Fear is what you and your ilk state as the reason for GGG choice of opponent. yet you guys base this on the average man’s mentality, not that of a top level fighter. you don’t get to the top of level of boxing without enormous ego and self belief - none of the top guys at 160 are scared. where is the logic in saying that sturm, quillan, martinez and geale are all too scared to fight GGG but stevens and adama aren’t? The reason GGG isn’t getting the level of opponents he should is all based on his promoters. his managers. why put him in with quality when the adulation is there regardless of who he beats. kovalev is on the record saying he wants all the belts at 75 - one gets the impression that he’d be willing to take the short money to get those guys in the ring.
    if GGG wanted the belts of Sturm,  Martinez and Quillan he could get them -  he just has to make an offer they can’t refuse - like GGG, the above mentioned middleweights are matched on a risk vs reward basis - GGG just has to make the reward worth the risk
    the latest word is that GGG will fight James Kirkland. sigh. this would be great if Kirkland (by the time of this fight) will have fought 6 rounds in 2years. and Kirkland is a 154 pounder. The only way i see this fight as an improvement on ishida and rosado is if he is fighting at 154 in an endeavor to acclimate to the weight prior to challenging floyd.
    anyway Don me old mate from Prov - happy new year!!!

  26. dollarbond 08:38pm, 12/26/2013

    Merry Christmas Ted the Bull.  Keep them coming in 2014.

  27. Ted 06:16pm, 12/26/2013

    Picking Paulie was the easiest

  28. Big Wally 04:51pm, 12/26/2013

    Ted, two questions. What was your easiest pick for 2013? What was your favorite round on the other article about your 10 favorites ones?

  29. John 02:51pm, 12/26/2013

    My son, Caleb, and me with Mia St. John. If you don’t have Facebook, you probably can’t open this: https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=1639629630564&set=pb.1231497140.-2207520000.1388096939.&type=3&theater;

  30. Don from Prov 01:51pm, 12/26/2013

    No, Rousey is to REVIVE you—

    Ever taken a good look at her?  Forget arm locks and think leg locks

  31. Ted 01:45pm, 12/26/2013

    Naw, I get her the reverse arm stretch hold that I learned while training for the Olympics, Rousey is dead meat if she try’s to deal with me. And you can’t get——out of a turnip!

  32. Don from Prov 01:41pm, 12/26/2013

    Allow me to complete your fantasy for you—

    Rhonda Rousey finds your splintered old corpse in the snowbanks.
    You know that old blues shit about making a dead man come?

    There you go.

  33. Don from Prov 01:37pm, 12/26/2013

    “If he KOd Martinez or Cotto”—that is my point, they don’t appear to want him

    Now, Froch might if GGG gave the weight, and I’d like to see that.
    At the moment, I think that Ward would spank him and Abel Sanchez would be stupid to take the fight.  Giving away too much to too good a fighter.  Stay in your own division until you own it, or tread carefully outside where you belong, especially as a spanking might render one avoidable to other MWs.

  34. Ted 01:31pm, 12/26/2013

    What a way to die!!!!!!!!!!!1

  35. Ted 01:30pm, 12/26/2013

    Don, if GGG becomes an event fighter like Wlad, Floyd and Manny, the others will line up to fight him because he will make them rich and give them an early retirement package. That’s what happened to Haye. But GGG has to win a BIG fight in spectacular fashion to achieve that status. If he KOd Martinez or Cotto, that might do it but a win over Froch would be better IMO.. He must become the true Euro Pacquiao.

    Beating chumps to stay active is not very smart.

  36. Don from Prov 01:29pm, 12/26/2013

    Mia St. John would KILL you in those far north woods—

    And you wouldn’t recognize your schlong in the afermath.
    As for Pulev VS. The Giant Robot: I’ll take your word (but WILL mark it down)

    All the better to remind you if they fight and the match = Ambien again.

  37. Thresher 01:23pm, 12/26/2013

    I know the mountains like I know my schlong!

  38. Ted 01:21pm, 12/26/2013

    Tumbo, being from East LA knows as much about snowy mountains and dense wood as Mia St. John. He would last about as long as I could get one of my very large ham-like hands around him if you catch my drift—pun intended.

    Meanwhile, Wlad vs Pulev make all the sense in the world because Pulev is a savvy fighter who breaks his opponents down by coming forward. He is also big and would not be bullied by the big Uke. I’d go with Wlad, but it would be a very tough fight for him. Pulev is a solid contender and deserves the fight. Stiverne is a pretender.

  39. Ted 01:16pm, 12/26/2013

    Cotto, Martinez—move up and fight Groves or Froch. Fight winner of Pascal-Bute, Kessler, Stieglitz, AA, DeGale, Dirrell,

    Fight Sturm, Geale, Quillin, Barker, Murray, Rubio, Max Bursak, David Lemieux.

    But don’t fight this chump he is schedule to fight. Ugh

  40. Don from Prov 01:12pm, 12/26/2013

    Why would Wlad and Pulev be neat?

    Tumbo could be working his way up to those far north woods right now—
    Who comes out alive?

    (For one, whoever doesn’t allow me to plot the way through the mts.)

  41. Don from Prov 01:09pm, 12/26/2013

    Re/Alvarez: Irony—

    Baiting.  Who, in the MW division, should GGG fight—and will they fight him?
    Can’t fight a man who doesn’t want to get in the ring with you.

  42. Ted 12:47pm, 12/26/2013

    Canelo DOMINATED WHAT? Floyd won that fight going away and the redhead knew so after the fight but before the scores were announced. That said, Canelo will slaughter Cotto in 2014 if they should meet;. A very neat matchup would be the supposed rematch of Stiverne-Arreola.

    Wlad vs Pulev would be a neat one, but GGG better step up or he will begin to lose credibility. The best should fight the best.

    As for Tumbo, he thinks I had him banned from here, but I did not. He went after our beloved editor and was promptly taken out and off by same. I simply was an interested bystander and known associate.

  43. Don from Prov 12:31pm, 12/26/2013

    Ted: Is my ball-busting so subtle, or so ineffective, that it passes inspection?

    I think I twisted your take on the Mayweather/Canelo scoring—
    But who knows: the holidays, many drinks being consumed: Maybe no twist.

    John, Te Tumbo—while he can be a bit cranky—IS the man.

  44. John 10:35am, 12/26/2013


  45. Ted 10:10am, 12/26/2013

    Let’s try to keep it that way, but good sport that I am and decent all-around fellow, I am willing to allow him to visit me up here in the mountains of northern New Hampshire where we can take a hike in the snowy dense woods while I explain to him what a truly harmless person I am…...:twisted:

  46. John 10:05am, 12/26/2013

    Don from Prov: Te Tumbo ... Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in years.

  47. Ted 10:01am, 12/26/2013

    Very thoughtful post, Don.  I think the fact that Prov is a champ maybe eliminated him from being a breakthrough, but maybe not. And I quite agree about Wilder becoming a heavyweight version of Broner aka being exposed. Yep. good post, I may have to respond via a series of responses.

  48. Don from Prov 09:30am, 12/26/2013

    Merry Christmas to Mr. Mosley and the (in)famous JC45—who makes me look like a shining optimist—to Mr. Ted, Pakin Power, raxman (who I don’t always agree with, but love to read) and the great writers and posters on site—including of course, if he can still post here, my buddy Te-Tumbo.

    Mr. Bull knocks it out of the park by noting the spot in infamy reserved for CJ Ross scoring a draw in a fight where Alvarez very clearly dominated the Las Vegas LaLa, Floyd Jr.  I thought the most insightful (for me anyway, some of you likely already knew it) comment of the announcing year came from Paulie M. when he pointed that Broner doesn’t punch when a fighter gives him something to think about.  I’d ease toward PP and call Provo the breakout fighter of the year (and he may not have all that many boxing years left in him).  Then again, I wouldn’t even be able to pronounce Simpiwe Vetyeka’s name, never mind have any idea of who he is, so maybe he should earn my breakout vote.  I like that GGG body shot for knockout punch of the year, Broner’s ass humping as “needs to be forgotten/classless” moment of the year,  Justin Bieber for the “wtf am I doing here” moment of the year as he zombied around the ring with Junior, Jc45 as most accurate poster of the year—though my friend, there will be fighters who I’ll looking forward to seeing in 2014 (including the Krusher, Mr. Rax).  And Teddie Bull, I predict that 2014 just might be the year when Deottay “The Giraffe on Crack” Wilder gets popped on the chin by someone who can pop a little, and my instincts tell me that the moment he does would not be a good one to be in any of the first five rows ringside.

  49. Ted 08:59am, 12/26/2013

    Thanks Cheekay. Much appreciated

  50. Cheekay Brandon 08:53am, 12/26/2013

    Agreed on all-

    Very well written, thanks for this.

  51. Ted 08:53am, 12/26/2013

    GGG is all about quantity. I want quality.

  52. From Pakinpower 08:50am, 12/26/2013

    Merry Xmas Ted.

    I think Thurman is a man to watch but for this year alone, Ruslan is the breakout fighter of the year.

    Completely unknown to all but those at the Wild Card, he broke onto the scene with gusto and until he is stopped, he will be hell. And fun to watch.

    Long term, at least long term in boxing time, Keith is a kid to watch.



  53. Ted 08:37am, 12/26/2013

    Irish, without any doubt whatsoever, the dream fight of the year would be Roman Gonzalez vs, Kazuto Ioka

  54. MisterDreamer 12:18am, 12/26/2013

    GGG is certainly the fighter of the year. I appreciate that he fights with high frequency and I hope to see him fight a big name in the summer of 2014. Chavez Jr., Maravilla, or Canelo would do.

  55. John 08:28pm, 12/25/2013

    As usual, you nailed it again, Ted. I couldn’t agree more with your selection of Robert Garcia for “Trainer of the Year.” Garcia has built-up quite a reputation as a world-class trainer. He’s a nice guy, too. I see several of his talented fighters at local coffee shops around town. By-the-way, in Oxnard today the temp was a balmy 81-degrees. Oxnard, Calif ... Top of the food chain!!!

  56. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:24pm, 12/25/2013

    Ted Sares-I say that the most intriguing of Mike Schmidt’s hoped for 2014 match ups was a showdown between Mikey Garcia and Takashi Uchiyama….you keep abreast of the goings on in the Far East….what say you?

  57. Ted 06:59pm, 12/25/2013

    Thanks Matt and Monte

  58. Ted 04:33pm, 12/25/2013

    I almost picked that one Kid.

    JC45 I got one coming that addresses your concerns

  59. kid vegas 04:15pm, 12/25/2013

    Nice list though I’d go with round 12 on the Prov-Bradley war

  60. Jc45 03:59pm, 12/25/2013

    Merry Xmas to you and the family Ted, I don’t post much these days but I always read your stuff mate . Great to see Donny and Matt M around too.

    As far as fighter of the year goes in my opinion nobody really stood out. I can’t get that excited about Floyd beating Guerrero ( don’t rate the guy at all , he can’t punch , is slow , isn’t technical and who has he beat ) and as for Canelo . I thought Trout beat him and I don’t rate Trout very highly . My idea of a gun 154 pounder are blokes like McCallum , Hearns , Terry Norris , Winky Wright , Julian Jackson , Ayub Kalule,Emile Griffith and Ralf Dupas . Trout and Canelo aren’t in that leaugue .

    The aging p4p list , the lack of decent heavyweights , the myriad of titles and weight divisions , the rampant use of performance enhancing drugs and the absolutely corrupt judging all make modern boxing ptty lame to me. Watching Floyd send tweets to PAC instead of fighting him sums up the modern game for me.

    Cheers mate and apologies for being such a negative bastard ;)

  61. Monte Cox 03:18pm, 12/25/2013

    Merry Christmas.

  62. Matt Mosley 01:15pm, 12/25/2013

    Merry Christmas, Ted, Don, one and all, btw.

  63. Matt Mosley 01:11pm, 12/25/2013

    Good stuff, Ted.
    Thought provoking article here on the current state of a modern day hero, Magomed Abdusalamov:


  64. Ted 12:24pm, 12/25/2013

    After some eggnog and turkey, burp, I’ll get to it. I promise,  Of course, I’d like to see Kovalev vs Stevenson. Of course, Kovalev will KO him.

    Also, Wilder vs. a live human being.

  65. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:46am, 12/25/2013

    Ted Sares-Feliz Navidad to you and all here…. once again a simply great round up and report….which reminds me….what match ups would you like to see in 2014 and how about some “out on a limb” predictions for the new year from someone who really knows boxing past and present.

  66. Crunch 07:27am, 12/25/2013

    Merry Christmas, Ted the Bull

  67. Crunch 07:21am, 12/25/2013

    Hmm. Cleverly was exposed

  68. Eric 07:20am, 12/25/2013

    Andrew Golota could be winner of the “Spider Rico, Is He Still Around Award.” MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!

  69. Mohummad Humza Elahi 07:09am, 12/25/2013

    Can’t argue with much of that!  I remember putting Thurman as one of my top fighters at welter earlier this year and getting laughed out by a well known underground hiphop artist who knows boxing.  I hope One-TIme gets his real shot and scores some world titles, he has enough to do really well in that division.

  70. Clarence George 03:08am, 12/25/2013

    I like how you combine giving credit where it’s due with thinking outside the box.

    Some good news, especially on Christmas Day:  I read somewhere that Abdusalamov has begun therapy, or soon will.

  71. raxman 10:35pm, 12/24/2013

    knock out of the year, for mine, was kovalev’s of nathan cleverly. as far as working out and walking over a top level opponent kovalev’s ko stands alone. although stevenson and gonzalez both delivered against top level opposition they both happened in the first round - and to me first round ko’s don’t count for as much. anyone can be caught in the first . even though Kovalev’s only ko over sillakh was an instruction video in how to analyse, adapt to and break down an opponent - Sillakh wasn’t the opponent that Cleverly was - and the 4th round thing is important too. because 4 rounds in a fighter like Cleverly is starting to get comfortable. its those knockouts rounds 4-8 when a fighter is still fresh but warmed up and aware of his opponent that have always impressed me.
    but hey, i’m biased coz i feel about kovalev the way you guys all feel about GGG - only difference is my guy has actually beaten a top ranked opponent. my guy is on the record as saying he wants at least 3 or the titles at 175 and he’s prepared to do what it takes to get them

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