Teddy Atlas 2.0

By Robert Ecksel on July 8, 2017
Teddy Atlas 2.0
Lonergan might dislike what Teddy said during the fight, but it did not change a thing.

Teddy Atlas, the resident scold at ESPN and a presumably neutral arbiter, went too far and spoiled everything…

With the dust from last week’s fight having more or less settled, the time has come for cooler heads to prevail—assuming there are any cooler heads capable of prevailing.

So is everybody happy?

No, everybody is not.

Take, for example, Horn’s promoter, Dean Lonergan. He has every reason in the world to celebrate his good fortune. His fighter was awarded a unanimous decision victory which many have rightly or wrongly derided. But Teddy Atlas, the resident scold at ESPN and a presumably neutral arbiter, went too far and spoiled everything—but Lonergan isn’t taking it lying down.

“A big reason the American people are questioning the result of the fight is that Teddy Atlas was simply biased in his commentary,” Lonergan told the Daily Telegraph. “If Manny decides he wants the rematch, and ESPN is the broadcaster, I will do everything in my power to make sure Teddy Atlas is banned from the commentary team. And if that doesn’t work, I will lobby the Immigration Minister Peter Dutton not to allow Teddy Atlas through our border. Teddy Atlas has his head so far up Manny’s arse, he’s going to need a long shower when he finally pulls it out. He should stay within the United States with fellow loudmouth Donald Trump.”

Say what you will about Lonergan, but he’s a charmer if there ever was one.

“If Teddy Atlas was a Sesame Street character, he’d be Oscar the Grouch,” the promoter continued. “Have a look at Atlas’ commentary partner Timothy Bradley, who praised Horn’s effort throughout. Even though he thought Manny got the decision, Bradley was balanced in his views and intelligent in his phrasing, and admitted that Horn did what no other fighter could do including Bradley himself, which was to back Manny up.”

Congratulations to Horn for backing Manny up. Congratulations for outpointing a legend. Lonergan also needs to be congratulated, however, for without Lady Luck in his corner he might not have won the fight. The promoter might dislike what Teddy said during the fight, but it didn’t change the outcome.

It didn’t change a thing.

But Lonergan will file those complaints. He will lobby the Immigration Minister. He will talk to the press until he’s blue in the face. And he should enjoy himself while he can, because Teddy Atlas isn’t going anywhere. He may not be the robot of Lonergan’s dreams, an ingenuous machine whose sole purpose is to do the promoter’s bidding. He is who he is, as wild and unpredictable as ever, which should come as no surprise. What does come as a surprise is the realization that Dean Lonergan, a presumably hard man in a hard sport, is so thin-skinned.

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  1. nonprophet 09:46am, 07/10/2017


    I think Paulie Malinaggi is on HBO or Showtime.  But even if not those networks, he can’t be dismissed as far as honest analysis goes.  For my money, right now, Paulie’s perhaps the best in the game.

  2. nonprophet 09:42am, 07/10/2017

    Kid Blast,

    I hear ya, but Teddy might actually be a real “bad guy” not a wannabee.

    I guess what I’m saying is that I wouldn’t want to be the one to try to figure out just how bad Teddy is in a bar somewhere.

  3. allen 09:03am, 07/10/2017

    Teddy may be a blow hard sometimes but he know’s more about teaching and training a fighter than anyone on the planet. As far as TV, he’s better than Max the shill and the rest of the HBO and Showtime clowns. Harold Letterman and R J are the only guy’s on HBO who know a damn thing. Farhood on Showtime is a voice of reason. Bernstein should go quietly into the night.

  4. Lucas McCain 06:08am, 07/10/2017

    Teddy can be a pain, but I’ll take him over most of the other HBO and Showtime company men.  I read his autobiography in short bits over a summer and it was like having a slightly crazed, but exhilarating old friend come to town—the kind that makes you cringe in embarrassment at times, but also laugh till your sides hurt.  More power to him

  5. Kid Blast 10:21am, 07/08/2017

    Like so many other NYC writers, this one thinks Teddy is simply the nuts. Sure, he is honest and blunt and all that, but he also makes the fights about him and is way too intrusive. His screaming in this one was over the top. Even Bradley looked at him with questionable eyes. Teddy is all about Teddy and the plain truth is he was not that great of a trainer, he has very skin thin and has even attacked writers in the past, he is not that great of a commentator, but he can break a fight down very well. As for scoring, the only thing I’ll give him is that he will score even rounds. He also comes off as a waannabe bad guy as he often refers to the quintessential rat, Sammy the Bull.

    Bottom line: NYC writers, BWAA, etc, love him. This writer is no exception.

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