Teddy Atlas Trashes AIBA

By Robert Ecksel on August 19, 2016
Teddy Atlas Trashes AIBA
How can anyone mistake beach volleyball as being meaningful? (Ron Foldy/ESPN Images)

Boxing is subjective and not the easiest sport to judge, but let’s face it, some of the decisions have stunk to high heaven…

The fallout from Rio 2016 continues.

Teddy Atlas, often the loudest voice in the room, has added his voice to the chorus of voices complaining about the judging in the Olympic boxing tournament.

There have been several bad decisions, where fighters who appeared to have lost, sometimes by a wide margin, had their hands raised in the end. But that is something the professional and amateur games share.

Boxing is subjective and not the easiest sport to judge, but let’s face it, some of the verdicts have stunk to high heaven and raising a ruckus is appropriate.

“Look, I’m in boxing all my life, 40 years,” said Atlas to Sports Illustrated this week. “This is a powerful statement—I’ve never seen an organization as corrupt in my life. It’s absurd. And I was disappointed with NBC, I’ll be quite frank. Some people won’t be thrilled about me saying this. They removed us. They removed me physically. They wouldn’t allow me call AIBA, this Dr. Wu who runs it, which I think is a shame in itself, that somebody has no integrity should have the title of doctor. Really I think it’s absurd.”

Disagreeing with Teddy is a fool’s errand, and his bitterness about being “removed” is understandable. But AIBA, for its faults, is not the most corrupt organization on the planet. Admittedly the competition is stiff and AIBA has done itself no favors. But comparing AIBA to other ostensibly corrupt organizations where thousands, if not millions of people suffer, makes the IOC look as pure as the fresh driven snow.

“I find it appalling that this guy should have a doctor next to his name and he runs AIBA,” continued Atlas. “Because we were making it very clear and we were calling him out on it, on the corruption on what we were seeing, doing our job, no medals for that, but doing our job. They actually said ‘We’re removing you from your place in front of the ring.’”

That of course is AIBA’s prerogative. It’s their show to do with as they please. No one in power likes to be called out but if one decides to go there, either after or in anticipation of being screwed, there are consequences, however just or not.

“NBC has done a really good job of hiding the boxing,” Atlas added. “Surf through the channels, they don’t show it, they’re hiding it. So if that’s the answer, shame on them.”

Atlas is correct about boxing being almost impossible to find on NBC. Beach volleyball is more or less okay in small doses, but how anyone can mistake it as being meaningful is beyond me.

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  1. Koolz 03:41pm, 08/24/2016

    Buakaw Banchamek watching a few…
    Really good Muay Thai Fighter.  Strong kicks.  He is a horrible boxer.
    Damn he is Tough though!
    can’t miss with that knee!
    I learned Muay Thai kicks I can take my finger up my shin and feel how beat up the bones are on each leg, that’s not from fighting that’s from training.
    It was brutal.

    good one.


  2. Eric 07:49am, 08/23/2016

    Koolz…I like to watch tennis as well. Want to see some kicking power, google up some of the vids featuring Buakaw Banchamek. This guy is an awesome specimen. Alain Ngalani, known as the Black Panther, is another fine striker, although at 41, he’s had less than stellar results in MMA. Boxer, Khaosai Galaxy, is probably better known as a boxer, but he was also a fine muay thai fighter. Check out a ‘90’s fight between Stan “The Man” Longinidis vs. champion Denis Alexio. Stan had a powerful set of wheels on him and snaps Alexio’s leg with a kick. Baseball has the most hilarious fights IMO. Check out a clip of a 40-something year old, Nolan Ryan, laying the smackdown on a much younger Robin Ventura. You don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind, you don’t pull the mask of the ole Lone Ranger and you don’t mess around with Nolan.

  3. Koolz 05:02am, 08/23/2016

    15 rounds of boxing…now that was….crazy!

    Boxing the great Chess Match.

    In the UFC no one and I mean NO ONE!  knows how to stop a punch or a kick…
    the lost art of flowing like water.
    I have seen some pretty hilarious fights in basketball on live leak.  some of those guys would make good Heavy Weights with the right training, which is probably where all the could be US Heavy Weights went.
    Soccer has taken over the WORLD as the number 1 sport.
    fencing and judo are always a pleasure.
    F1 racing is pretty damn exciting.  Tennis is pretty damn exciting too.

  4. Fan 12:24pm, 08/22/2016

    Three Rounds Boxing are exciting.

  5. tuxtucis 08:09am, 08/22/2016

    @Eric: I think car races are very boring: at least F1 tracks have more variety than Nascar ones. Being European i think Football is the rough version of Rugby. About basketball, sometimes i go watch team of my town, but i start to be ontetested only at start of the fourth quarter. Both soccer and boxing have something common: both are based on defense, although people like more offense. Boxing matches can be beautiful with no knockdowns same way soccer mstches can be beautiful with no goals. Same way a boxing match with many knockdowns and a soccer match with many goals can be thrilling or funny, but are “wrong”.

  6. Eric 07:27am, 08/22/2016

    tuxtucis…Football will always be played on a football field as far as I’m concerned. hehe. I remember back in the ‘70’s when it seemed that they were really pushing soccer on the American public with Pele and even an American named Kyle Rote Jr. It never quite caught on back then, but it does seem a good portion of the American public has now embraced the sport, I’m just not one of them. Of the Big 3 team sports, I’ve never enjoyed basketball as much as football or baseball. However, back when I did keep up with the sport somewhat in the ‘70’s & 80’s, it wasn’t that bad to watch. You had an aging Chamberlain going up against the young Kareem, Unseld vs Willis Reed, Earl The Pearl vs Walt Frazier, Bullets vs Knicks, Celtics vs. Lakers etc. And who can forget magicians like Pistol Pete or Dr. J. Haven’t watched a full length basketball game in decades, however. Will watch some hockey and baseball, but mostly football for team sports. The top 3 most boring “major sports” to watch in my opinion are in order (1) golf (2) NASCAR (3) soccer. All 3 are great for insomnia. I will watch bowling before tuning into any of those 3 sports.

  7. tuxtucis 02:43am, 08/22/2016

    @Eric: Don’t try to understand soccer. It’s an endemic disease in many countries: as Italian I’ve in My Blood :). Personally i can’t understand How someone can Watch the first Three quarters of a basketball match. About amateur boxing, it’s a pale version of Professional boxing, much as rugby Seven is the pale version of rugby 15. Three rounds boxing are TOO easy to manipulate: It’ s sufficient to change thecorrect score of a round and hou change the result of the match.

  8. Lucas McCain 08:24am, 08/21/2016

    Thresher-“Fool’s errand” was not in praise of Teddy’s divinity;  I think it was a comment on the hopelessness of trying to change Teddy’s mind about anything.  Teddy’s own “doctor” remark probably is a reference to the fact that his late father was a doctor, and that he holds the medical profession in high respect (he also runs a charity named for his father).  I do recommend Teddy’s autobiography, which has some scary revelations (especially his notorious and thankfully abandoned plan to kill Donny Lalonde) but also presents him as a powerful and fascinating personality, if also intensely moralistic and self-centered.

  9. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:17am, 08/21/2016

    Great posts here! The best ever is the newspaper account of two defensive fistic geniuses around the turn of the last century who engaged in a bout where neither man landed a solid blow….all because both were defensive masters you see!

  10. Eric 07:29pm, 08/20/2016

    Might add that Jeffries probably ran in a heavy pair of boots like the old timers, which makes the 14 miles a day in 2 hours even more unbelievable.

  11. Eric 07:08pm, 08/20/2016

    Seen clips of boxing.com gawd, Harry Greb, playing handball in training and read about old-timers like Jim Jeffries doing the same. The training routine that Jeffries ALLEGEDLY used while training for Fitzsimmons has got to be greatly exaggerated. Big Jeff allegedly ran 14 miles daily, played two or tree games of handball, hit the bags, trew around an 18lb medicine ball, skipped rope and sparred 10-12 rounds!? Jeffries finished up the 14 mile run in about 2 hours. Running 7 miles an hour isn’t hard for little guys in shape, but try doing that for 2 hours when you are a Clydesdale like Jeffries. If Jeffries really trained like that, he would have weighed a couple pounds above his birth weight and would have been weak as a kitten. I was a very good ping pong player back in the day, do remember reading about the Foreman camp playing a lot of ping pong. Love watching table tennis in the Olympics, those guys are amazing. Loved reading about how Monzon would often smoke a few cigarrettes while doing roadwork. Try training like that if you are less gifted.

  12. The Thresher 03:23pm, 08/20/2016

    Jewish people excelled at handball because early on, they were not allowed in the luxury tennis/squash clubs that surrounded NYC. That fellow Jacobs who was with Tyson was a superb handball player and the college I went to won more national tournaments than any other. Handball is a brutal game on the ankles and many retired players had major ankle and knee issues. I preferred racquet ball.

    Ping pong was what boxers used for coordination.

  13. Eric 05:34am, 08/20/2016

    Lacrosse would be a nice sport to be added to the Olympics but it seems that it is mainly a North American sport with the exception of a few other nations. It certainly would be more entertaining than the Olympic version of “handball.” I always thought “handball” was that sport played by two people hitting a little ball against a wall in a raquetball court or against a wall if played outside. Some of the old time boxers would play handball to help with hand and eye coordination and cardio. Speaking of soccer, I’ve seen clips of Victor Galindez and Carlos Monzon kicking around a soccer ball as part of their training program, it does seem like it would help with footwork.

  14. Koolz 04:51pm, 08/19/2016

    Man I love Soccer I just watched Man United which I call Zlatan United since that’s the only reason I am watching Man United, Zlatan-United.
    I have watched Zlatan since no before Inter Milan days!  Back when Eto played for them.
    I loved Following and watching Borrussia Dortmund as they won two Bundesligas.
    yea Amateur Boxing really isn’t that big anymore.  I remember following a guy that would travel around the world winning every where.  They called him the “Golden Boy.”  He beat a lot of the top names who are pros in the Amateurs.  Maybe you have heard of him?  Golovkin.

    I agree that when Teddy get’s going it’s hard to argue with him.  Seems he has slight Bias here since he was thrown out? 

    The AIBA has had some of the most messed up decisions this year in Olympic Boxing.  Things that you can’t even pretend would go the other guys way.

    it’s hard to wrap your head around what was going on.

  15. The Thresher 01:29pm, 08/19/2016

    “Disagreeing with Teddy is a fool’s errand”,—REALLY? Why is that? Is he God or something close? I don’t worship at his alter and never have. Yes, he might very well be right here, but it’s always about him.

    “I find it appalling that this guy should have a doctor next to his name and he runs AIBA,” continued Atlas. ” What does that have to do with the price of tea in China—no pun intended. If Wu is a doctor so be it. Is Teddy suggesting that Wu is not?

  16. The Thresher 01:24pm, 08/19/2016

    Soccer is a super exciting sport because of the nationalistic fervor that backdrops it. The fans are insane. When I lived abroad, I learned to really enjoy it but I also learned to avoid the hooligans in the UK.

  17. Eric 09:04am, 08/19/2016

    I love lots of different sports and boxing is one of them, but outside of a few die-hard boxing fans, amateur boxing is no longer that big, especially during the Olympics. The networks know that most people tune into the Olympics for gymnastics, swimming, and some track and field events. How anyone can find soccer exciting is beyond me, but it is the world’s most popular sport. Boxing fans must acknowledge, that like it or not, boxing is no longer a top tier sport.

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