Tell Them Pulev Is Coming

By Ted Sares on January 8, 2013
Tell Them Pulev Is Coming
“Give me some blood fights," he said, "and you will be satisfied for the money you spend.”

“With his extensive amateur experience, he is as solid as they come, his greatest strength perhaps being his ability to remain patient and calm no matter what the situation is in the ring.”—Johnny Walker

“Guys, if you watch my fights you will see that more and more blood I see, no matter if it’s mine or my opponents’, the more angry I become. So please, give me some blood fights and you will be satisfied for the money you spend for the ticket.”—Kubrat Pulev

There are rumors afloat which are quickly becoming factual that IBF North American heavyweight champion Tomasz “Goral” Adamek (48-2) may be taking on Bulgarian Kubrat “The Cobra” Pulev in a spring tussle possibly in Poland where a monster crowd (and payday) would be in the offing. If so, this final IBF eliminator match could be bad news for Adamek and good news for Pulev, although from a financial standpoint, it would be good news for both.

In 2012, the 6’4”, 250-lb. Pulev (17-0) beat Michael Sprott, Alexander Dimitrenko, and Alexander Ustinov, all in Germany. Prior to 2012, The Cobra beat a number of solid opponents including Travis Walker, Derric Rossy, Dominic Quinn, and Paolo Vidoz.

Adamek also had a solid 2012 on paper, but wins over Eddie Chambers and particularly Steve Cunningham were questionable at best. All in all, it was an unimpressive 4-0 year for Adamek. Pulev will be the Pole’s toughest test since he was massacred by Vitali Klitschko in September 2011.

Kubrat, who enjoyed a celebrated amateur career, possesses athleticism, ring smarts, speed, and agility for a big man. He also gets off first, uses punishing and surprisingly fast jabs, and is heavy-handed with a tendency to grind down his opponents until they quit. Howerer, quitting is not in Adamek’s DNA—and that should make this fight a compelling one.

If this bout is made, the 36-year-old Adamek will have the home field advantage and that‘s meaningful in Poland. However, Tomasz has seen his best days and they were before the brutal beating he took against Klitschko. Goral’s elevator is moving down, while the 31-year-old Cobra’s is moving up. And the inflection point does not bode well for Adamek. What’s more, Pulev has stopped two opponents in a row who are over 6’7” so he should hardly be intimidated by the 6’1½” Adamek.

Look for the winner to get a shot at Wladimir or Vitali, and if the winner is Pulev, look for him to be the first truly dangerous opponent either Klitschko has faced in some time.

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Kubrat Pulev vs. Michael Sprott

Kubrat Pulev vs. Alexander Dimitrenko-full fight



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  1. the thresher 07:58am, 01/11/2013

    Correct. He is like Vitali in that regard. He grinds his foes down.

  2. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo (aka) Gimpel 07:17am, 01/11/2013

    He has to be all the things that are said about him because he doesn’t have one punch kayo power to get his opponents out of there early.

  3. the thresher 06:19am, 01/11/2013

    Thanks, Mike

  4. bikermike 06:09pm, 01/10/2013

    I’m just as curious to see who Cunningham is gonna fight next.
    Kinda like the Ken Norton of his day…sorta kinda.  In so far as he fought the good fight and…at least for those that saw the fight…thought Norton won the Belt…..ditto with Cunningham….shudda got the what’s to be done about that ??

    maybe cunningham gets a rematch….or fights the guy that takes out Adamek ....wdf

  5. bikermike 06:04pm, 01/10/2013

    Got to say it…Adamek least to me….showed signs of age…just a little too slow.

    Some would have scored Adamek’s last match….‘closer’ ...or even the other way

  6. bikermike 06:01pm, 01/10/2013

    Great read Ted…and love those back up ‘tapes’ (can you say that anymore?)
    Anyway…The old Burt Lancaster Film…TELL THEM VALDEZ IS COMING ...kind of perked my ears up about PULEV.IS COMING

    True to form…blood and guts has always sold..over cherry picked KO’s by talented dodgers…can you say Mayweather?

    I see Pacquiao is gonna step in with Bradley….This is it !!!

    Bradley ...who has been treated very shabbily beating Pacquiao when they met…..will fight again….for probably the biggest purse of his career to date !!  Come June 8.

    Tell me Ted ....isn’t it ironic that I thought Hagler prevailed over Leonard..when they fought…and you thought Pacquiao prevailed over Bradley….for exactly the same reasons…

    I luv Boxing…...Keep ‘em coming Ted.  Happy New year..

  7. Meinhard Schmidt 03:10pm, 01/10/2013

    Pulev smokes Adamek… maybe he will need some rounds though. late stoppage. hope this fight will materialize!!!

  8. the thresher 05:32pm, 01/09/2013

    Here is a link to a related story, Rax:

  9. raxman 04:52pm, 01/09/2013

    we don’t need the klits to have good fights a HW - in fact we’re better off without them - if pitted against each other nearly every fighter from pulev @ #3 to wach @#20 offers great fights - and if they did fight each other it would mean the rebirth of heavyweight division.
    as such, articles such as this one are super important.
    this is the most diasterous age ever for the big men in boxing - not because the klits are boring or because they are so much better than the next in line. heavyweight boxing is being battered becasue the 2 best fighters in the division won’t fight each other. imagine for a second how good a fight it would be if they did.
    it doesn’t matter there is no american in the - you guys would all be watching it - because they are so well matched. when will the promoters realise that although we can’t have the 2 best fight each other the rest of the top fighters in the division could easily fight each other.
    banks v mitchell both past and future is great HW matchmaking. i’d love to see pulev vs arreola. what about adamek vs haye or even chisora? chagev vs solis in the match of the amateur guns who have disappointed us as pros? smaller hw’s vs smaller hw’s these guys are all between 6 and 6’3 - then you have the big guys go each other - helenius vs fury etc
    the rebirth of the heavy weight division is just some smart matchmaking (by the promoters ) away - and (for the fighters) some seth mitchell like balls.
    if the fighters and their teams would think big picture and realise although the biggest pay day comes from fighting a klit while still unbeaten, that is a once (or twice) only pay day. if HW division can become popular again every fight will be a payday!!

  10. cnorkusjr 03:05pm, 01/09/2013

    Nice piece on a seldom heard name in these parts here. Adamek, the tri-state Heavywt. favorite has definitley punched the down button on the elevator. Looking sluggish as of late and a ruling that called for an investigation vs. Cunningham II last month,  one must figure if he is bowing out in front of his hometown countryman with a big payday as stated in your fine piece. The upside to this in this funny kind of sport nowadays, is if Adamek gets a upset decision or gives Pulev the chance at credibility that he wants .All in all, it can only make the heavyweight division a little more better.

  11. pugknows 02:03pm, 01/09/2013

    Hmm. I never heard of him before. Thanks for the information. Sounds like he could give the Ukrainian brothers some trouble.

  12. the thresher 09:21am, 01/09/2013

    Tex has the beat

  13. THE THRESHER 09:21am, 01/09/2013

    Gutter is the MAN! He was the first to bring Pulev to my attention with a great article on InsideBoxing. His alias is Johhny Walker and Johnny Walker’s alias is Gutte Dandy. Make sense?

  14. Gutter 08:53am, 01/09/2013

    Hey Ted, nice work.  I like both Adamek and Pulev, but I think Adamek hasn’t been the same since Vitali destroyed him (happens to most fighters the Klitschkos beat), and Kubrat is a step too far for Tomasz. Pulev is a real threat to Klitschko domination.  And he has a hot Bulgarian pop star girlfriend, too.

  15. Tex Hassler 08:36am, 01/09/2013

    Adamek is a good fighter but by watching his last few fights, his best days are now fading in the rear view mirror. I do not think he beat Chambers and he probably cannot beat Pulev. Klitschko is searching for some one to fight and Pulev will probably be in the ring with him soon.
    Pulev may not be well know here in the U. S. but he is an up and coming fighter.

  16. Paul Magno 08:27am, 01/09/2013

    I like Pulev….He’s big, athletic, and smart…Of course, it remains to be seen whether he can move from contender to Klitschko-level, but if anyone can do it right now, it’s him…It’s too bad the American media doesn’t care to cover foreign talent these days…

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