Ten-Count for Cedric Kushner

By Robert Ecksel on January 30, 2015
Ten-Count for Cedric Kushner
“Nothing is as exciting as attending a major event. Nothing is more pure than a fight.”

Everyone is reminiscing, which is all well and good, but Kushner, who I interviewed at length, inevitably said it best…

Boxing promoter Cedric Kushner died yesterday after suffering a massive heart attack. He was 66 years old.

Born and raised in Capetown, South Africa, he was cordial, dry, and very polite. Everyone is reminiscing, which is all well and good, but Kushner, who I interviewed at length, inevitably said it best.

“Capetown is very beautiful,” he told me, “but it was a little isolated and I always wanted to come to the States. I was somewhat impressed by the movies. I remember the film that made the greatest impression on me was The Graduate. Not that I was looking for older women, but I remember Dustin Hoffman riding around in a sports car and I started thinking about the quality of life.”

Kushner left South Africa at 21. He bummed around Europe, before bumming around America, and finally touched down in New York. It was 1974.

With thoughts of Dustin Hoffman in mind, with thoughts of Anne Bancroft in body, Kushner borrowed $5000 and created Cedric Kushner Promotions. He wasn’t, however, promoting boxing. His first promotion featured Steppenwolf, and he subsequently worked with the Grateful Dead, Queen, Bob Seger, Neil Young, Rush, and The Rolling Stones.

“It was a fun time, both in front of the stage and backstage,” he said while arching an eyebrow, “if you know where I’m going.”

Kushner began promoting fights in 1984. His first fighter was Irish Teddy Mann.

“He was a middleweight from New Jersey, fought on ESPN as a regular, and was quite a good fighter. I managed Teddy for seven to eight months. And then through my travels and experiences with him, I met some promoters and some of the prominent people in the business and started to get a real feel for the business and decided to get into the promotion side more seriously and phase myself out of the music business.”

To trade one cutthroat business for another might not seem wise in retrospect, but there’s nothing like boxing, just as there’s nothing like rock ‘n’ roll.

Kushner had a promotional agreement with South African heavyweight contender Gerrie Coetzee. He also had a partnership agreement with Bob Arum that didn’t pan out. “So I ended up going to Don King. Coetzee knocked out Michael Dokes to win the WBA world heavyweight championship. Unfortunately that didn’t work out either. Mr. King separated me from my fighter, if I can be so diplomatic.”

In 1983 Kushner started the series called “Heavyweight Explosion!” which was a mainstay of CKP for many years. “I developed a lot of fighters that have gone on to heavyweight championships—Chris Byrd, Hasim Rahman—unfortunately not all the time for me. But that’s another story.”

Small-time promoters are forgotten as quickly as small-time fighters. They’re ancient history when they’re alive but remembered when they’re gone. Kushner may have suffered this fate, but never lost his love for boxing.

“There’s nothing more exciting than attending a major event. Particularly from our vantage point, being blessed as we are to sit ringside, and see the guys going at each other, and seeing them embrace after a titanic struggle.

“There’s nothing more pure than a fight.”

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  1. david gonzalez 09:14am, 02/02/2015

    Eric..Its always a pleasure to hear from an old friend.  I am delighted that you are acquainted with Solzhenitsyn even if the whole thing went over your head. Not a problem, we will eventually get there, all big things had a small beginning.

  2. Eric 07:14am, 02/02/2015

    Gonzo…How the hell are ya, commie bastitch. Other great reads are the, “The Gulag Archipelago,” by Aleksander Solzhenitsyn. “Two Hundred Years Together” by Solzhenitsyn is not available in English, but hopefully it will be soon. Do some research on Genrikh Yagoda and the Holodomor when you have the time. Millions starved or executed in the little known Holodomor. Fascinating stuff. Winnie Mandella, the wife of Neslon Mandela, stated, “With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate our country.” She was describing the practice of “necklacing” which consist of placing a rubber tire around the victims neck, filling it with gas and then lighting it on fire. It usually takes about 20 minutes for the victim to die an excruciating death. Gonzo, your writing style is vaguely familiar. Hmmmmm, could it be you? Could you be there? Come out, come out, wherever you are.

  3. david gonzalez 01:03am, 02/02/2015

    Herr Gympel..As supplemental reading i highly recommend the inspiring Mein Kampf, where a young war hero makes his case to rescue his country from its left wingers and minorities.

  4. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 10:06pm, 02/01/2015

    Illana Mercer’s brilliant and prescient tome “In The Cannibal’s Pot” (a warning for America in the post Civil Rights Act era) was published in 2011. South Africa (dateline 2013): An African “traditional healer” from Lesotho was rudely interrupted while busily preparing his noon day meal in a rural farmhouse kitchen. The entree he was preparing was Afrikaner Stew a popular dish in the present day SA under ANC rule. The recipe called for choice cuts of freshly butchered Afrikaner. This son of Africa had just then skillfully cut, dressed and cubed both round and shank cuts from the carcass of 84 year old Afrikaner Jan Van Wyk as it lay on the dining room table which had been used as the butcher block. As he was led away by private security agents and the flame under the pot was turned off, the good doc remarked that it was all much ado about nothing and a waste of what would presently be a great dish which he would only be too happy to share with his newly arrived guests if they would but have a little patience.

  5. Eric 09:23pm, 02/01/2015

    Jan…Nope, I have to confess I can’t run the 100 in 8 seconds, nope, I am not as good looking as Elvis, nor can I leap buildings in a single bound. But I can research, I can read, I can google, and I can think INDEPENDENTLY and without a shadow of a doubt say, that South Africa has a SEVERE PROBLEM WITH BLACK ON WHITE VIOLENCE. Takes more than a few names or FUs to convince me otherwise. I feed off that caca. Super Bowl was great, think about something else, and don’t let the truth get to you my good man. We’ll just agree to disagree. You could be the Bruce Wayne of South Africa for all I care.

  6. Jan Swart 10:45am, 02/01/2015

    Eric, I am who I say I am. Google my name. Glad to see you can also run. I ran 600 km in Johannesburg, South Africa. Results are available on Johannesburg Festival of Running site on the internet. I can back up what I say. Can you>

  7. bikermike 08:42pm, 01/31/2015

    dave,,,,,,,you have a ‘biting’ sense of humor…..please don’t ever get pissed off at me

  8. bikermike 08:35pm, 01/31/2015

    apartheid….that was then…and this is now…
    Can we please move on…Nelson Mendella ..no stranger to the sport of Boxing….would say the same…..NEXT ??!!

    a factory closes down…..wallow in self pity…or move on and feed your family

  9. bikermike 08:28pm, 01/31/2015

    He was very diplomatic in his comments visa vis Bob Aram..and Don KIng.

    I enjoyed Kushner’s presence and his contributions to Boxing…

    My sympathies to his family and friends…
    He will be missed

  10. david gonzalez 04:09pm, 01/31/2015

    Eric..you naughty old gelding,how did you guess that dirty talk turned me on? Please keep it coming,i am beginning to feel a nice tingle down there!

  11. Eric 10:59am, 01/31/2015

    One last thing, Jan. Why are you and Gonzo so intolerant of someone’s opinion that differs from yours? Isn’t that a form of fascism. I am very tolerant of anyone’s opinion, whether I agree with it or not. You learn by being a good listener and not resorting to childish name calling when someone doesn’t agree with your fascist vile.  So keep your fascist ass in South Africa, we have enough leftist fascistin America as it is, lame arse bigot. I promise this time I am through with you and your boyfriend, Gonzo. SeeeeeeeeeeeeeYaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, racist prick.

  12. Eric 10:41am, 01/31/2015

    Awwww. Did I touch a nerve Jan. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha. Guess what Jan. Anybody with a computer can google WHITE GENOCIDE SOUTH AFRICA AND COME UP WITH HUNDREDS OF HITS AND HORRIFIC IMAGES THAT SUPPORT MY CLAIMS. Jan, I once ran the 100 meters in 8 seconds flat, bench pressed 1,500lbs, was better looking than Elvis and had sex with 50,000 women. See how easy it is to be anything you want to be on the internet, Jan. I don’t have to get upset and name call, I LET FACTS AND THE TRUTH DO MY TALKING FOR ME. Take your meds, it will be alright. Maybe hook up with Gonzalez below. He sounds lame as hell, and one could only imagine what both of you are like in the flesh. Ewwwwwwwwwww. Excuse me, why I go huuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrllllll. You might want to read, “Into The Cannibal’s Pot.” I am not a troll. I post here almost daily, but I’ve never seen you or Gonzo, so who are the trolls?

  13. Jan Swart 10:27am, 01/31/2015

    Eric (yes, I know one should not feed trolls, but…) I’m writing this from Cape Town, South Africa. I am white, and was a police detective here for 34 years. I was also the head of the Child Prptection Unit here for 15 years (you may Google it if you want to verify that). So please STFU about caring about ‘white’ children being hacked to death; I investigated those cases, you prick, whether the victims were white, green or purple. I say again: you would not be welcome here and the fact that you’re not interested in visiting is good news indeed. SA is not perfect, but some of us here work hard to make it better. You are a sad and pathetic loser.

  14. Eric 08:30am, 01/31/2015

    Jan…Who is “US?” What makes you think whether I care if I could visit “US?” “Bigot?” I’m a “bigot” for caring about white children being hacked to death. IF that makes me a “bigot” than I’ll wear the title proudly. I’ll offer you a nice warm cup of STFU to funnel down your intolerant anti-White fould mouth. You’ve been served. Now take your medicine and crawl back under the rock you slithered out from, racist POS. I’m done here, but I’ll end by with this, STOP WHITE GENOCIDE IN SOUTH AFRICA. BOYCOTT SOUTH AFRICA.

  15. Eric 08:24am, 01/31/2015

    david…No weren’t not buddies. So go back to your La Raza meeting and keep hating Whitey. Hate-filled anti-White racist. I’ve now served your hate-filled racist ass a nice warm cup of STFU, now use it as a suppository and shove it up your smelly rectum. Intolerant POS.

  16. Jan Swart 07:29am, 01/31/2015

    “World’s most beloved terrorist”, Eric? Fuck you. Anyone who could say something like that, should be disqualified from visiting us, for that very reason. Stay where you are, bigot.

  17. david gonzalez 01:35am, 01/31/2015

    Eric..mi apologies.I know that its not sporting to make fun of sad,lonely old bigots but i can’t help myself.What can i say,i’m a real lout.Here let me make it up to you..THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN,you like it? I know that brings a tingle to the old peckeroo.Are we buddies now?

  18. Eric 08:29pm, 01/30/2015

    @david…Come on, is that all you got. But thanks for showing your TRUE COLORS. Exactly who is the heavyweight champ? Anyhow, in the REAL WORLD, boxing, even though I love the sport, doesn’t amount to sh*t. BUT if that is all you have, then you have to go with it. Pretty pathetic, when all you have to brag about is success in the boxing ring. bwaaaa. But then again, anyone who condones the slaughtering of totally innocent people(regardless of their race) I just consider the source.

  19. david gonzalez 08:02pm, 01/30/2015

    Eric..about the song,my man Ted Nugent is working on it.Myself,i just called Mitch Mc to investigate an event that probably has caused you a lot of pain ,to whit,the genocide of our noble white pugilists at the hand of negro and hispanic miscreants.

  20. Eric 05:38pm, 01/30/2015

    @david gonzalez…No worries. I’m sure some “anti-racist” rocker will come up with a song any minute now protesting slaughtering white children in South Africa. I mean, that has to rate almost as bad as “apartheid” South Africa. Doesn’t it?

  21. david gonzalez 05:27pm, 01/30/2015

    Eric,i agree with you. Its terrible what has happened to that crime free ,white paradise that was apartheid South Africa. Of course its all Obama’s fault.

  22. Eric 12:24pm, 01/30/2015

    Don’t know if South Africa still holds the title but at one time it was known as the “Rape Capital Of The World.”

  23. Eric 12:17pm, 01/30/2015

    Kid Blast… Never been but have worked with people who lived there and have seen enough info on what has been happening there for years now. Many sources cite the most dangerous occupation in the world is that of a white South African farmer. SA will become another Zimbabwe, just a matter of time. South African whites of all ages, even infants and the elderly are routinely murdered in some of the most vile and horrific ways imaginable. Some human rights organizations have already labeled the slaughter as a low level genocide, and yet not a peep from anyone. I was disgusted that they would hold a World Cup event there just a few years ago, no boycott, not even a mention of the violence against white South Africans. When Slick Willie, Carter, Obama, and Dubya went over to honor the world’s most beloved terrorist, Nelson Mandela, not a single one of them addressed the genocide of white South Africans that is taking place. Seperate drining fountains and toilet facilities must trump hacking up 3-4 year old infants. Disgusting. Don’t plan on going to SA, I’m BOYCOTTING IT. And I would hope any DECENT human would do the same.

  24. Kid Blast 11:48am, 01/30/2015

    Erik, when was the last time you visited South Africa? Zimbabwe is totally different-totally.

  25. Eric 09:39am, 01/30/2015

    The guy handled some big name rock acts, doesn’t get any bigger than The Rolling Stones. Cape Town probably isn’t all that great of a place to live in 2015. Along with Johannesburg, it is routinely listed in the top 10 most crime ridden cities in the world. South Africa is going the way of the former Rhodesia. Rhodesia aka Zimbabwe USED to be called the “bread basket of Africa,” now it is called the basket case of Africa.

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