Terry Norris vs. John Mugabi

By Boxing News on December 27, 2012
Terry Norris vs. John Mugabi
The two men met on March 31, 1990 in Tampa for Mugabi's WBC junior middleweight title.

Do you like knockouts? What a silly question. Who doesn’t like knockouts? Well, if you’re among those of us who like seeing one able competitor KO another, you might just fancy “Terrible” Terry Norris vs. John “The Beast” Mugabi. They met on March 31, 1990 at the Sun Dome in Tampa, Florida, for Mugabi’s WBC junior middleweight title. Norris was 24-3 going in and had fought his way back into contention after a devastating knockout loss to Julian Jackson a little more than a year earlier. And Mugabi, with a record of 36-2, was Mugabi, a heavy-handed Ugandan who was always dangerous and always came to fight…

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Terry Norris vs. John Mugabi

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