That Other Pacquiao

By Ted Sares on March 26, 2014
That Other Pacquiao
When Bobby was good, he was quite good, but when he was bad, he was very bad.

Bobby Pacquiao, the free-swinging southpaw younger brother of Manny Pacquiao, went 31-15-3 between 1997 and 2008…

“Bobby Pacquiao, a southpaw like his famous sibling, has shown considerable improvement since getting serious about his boxing; up until fairly recently he seemed to be the type of fighter who was all-too capable of blowing winnable bouts.”—Graham Houston

“Bobby’s style is similar to his more successful big brother. For those of you who have never seen him fight, imagine Manny but with less speed, less power, less ability, and no killer left hook. What you get is Bobby Pacquiao.”—Jake Shaw (2008)

Bobby Pacquiao

The free-swinging southpaw younger brother of Manny Pacquiao, Alberto Dapidran “Bobby” Pacquiao (also called the “The Sniper”) had his ups and downs during a career in which he went 31-15-3 between 1997 and 2008.

In the early going the inconsistent Pacquiao lost three to Raffy Aladi and was KOd by the then up and coming Jimrex Jaca in 2001. But he bounced back to go 3-1-1 against the well-traveled and tough Baby Lorona Jr. before being taken out by a body shot by Fahprakorb Rakkiatgym (48-3) in a bid for the IBF Pan Pacific featherweight title in beautiful Pattaya, Thailand in February 2005.

Four months later the other Pacquiao stunned the boxing world when he KOd Carlos Navarro in Friant, California to grab the WBC Continental Americas super featherweight title. He followed this up with a win over Carlos “El Famosa” Hernandez, also in 2005, and this set the stage for arguably his career-defining fight against 39-year-old Kevin “The Flushing Flash” Kelley in June 2006. The Sniper delivered by brutalizing and dimming the Flash for a fourth round TKO at Madison Square Garden. The thing was, when Bobby was good, he was quite good, but when he was bad, he was very bad.

The Sniper continued to snipe in the Unites States but without as much success. In a November 16, 2006 match and with his title at stake, Bobby fought Hector Velazquez but was stripped of his title for being three pounds overweight. Bobby was attempting to duplicate his brother’s victory over Velazquez, who was knocked out two years prior by Pac Man

The fight itself, while close, was foul-plagued and marked by less-than-compelling performances as both combatants perpetrated numerous elbows, low blows, butts, shoulder shots, and arm twists, but Pacquiao was the more active perp and was warned endless times before finally being disqualified by referee Kenny Bayless in the 11th round. Reportedly, Hector was rushed to the hospital after the fight preventing him from celebrating his win. Pacquiao was leading on two of the three judges’ scorecards through 10 rounds, 95-93 and 94-93; Velazquez held the lead on the third 94-93. Had Bobby won the bout the title would have been declared vacant, but in the end Bobby lived up to his less-than-glorious reputation of someone who was too capable of blowing winnable bouts. Here is future politician Bobby explaining that the low blows were not low blows:

The Velasquez debacle was the beginning of the end for Pacquiao who was then iced by Humberto Soto (40-5-2) at the Garden. However, he stopped Fernando Trejo, was waxed in the first round by Urbano Antillon (21-0) in Las Vegas, beat Decho Kokietgym in Cebu City, and finally lost to so-so North American Boxing Association lightweight champion Robert “Red Hot” Frankel a the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California in 2008, after which he called it a career.

Undoubtedly, Bobby will forever be remembered as “that other Pacquiao.” But before any tears are shed, it should be noted that Bobby was elected as councilor of the Labangal district in General Santos City. According to the ABS-CBN network, not only did Bobby win, but his wife Lorelei was re-elected as chairman of the same district.

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  1. Ted 11:38am, 03/28/2014

    Big Walter, Nothing!

  2. Ezra 09:02pm, 03/26/2014

    I read somewhere that GGG said his brother Max was actually the more talented brother between them. But he didn’t hit quite as hard and didn’t have as much passion for the sport.

  3. Kurt 06:04pm, 03/26/2014

    For the sake of equal time,  why don’t you do a nice story on Jeff Mayweathers stellar boxing career.

  4. rick 03:11pm, 03/26/2014

    i never took him seriously, bobby pacquiao as a boxer but i do like to watch him fight being the brother of pacquiao who is not a good boxer but can win sometimes in a big way.

  5. Eric 12:53pm, 03/26/2014

    @Big Walter, We’re no better, look at our last couple of POTUS, Dumbya & Odunga.  And what qualified Arnie to run a state like California, which at the time had the 7th largest economy in the world. Jesse Ventura?? I’m waiting for the “Naitch” Rick Flair to run for prez. Woooooooooooooooooooooo!!

  6. Big Walter 12:42pm, 03/26/2014

    Here you go:

    “Bobby Pacquiao wins election in the Philippines
    “The Pacquiao family political dynasty in the Philippines continued its rise as Manny Pacquiao’s brother, former lightweight boxer Bobby Pacquiao (31-15-3, 16 KOs), was elected as councilor of the Labangal district in General Santos City. According to the ABS-CBN network, not only did Bobby win, Bobby’s wife Lorelei was re-elected as chairman of the same district and another Pacquiao brother, Rogelio Pacquiao, was reelected as chairman of Apopong district. Of course, Manny Pacquiao is a congressman and his wife Jinkee is vice-governor of the Sarangani Province.”

    What exactly qualifies these people to run a country?

  7. kid vegas 11:54am, 03/26/2014

    What’s with this Philippines stuff, Bull? Don’t get me wrong. It’s darn good but It is somewhat different for you to travel on the Pinoy Highway.

  8. Meinhard Schmidt 11:29am, 03/26/2014

    Rocchigiani, the older one, Ralf was maybe the greater talent but he loved cigarettes maybe as much (or more) than boxing.

  9. Tex Hassler 10:50am, 03/26/2014

    I watched a number of Bobby’s fights on TV some years ago. You are correct, “When he was good he was very good and when he was bad he was very bad.” He did come to fight fair or foul.

  10. Ted 09:58am, 03/26/2014

    And the Galaxy’s

  11. Ted 09:58am, 03/26/2014

    Good ones Erik. Robbie very good. He once beat Duran. Holmes had very good record if memory serves me correct. 38-1

    Of course we must not forget the Bobick brothers. Or the Roccichugani’s *spelling) in Germany.

  12. Eric 09:50am, 03/26/2014

    Mark Holmes, and Hagler’s half-brother Robbie Sims.

  13. Ted 08:43am, 03/26/2014

    Don’t forget the Petersons and the Charlos Also, the Klits and the Fury’s. Actually, Roger Leonard wasn’t all that bad.

  14. Eric 08:27am, 03/26/2014

    Rahman Ali, Roger Leonard, Bobby Quarry, and now Bobby Pacquiao. The Spinks and Klitschkos are a rare breed.

  15. Ted 06:53am, 03/26/2014

    Thanks. I try

  16. dollarbond 06:38am, 03/26/2014

    Another one about Filipino boxers.  Keep ‘em coming.  You are a walking encyclopedia about boxing.

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