The Best Judge in Boxing

By Ted Sares on March 13, 2013
The Best Judge in Boxing
When Julie Lederman first hit the scene, cries of nepotism and politics accompanied her.

If this article had been written years ago, chances are pretty good the name Lederman would have appeared—Harold Lederman to be precise…

“She is the best judge in our household.”—Harold Lederman

If this article had been written years ago, chances are pretty good the name Lederman would have appeared—Harold Lederman to be precise—but he is now a commentator for HBO.

There are many fine judges doing their thing these days, but to name a few is to risk excluding others. Nevertheless, Glen Feldman, Dave Moretti, Joe Pasquale, Hubert Earle, Raul Caiz Jr., Steve Weisfeld (now apparently retired), Benoit Roussel, and a few others quickly come to mind. Connecticut, in particular, seems to use a number of excellent ringside officials and so does Quebec Province.

Others like C.J. Ross, Duane Ford, and Gale Van Hoy also come to mind but for a different reason.

Matt Podgorski, who has officiated amateur and professional boxing as a judge, referee and timekeeper since the fall of 1998, became one of the youngest officials to officiate a world title fight when he judged a bout for a WBF cruiserweight championship in 1999. He has now developed The Pod Index which brings “an objective metric to a subjective activity.” Hopefully, it also means judging the judges based on consistency of performance.

The metric has been refined to now include a breakdown of consistency within each category of fight competitiveness. The competitiveness of the fights is calculated by looking at the difference between the fighters’ total scores. A competitiveness index is then calculated for each bout, whereby the lower the score, the closer the match was. Competitiveness Index scores of 1 or less fall into the most competitive category; scores of 1-2 are considered somewhat competitive; while scores over 2.0 are less competitive.

From my own subjective perspective, one judge does stand out and her name is Lederman, Julie Lederman to be precise. When she first hit the scene, cries of nepotism and politics accompanied her, but those complaints have long since evaporated. These days, when a boxer enters the ring and sees this attractive young lady with flowing blond hair at ringside, he can rest assured that if the fight goes the distance, he will get a fair shake.  Julie Lederman has become a master of her craft.

Lederman also consistently ranks first on the Pod Index suggesting that by any measurement, Julie, in a case of the apple not falling far from the tree, may well be the best judge in boxing. 

Matt’s Disclaimer: “We are not claiming that judges with low Pod Index Scores are bad judges. The Pod Index is simply a measurement of round by round variation compared to other judges.”

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  1. Your Namelol 10:22pm, 12/13/2014


  2. the thresher 09:47am, 04/02/2013

    There is a hot rumor—based on solid sources—that Julie might be inducted into the NJ Boxing Hall of Fame. If so, congratulations and thanks for the validatation of my assessment of you as a great judge.

  3. the thresher 07:54am, 03/14/2013

    Can’t say that I have.

  4. dollarbond 07:46am, 03/14/2013

    I think she is a class act.  Never gets in the news, but just goes about doing her job.  Ever meet her, Ted?

  5. walt 09:13pm, 03/13/2013

    I totally agree, Ted. None better, though I like Joe Pasquale as well

  6. pugknows 08:23pm, 03/13/2013

    Absolutely positively the best.

  7. the thresher 05:53pm, 03/13/2013

    And the Texas Commission needs to be rotor rooted when it comes to judges!

  8. the thresher 05:44pm, 03/13/2013

    It sure does. It needs to bring new judges into the picture and train them with seminars and certifications. Consistently bad judges need to be held accoutable by the state commissions, especially when a score is way off from the other two judges.

    Teddy Atlas has some pretty good ideas on this, but he needs to be more anayltical and less emotional about the subject. The key is accountability.

  9. Tex Hassler 05:31pm, 03/13/2013

    I will take Harold’s word for it and if he says she is the best, Julie is the best. Now that I think of it the good judges do not get any publicity but the bad ones do. Boxing needs competent judges like Julie Lederman.

  10. the thresher 12:03pm, 03/13/2013

    And thanks to Matt as well. His dad Pete, btw, is one very fine referee in Chicago and grew up in my old neighborhood.

  11. David Ball 12:00pm, 03/13/2013

    Always like to hear Julie’s name when judges are announced, its a sure sign that at least one of the three will be fair and unbiased. The Pod Index is a welcome addition also, as much for exposing the worst offenders as it is for recognizing the best. Thanks for the heads up Ted!

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