The Bible of Bad Editing

By Clarence George on November 5, 2013
The Bible of Bad Editing
Following a much-needed and well-deserved shot of Talisker, I assessed the situation.

I came across Doug Fischer’s breakdown of Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios’ strengths and weaknesses…

“Mistakes are the portals of discovery.”—James Joyce

“Oh please!”—Clarence George

In reading the December issue of the Ring, I came across Doug Fischer’s breakdown of Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios’ strengths and weaknesses, in anticipation of their championship bout at the Venetian Resort in Macau on November 23.

Fischer compares the two fighters across 20 categories, such as Hand Speed and Footwork. Well…not quite. Without so much as a by your leave, five of the categories—Body Punching, Infighting Skills, Athleticism, Endurance, and Ability to Slip and Block Punches—compare…Floyd Mayweather Jr. with Saul Alvarez! Imagine my confusion when having just finished reading that “Rios delivers some of the best uppercuts (both left and right) in the sport,” I’m immediately and unexpectedly informed that “Mayweather is not known for his body punches, but he occasionally sneaks them into his combinations, and he’s just as accurate with them as he is head shots.” 

Fischer’s take on Mayweather’s body-punching skills may be on target…and Ingemar Johansson may have had the most thunderous right hand in the history of the heavyweight division. Fine and dandy, but what either opinion has to do with the Pacquiao-Rios bout escapes me.

The flummoxing process continued upon reading that “Alvarez has very good punch blocking and slipping ability, which he demonstrated in his distance bouts with Shane Mosley and Trout,” followed by “Pacquiao isn’t always in 100 percent shape for his fights, but even at 80 percent he’s in better condition than most world class boxers.”

What the…?

Following a much-needed and well-deserved shot of Talisker, I calmly assessed the situation. Three possibilities occurred to me. First, Fischer wrote the article shortly after viewing Monty Python’s “Confuse-a-Cat” sketch. Second, Fischer was planting a seed in the fertile mind of Bob Arum—tag-team boxing. Third, the editing over at “The Bible of Boxing” leaves something to be desired.

I reluctantly dismissed the first possibility, though it would have been my excuse, and the second, because I have yet to come to terms with bitch mittens, never mind tag teams. So that leaves us with the third—bad editing…really, really bad editing.

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  1. andrew 06:30pm, 10/28/2015

    Clarence: I’m impressed you used ‘nonplussed’ correctly and didn’t commit the editorial faux pas referred to in modern dictionaries:

    -Often misused as meaning unfazed, but actually means bewildered.
    ‘English majors are nonplussed about how “nonplussed” has, over time, become so misused.’

  2. Clarence George 09:20am, 11/07/2013

    Absolutely right, Mike.

    While I’m not as down on the “Ring” as appear to be some of my esteemed colleagues, there’s no doubt that the old gray mare…well, she ain’t what she used to be.

  3. Mike Casey 09:02am, 11/07/2013

    Clarence, what angers professional journalists like me is that any old fool can call himself an editor these days - on the Internet especially. It took me 15 years to graduate to that title and master its countless disciplines - including many tedious courses on the libel laws. Fleischer would weep if he could see his old magazine today.

  4. Clarence George 08:54am, 11/07/2013

    Thank you, Mike!

    I must say that I found myself thoroughly nonplussed by the whole business.  After all, it’s not a matter of a misplaced comma.  When I read a comparison between Pacquiao and Rios, I don’t expect a detailed analysis of Mayweather’s endurance or Alvarez’s athleticism.

    I’m sure there’ll be an apology in the next issue, but it’s really inexcusable.  How can the powers-that-be over at the “Ring” miss such a glaring mistake?  Speaks volumes.

  5. Mike Casey 08:11am, 11/07/2013

    A subject dear to my heart, Clarence - well said!

  6. Pete The Sneak 06:45am, 11/06/2013

    Touche’ Bastardo, Touche’...Peace.

  7. EBM 06:39am, 11/06/2013

    Ola Sneak. We have race car flag chicks, we have ring card girls, we have impossibly wonderful pro volleyball “athletic” attire, we have female Champions like Bopp weighing in with their lingerie attire, we have, ah we have, ah we have… Clarence George bump and grinder articles- no Judy, no Judy!!!! You know Sir that after all the post comments we have had back and forth the past few years that I respect you as well as a Carlos Ortiz right hand to the noggin, and that is substantial- but your comment has left both I and the fair Judy completely deflated!!!!

  8. Pete The Sneak 06:06am, 11/06/2013

    Bastardo Del Magnifico, I think the ‘Bible of Boxing’ did indeed see that you perhaps had some sort of advertising chicanery planned (believe me, they peruse and may have been witness to some of your past marketing ploys) in your wishes to buy space for an ad. And if your fearless editor wants to maintain that ‘Editor Numero Uno’ status that he so deservedly earned, then he will be well advised to stay the hell away from any future Bastardo commercial/promotional ideas for…Inflatable Judy Doll indeed…LOL…Peace.

  9. El Bastardo Magnifico 08:02pm, 11/05/2013

    And if you believe that then you also believe that Sergio Martinez is going to fight GGG next year

  10. BIKERMIKE 07:19pm, 11/05/2013

    brandon rios….right….that’s the guy’s name….

    Kind of like Saskatchewan attacking the United States of America….

    ......brave…bold….and ......defeated !!

  11. Clarence George 06:46pm, 11/05/2013

    If you’re going to comment, Ted, you really have to learn to speak your mind.

    EBM…what a fantastic imagination!

  12. El Bastardo Magnifico 05:02pm, 11/05/2013

    C.G this just in. Apparently Cowboy Lattrell, after kicking Dempsey in the balls, made his way over to visit Nat Fleischer at The Ring Magazine head offices. While Nat was working on his top ten list for Heavies, which excludes “Clay,” the Cowboy snuck into The Ring Mags warehouse and took as a collectable, a big Ring Mag sign, “Shoplifters will be Prostituted.” An unidentified source, and this is hearsay and rumouroids of the woist kind of course, advises that the sign now hangs in an abandoned barn in the Northern most point of Mongolia, which serves as a Regional Office of the WBC and storage space for Diamond Belts yet to be handed out- so the rumour goes anyways…...

  13. Ted 04:10pm, 11/05/2013

    Yeah, make that tweenkers

  14. Ted 04:03pm, 11/05/2013

    Retech Son, why they became conflicted, of course.

  15. The Fight Film Collector 04:02pm, 11/05/2013

    Hey Mister, You try typing with 8 ounce gloves and see how well you spella!

  16. Ted 04:00pm, 11/05/2013

    bad editing…really, really bad editing. is right. Plus the Ring is a totally conflicted piece of crap—though I do like Lee Groves.  Look, some of the most notorious tweak, twits, and twerps are boxing writers who have little, if any sense of boxing history so why should you (we) be shocked. These guys who flaunt their “credentials” are bile inducing, puke provoking, and bowel loosening. The Ring is Exhibit number one. I won’t get into specific names or sites just now. Suffice it to say that most editing is horrendous.

    Now this all said, I’d say Old Poultney 17 is good direction in which to go.

  17. Clarence George 02:23pm, 11/05/2013

    Oh, I can suppository with the best of ‘em, EBM.  And I agree with you about Fukuda.

    Sid James, Glenn?  Cor, blimey!  I’ll tell you who I thought was hilarious (though he’s not that well known in this country, and probably not in Australia):  Louis de Funes.

  18. GlennR 02:00pm, 11/05/2013

    Another fan EBM! Great to hear.

    Yep, i truly believe that watching Carry On movies as a child gave me an upbeat view of the world and Sid (to this day) was a hero of mine….. when in doubt have a laugh!

  19. El Bastardo Magnifico 01:51pm, 11/05/2013

    Mr James—YES—Carry On Purist here with my pound for pound top five—1)Carry on Abroad—hot hot hot Barbara Windsor done limey style 2) Carry on Nurse 3) Carry on Screaming 4)  Carry on Matron 5) Carry on Doctor and Carry on Nudist Colony—a tie—one had more staying power but the other go to the point real quick

  20. GlennR 01:24pm, 11/05/2013

    Ahhh Clarence, Terry Thomas, Young Frankenstein….. i think we were twins separated at birth.

    Now if you find Sid James the funniest man in the world that will confirm it

  21. El Bastardo Magnifico 12:48pm, 11/05/2013

    Well Sir you are a suppository of information I must say. I will say this about The Ring Magazine, but then again, as a wee yoot I said the same thing about Playboy, I like the photos. They are very lucky to have ONE OF THE BEST FIGHT PHOTOGRAPHERS HANDS DOWN IN NAOKI FUKUDA

  22. Clarence George 12:41pm, 11/05/2013

    Ha!  Good guesses, EBM, but no cigar.  Wasn’t Terry-Thomas hilarious in “Munster, Go Home”?  But when wasn’t he?  Anyway, the answer is…“Young Frankenstein.”

  23. El Bastardo Magnifico 12:32pm, 11/05/2013

    This is boxing—quiet dignity and grace gets you fucked big time.  You have me on the movie quote. Was it Herman Munster in “Munsters Go Home.” A line from “Laugh In”—I am grasping here Amigo

  24. Clarence George 12:26pm, 11/05/2013

    The very warp and woof of my existence, EBM, is to praise Robert.  But I usually do it behind the scenes, with quiet dignity and grace.  Quick, EBM, name the movie!

  25. Clarence George 12:22pm, 11/05/2013

    Good Lord!  Does that mean Bernard Hopkins is the power behind the throne?

    I actually like Fischer (though Rosenthal’s self-righteousness is unbearable), but the magazine is very badly edited.  This was a particularly egregious, albeit amusing, example.

  26. El Bastardo Magnifico 12:21pm, 11/05/2013


  27. El Bastardo Magnifico 12:18pm, 11/05/2013

    Maybe an Alien abduction took place

  28. Clarence George 12:11pm, 11/05/2013

    I’ll put it on my to-drink list, Matt.  One of the best places to find a large variety of single malts is Keens Steakhouse.  I loved the Orkney Islands…felt very much like Richard Hannay, I can tell you.

    Retech Son:  Michael Rosenthal is the editor and Doug Fischer the associate editor.

  29. Retech Son 12:02pm, 11/05/2013

    What happen to the people that currently run this magazine?

  30. Matt McGrain 12:01pm, 11/05/2013

    Skye is the most beautiful place in the world IMO.  You tried the Old Poultney 17?  It’s about 20 bucks more (£) but it’s a companion piece.

  31. Clarence George 11:58am, 11/05/2013

    Thank you, EBM.  Your comments and observations remind me of one of my favorite Mike Casey articles, “Welcome to Wonderland.”

    My favorite single-malt Scotch, Matt.  I had the pleasure of touring the distillery on the Isle of Skye.

  32. Matt McGrain 11:50am, 11/05/2013

    Talisker 10 is one of your great value drams.

  33. El Bastardo Magnifico 11:40am, 11/05/2013

    1) We have the best Editor/Writer hands down—nobody compares and frankly without him this whole site is/ would be in deep sheeeeet 2) The Ring is a Magazine which a man may take home with him. He may leave it in his library table safe in the knowledge that it does not contain one line either in the text or the advertisements which would be offensive…” I believe those were the words above the picture of the worlds best pound for pound list maker of all time, owner of The Ring at the time Nat Fleischer—offensive—that would be the tie in US Boxing Tourney promoted by Don King with amongst other gems, including ratings of the most creative sort, Scotty Ledoux getting it big time on ABC sports loss over J. Black Knight Boudreaux—the fight where Scotty kicked Howard Cosell’s toupee off his noggin!!! and also that I probably liked Steve Farhood and company at World Boxing Mag because they ran the full page Judy inflatable doll add—she was hot Clarence—hot hot hot 3) Michael Rosenthal wrote and article a while back how we boxing folk all need to cooperate yada yada—well Sir Clarence being the Bastardo that I am I called their Ad department THREE FUCKING TIMES AND LEFT A MESSAGE—I was from and wanted to enquire about placing a full page add—FUCK THE RING—I NEVER GOT A CALL BACK AND THAT IS THE SPIRIT OF MY CO-OPERATION 4) This is quirky but a darn funny write up. hee hee hee PS on that ad I had a vision seeing if I could secure the rights to that Judy Inflatable ad and putting a big banner across something or other “—bigger, bolder and going where no Man has maybe gone Before and leave it anywhere safe in the knowledge that you are sure to offend somebody.” What ya think, all in the spirit of cooperation that is?? Maybe the boys and girls at The Ring had a thought about my ad and said no fooking way, this guy sounds like a big fooking Problem Boner!!!

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