The Big Oops

By Robert Ecksel on February 22, 2015
The Big Oops
One needn't be a big fight fan to know the difference between Bradley and Mayweather.

No one expected the corporate media, the corporate media as exemplified by the LA Times, to screw up as they have…

Do all black men look alike? I don’t think so. Maybe that’s why I don’t work for the Los Angeles Times.

With the recent announcement regarding the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, one of the fears that has been expressed is that those with no connection to boxing will feel compelled to add their two cents.

It’s a reasonable fear, insofar as any fear is reasonable. But no one expected the corporate media, the corporate media as exemplified by the Los Angeles Times, to screw up as they have.

In an article in Saturday’s times titled “CBS Chief Executive Moonves has key matchmaking roll,” the soon-to-be-unemployed photo editor selected photos of Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley, who is mistakenly identified as Floyd Mayweather, to accompany the article.

One needn’t be a huge fight fan to know what Floyd Mayweather looks like.

Consciousness, or failing that sobriety, ought to be enough.

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  1. Eric 07:18am, 02/24/2015

    This story had me thinking about an episode on the Howard Stern television show back in the ‘90’s. They had a Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and maybe someone from Southeast Asia appear in a lineup and the panel tried to match up each person to their respective ethnicity. No one achieved the task of guessing 100% accurately.

  2. nicolas 10:02pm, 02/23/2015

    Many years ago I spoke to someone about Floyd’s popularity or being known. I pointed out not everyone knew who he was, many more young people did.  I was surprised to learn how many people knew who he was, but I think the other person may have been suppressed about how many people did not know who he was, especially older people.

  3. Aztec Warrior 03:52pm, 02/23/2015

    NY Irish, you made my day…..that was funny!!

  4. Eric 10:36am, 02/23/2015

    Black Male, Slight/Muscular Build, 5’6”-5’8”, Bald, 30-ish. I could easily see how Bradley & Floyd could get mistaken for each other by the general public. Floyd could go outside of the United States, sans his posse & ginormous bodyguards, and walk the streets for days before someone would recognize him.

  5. NYIrish 09:13am, 02/23/2015

    I bet Floyd spit out a truckload of MFKRs when he saw that pic! Lol.

  6. Eric 07:19pm, 02/22/2015

    @Jim Crue… You could be right. Boxing isn’t mainstream anymore. It is a second tier sport at best, probably a third tier sport. Being the most well known boxer in 2015 is probably on par with being the most well known tennis player to people who don’t follow either sport. I would even say of the two, Manny is more recognizable than Floyd to people who don’t follow boxing or sports in general.

  7. Jim Crue 07:03pm, 02/22/2015

    This is actually very funny. I wonder what the self professed TBE thinks about this.
    And I disagree Robert. Almost no one who is not a boxing fan knows who Floyd is.

  8. The Tache 10:32am, 02/22/2015

    Oh come on, embarrassing mistake for sure, but can you imagine the blow to his ego. Almost as bad as losing the fight. Hilarious example of piss poor journalism.
    If I was Bradley I would demand a retraction.

  9. Eric 07:22am, 02/22/2015

    Lyin’ Brian, some hack saying Bill O’LIElly lied, and now this example of journalism professionalism. A lot of people have known the media is full of it for a long time now, but now everyone is seeing it for themselves.

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