The Case of Tommy Morrison

By Dennis Taylor on September 15, 2015
The Case of Tommy Morrison
This interview might be the tip of an iceberg that turns out to be a blockbuster scandal.

Listen to the dogged determination of Trisha Harding-Morrison who made a deathbed promise to her famous husband…

When Tommy “The Duke” Morrison died in September of 2013, speculation that AIDS was the cause was widespread—a perception that still exists today—but Morrison’s widow, Trisha Harding-Morrison, has been fighting for two years to prove it’s all bogus.

Morrison lost the final years of his boxing career to a diagnosis by the Nevada State Boxing Commission that he was HIV-positive, a result that not only made him poison to promoters, but also rendered him persona non grata in his tiny, ultra-conservative hometown of Jay, Oklahoma.

Trisha Harding-Morrison joined The Ringside Boxing Show on Sept. 13, 2015, to discuss compelling evidence that the Nevada commission blew the original diagnosis, and has since conspired to cover up the mistake.

She spoke to us on the eve of a court date in Las Vegas, where, acting as her own lawyer, she planned to take on a battery of high-powered attorneys representing the Nevada State Boxing Commission, it’s well-known former ringside physician, Dr. Margaret Goodman, and the man who signed off on her husband’s HIV diagnosis on behalf of Quest Laboratories, Dr. John Hiatt, whom, she says, doesn’t hold a medical license at all.

This interview might be the tip of an iceberg that turns out to be a blockbuster scandal, uncovered by the dogged determination of a widow who made a deathbed promise to her famous husband.

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  1. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 05:10am, 09/16/2015

    Eric-You got that right!

  2. Eric 01:53pm, 09/15/2015

    I always found it odd how much Tommy denied having AIDS/HIV. I remember when the first cases of HIV started appearing in the early 80’s in America, it was thought to be a disease that existed only in the homosexual community.  I might be able to understand Morrison’s behavior had he been diagnosed with the disease in 1984, but by 1995, AIDS/HIV had long lost the stigma of being a disease aquired through homsexual sex only. Morrison had so much potential, probably even more than Gerry Cooney, both should have, and could have been champions. I know that Morrison was the WBO champ, but I won’t count that title. However, I still can’t believe that Morrison didn’t make the all-time top 100 heavyweights on a list done on this site. Morrison would have destroyed about half of that list of heavyweights. One of the best left hooks of all-time. I hope Tommy finally found the peace he was looking for, RIP Mr. Morrison.

  3. KB 09:26am, 09/15/2015

    I agree 100% with the Tache

  4. The Tache 08:42am, 09/15/2015

    The telling point for me is the fact she is representing herself. In a country famous for its culture of sueing for anything, you can’t tell me that if there was any sort of case, there wouldn’t be a string of lawyers waiting to get their cut of the damages.
    If he didn’t really have HIV then it would have been fairly simple to get more tests done, which would have confirmed the truth of the matter.

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