The Cobra’s Mack Attack

By Robert Ecksel on August 28, 2012
The Cobra’s Mack Attack
Froch may be a monster, but it looks like Rachael Cordingley can more than hold her own.

Everyone was wondering who Carl Froch would fight next. The IBF super middleweight champion raised the bar by always fighting the best of the best. Most of us assumed, perhaps incorrectly, that that high standard would continue.

Froch’s next opponent will be 32-year-old Yusaf Mack.

Mack fights out of Philly and has been campaigning as a light heavyweight for five years. He may be bigger than Froch, but he is not better than Froch. Nor is he better than Lucian Bute, Andre Ward, Glen Johnson, Arthur Abraham, Mikkel Kessler, Andre Dirrell, Jermain Taylor and Jean Pascal.

The two men will meet on Nov. 17 in Nottingham, England.

There is unanimity regarding the selection of Mack. Almost everybody agrees that (1) Froch will defeat Mack going away, and (2) The Cobra has earned the right to a routine challenge.

We agree with number one. We wonder about number two.

It’s up to Froch to decide if he wants an easy fight or not. It’s his choice. It’s his career. It’s his life. But if he wants an easy fight he should have an easy fight by instigating a spat with Rachael Cordingley.

Froch may be a monster, but it looks like Cordingley can more than hold her own, especially in the clinches.

Personally, we would rather see Froch in a tough fight. A tough fight would cement his legacy. It would continue to grow his fan base. It would show Froch at his best. And a tough fight, more importantly, would leave the lovely Rachael unscathed.

In Defense of Carl Froch

The Cobra has heard the complaints about Yusaf Mack and wants to set the record straight.

“Yusaf’s a very big, strong guy,” Froch told the Daily Star. “He’s actually a light heavyweight, so he’s going to be big and strong and provide a different kind of test for me. I know it’s not going to be easy against anybody ranked in the top 10.”

Froch has a point. It’s never easy, no matter who the opponent is. Should Froch has an off night, and who among us has not, Mack might run over the IBF super middleweight champ.

“You have to remember Yusaf Mack is fighting Carl Froch, so he’s going to turn up 25 per cent better than when he fights anybody else.

“He’s got to come to my backyard, but it is his world title fight. He has to make sure he’s in the best possible shape and turn up and give a career-best performance.”

We hope Mack gives a career-best performance—for his sake, for Froch’s sake, and for our own.

“He’s fighting for his life, so I have to make sure I prepare meticulously to get myself in the same shape I was when I challenged Lucian Bute for the world title.”

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  1. Your Name 10:06am, 09/04/2012

    Based on the Andrade fight, I’d say Mack has no heart. Froch will put him down and out and be home for dinner.

  2. Mike Casey 08:06am, 08/30/2012

    Is that a gun you’re hiding under that belt or are you just pleased to see me?

  3. raxman 05:40pm, 08/28/2012

    frankin - i would reckon that froch leads cotto as the current fighter with the best resume vis a vis opponents faced and vanquished - but thats why its a little disappointing that he isn’t sticking with the theme. i think a young hungry fighter who froch trumps with experience would at least make the fight interesting. froch will coast thru the fight with mack - and for his perspective it could be the worse thing for him - it could even result in an upset - maybe? but if he fought groves or degale he’d have to take them seriously but aside from youthful exuberance neither has the tools to beat the cobra at this stage in their careers but they could provide for an entertaining fight - or it could be julian jackson vs terry norris #2

  4. FrankinDallas 04:46pm, 08/28/2012

    Come on, the guy has had the most difficult set of opponents over the past couple years than anyone in the business. Give him an easy one.

    His girlfriend is easy on the eyes, but hard on (no pun intended) the ears.

  5. raxman 04:14pm, 08/28/2012

    irish - i think Grachev walks through Bute like froch did. i’ll be putting money where my keyboard is too. i cleaned up on froch by ko. i watch that sillakh fight again the other day and Grachev took some big shots huh? in fact right before he finished it he wore a big - uppercut i think - anyway it hit with such force it seemed sillakh thought it was so good a shot that he stood back thinking the affect would slow grachev down enough for him to take a breather - but in fact it had the opposite effect, firing Grachev up so that he went right, right, on with it!!

  6. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 03:59pm, 08/28/2012

    Raxman-Looks like Bute has a more dangerous guy in Grachev than Froch does with Mack….maybe not….Denis has the better chin I’d say!

  7. raxman 03:10pm, 08/28/2012

    i stand by what i said to ted the other day - if froch wanted to fight a “less than” opponent, he should’ve given one of the hungry up and coming brit boys a shot. degale or groves - 168 pound weight class has such a historical connection to brit boxing it would seem fitting

    don from prov - until she opens her mouth!! i’m sure the cobra walks around with ear plugs in. and i’m betting she’ll be a right nag in 20years - she may be already - but for now it’d be worth it

  8. Don from Prov 10:17am, 08/28/2012

    Good Lord—that woman is scary-hot!

  9. Don from Prov 09:46am, 08/28/2012

    It’s a tune-up and he’s been a pretty busy fighter.
    Easy is fine, IMO.

    If he REALLY wants a legacy, he needs to figure out how to fight Ward—
    And then get himself a rematch.

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