Haye Fever Cure

By Robert Ecksel on July 15, 2012
Haye Fever Cure
According to Bernd Boente, the likelihood of Haye and Vitali fighting is almost nonexistent.

David Haye wants a crack at Vitali Klitschko.

Still basking in the warmth of his win over Dereck Chisora in London yesterday, Haye made his preference known in the immediate aftermath of the fight. But it takes two to tango and by all appearances Vitali would rather dance with someone else, or not dance at all, than give Haye a big money fight.

The Klitschkos reportedly did not watch Haye vs. Chisora. They decided they had better things to do than to watch “two Klitschko losers,” as Wladimir described them last week. And according to Bernd Boente, the brothers’ manager, the likelihood of Haye and Vitali squaring off is almost nonexistent.

“We offered Haye the fight September,” said Boente, “but he chose to fight Chisora instead because that was easier for him. David probably turned Vitali down because he got more money against Chisora, who is by far the easier opponent. We had a contract ready for Haye, had booked an arena, but he turned us down for a second time. The first time he chose to face Nikolay Valuev instead.”

It’s not only that the Klitschkos, no less than Boente, are fed up with Haye. Vitali is winding down his career and has plans above and beyond boxing on which he’s focusing.
“After fighting Manuel Charr, Vitali goes on the campaign trail for parliamentary election in the Ukraine. He’s the leader for the opposition, UDAR. Should he be elected on October 28 then he will probably stop boxing. For him politics is the future—he wants to fight for democracy. But even if he’s elected, maybe he’ll want to have a farewell fight. At the moment David Haye means nothing to us and Vitali is definitely not afraid of fighting him.”

Boente is a Klitschko partisan and will say whatever partisans say. Still, it’s hard to imagine Vitali is afraid of David Haye, or any man for that matter.

Unlike Vitali and Wladimir, Boente watched the fight and was unimpressed by what he saw.

“I was more disappointed by Chisora’s poor display. He was out of shape and looked in better shape against Vitali. Chisora fought a stupid fight and was completely open. Saying his performance against Chisora was too good, that Vitali won’t want to fight, was typical Haye. He has a big mouth and is like a little dog that yaps.

“We all know the caliber of fighter Vitali has fought in the past, including Lennox Lewis. I’m sure he’s not impressed by that performance.”

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  1. David Matthew 07:01am, 07/20/2012

    Haye UD Vitali

  2. Darrell 12:09am, 07/17/2012

    Now is the obvious time for Haye to beat Vitali.  He certainly couldn’t have conceivably managed it even a couple of years back!  Vitali did look old against Chisora…it will be interesting to see what sort of shape he carries into the Charr fight.  Hopefully it’s not his last fight, I’d love to see him knock Haye out to be honest, nothing against Haye, just that it would be a fitting end to the big man’s boxing career.

    As for style, Vitali is more prepared to mix it if he has to, which brings his power into play.  So though Haye will have more opportunity to land, he will also be hit a lot more, and Vitali is more damaging than Wlad due to the greater volume of hard punches he delivers.

    I wonder how the political “thing” will play out for Vitali?  I don’t believe the same distractions were overly helpful for Pacquiao his last time out.

  3. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 09:09am, 07/16/2012

    Boente got one thing right and that was the piss poor effort of Del Boy ( he’s world class alright but not as a fighter), who actually on more than one occasion threw an overhand limp wristed right slap at Haye…you can’t make this shit up! As for the British boxing fans (40,000 strong in attendance)...they remind me of the wrestling fans who attended Freddie Blassie’s matches years ago and held up signs saying “Bite Freddie Bite!”

  4. the thresher 01:10pm, 07/15/2012

    I think his toe was truly injured, which limited his mobility and caused him to keep flopping to the canvas. Am working on a piece on Haye, but am under the weather at the moment with some kind of grip (old school for bug).

  5. Robert Ecksel 12:57pm, 07/15/2012

    The Thresher—I agree with you about Haye vs. Vitali. Although it’s water under the bridge, I wanted to ask what you think happened to Haye when he fought Wladimir. Was his toe truly injured, which limited his mobility and caused him to keep flopping to the canvas? Or do you think he panicked when he started getting nailed. I’m trying to decipher Haye’s Jekyll and Hyde performances in the ring and maybe you can help.

  6. the thresher 11:24am, 07/15/2012

    Haye would have a very good chance against Vitali based on their respective styles and Vitali’s age.

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