The Czar of Bohol

By Ted Sares on February 13, 2013
The Czar of Bohol
The Aussie of Greek heritage fought with a closed left eye and deep gashes spurting blood.

The Czar, showing great heart, boxed beautifully with jackhammer jabs, hooks, pinpoint left hands, and uppercuts launched from his southpaw stance…

Every time Czar Amonsot (22-3-3) enters the ring there should be concern. Aside from the fact this Australian resident (via Bohol in the Philippines) is an all-out action fighter who will take two to give one, his last loss back in 2007 to Michael “The Great” Katsidis in Las Vegas was an extremely troubling one.

However, Amonsot’s embarrassing defeat to Indonesian Simson “The Terminator” Butar-Butar on September 9, 2006, or less than a year before the Katsidis classic, was almost as troubling. At stake in that one was the vacant WBO Asia Pacific super featherweight title. At the 47-second mark, “The Terminator” terminated Amonsot with a one-punch icing that was as chilling as anything you will ever see. The Czar went down, then got up, then went down and then wobbled and stumbled across the ring in the Filipino version of Queer Street. It was reminiscent of the Berbick-Tyson trifecta. Butar, who did a perfect back somersault to celebrate, has since faded, losing every time he stepped up.

Five months after being KOd by Butar-Butar, Amonsot won a grueling split decision over Korean lightweight champion Da-Woon Jung to regain the vacant WBO Asia Pacific lightweight title in Seoul which ended the South Korean’s career, but may have sent the Czar into the Katsidis bout in less than 100% shape. A visiting fighter winning an SD in Seoul is not a common occurrence.

The Katsidis Fight

“We would like to thank all of the boxing fans who have supported Czar and his family with their thoughts and prayers over the past few days.”—Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer

“These things happen in boxing, yet it’s never something that I become desensitized to. It puts into perspective just how tough these fighters are, and how risky a career choice they’ve made…Bad Left Hook sends our best wishes to Czar Amonsot and his loved ones.”—BLH

“Boxing is war, and in war you have to be prepared to die.”—Gerald McClellan

In this head-banging slugfest, Amonsot, 21, was knocked down in the second and 10th rounds and lost a close unanimous decision to Katsidis (23-0) in an interim lightweight title bout on the Bernard Hopkins-Winky Wright undercard.

The Czar, showing great heart, boxed beautifully with jackhammer jabs, hooks, pinpoint left hands, and uppercuts launched from his southpaw stance. The stronger Katsidis landed the heavier blows, but he could not overpower and take out Amonsot. The Aussie of Greek heritage fought with a closed left eye and deep gashes spurting blood. He often threw clusters of 15-20 unanswered punches at the Filipino, but the Czar would answer with his own sharp head snapping returns. It was violent back and forth action throughout.

After the rousing and gory brawl, Amonsot was taken to a local hospital upon the precautionary advice of ringside officials. The advice turned out to be sound as a tiny brain bleed was discovered during an MRI exam. Brain bleeds, no matter how tiny, have not-so-tiny implications—one of which is that a boxer probably should never fight again.

Manager Michael Aldaguer said “Czar has been released from the hospital and will arrive back in Manila on Saturday morning…Under Nevada rules, any fighter suffering a subdural hematoma, no matter how small, can’t be licensed in the state. Amonsot’s career, at least in the United States, is probably over…”

Michael “The Great” has been in any number of closet classic but none was better than this. In fact, this fight was bookended by the legendary Graham Earl bout in 2007 in which Earl’s corner threw in the towel only to have it thrown back by the referee. As Katsidis closed in for the kill, he was decked by Earl vindicating the referee’s action.

The other bookend was the all-out brawl with Joel Casamayor in 2008 where a rampaging Michael was caught by a crunching hook that snapped his head back in a frightening manner.

Fast forward to January 31, 2009

For Amonsot, the Katsidis fight earned him great popularity in his hometown of Bohol. Thus, amazingly and before a large and enthusiastic crowd at the jam-packed Island City Mall car park in Tagbilaran City, Bohol’s own homeboy showed no signs of his take-it-to-the-brink war with Australia’s Katsidis in July 2007, as he slaughtered Indonesian opponent Zoel Fidal in five rounds in a card dubbed ‘They Are Back.’ A strong body shot dropped Fidal for the first time in the second and then a slashing left cross sent him crashing to the deck in the fifth stanza where referee Delbert Peligrino then counted out the overmatched Indonesian.

What has happened between the Katsidis war and the Fidal bout that could allow “The Czar of Bohol” to fight again? For one thing, the southpaw from Bohol still showcases a powerful right hook and showed no ring rust in his training. Moreover, the long layoff since the Katsidis affair gave his body and mind time to rest. But more to the point, a series of tests including MRI’s and CT scans plus a clearance from noted neurosurgeon Dr. Almario Jabson and the Philippine Games and Amusements Board allowed the all-action southpaw to fight Fidal

Ronnie Nathanielsz reported on, dated January 6, 2009, as follows:

“…The MRI signed by pathologist Mary Jo Sarino Alfonso M.D. said the ‘comparative evaluation reveals complete clearing the previously reported focal area of abnormal signals’ and that there was ‘no demonstrable intra or extra cerebral hemorrhage.’

“The findings showed ‘complete resolution of the previously reported cortical hemorrhage in the left temporal and left occipital lobe regions’ and that there was ‘no evidence of intra or extra-cerebral hemorrhage.’ The MRI also showed ‘no demonstrable intracranial mass or signal abnormality…’”

The Future

“I know of only a couple commissions willing to stand up and prevent a fighter from competing before it is too late.”—Dr. Margaret Goodman

“The Czar of Bohol” has gone 4-0-2 against since his battle with Michael Katsidis. His next fight is scheduled for February 21, 2013 against Aussie (via Ethiopia) Addisu Tebebu (5-2-3) for the Australian light welterweight title. Tebebu had a six-year layoff between 2005 and 2011 and has gone 2-0-3 since his last loss to none other than Michael Katsidis in 2005.

The officials in Australia and the Philippines apparently feel any lingering questions about The Czar’s medical condition have been erased, but perhaps they need a fresh perspective. And now maybe they can get that from Michael Katsidis who has a story to tell and soon will be telling it. I hope The Czar hears it.

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  1. the thresher 03:11pm, 02/14/2013

    Naw, I would not worry about it Mike

    The Street is here to stay.

  2. bikermike 11:55am, 02/14/2013

    Thresher….ffs we even got politically correct on this site…....queer street is not a sexual phenomenum…it is what happens when you get hit…usually when you didn’t see it coming…and your brain doesn’t catch up to your skull rotation…and you start to count daffodils….with your hands down…and your knees locked

    this is when the ref is supposed to stop the fight…but some of the refs never got that memo

  3. the thresher 11:48am, 02/14/2013

    Yes a lot of the old gang has come over. I still post on ESB and BLH under my aliases because I have a lot of friends over there, but ever since ESB changed its format, it has been losing a lot of posters.

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    Ted….you’re right…..lots better discourse about boxing ..on this site….than esb…at least now.

    Some very ...very intelligent and well researched articles….actually…all of the articles are intelligent and well researched…

    I’m another convert….but I still get to slam a couple of tequilas ...before I go out for my run in the morning….

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    Thanks bikermike

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    I thought about a lot of things after reading this pearl ...buddy….and I only ask you to keep ‘em coming

    Thanks Ted

  7. bikermike 11:36am, 02/14/2013

    not proud about it ..but I got knocked stupid a time or two….

    Boxing…got clocked in sparring twice…where i found more daffodils in the gym than ever before….. a match…was winning…my last match…last round…three minutes is a long time…...and as crude as I was…I was winning…

    .got the guy to go towards his corner…and was jabbing him…followed up by my wild right hands..and he timed me.. I lurched into his perfectly timed head butt…..and he flurried me out of the match…

    Football…got hammered six times…..over ten years…

    Bar brawls… beat some….and won some…...never got clocked…legal or otherwise

  8. the thresher 10:06am, 02/14/2013

    Huh! It’s Queer Street!!

  9. pugknows 10:01am, 02/14/2013

    That KO of the Czar was something. Man, he was on Queer Aveue!

  10. the thresher 06:38pm, 02/13/2013

    Sam, Vegas has the best testing on this but most commssions are filled with hacks who could care less.

  11. Sam 1969 03:10pm, 02/13/2013

    Very simple, they have anti-doping test well I don’t see why the boxers cannot have a general test before and after every fight, and I don’t care how hardheaded they could be, take it or not fight that easy.

  12. Tex Hassler 12:52pm, 02/13/2013

    We all know at this time there is no way to keep a check on boxers for brain damage nor does it seem as you mentioned that many boxing commissions are willing to step in and prevent damaged boxers from continuing to fight. The safety of the fighters should be a number one concern for boxing commissions. As always Mr. Sares made some valid points.

  13. Walt 12:36pm, 02/13/2013

    Neat one Ted. And very timely.

  14. the thresher 11:38am, 02/13/2013

    Yeah that’s true for sure but when he fought the Kat, he was in a rare zone.

  15. Don from Prov 09:54am, 02/13/2013

    He needs to keep facing guys with ten fights worth of experience—

    Or retire and read the complete works of Emily Dickinson

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