The End of an Era: Joe Louis vs. Rocky Marciano

By Norman Marcus on October 29, 2014
The End of an Era: Joe Louis vs. Rocky Marciano
"I didn't enjoy what I did tonight. Ten years ago it might have gone the other way.”

To build the gate for another Charles fight, he first had to beat the top contender, Rocky Marciano. Joe had to show he still had something left…

A huge amount of hype preceded this fight. Behind the scenes the Brown Bomber knew he had lost a step. It’s the reason he had retired as champion in 1949. The retirement was cut short, however, when the IRS went after him for back taxes in 1950. It seems promoter Mike Jacobs had forgotten to pay the income tax on Joe’s monthly allowance, during his time in the U.S. Army. Louis had donated all his purses during the war to the Army-Navy Relief Fund. This gesture was not enough for the IRS, even though those purses more than made up for what he owed. Now with interest and penalty, Louis’s tax bill had ballooned to over $500,000. Joe had to stage a comeback and lost a 15-round decision to the new champion Ezzard Charles on September 27, 1950 at Yankee Stadium. He then won eight fights in a row, in pursuit of a return shot at Charles and the big money he desperately needed. The eight wins he had run up were against opponents far from the best. The purses didn’t even pay the interest on the tax bill. So to build the gate for another Charles fight, he first had to beat the top contender, Rocky Marciano, aka the Brockton Blockbuster. Joe had to show he still had something left. The bout was set for October 26, 1951 at New York’s Madison Square Garden.

Marciano had mixed feelings about the fight with the Brown Bomber. Sure he wanted to break into the big money but Joe Louis was like a god to him. A lot of Americans felt that way. There were two things that people could count on as we came into the war years. Two things that they thought would never change. Franklin Roosevelt would always be the President of the United States and Joe Louis would always be the Heavyweight Champion of the World. Other characters would come and go, battles would be won and lost, but these two men were always there. It made the country feel a little bit safer in those bad times. Both men stayed on top about twelve years, their careers overlapped. They are remembered as two of the best at what they did.

Still, Marciano had to figure out a strategy to beat Louis. The Rock had some problems of his own to work out. Most of his opponents were bigger and faster than he was. Rocky at 5’10” and one hundred and eighty-five pounds was one of the smallest champions in the history of the heavyweight division. His arms were the shortest of any heavyweight champion at sixty-nine inches! He often had to leap at an opponent to land a punch!

Louis on the other hand stood 6’2” tall and had a reach of seventy-six inches. The former champ also had a weight advantage, with a fighting weight of two hundred pounds.

What Rocky had going for him was his manager Al Weill and trainer Charley Goldman. (Charley later taught Angelo Dundee the training business.) They were his “A Team” and Marciano needed all the help he could get. He was clumsy, awkward and started late as a pro. Goldman realized that if a fighter had a certain style, the trick was to go with it but improve it. He often said, “If you got a tall fighter, make him taller. If you got a short fighter make him shorter.” This he proceeded to do by teaching Rocky to fight from a crouch. He became a very hard target to hit. Very much like the style of 1930s heavyweight contender Paolino Uzcudun. The Basque Woodchopper would scurry back and forth in the ring, something like a crab on the beach. He was always too low to hit with a solid punch. Goldman just shined Marciano up a bit, taught him basic footwork and how to throw simple combinations. The raw power of Rocky was already in there. It was something that couldn’t be taught.

The Rock had big plans after this fight. He wanted to get his immigrant father out of the shoe factory in his hometown of Brockton, Mass. The old man had been squeezing out a living there for too long. It was time for him to retire and relax.

But the name Joe Louis was legendary. It gave many contenders, including Marciano, pause for concern, just as the legend of mighty Rome had later kept barbarian armies at bay. The name Joe Louis still struck fear into fighters who had to get in the ring with the Brown Bomber. Many opponents were already beaten mentally before they even threw a punch.

Rocky could give and take a punch with the best of them. But his main edge was his ability to anticipate his opponent’s next move and be ready with a response. Believe it or not Marciano used brain over brawn. He and Goldman used to pour over scouting reports and films, looking for flaws to exploit in their next bout. His final record shows that he knocked out forty-three of his forty-nine opponents.

Joe Louis had his own unique fighting style. In his prime his punches were heavy and if you add in his quick combinations, he was hard to beat. But now his timing and reflexes had eroded. The Brown Bomber still had a tremendous right hand and his left hook and jab were always on target. Some sportswriters of the day wrote that he had the quickness of a jungle cat. It is not a politically correct statement today but it was true. Louis could take a punch but he also could be knocked down or out, as Max Schmeling, Tony Galento and Buddy Baer had proved years before. 

The fight took place at Madison Square Garden on October 26, 1951. Louis was guaranteed $300,000 for the fight. He badly needed that money for Uncle Sam. So twenty-seven-year-old Rocky Marciano would take on thirty-seven-year-old Joe Louis. The winner would get a shot at champion Ezzard Charles.

It was brutal to watch. Louis turned into an old man overnight. It was not a pretty sight. In the eighth round, Marciano caught Louis twice for two knockdowns. The fight was finally stopped without a count by referee Ruby Goldstein. It was a TKO8 for Marciano.

The next morning sports columnist Red Smith described the action this way: “Rocky hit Joe a left hook and knocked him down. Then Rocky hit him another hook and knocked him out. A right to the neck followed that knocked him out of the ring. And out of the fight business. The last wasn’t necessary, but it was neat. It wrapped the package neat and tidy.”

After the fight Louis told the press, “This kid knocked me out with what? Two punches. Schmeling knocked me out with-musta been a hundred punches. But, I was twenty-two years old. You can take more than later on.” Joe later joked that after the fight, he had a hard time combing his hair, so bruised and weak were his arms after trying to block the Rock’s punches for eight rounds. He could barely raise them high enough to reach his head. Joe could see the punches coming but no longer had the speed to step out of the way. Marciano was in the dressing room with Louis, when Joe had that interview with the press. Tears came to Rock’s eyes. Louis was his hero. He hated what he had done to him. The former champion retired again that night for good. He was broke, but almost square with the government now. The U.S. Congress later passed a special bill, forgiving any remainder of the taxes still owed by Joe to the government. It was a nice gesture to an American icon but too little and way too late.

Louis spent the rest of his life scratching out a living on his name. He sold his autographs and took pictures with guests at various Las Vegas casinos. Even his old nemesis Max Schmeling sent him money to get by. Some folks claim that years later, Schmeling even paid for Joe’s funeral.

Marciano was respectful in his comments about Louis. “The man was a true champion. I didn’t enjoy what I did tonight. Ten years ago it might have gone the other way.”

Rocky returned home to Brockton. As soon as Marciano got his cut of the prize money from the Louis fight, he went down to the shoe factory, where his father, Pierino Marchegiano, had worked for thirty years. Rocky walked over to the old man and said, “Come on Pop, your done here. You don’t have to come back here no more.” The two men walked home together.

Marciano became the only heavyweight champion to retire undefeated and stay that way. He left with a record of 49-0. He died in a plane crash on a stormy night in Iowa. Rocky was just forty-six years old.

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Rocky Marciano KNOCKS OUT Joe Louis

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  1. Ben Still 12:05am, 07/01/2016

    Based on reading on these comments…bunch of racist old white boys..go die…...BOOOM #longliveALI

  2. Hal Pritzker 12:23pm, 05/16/2016

    When Marciano and Louis fought, Jersey Joe Walcott—-not Charles—-was the champion. And Clay IS a (black) racist. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have joined the muslims and changed his name. In the Holmes fight, Larry could have destroyed The Big Mouth, but wouldn’t. He disappointed a lot of people, like me. Go back and see all the race-oriented/demeaning things Big Mouth said about his opponents, particularly Frazier.  At least now, though, he’s finally getting what he long has deserved. Poetic justice: Clay no longer CAN speak.

  3. bikermike 05:03pm, 11/10/2014

    Hey Glenn…buddy…

    there isn’t a country on the planet that hasn’t changed ...A LOT…since we were kids…..especially if you’ve been around as long as guys like…THE BULL..and some of his juniors myself..etc

    Change is slow..and not always good…..
    When changes made are proved not to work…..they fold..

    As for the Politcal correctness rage…...they can suck my cock or kiss my ass…my choice..and that includes telling them to bend over…..respectfully

  4. bikermike 04:55pm, 11/10/2014

    kid blast….visavis your comments about
    Human Resources…evolvement from Personelle…and like that..

    We are from another time…and were fortunate to be guided and influenced and raised by NORTH AMERICA’S GREATEST GENERATION…

    We ate steaks whenever we could afford to…drank beer on weekends..smoked and played hard..worked hard….made the best cars and lived better than anybody else in our family tree before them…They actually owned property…and sent their children to university or trade schools…  The society we grew up in…put our countries clearly in the G7…now G8…

    In 1963..the average income for a family was about $5000 a yr…and many of our parents decided to use a lot of that money wisely….
    I’m not sure the same can be said today

  5. bikermike 04:42pm, 11/10/2014

    Louis vs Marciano….was trying to breath back life into the HW Division….Marciano just had to do what he did…..ditto…decades later…when Larry Holmes had to do what he did…when Ali got propped up and sent into the fire

    Hopkins vs Koleva/Kolavev..(sorry..spellling)...was good because the Champion..HOPKINS…was facing a real Challenger…
    Hopkins went out like a Champion….and made no excuses IN THE RING

  6. bikermike 04:35pm, 11/10/2014

    Not too many ‘title holders’ actually take a challenge from a real threat to his title.

    Thank you ..Bernard Hopkins ...for your departure from this practise of the slime sucking sperm gargling duckers and dodgers of other ‘title holders’ ..who don’t ..and never will have your size of BALLS

    Hopkins went out on his shield…and he give Kovelav his shot…
    ‘nuff said

  7. Jethro Tull 05:38pm, 11/09/2014

    “. I remember Ali was being interviewed by some English chap named Parkinson and the subject of interracial marriage came up. Ali told Mr. Parkinson that he didn’t beieve in interracial marriage and that redbirds belong with redbirds, bluebirds belong with bluebirds and so on. That interview is probably still up on Youtube.”

    Ali was interviewed many times by Michael Parkinson and you are correct about him.

    I also have seen Ali interviewed by David Frost from about the same time and Ali basically ranted and raved like a black Adolf Hitler. It was disgusting and his behaviour toward Parkinson was also disgusting.

    The interview was rebroadcast on British TV shortly after George Foreman regained his title and the BBC ran a documentary of the ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ which included the full fight and was followed by the interview with Parkinson.

  8. Eric 07:06am, 11/01/2014

    @GlennR…Of course in Australia, you will get the same argument about stealing land from the indigenous people as we do in America, which I have to agree is a valid argument. Can’t really justify colonization, but you have to wonder where Australia, South Africa, and other places would’ve been without immigration from the first world. We don’t hear about bringing modern medicine, technology, agricultural knowledge, prosperity to these former third world places at all. We only hear the grievances but never any gratitude. Nonetheless, fair is fair, and it would be hypocritical for me not to realize that we did enter someone else’s land. Funny how the press doesn’t show the same fairness when discussing the invasion of Europe by Muslims, Africans, etc., or the Palestinian/Israeli situation. Oh well, keep your chin up and git-r-done, mate.

  9. GlennR 05:36pm, 10/31/2014

    Yep Eric, im 49 now and its not the same country i grew up in during the 70s-80s.

    Its a shame, our aussie “get it done” attitude has been replaced by our “dont let it upset anyone” attitude.
    And you are bang on about the Chinese….. they just get stuff done

  10. Eric 08:16am, 10/31/2014

    @GlennR…I’m leaning towards China/Japan or Russia. The Chinese and Japanese aren’t stupid or naive enough to allow the globalist social engineers to dictate how they must live and run their countries. And those Russkies must be doing something right the way the press has been trying to slander Putin/Russia. A good, politically incorrect rule of thumb, if our media or Hollywood is against something, than it can’t be all bad. Always wanted to check out Australia or New Zealand, but seems they’ve been inculcated by the PC doctrine just like the rest of the West.

  11. Pete The Sneak 04:46am, 10/31/2014

    @Jim Crue…Your post and description about your dad and his friends is awesome….What an on-target comparison and point against all the PC crap we have to indulge in today…Great stuff man…Peace.

  12. Clarence George 03:34am, 10/31/2014

    Excellent posts, Jim, as is your wont.  I’m reminded of growing up in NYC in the ‘60s.  Our teachers would say, “Write your family name first, followed by your Christian name.”  A lot of the kids were Jews (in fact, I don’t think I had any non-Jewish friends), but no one batted an eye.  A friend’s father, who was Jewish, once made a joking reference to it, but that was it.  Can you imagine the foam-at-the-mouth reaction today, when everyone is in such desperate need of offense?

    “National Review” handled this kind of nonsense very well some 20 years ago, when they depicted the Clintons and Al Gore as stereotypically Chinese on the cover of the magazine.  Daphne Kwok, executive director of the Organization of Chinese Americans, was livid.  Editor John O’Sullivan refused to pander to the “ethnic grievance industry,” and demonstrated admirable chutzpah by calling on Kwok to apologize.

    But back to boxing.  I completely agree with you that Louis at his best (though he would indeed have to be at his best) would beat Marciano.  And I’m delighted to have you with me in demanding that Dempsey be among the top 10 (among the top five, in my opinion).  I’m in negotiations with Al Sharpton to have his people demonstrate, complete with the vigorous and self-righteous chanting of, “No Dempsey, No Peace.”

  13. Jim Crue 12:09am, 10/31/2014

    PS..if they had fought in Joe’s prime he beats Rocky in his prime. While there is not much in life I am sure of this is one thing I feel sure of. Don’t tell that to my Italian friends.
    And yes Clarence, Dempsey belongs in the top 10

  14. Jim Crue 12:01am, 10/31/2014

    I grew up in Chicago in the 40’s 50’s 60’s and 70’s. My family has been in Chicago since the Chicago fire. While it was a very racially segregated city I grew up around many different races and religious groups. Since we were an agnostic family we had no “church” friends. My dad was veteran of the US Marine Corps 2nd Division who saw combat as a combat engineer, flame thrower and demolition, at 4 major island battles. He taught me to be tolerant of everyone as he saw marines of every religion die on the battlefield. Sometimes it was not easy.
    I have a picture of dad and his friends taken in front of the apartment building he grew up in on the NW side of Chicago. I asked him many years ago the names of his friends..his reply as the pointed to each guy
    “thats Hymie the Jew, thats little dago, that’s Stanley the Pollock, that Herman the kraut”. He was left handed so he was called Lefty. I asked their real names and he shrugged his shoulders and said that’s what they called each other. Today the PC police would be called. They were great friends.
    My neighborhood was filled with kids 5 to 7 years older than me. They let me play touch football with them. If they threw the ball to me and i dropped it I got punched in the arm. One day I complained to my dad that they were punching me in the arm if i dropped the ball. His reply..“don’t drop the ball”. So i learned not to.

  15. GlennR 09:04pm, 10/30/2014

    Gents, if you want to visit the land of political correctness come visit me in Australia…....... it is absolutely out of control

  16. Beaujack 08:37pm, 10/30/2014

    What a pleasant surprise to read that I am not alone in my aversion
    to political correctness that is destroying a country I once worshiped…
    Thank you for sanity on Boxing. Com…

  17. Eric 07:24pm, 10/30/2014

    @nicolas… I wouldn’t call Ali a racist either, nor would I suggest anyone else with an opinion or beliefs similar to Ali’s would be racist. Now, while I don’t consider Ali a “hater” by any means, I can’t make that claim about Calypso Louie. Matter of fact, Ali makes more sense than the so-called diversity social engineers IMO. Celebrating the differences of each race is true “diversity.” Trying to make everyone one and the same is not “diversity” at all IMO. It is truly natural to wish to be with others like yourself, take a look at any breakroom at work, any cafeteria at school, seating on buses, etc. People segregate themselves naturally more often than not. Ali loves his race of people and that doesn’t make him a hater, makes him pretty normal, at least IMO. I would classify self-haters as abnormal. If someone wants to date another race, that is fine with me, but if someone wishes to date only within their race, that is also fine with me. I’m not offended by either decision, and don’t care or wish to tell someone else how to live.  Live and let live. Now if we can only get the tolerance police to do the same.

  18. Kid Blast 06:03pm, 10/30/2014

    “Clarence George 06:10am, 10/30/2014

    “HR is made up of little commissars.  Things were different when Human Resources was known as Personnel, but that was before its members—man-hating spinsters—were empowered by supine and pusillanimous management”.

    It has long been my feeling that HR and Diversity types have been the originators of PC. Previously known as Personnel and before that, Industrial Relations, the function has been castrated and disemboweled and suffers the hatred of any half-way intelligent person in business. HR and Personnel Pukes are corporate spies who will stab you in the back faster than you can say sexual “harassment.” I once called Chicken soup Jewish Penicillin and was quickly apprehended and sent to a 5-day workshop in some shit hole where I was made to watch Miguel Vazquez fight for hours whilst listening to Kenny G ” play whatever it is he plays. That is all.

  19. nicolas 03:24pm, 10/30/2014

    ERIC: Very good point about Ali, if he had been a white person with the same views the left would have ostracized him, as would also some on the right. While he perhaps believed in racial separation, I would not call him a racist, due to his relationship with Angelo Dundee, Howard Cosell, and his veneration of Rocky Marciano. Interesting that he reputedly spoke at a KKK meeting, because they have the same objectives sat the Black Muslims. Also a right wing white man who was running for some political office in Missouri was asked what black man he respected, and his response was Louis Farrakhan. Curious also that Farrakhan has embraced Scientology, with Farrakhan saying that the man is dead, but his ideas were quite good.

  20. Clarence George 01:08pm, 10/30/2014

    I urge you, Eric, to stop clinging to your guns and outmoded religious ideas, and instead eat more arugula.  I know your type, you no-neck brute.  You probably like (gasp!) boxing, when there’s a zither recital on the lesbian block in the Village this evening that will go woefully unattended.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an appointment with Bruno to have my nails done in the divinely metrosexual shade of file-cabinet gray.  Yes, I’m in my butch phase, and I’m not ashamed.

  21. Eric 12:09pm, 10/30/2014

    Clarence:  I’m beginning to think that half the population is reptilian. I’ve never seen people so vicious and petty as I do in this present time. Not much frontal lobe being used out there at all. Politicians just ooze slime and I truly wonder if “our"votes even count. I remember some Pittsburgh or Western Pa. politician named John Murhta calling his constituents “rednecks” and other less than flattering names, and damn if those “rednecks” didn’t put the guy back in office. I can remember thinking all those NWO “conspiracy kooks” back in the ‘70’s were wacko, but they seem to have made a pretty accurate forecast. We can only hope that it is the Hulkster & Scott Hall calling the shots instead of George Soreazz & Co.

  22. Clarence George 10:08am, 10/30/2014

    Ha!  Thank you, Pete.  I’m reminded that whenever somebody speaks to me in a language I don’t understand, my stock response is:  “Yeah, I love chicken.”

  23. Clarence George 10:05am, 10/30/2014

    Eric:  You’re familiar with the, um, theory that Obama and many of the world’s leaders are in fact lizard people from an alien world?  A surprising number actually believe this.

  24. Pete The Sneak 10:01am, 10/30/2014

    “supine and pusillanimous management….LOL…Great stuff CG…Whenever I see/hear such words, I think of a young Muhammed Ali responding to Howard Cosell after Cosell tells him during an interview (paraphrasing): “You’re being rather Truculent today.” Ali, without missing a beat says, “whatever that is, if it’s good I’m that.”...Peace.

  25. Eric 09:45am, 10/30/2014

    Irish…I always thought obama was more reptilian than fish-like. Same with Ms. “What difference does it make” Clinton. Some cold-hearted people, probably takes that quality to get along in DC. Lets the people know where they stand with those opportunists in Washington. Clear them all out, republican & democrat alike, and start over. After all, they are “our” employees, and we should fire them as we see fit.

  26. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:11am, 10/30/2014

    “Like shaking hands with a dead fish”. (Charles Woods)....“The world’s greatest affirmative action failure’s” suckass enablers just called an honest to God warrior….a “coward”....a “chickenshit”.

  27. Mike Casey 07:29am, 10/30/2014

    True, Eric. I saw the Parkinson interview as it happened.

  28. Eric 06:42am, 10/30/2014

    @Mike Casey….That is the comical thing and the reason why I judge people by what they do rather than what they say. I always find it weird that the “left” adored and adopted Ali. If a white man would have had the same beliefs as Ali, he would have been ostracized by the “anti-establishment” movement. Ali was a racial separatist, a member of a “fanatical” religious sect, which are two things the anti-establishment movement loathed. I remember Ali was being interviewed by some English chap named Parkinson and the subject of interracial marriage came up. Ali told Mr. Parkinson that he didn’t beieve in interracial marriage and that redbirds belong with redbirds, bluebirds belong with bluebirds and so on. That interview is probably still up on Youtube.

  29. Mike Casey 06:24am, 10/30/2014

    And when they’re safe and sound behind closed doors, Eric, they probably tell naughty jokes about all the people they profess to protect. Don’t worry about it, Norm - it won’t blacken your name. Oops, sorry….

  30. Eric 06:18am, 10/30/2014

    Political correctness would at least be tolerable if it promoted equality for all and special privliges for none, but it is very selective. Certain groups can be bashed with impunity and others are deemed “special” and untouchable. The motives driving political correctness are probably more sinister than most people realize.

  31. Clarence George 06:10am, 10/30/2014

    HR is made up of little commissars.  Things were different when Human Resources was known as Personnel, but that was before its members—man-hating spinsters—were empowered by supine and pusillanimous management.

  32. Pete The Sneak 04:49am, 10/30/2014

    Gents, the PC police are indeed permeating every inch of society…Case in Point…I’m in a meeting with an HR representative from my Company. My admin assistant pops her head in real quick to ask if any one of us would like a cup of coffee…My response: No thank you dear, we’re good. The HR Rep (Female) looks horrified and tells me ” you know, you are not supposed to be calling her ‘dear.’ That is sexist and can cause a lawsuit against the Company.” Of course I was like, what? The following week I received an ‘invite’ for a day long mandatory ‘Company’ training on sexual harassment and diversity…So I can certainly understand Norman’s mention of PC correctness when describing such things as ‘Jungle Cat.’ It’s all a bunch of BS, but such is the way we need to tread carefully today unfortunately…Yes…Boxing .com is a great platform to be able to unload all this crap…Great read on this by the way Norman. Thoroughly enjoyed it…Peace.

  33. Clarence George 03:04am, 10/30/2014

    Excellent post, Norm, with which I’m in full agreement.  Political correctness in all its foul facets must be combated fang and claw, however futilely.  Why, we’re already living in a time and place where “niggardly” is word non grata.  If it weren’t for the First Amendment, in the process of being hollowed out, we’d be like Canada and much of Europe, where the expression of certain views is punishable by fine or imprisonment.  Most of us aren’t Holocaust deniers, but most (though not all) Americans would say that David Irving and others of that kidney should be allowed to express their views with impunity.  Not so in Canada and Europe, where even questioning, wondering about, any aspect of Nazi depredation will find you in legal hot water.  History a taboo subject?  My God!  Equally frowned upon is objecting to homosexuality, especially for religious reasons. 

    You’re quite right— is indeed an island of serenity.  Well, maybe not serenity, but you know what I mean.  After all, where else could one of us (who shall remain nameless) not include Jack Dempsey on his list of top 10 heavyweights, and not be stoned?  Well, maybe he was stoned.  Perhaps that explains it.

  34. Norm Marcus 12:31am, 10/30/2014

    Clarence: I agree with you guys that the reference to “a jungle cat” is in no way a racist term to old heads like us. But I once saw a man suspended from his job for referring to our current society as a “real jungle out there.” Meaning it was tough to survive out there and make a buck. But some accused him of being a racist. The strange part was that the man suspended was himself a black man!

    You don’t have to look further than the decade old struggle to change the name of the Washington Redskins to just Washington. To me, calling a team Washington today, is a bigger insult to all americans than the name Redskins, considering all the political bums there that are running this country into the ground.  Most indian tribes polled today don’t mind the term Red Skins. Am. Indians now have become “indigenous peoples.” Lets not forget the “Red Men” of Saint John’s University. Suddenly they are now “The Red Storm”! THE PC POLICE are everywhere today. You can’t even call a hooker a hooker anymore. They are “morally challenged persons.”  I kid you not!

    Only here at can we all talk to each other straight and ignore all the nonsense going on out there.

  35. Clarence George 05:52pm, 10/29/2014

    It doesn’t in any way detract from Norm’s fine article on two of my favorite heavies and their historic bout (almost 63 years ago to the day!), but I agree with you, Eric, that “quickness of a jungle cat” isn’t politically incorrect, even by the insane standards of our day.

    Rocky died on the eve of his 46th birthday…I always found that terribly poignant; in fact, downright tragic.  Though very young, I remember it quite clearly, especially an inconsolable Rocky Graziano crying his eyes out.

  36. Eric 04:01pm, 10/29/2014

    “had the quickness of a jungle cat. It is not a politically correct statement today but it is true.” Goodness, if that statement is somehow deemed politically incorrect and offensive, we’ve all become chicks. That statement could describe the fictional Tarzan’s athletic prowess or legendary Bruce Lee’s cat-like movements as much as it does the Brown Bomber.

  37. peter 02:58pm, 10/29/2014

    Thank you for this excellent article. The parellel between the Marciano—Louis fight and the upcoming Kovalev—Hopkins fight is obvious.

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