The Forgotten Mayweather

By Robert Ecksel on January 2, 2013
The Forgotten Mayweather
"At the end of the day, the value of the fight is gone, so stop talking about Pacquiao."

There’s Floyd Mayweather Jr. There’s Floyd Mayweather Sr. There’s Roger Mayweather. Who else is there? Of yes, of course, there’s Jeff Mayweather, also known as the quiet Mayweather, the other Mayweather, or the forgotten Mayweather.

Jeff Mayweather knows boxing, all the Mayweathers know boxing, but perhaps he knows less boxing than his better known and more vocal kin. But a Mayweather is a Mayweather is a Mayweather, and if any name has boxing magic, the name is Mayweather.

Given a platform on to air his views about this, that, and other thing, Jeff Mayweather also spoke about Manny Pacquiao’s loss to Juan Manuel Marquez and revealed that, name recognition aside, he knows no more about Pacman than the rest of us.

“Since the Margarito fight, Pacquiao has been on the decline,” he said. “You saw the decline in Pacquiao with the Bradley fight and with the third Marquez fight and the Shane Mosley fight. Every fight after that was nothing. It was nothing to even be excited about anymore. It’s one of those things where you can actually see it happening. Leading up to this fight, you can see it happening.”

For any Mayweather to talk about Pacquiao is an iffy proposition. Despite speculation, allegation, litigation, and all manner of doublespeak, it’s still not clear who spent years ducking who. We can dump responsibility for the megafight that never was on the laps of the promoters, but without proof it’s only guesswork.

“But just because Marquez had never even dropped Pacquiao leading up into this fight, you couldn’t prepare yourself for what was going to happen. But at the same time,” Jeff repeated, “the decline of Pacquiao has been evident. It’s shown itself three or four fights ago, it showed itself, and in my opinion this fight exposed him for what he really is now. He’s not the same fighter and he hasn’t been the same fighter for a long time.”

One wouldn’t expect Jeff Mayweather to speak ill of his nephew, but one could also say that Money May is “not the same fighter and hasn’t been the same fighter for a long time.” His legs are going, as evidenced by all the time he spent on the ropes against Miguel Cotto, and the less said about the fight with Victor Ortiz the better.

A fifth fight between Pacquiao and Marquez is probably inevitable. Given the conclusive nature of the fourth fight, not everyone is looking forward to watching them do it another time.

“There’s no point in it to me,” said Mayweather. “But at the same time it’s one of those situations where they can still make good money because of the history of their fights. They can still make good money. And maybe now they don’t want to take a risk of Pacquiao fighting anybody else that maybe can derail this series with Marquez and make him want to retire altogether. The most money on the table is going to be Marquez because nobody wanna see him fight Floyd anymore. The Pactards, or whatever they call themselves, PacManiacs, of course they gonna want him to fight Floyd if he got knocked out again and again. That’s how stupid they are. At the end of the day, the value of the fight is gone, so stop talking about what Pacquiao can do and Pacquiao this and that.”

There’s no mistaking Jeff Mayweather, when he lets himself go, from being other than a Mayweather. No matter how “stupid” the “Pactards” may be, even they recognize that an opportunity for the best to fight the best has been lost, and lost forever.

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  1. shotgun517 05:58am, 01/06/2013

    Any real Boxing fan knows Jeff Mayweather he’s not forgotten, even though I thinks he’s wrong saying Pac is on decline. The guy has been fighting bigger and better fighters than any one else in the game for the better part of the last 5yrs. Of course he’s gonna speak in favor of his nephew as far as wanting more money what’s he gonna say, but he’s a good trainer and a good guy!

  2. Darrell 07:22pm, 01/05/2013

    @Rick, I did watch the fight & subsequent replays afterwards, it was no robbery.  I had it 7 rounds to 5 to Bradley, whom I consider an exceedingly boring fighter to be honest but he fought well that night & made Manny look old, slow & clumsy.  It’s my wish that Manny would retire, he’s had a sterling career & should retire before he gets hurt again.  It’s obvious he has declined significantly.  It will only be pain & long term damage from here on in.

    It’s true, I am a FMJ fan & have been for most of his professional career.  I also like Manny as a boxer too but his fans are insufferable & my frustration spills over on occasions & I make the odd jab at him personally.  I still think Guerrero is a good fight, a better fight than Pac right now.

    The technical fighters are whom I prefer to watch, though I love wars but generally between the bigger guys.  I could watch FMJ all day actually….also JMM (whose tactics & execution of them in the fourth Pac fight were a joy to behold), Guerrero, Andre Ward, Klitschkos, Donaire, Martinez, Lara.  All thinking fighters.

  3. Rick 06:00pm, 01/05/2013

    @Darrell—I was with you til the “soundly beaten” part. I’m not even going to bother arguing that one with you because I think that is just a ridiculous statement. You either just seriously hate Manny (or his fans, which can be annoying but Floyd’s are no better) or you just didn’t actually watch the fight. And you speak about “Pactards” and “fanboys” but that does nothing but out you as one yourself. I’m not a particularly a fan of either but for pure entertainment value I’ll take a MP fight over a FMJ fight any day. And Guerrero isn’t that special if you ask me.

  4. Darrell 05:07pm, 01/05/2013

    @Rick, Guerrero is a better fight than Pacquiao for Floyd.  Pac is on the way down & the young lions will begin to get the better of him, not to mention that old lion JMM.  He was soundly beaten by Bradley….yes he was.  I’ll leave that one there as the Pactards, as Jeff Mayweather puts them, will no doubt spew more fanboy bile at that statement.  His speed is not what it was, he hasn’t had a ko for a while & his reactions are slowing down as well.

    I’ll revise what I said in an earlier comment, the fight will still have stupendous value mainly in relation to the popularity of Pacquiao amongst the aforementioned “Pactards”, as well as to HBO, the Philipino community & general boxing community too.  He is the seeming antithesis to Floyd Jr in the eyes of the American boxing public….a humble, smiling, “good boy” to counter Floyd Jr’s brash, cocky “ghetto” persona.

    It has value but no longer has credibility as the Philipino’s diminishing skillset doesn’t really warrant it.  Another fight against a rising prime lion would be better but that is what Floyd will do, to his credit.

  5. Rick 10:11am, 01/05/2013

    I just noticed on the fighter info section of this article it lists Mayweathers real name as Floyd Joy Sinclair. Is this correct? I must say I’ve never heard that one before. That’s some funny shit if true. It sure doesn’t bring me any Joy to watch him fight. And they can say the value is gone all they want but whats the value of a fight with Pac compared to who he’s supposedly fighting next Robert Guerrero? I for one wouldn’t pay a nickel to watch that one. To this day Pac still holds his only opportunity for a massive pay day. And that’s what “Money” is is all about right? He can probably make a few bucks off Canelo’s name but I don’t think the ppv numbers would even compare.

  6. Darrell 12:18am, 01/05/2013

    Jeff is right, the decline of Pacquiao has been evident for a while, he was ordinary against Bradley, ordinary in the 3rd JMM fight & did the face plant in the last installment.  It’s a pity that his promoter was too chicken shit to risk his cash cow against Mayweather when it all seemed ready to go.

    Jeff is somewhat right about that match ups value being gone, relative to what it was around 2009ish.  It may be retrievable up to a point if Pac manages to KO JMM spectacularly if they do the fifth fight….but I don’t think he’s quite up to it anymore somehow.

  7. the thresher 05:45pm, 01/04/2013

    Stu, don’t go away mate. We hear you.

  8. boringfloyd 09:57am, 01/04/2013

    Jeff was noticeably a more entertaining fighter than his former inmate nephew.

  9. balless 09:50am, 01/04/2013

    “The forgotten Mayweather”:

    Floyd Jr.

  10. jon 11:02am, 01/03/2013

    Another idiot in the Mayweather camp!  Beside Floyd, are all Mayweathers on crack?  How the hell you’re going to say that there is no value in that fight?  I think everyone in the WORLD would love to see this fight.  This fight would be the biggest pay fight ever in boxing history and your going to sit there and say there is no value.  Dude say no to crack! 

    You’re going to use Manny’s lost as an excuse for Floyd not to fight him.  I believe that every top boxers out there should fight among the best.  Pac and Floyd are the best out there! 

    If you are smart, they would take this fight and make the money.  Beside boxing Floyd has nothing (ask 50 Cent).  Pacquiao has politic, actor, and whatever else he have after boxing.  So does he need this fight no, but he would love to just to fight.  Instead of Floyd cherry picking all his fights. You can’t say that Pacquiao ran away from a fight, but u damn sure can say that about Floyd.  nuff said!

  11. andrew 08:48am, 01/03/2013

    “At the end of the day, the value of the fight is gone, so stop talking about Pacquiao.” wtf does that mean, future in politics lol

  12. Jim Crue 07:38am, 01/03/2013

    RIGHT ON!! especially the [Pedro] part. I am convinced there are certain writers on the net that are on Mayweather’s payroll.
    They are not just a dysfunctional family, they are a nasty, domestic abuse, foul mouthed, arrogant family.

  13. Stu 03:55am, 01/03/2013

    One of the reasons I started visiting your website was to get away from all the of pro Mayweather funded websites. We all know who they are (Pedro).  I have noticed a recent uptick in Mayweather worshiping articles and comments on this website.  I find these unsettling and backwards.  This website can be a breath of fresh air. Rekindling Mayweather material of any kind damages the credibility this website.

  14. udin 07:13pm, 01/02/2013

    look who’s talking about stupidity….look in the mirror jeff. your family been ducking pac since 09 and now that pac is ko’ed you still want your nephew to duck a “faded??“pac that could give your nephew the biggest money in his career.

  15. Your Name 06:44pm, 01/02/2013

    Mayweather is a great champion, but like Pacquiao he is getting older, make your money!!!!!!! then get out with your health, as a former champion to another??? you don’t need the money, so why are you still willing to ship punishment, you only have one brain!!!!! so take care of it????????

  16. peter 05:39pm, 01/02/2013

    All families have dysfunction—theirs went public.

  17. Alex Dickson 04:43pm, 01/02/2013

    Floyd Mayweather was a good fighter boxer two years ago, what you see today is a shadow of the fighter he once was, good luck and goodbye Floyd???

  18. Chicago guy 01:27pm, 01/02/2013

    The Mayweathers are keep on critizing and disrespecting Manny Pacquiao but the truth is Floyd Jr. is avoiding to fight him. Their excuses are endless. Btw. is better to lost a fight inside the ring than losing a million dollars of not accepting the fight against Manny Pacquiao.

  19. Robert Ecksel 11:44am, 01/02/2013

    There are a lot of ifs there (and a fistful of ands and buts), but anything is possible. Why not? I think it’s a tad premature however for us to put in for credentials.

  20. Mike Schmidt 10:48am, 01/02/2013

    Good day fearless Editor—despite all the shenanigans YES THE MAYWEATHERS KNOW THEIR STUFF—Pac vs May—If Manny can win a number five against JMM in over the top impress fashion (and I doubt he can but number four was exciting so what the hell) then we have something akin to a Ali vs Frazier III—neither guy even remotely what they were back in 1971 but still made for legendary entertainment—what say ya Fearless Editor!!!!!!

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