The Great and Powerful Dionesia

By Johnathan Lee Iverson on November 24, 2014
The Great and Powerful Dionesia
Unapologetically devout, enter the Great and Powerful Mommy Dionesia Pacquiao.

Manny Pacquiao is special indeed, but as the famous adage goes, “behind every great man there’s a great woman…”

Manny Pacquiao has been a gift to the boxing world. Everything from his wondrous rise from obscurity to sport’s icon enthralls us. He is the face of the Philippines, without peer in stature. He is without question a living national treasure. His pugilistic gifts have dazzled fight fans for well over a decade, making him the only eight-time world champion in history. His place among the boxing immortals is secure. 

However, there are no self-made men. No matter how epic the story, if we look close enough there is always someone or a community that has been at the center of it all. We know of Manny’s devoted wife, the lovely and stately Jinkee Pacquiao, mother of his five adorable children. Win or lose, even during a rare scandal, she is always there. There is the story of Freddie Roach, the man behind the man, reads like a heartwarming novel. Broken down fighter turned trainer, schooled in the University of Hard Knocks, by none other than the late-great Eddie Futch. Roach, who had all but faded into the back pages of boxing lore, would to be revived by an unknown Asian dynamo whose feats would elevate him to the premiere trainer of the age. A six-time Ring Magazine Trainer of the Year.

Yet, as all great legacies go, there tends to be something more, something, rather special, even divine. Is it just the hard work? Perhaps. Yet, most fighters are hard workers. How many are eight-division champions? How many have achieved such heroic status? Manny Pacquiao is special indeed, but as the famous adage goes, “behind every great man there’s a great woman.” Enter the Great and Powerful Dionesia, mother of the mighty Manny Pacquiao. Unapologetically devout, Mother Pacquiao is zealous in her faith. As her iconic son does battle in the flesh, she gets to work in the spirit world, with her Holy Cross clasped within her firm grip, thrusting her entire being with a veracity that rivals her son, she implores the Almighty to push her beloved to victory, while surely giving Satan and company fits.

We may laugh and wonder how it is possible for Dionesia not to be a Reality TV brand by now. A quick visit to YouTube will dispel any doubt that Mama Pacquiao is Reality TV gold. Yet, there’s something to be said about a mother whose care for her child exceeds the natural world. For “an ounce of mother is worth a pound of clergy,” so goes the Spanish Proverb. Faith and boxing are hardly strangers. Many a fighter would credit their particular faith with being the root of their success. As one can only imagine few athletes must call upon the intangibles as often as prize fighters do, thus, it is understandable why many are convinced that they are far more than mere flesh and bone; and I take it their mothers would agree.

I have yet to see a contest in the sport of boxing that hasn’t hosted an animated mother. It takes a special breed of mother to remove her child from the comfort and safety of her bosom into the belly of war. Yet, there they are, completely engaged, contending with their own fears for their child, all the while exhorting, undulating, and praying the warrior of their womb to victory.

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  1. retech 07:35am, 11/29/2014

    The same can be said for Ruslan Provodnikov’s mother. She was yelling the entire 5 rounds when Provo fought Castillo last night.

  2. The Fight Film Collector 02:11pm, 11/26/2014

    Thanks guys.  I was inspired by Johnathan’s article, and of course Dionesia herself.  I grew up in the Midwest and on family road trips out of the city, the only radio was country music and preachers.  My parents were not country music fans, and if my father turned on the radio at all, it was to annoy me and my brother with the Jesus talk.  It always stuck with me.

  3. peter 06:25am, 11/26/2014

    @ The Fight Film Collector: Outstanding post!

  4. susmari0sep 11:52pm, 11/25/2014

    @The Fight Film Collector “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry Mom”

  5. The Barker 08:18pm, 11/25/2014

    @The Fight Film Collector, you’re a wordsmith indeed!

  6. peter 07:14pm, 11/25/2014

    She’s not the only excitable mother of a fighter who behaved “over the top”. Emile Griffith’s mama, a large woman,  would climb into the ring after a fight and pick up Emile with both her arms and cradle him like a baby.

  7. The Fight Film Collector 03:46pm, 11/25/2014

    “It has been revealed!  Behold thy Mother’s voodoo set upon the men who dare to challenge her son in battle.  Cursed are those who seek supremacy over the Covent of the Pac, for they face The Wrath of Mom.  If not the knockout to come upon them, then thy judgment will be cast by three wise ones, who banish those who challenge the Pac as losers, and thus sent forth to the world forever shamed and disgraced as was the Algieri, the Cotto, the Hatton, the De La Hoya.  Question not the magic of Mom – The Dionesia, it is she who dances at ringside, wearith and resplendent in abundance of makeup, eyeliner, lipstick and swirly mane of hair sealed in hairspray.  For she will cast her spell through jutting fingers and manicured nails, possessed by the evangalistic spirit, without conscience, without remorse, without guilt, without embarrassment from the millions of prying television eyes and espn commentation.  Judge you not the Mom!  It is truth the Dionesia has brought upon us!  Thy voodoo has struck fear upon the heart of Mayweather.  Mayweather the denyer.  Mayweather the fleet of foot.  Mayweather who worships coinage over grace, and speaks with false fire from the pulpit of Youtube.  Never to emerge from the land of Vegas, it is Mayweather who feasts on lesser men to seekith praise of 50 opponents without judgment upon him.  Hear not his rapping, for even if he were victorious over the 50, he shall bask not in the light of glory.  Hear me thus, the voodoo of Dionesia will follow thy Floydness thorough all his life’s days thereafter in his boxing winter, echoing in his mind thy challenge unsought with the Pac.  Hear the words of Dionesia, it is she who casts fear in the house of Floyd.  And regret will he, if never to fight the Son of Mom, and 50 million dollars that was not.”

  8. Mark 02:23am, 11/25/2014

    Great article!!

  9. Darrell 12:22am, 11/25/2014

    Ewwwwwwww…....the ju-ju woman…..kill it with fire!

  10. Josh 09:00pm, 11/24/2014

    Is the guy on the second vid Marilyn Manson? lol

  11. Jimbo Sugh 08:22pm, 11/24/2014

    Comments here are as priceless as PacMom! ^_^

  12. Pat 05:28pm, 11/24/2014

    The second video with the Manny’s mommy singing was priceless. I can’t figure out what gender the host is though? Good to know that T.V. sucks everywhere not just in the United States.

  13. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 03:45pm, 11/24/2014

    Imelda used to be my dream lover….now it’s all Dionisia all the time….General Santos City here I come!....which reminds me….it’s in the genes and I don’t just mean physicality….viewing these videos of Mommy D shows clearly where Manny gets his other worldly ability to perform at his peak capacity time after time regardless of the magnitude of the event.

  14. Eric 07:33am, 11/24/2014

    Was mama Pacquiao flipping the bird? Dream matchup would be, mama Pac vs. Frank “The Animal” Fletcher’s mum.

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