The Jackal and a Cobra: Frampton vs. González Jr.

By Sean Ness on July 17, 2015
The Jackal and a Cobra: Frampton vs. González Jr.
He is coming to Texas with a record of 20-0 with 14 of his wins coming via knockout.

Carl possesses excellent foot speed and the ability to dictate a fight by teeing up his opponent with a pawing jab followed by a murderous right hand…

On Saturday afternoon if you’re in the United States and Saturday night if you’re living in the United Kingdom, a true son of the Tiger’s Bay area of Belfast, Northern Ireland, IBF super bantamweight champion Carl “The Jackal” Frampton takes on Alejandro González Jr. as the part of the Premier Boxing Champions on CBS/ITV doubleheader televised live from the Don Haskins Center in El Paso, Texas.

Frampton defends his title for this first time outside of his home city of Belfast by making his debut in the US since signing with the ever popular amongst fighters and PBC’s heavyweight Al Haymon. He is coming to Texas with a record of 20-0 with 14 of his wins coming by way of knockout and possesses impeccable boxing attributes that promise to make him a household name on both sides of the Atlantic.

An accurate and technically gifted natural outside fighter, Carl possesses excellent foot speed and the ability to dictate a fight by teeing up his opponent with a pawing jab followed by a murderous right hand. He also maintains an above average and impregnable defense which has proven decisive when facing pressure fighters like Kiko Martinez.

During a recent teleconference call, Carl Frampton spoke of his delight at being able to showcase his talents in the US, an ambition that Team Frampton spoke of prior to signing with Al Haymon. Carl had this to say during the call: “I’m just looking forward to the fight. I think it’s going to be a good fight. It’s giving me a chance to showcase my talents on CBS, terrestrial TV in the US, and terrestrial television in the UK on ITV. So I’m really looking forward to a good fight.” Barry McGuigan, his manager and former boxing world champion, agreed. “To get terrestrial television fans interested in boxing, casual boxing fans, not just the aficionados but people who are genuinely of a casual interest in boxing but the ones who will watch big fights,” he said, “I think it’s great not just for Carl Frampton but great for all the fighters on the bill and great for boxing in general.”

Frampton also addressed the elephant in the room. He was asked about the potential fights with WBA World super bantamweight champion Scott Quigg (30-0-2) and WBO super bantamweight champion Guillermo Rigondeaux (15-0-0).

“Look,” he said, “I would like to fight them all. I think the situation with Quigg is he’s out pricing himself on a fight. He thinks he’s worth more than what he is. I was always told by my mother growing up never to sell myself short so I’m not going to sell myself short to Scott Quigg or Eddie Hearn.” Then he turned his attention to Rigondeaux. “I think the Rigondeaux fight is a great possibility. There’s rumors that he may be linking up with Al Haymon and if he does link up with Al Haymon then of course the fight would be easier to make. I believe I could win.”

Alejandro González Jr. is a son of former lightweight world champion Alejandro Martín González. He enters the ring with a record of 25-1-2 and is visiting the US for only the second time in his career. “Cobrita” is an aggressive fighter who throws a lot of punches but unlike his opponent, he hasn’t fought any top quality opposition to date. But as the whole world knows, a Mexican fighter will never say die and I believe that Alejandro will be coming to fight. In the same teleconference call, he touched on his preparations, “We’re preparing 100% because we’re going to fight a great champion so we need to be 100% ready.” He also spoke to the Belfast Telegraph about his desire to topple the world champion and claim the IBF title as his own before giving his prediction on how he sees the fight panning out. “I don’t think it’s going to be a fight,” said González. “I think it’s going to be a war. I had boxing in my blood. I’ve dreamt and dreamt all my life of being a champion like my father.”

With words like those it’s easy to see that Alejandro González Jr fancies his chances against Carl Frampton, but I see the predatory traits of the Jackal launching a full-on assault knocking out the tough Mexican Cobra in the middle rounds.

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  1. The Tache 09:39am, 07/18/2015

    World champion fighting on free domestic TV, prime time Saturday night. What’s not to like?
    Yes i would love to see the Quigg fight too, but whenever that gets made it won’t be free to air, so more of this sort of thing in the meantime to build interest in the fighter has to be a good thing in my book. Good luck, Carl.

  2. Eduardo gomez 07:38am, 07/18/2015

    Money is an issue to fight scott quigg but rigondeaux offer him less and he did’nt acept .so he is ducking the real jackalthed

  3. nicolas 09:11am, 07/17/2015

    A very uninteresting fight. But I guess it will mean more money for Frampton, and also more people being able to see him live. However, with YT, and sometimes being able to view these events on the same day of those fights, and not knowing the results, it is needed less for a boxer actually having to come to a country to be discovered. This match seems like a step back for the progress of Mr. Frampton.

  4. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:58am, 07/17/2015

    I don’t see why he has to travel at all….unless to the MGM Grand or Barclays…still…. now that he’s here in that fuked up Sanctuary City, it will be interesting to see how well he travels.

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