The LA Sequence

By Ted Sares on August 7, 2013
The LA Sequence
Danny “Little Red” Lopez was 23-0 when he met Bobby Chacon (23-1) in Los Angeles.

Lopez was never in a dull fight and was most dangerous if he had been decked—which was often. Chacon, however, was a big step up…

Bobby Chacon (1973)

Bobby was 19-0 when he met Ruben Olivares at the Forum in LA on June 23, 1973. The “Schoolboy” was coming off impressive wins against Chucho Castillo and Frankie Crawford and was well prepared for this 12-rounder for the NABF featherweight title. However, Olivares floored the undefeated Chacon early in the ninth and then proceeded to hit him with an ungodly number of head and body shots that surely had a negative impact on Bobby’s later health issues. At any rate, Chacon’s corner did what referee Dick Young should have done and stopped the slaughter after the ninth round. Bobby, who would end up in the International Boxing Hall of Fame, won his next four all by stoppage setting up a May 24, 1974 meeting against undefeated and future Hall of Famer Danny “Little Red” Lopez.

Danny Lopez (1974)

“Little Red” was 23-0 when he met tough Bobby Chacon (23-1) at the smoky Sport Arena in Los Angeles on May 24, 1974. While his opposition to that point was not sparkling, he had taken the measure of several tough Japanese boxers and gained a reputation as a crowd pleasing fighter who could snatch victory from defeat. Little Red was “Mr. Excitement.” He was never in a dull fight and was most dangerous if he had been decked—which was often. Chacon, however, was a big step up.

As announcer Jimmy Lennon Sr. exclaimed, it was the long awaited meeting of two of the West Coast’s best fighters. These two fought like warriors but in the end, the Schoolboy took out Danny with a savage onslaught that ended at the 48 second mark of round nine. The final punches landed with full and frightening leverage rendering Lopez helpless thereby forcing the stoppage.

Shortly thereafter, Danny would lose to Shig Fukuyama (23-10-3) and Octavio Gomez (48-12-6), but on December 4, 1976, he would shock the boxing world by knocking out the legendary Ruben Olivares (80-6-1). His next fight would be against undefeated but untested Sean O’Grady.

Sean O’Grady (1976)

O’Grady, aka the Bubblegum Kid, won his first 29 fights, mostly in Oklahoma City, against Lamar Clark-like opposition. While the Kid had heavy hands and a good sense of technique, he was ill-prepared for his February 25, 1976 date at the Forum in Inglewood, CA with “Little Red” Lopez (28-3). O’Grady mistakenly took the fight to the hard-hitting Lopez rather than trying to box him. It was a good fight for as long as it lasted, but Sean absorbed too much punishment and his corner stopped it before he came out for the fifth round, saving him for another day.

Sean regrouped and won his next 44 in a row against much better opposition including Shig Fukuyama (who had beaten Lopez earlier but later lost to Chacon and Olivares), Al Franklin, Beau Jaynes, and Gonzalo Montellano (25-0-1).

On April 12, 1981, the Kid beat undefeated Hilmer Kenty by a dominant, albeit bloody, 15-round UD to win the WBA lightweight title. O’Grady eventually ended his career with an old school 81-5 mark and an attention-grabbing KO percentage of 81.4%.

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Bobby Chacon Vs Danny Lopez Rds 1 2 3 Great Fight!

Bobby Chacon Vs Danny Lopez Rds 4 5 6 Great Fight!

Bobby Chacon Vs Danny Lopez Rds 7 8 9

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  1. Tex Hassler 07:07pm, 08/08/2013

    O’Grady was a gifted fighter who was rushed to soon to fight Danny Lopez. Chacon was a tremendous crowd pleasing fighter. He stayed in the game too long.

  2. Bob 02:02am, 08/08/2013

    Ted, you could have entitled this story “Real Fan Friendly Fighters” or “Great TV Fighters.”  These guys were all action, all the time and so much fun to watch. It was hard not to be a fan in those days. Good memories here.

  3. Kurt 10:13pm, 08/07/2013

    Sean O’ Grady was only 18 when he fought Danny Lopez.  Too young for someone as dangerous as Lopez.  Sean was a very underrated fighter. He Should have fought and beaten Mancini to get more respect .  His fight with Danny Lopez is one of the most sought after fights by hard core collectors ,  the past 40 years.

  4. Ted 02:18pm, 08/07/2013

    Thanks Kid

  5. kid vegas 12:39pm, 08/07/2013

    Love the way you tie in the sequence. Very seamless.

  6. Dr. YouTube 11:14am, 08/07/2013

    Whoops, I meant this.

  7. Dr. YouTube 11:14am, 08/07/2013

    Beatings like this cause dementia.

    As for the O’Grady-Lopez KO, Sean is rumored to have the only footage and reportedly will not share it.

  8. Ted 11:10am, 08/07/2013

    And I have followed your articles on them,

  9. Mike Casey 10:14am, 08/07/2013

    Great memories, Ted. Danny and Bobby were and are two of my special favourites. I followed their every move back in those days!

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