The Legacy “One” / Bradley vs. Marquez

By Michael Schmidt on October 2, 2013
The Legacy “One” / Bradley vs. Marquez
Timothy Bradley suffered a concussion as a result of the Provodnikov fight. (Getty Images)

If Bradley decides “to hell with the crowd,” he will have to maintain an exceptionally fast outside pace and maintain it with extreme psychological discipline…


To Hell with the Crowd

“How are we looking in the ‘W’ department?”—Jensen Strauss, Schmidt family friend and Advisor

“Solid, but as you know, anything can happen.”—Schmidt

“There will be two front row ringside tickets for you when you get to Vegas and $50,000.00 for the ‘W’, on Marquez, if the Kid performs. You’re staying at Wynn’s and Mike, make sure you don’t leave the Kid alone. Other than that is there anything you want to tell me about him?”

“Well, the last time the Kid was in a venue surrounded by a bunch of seasoned old veterans trying to do the old psychological intimidating thing. During a break I asked him whether he was feeling any pressure from the atmosphere of these old guys making various comments. His answer: “Honestly Mr. Schmidt, I didn’t give it a second thought. I mean I heard them and I gave them the first thought but in the end result the hell with them. They mean absolutely nothing to me.” More on the Kid later.

The Bluff!

Timothy Bradley is bluffing! He is either bluffing to himself, to you, or, generosity of thought, he’s playing psychological games. Timothy Bradley would like everyone to know that he is not really affected by the response received as a result of the Pacquiao decision at this point in time. The problem is that Champion Bradley just can’t stop talking about the result, the lack of respect, the respect that he shall earn. Well Champion Bradley you already earned it long before the Pacquiao affair. In actuality Champion Bradley is one of the most straightforward individuals who you will ever meet. One way or other this bluff business is self-motivation and self-motivation is taken, used, and manipulated in strange ways. Whatever works, if it works, so be it!

HBO Face Off: Two, Not of a Kind, but Working on a Full House

It was there to see, Bradley’s issues, in a microcosm before the main event, as Max Kellerman did a superb pinpoint job as both Champions met face-to-face. It was compelling! It is to be noted neither shook the other’s hand. Not even close! 

One Champion, Marquez, speaks of legacy, fighting intelligently, and with technical ability. The other Champion, Bradley, speaks of the need to earn respect. Bradley speaks of images of getting knocked down and always getting up, and of being on the floor, like a rooster, “still pecking.” Bradley speaks of the damage he has taken in his career to date and “dealing with the consequences later.” He makes comments of being prepared to die in the ring. It makes one wonder what Bradley’s children think if in fact they hear such comments the next day at school, etc. 

Marquez, the accountant by background, and eyes that shine bright of an analytical mind, watches Bradley intently. I had the pleasure of meeting Champion Marquez, along with Nacho, on the track and field at the University of Las Vegas a few days prior to the third Pacquiao fight. Make no mistake about Marquez fighting intent. What I saw in the Champion’s eyes that day leaves little doubt as to what deathly outer limits, similar to Bradley, that he is prepared to go to. The difference; he clearly is not going to make comments in that regard. Those types of comments are a sign of mental weakness. Marquez does not speak of getting knocked down. Marquez does not speak of the damage that he has suffered in the ring but rather the great quality of Champions he has fought in the past, and the great conditioning, ring intelligence, and focus required for victory. 

In Dreams, Bad

It’s hard to imagine why Bradley’s brain trust allowed him to be videotaped, on a stretcher, being rolled down the back venue hallway, into a waiting ambulance, after his fight with Ruslan Provodnikov. What we learned as Max Kellerman moderated is that Mr. Champion Bradley suffered a concussion as a result of the Provodnikov fight, that for several weeks after the fight he was still feeling the effects of the damage done. He was suffering from slurred speech and that after two months he got his speech back and, as he stated, “I got my wits about me.” Champion Bradley went on to advise that he was a real Champion and that he wanted to prove to the people, in the Provodnikov fight, that he could “bring the house down.”

It doesn’t seem that long ago, life years considered, that Champion Bradley was washing dishes at Coco’s and serving tables at Mimi’s Restaurants for a meager $200.00 give and take. This background drives him forward. It is Bradley’s conveyed thought to Champion Marquez that if Marquez does not put him on the canvas, the 10-count way, that Marquez cannot win their fight. Bradley is a pressure fighter without a punch of the one through ten and out type. His KO percentage speaks for itself. He grinds his opponents down. His conditioning is superlative and he keeps his hands moving considerably, but Bradley is of the style, wear and tear, not only to opponent but, long term to self. 

Unfortunately for Champion Bradley the Provodnikov fight was the wrong fight to “bring the house down.” Let’s be very honest with respect to Bradley’s performance against Provodnikov. He fought a stupid fight and when under fire, back to the ropes, he often looked very amateurish in his flurry of response. 

For an individual who consistently states that he is not swayed by public opinion or media types, clearly Bradley fought a fight to satisfy those very people. He most certainly didn’t follow his Chief Second and Trainer’s ring plan before the fight or during the fight. In fact it was the Provodnikov fight where Bradley should have used his superior boxing skills against a powerful but one-dimensional opponent. It is this fight that Bradley needs to, one style way or another, “bring the house down.”

Bradley has made comment that Marquez will not be able to hit what he can’t see. As sure as those Coachella Valley winds blow in those desert storms, century after century, down Tim Bradley neighborhood way, and that the Champion sometimes uses for painful sandblasting like roadwork, at sometime during this fight, Bradley will revert to “Desert Storm” nature, bent at the waist, slightly down, with his head and eyes looking towards the canvas, ready to pop up and fire wide looping shots. This will be dangerous business against the superb combination punching Marquez. 

In Dreams and In Reality

The reality of Bradley’s performance against Marquez will be born in the very thoughts that Tim Bradley cannot seem to keep out of his head. Thoughts of respect abound and there seems to be confusion of that need for respect in terms of what type of ring generalship is going to take place or what ring plan Bradley feels his mind can dictate to or for him. Will he box, or will he use his superior size, and attempt to enforce such size, and business of hands, born of youth, against Marquez?

After the Pacquiao fight Bradley considered himself the most hated fighter on the planet. He received death threats and numerous and sundry unkind comments via the multimedia route. Although he says it doesn’t bother him and suggests that he’s thriving on those comments, they clearly bother him to the extent as exhibited in the Provodnikov fight, Bradley has trouble staying true to his hand in terms of a responsible fight plan. 

During “Face Off” he advised that the Provodnikov fight performance was due, in part, to the fact that he was in a “dark place” as a result of the Pacquiao fight. Enough said! Simple answer to any and all is very clear: shoot the messenger and not the fighter. 

All Timothy Bradley did, he of the clean living, family man, pleasant going personality, was train and perform to the utmost against Pacquiao, fulfill his dream of a lifetime and do so nonetheless on an injured ankle suffered early on in the fight. Tim Bradley didn’t judge that fight. Shoot the messenger!  Complain about the judges but don’t complain about Tim Bradley. 

Bradley’s brain trust no doubt hope that Marquez, at age forty, will give truth to that jingle “Time Takes It All In The End” but in the end it might be that all Marquez needs is time to break Bradley down. In the end, the best judge of “time” is past behavior “time.” At some point in “time” Bradley will revert to previous form. At some point in “time” Bradley will, cards on the table, go head-to-head with Marquez.

The Pacquiao fight is going to loom large for Bradley in two contexts. Firstly if Timothy Bradley feels he is going to get the benefit of the doubt of another close decision, after the Pacquiao debacle, well that thought may not be born of reality. Whether you agreed with the decision or not, the simple fact is that it was highly controversial. Bradley is going to be hard-pressed to perform using that same style and earn the respect apparently he feels is still deserved. Alternatively Marquez, who is as good a ring general out of the ring along with Nacho, as he is in the ring, has clearly stated that he is prepared and quite comfortable with an envisioned Duran vs. Leonard Number One type of fight. Marquez is playing cards in advance, letting all see the hand, and the fact that he is, unlike Bradley, prepared and willing to engage. In short he’s giving a mindset that it is he will force the fight rather than Bradley and that it is he who should be rewarded in that context. 

Champion Bradley is going to have to go out, if he can, and earn this victory the hard way. In his last two fights many have questioned whether Bradley should have been the judged victor. In this fight Bradley will have to press the “action button.” Well many feel Marquez received the “bad beat” in at least two of his Pacquiao fights the same cannot be said of Bradley with respect to his fight with Pacquiao and Provodnikov. 

To Hell with the Crowd

Between rounds of the third Leonard vs. Duran fight, Leonard, mimicking the comments of his trainer in response to the crowd reaction, stated “to hell with the crowd.” Leonard was content with non-engagement and constant movement and it served him well in earning a decision but little in terms of generating fan appreciation. It takes an extreme set of good legs and an exceptional amount of psychological commitment to maintain that type of Leonard fight that was performed and more so for Bradley who more often than the not, when the fireworks start, is willing to engage. It is this type of entertaining style that earns “respect” from the majority of those that want entertainment.

The Kid

Let me tell you about a 17-year-old Kid who is a poker prodigy. He understands “the hell with the crowd.” He understands performing on his own terms. Well Champion Bradley, the Kid has it right! The hell with everybody else. You can take it as belief from this young Kid that at the end of the day you better be looking out for number one. One only needs to turn the page to Clarence George’s quick but excellent summary of the legendary Sandy Saddler’s last days to understand the message. It is a message sadly redundant in this boxing world. Fight your own way Champion Tim Bradley and fight for yourself. The only person you need to please at this stage of your career is in fact yourself by way of the “W”. Look out for number one!  It may be that Bradley is unable to beat the supreme technician in Marquez, one way, “my way” or any other way, but it is hard to imagine victory coming to Bradley the toe-to-toe way.

As for the Kid; my hometown of Waterloo has produced more poker prodigies than possibly anywhere in the world the past six years. In a span of four times in two years we have had big time winners in the international poker world. A few years back Mike (Timex) McDonald from Waterloo, walked away with 1.4 million dollars as the youngest European tour German Open Champion in history. We have had another young gentleman from Waterloo who walked away with a 1.7 million dollar payday at the World Poker Finals in Connecticut. He started playing poker while playing basketball on the University team. That is the University of Waterloo, which is a world-class Math and Engineering school. Microsoft is sprinkled with graduates from this school. These Kids, of a Math and Engineering background, play online poker and play in poker clubs at the University. Poker recruiting we shall call it. The Kid does not pretend to want to play in any term other than his own terms of play and “to hell with the crowd.” His “style” fits the occasion.

Caught in a Trap

In summary we shall see if Mr. Champion Bradley stays outside, throwing high volume punches and boxing and performing “to hell with the crowd” poker boxing. We shall see if his style fits the occasion. If he does he most assuredly will not earn that respect that he feels he needs. If Bradley decides “to hell with the crowd,” he will have to maintain an exceptionally fast outside pace and maintain it with extreme psychological discipline over 12 rounds. That is a hard “ask” against Marquez. Either way, Bradley working outside or Bradley being the bigger and stronger fighter and trying to work his way on the inside, you can be assured the Champion Marquez, as intelligent and technical as any fighter in recent memory, is ready to adjust and adapt. 

To the winner of this fight goes the most certain option of multi-million dollar spring paydays. To the loser, if their surrounding advisors are fair, it is time to take a serious look at retirement. If Bradley wins he puts himself in a position for a huge payday for a Pacquiao rematch or, if he does not sign back with Top Rank, a massive payday against Floyd Mayweather. For Marquez, similarly, it will be the enticement for a massive unprecedented rival rematch with Pacquiao or alternatively retirement with the legacy of a name that will live for boxing forever.

Legacy “One”! Born of Bradley, a professional for nine years and almost two months, or if you prefer, give or take a leap, 3,327 days, or if you prefer, 79,848 hours of a focused boxing career. Similarly, of Marquez, twenty years, four and a half months, or if you prefer, similarly, 7,432 days, or 178,360 hours. Story telling for a lifetime to be packed into opening bell to ending bell, all that time gone in 48 minutes, more or less. Forty-eight minutes to glory and Bradley possibly left with a legacy “One” of the stigma of Pacquiao, and not his to blame, and Marquez with the legacy “One” possibly done or possibly another “One” with Pacquiao. 

“Well Counsel (Schmidt), apparently young Bradley is a tough man as he has done personal Pyrrhic victory times two, being Pacquiao and Provodnikov. Do you know Counsel (Schmidt) what the Greek legend Pyrrhus had said to his friends when they congratulated him for his victory over the Romans, which was at the cost of a huge slaughter of his own side?” (Counsel Schmidt does not know what the Greek legend said but I’m sure Mr. Jensen Strauss is going to tell me!) 

“Yes, but if we have such another victory, we are undone!”—Pyrrhus

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  1. El Bastardo Magnifico 04:10pm, 10/17/2013

    Good point Carlos Cutman. I had JMM wining the fight- the older fighter was the aggressor, was the stronger fighter as the fight wore on and if you look at the compubox numbers JMM landed much more in the power punch department with Bradley throwing a huge number of jabs but only landed 3-4 more during the fight- Bradley very deceiving to score as he throws a lot but when you look hard at what he is throwing and what is landing…same thing in the Champion Manny fight.

  2. carlos varela jr. 03:14pm, 10/17/2013

    I admire the courage and determination of Juan Manuel he could have pick an easy opponent but he chooses the toughest guy in the block that the mark of a true champion, everybody say Bradley dominated Marquez but the fight was closer than the announcers say it was, Bradley box smart but it was close just want to remind the boxing fans that Marquez is coming up from the featherweight division.

  3. Mike Schmidt 12:46pm, 10/03/2013

    Sneak—I met Champion Marquez and Nacho at the UNLV track early in the morning before the third fight with Pacman—it was a Tuesday—JMM was not smiling and his eyes were Death Wish type serious—You have my post over on the Fearless Editor’s just posted article—Bradley is talking about “the judges are going to give the decision” thing—believe me—the piss drinker is going to be thinking KTFO type of thing- not “the judges”—what the hell kind of mental make-up is that—not even thinking of trying to starch your opponent. Bradley also talking in regards to the concussion being in “therapy” for five months and “okay” now ...I don’t know Sneak—not the kind of stuff I would want out there and not the kind of stuff I want mental preparation make up fighter wise—gonna be interesting. And yes Sir Robert “we know Bradley can take A punch” but JMM is not even remotely Ruslan and if he gets Bradley hurt those pinpoint combinations will not be “A” punch but a serious of multiple “A” punches. Has the potential of being a great fight or a real stinker.

  4. Pete The Sneak 12:35pm, 10/03/2013

    Bastardo, that’s some great stuff. Yes, I can see the oozing of confidence in Nacho in your description of his chat with you. I agree. Sounds like Bradley definitely better bring his super best stuff, cause it appears like Nacho, JMM & CO. are coming to take care of some real serious business. A JMM victory over Bradley should ‘Notch’ ‘Nacho’s Trainer of the Year nomination…Peace.

  5. Mag Bastardo 12:13pm, 10/03/2013

    Sneak I just literally got off the phone with Nacho—got lucky he was in at Gimnasio La Romanza when I buzzed—he is calm, cool, and focused—and as always as polite as all hell if you are a friend. Nobody is talking about it, but one of the side stories to this fight is Nacho and Diaz—if you watch these guys work in the corner, how they work, what they say and do—fookin top of the line superb—so—who has the better fight plan to execute and can they make/have their fighter execute it. Bradley better bring his triple AAAA plus to this fight Pete—Nacho sounds as solid as a rock on the phone—Marquez wins, J.G. knocking out Mares THEN SURELY YOU HAVE TO GIVE NACHO TRAINER OF THE YEAR SOLID CONSIDERATION darn good connection to Meheeeeeco City by the by—adios amigo

  6. Pete The Sneak 11:53am, 10/03/2013

    “the little man with the big punch from Pinoy land is still that much more exciting than a whole lot of everything else out there.”
    ....You got that right El Bastardo Magnifico..Nuff said…Peace.

  7. Magnificent Bastard 11:42am, 10/03/2013

    And Pete, if Manny stretches the slow footed Brandon then there will huge noise for a fight with Marquez, Bradley or Mayweather—and so it should be—the little man with the big punch from Pinoy land is still that much more exciting than a whole lot of everything else out there.

  8. Mag Bastardo 11:31am, 10/03/2013

    Ah yes Sneak—that boxing radical group often referred to over this electronic communication wireless fookin wonder (created by your very own CIA/Military boys way back in the day) as “Pactards” (never called “Pactards” by me—I like to refer to this group as “Manny Manny boxing radicals”). They are as sneaky as our Coyote/Shepherd Dog Bronson. It is to be noted that they are taking the approach of Get Smart like “cone of silence.” I suspect the average Pactard, if such a thing exists, is taking the approach “we will not talk of this Bradley vs Marquez fight” it is not of any importance and if we don’t talk about it then that much less it is, if anything…..oops other than like it or not the two guys that recently own victories over Manny are duking it out. Now that is the “Pactard” contingent Sneak and you are as aware of their various crazy posts as I am- they are a minority of course—nutty as a sport granola bar—now my real boxing Pinoy friends, the ones that know of Flash Elorde and Pancho Villa, they are just trying to figure out how the hell they can get their Congraaassonthecanvasman to not only get a rematch arse kicking fight with the winner but somehow get some revenge on the loser as well. Well first off to Manny, and a huge huge round of ovation to him- a lesser man would have taken a look good scorching softee opponent—has to get past Rios—not an easy order for anybody—win or lose our Bam Bam he bring it baby!!!! Now Sneak having bullschmidted my thru all that—NOT A LUCKY PUNCH, NOT A LUCKY PUNCH, NOT A LUCKY PUNCH

  9. Pete The Sneak 09:25am, 10/03/2013

    Bastardo magnifico, now you’ve done it…You’ve awoken the sleeping giant. The Pacman fans/Pinoys will now have their way with you concerning your heathen comments about the ‘Punch’ not being lucky, but set up and actually planned? Whoa is you. Heresy at it’s highest point. And so it begins. Buena Suerte!...Peace…

  10. Magnificent Bastard 09:17am, 10/03/2013

    One in a million shot—nah—he was working that one, set up, all night long—dip the left shoulder, sling the wide arc right, same shot that had Manny on his pants earlier—for all my PINOY friends—NO LUCKY SHOT, NO LUCKY SHOT, NO LUCKY SHOT.

  11. Magnificent Bastard 09:15am, 10/03/2013

    Irish always good to hear from you. The ringside tickets I will have as soon as I step into that palace of a Casino by Steve Wynn (hell of a place) that’s a given. Now Irish on the money—firstly our young Stu Unger without any vices of the mind altering type (yet and hopefully never) has to win—if past recent performance equals future performance, and already knowing the table—well the odds are good, secondly, that ain’t my money or bet so my package, balls included will be secure—I think this an interesting fight—Bradley does not have the power to keep JMM away—now I know you are going to tell me that JMM is a sit back counterpuncher—JMM may have to go FIND BRADLEY—‘Champion Tim’s arm punching is not going to keep JMM off. Bradley can come in as big as he wants—this one is about skill, conditioning and PUNCHING power.

  12. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 09:00am, 10/03/2013

    Mike Schmidt-Yikes!....$50,000 on JMM at -155….I’m awestruck! Lest we forget Manny was pounding JMM’s face into ground round when he got caught with that one in a million shot! It’s not that JMM was able to land that shot because he certainly has the skill….it was that it was so very, very potent! Anyhoooo….in addition to brains it appears that they have big balls up in Waterloo as well!

  13. Magnificent Bastard 08:06am, 10/03/2013

    Sir Robert why are you sitting on the fence. Tell us what you really think LOL LOL hee hee. I just hope we do not have any of the following 1) A shitty decision if it goes that route 2) Bradley pecking and poking but not engaging 3)  A Bradley head butt—and no I am not saying he does it intentionally 4) Irish Seanneeeee calling out my friend WBA Light Heavy Champ Beibut Shumenov- that would be silly and 5) Wayne Gretzky ringside. ANNNND I AM SO HAPPY THAT THE GRAND CHAMPION HAS LET EVERYBODY KNOW THAT HE AND NACHO HAD BEEN WORKING ON THAT TIMING SHOT THAT KNOCKED POOR MANNY INTO THE NEXT CENTURY BECAUSE IT SURE LOOKED LIKE THE SHOT HE WAS TRYING TO LAND/SET UP THE PREVIOUS ROUNDS…..

  14. Robert Ecksel 07:53am, 10/03/2013

    I expect Bradley to be in for a very rough night. Anything he lands, Marquez can handle. JMM will sit back, bide his time, eat punches if he has to, and wait for the inevitable opening. Bradley is tough, maybe too tough for his own good. But Marquez is tough as well, maybe too tough, not to mention too skilled, for Timothy Bradley.

  15. Magnificent Bastard 05:59am, 10/03/2013

    HBO 24/7 Marquez believes in “DIVINE JUSTICE” which he states he got by knocking out Manny in consideration of the results of the first three fights that he believes he won. Also that knockout punch was not a lucky punch but that he trained for Manny “when he feints he brings his head down and I was waiting for that to throw my counterpunch.” And so he did with a knockout to remembered for the ages—GREAT 24/7 HBO EPISODE NUMERO UNO

  16. Mike Schmidt 12:08pm, 10/02/2013

    “most technically skilled straight forward boxer on the planet”—Pretty Boy Lloyd not by mistake that great combination body and head punching—go back and look at another Nacho tuned fighter Ricardo “El Finito” Lopez—just a wonder to watch these guys—years of training and precision punching results—PS If JMM wins this and with Nacho notch on the belt fighter win over Abner Mares MY VOTE FOR NACHO TRAINER OF THE YEAR.

  17. Pretty Boy Lloyd 10:04am, 10/02/2013

    Marquez v Bradley - 2 Great Fighters on October 12th at the Thomas & Mac Center.
    One fighter is undefeated with slanted judging that leaves him an O on the box score. The other fighter is the most technically skilled straight forward boxer on the planet (other than $May). Marquez will beat Bradley easily - he may not take him out with one punch but his straight punches and superior speed will be too difficult for the wide punching and slow footed Bradley to deal with next Saturday. Place your $ on Marquez and watch for many straight right hands to Bradley’s big coconut.

  18. Clarence George 09:32am, 10/02/2013

    By the way, the photo reminds me of:

  19. Mike Schmidt 09:27am, 10/02/2013

    Mike Casey I went back in and read your ARCHIE MOORE STORY ON ABORIGINAL DIET,—CLASSIC. First I love the picture of Archie smiling away with give or take 7 big plates of meat and then the line which just has vintage Archie to it… “May I point out that chewing without swallowing is not easy!” How good is that- I gotta go home tonight and take a peek at “Shadow Boxing” with Plimpton in a moment of insanity…..of course Sly decided to go a few rounds, not, with Earnie and Roberto—I digress—adios amigos

  20. Clarence George 09:13am, 10/02/2013

    Ha!  The current one, Thomas Menino.

  21. Mag Bastardo 09:09am, 10/02/2013

    Bruce Casey—guilty as charged—absolutely not Sir!!! Anything, and I mean ANYTHING, on Archie Moore is an A, yours are of course, as The Mongoose, Professor Archie would wax philosophic no doubt, an A Plus. It is, like both you and Clarence, beyond my apprehension as to what the big deal was about the Canelo fight—did anybody have the young man winning??? His fight plan, unfortunately, and of course Floyd Jr had much to do with it, well, to quote a Boston Mayor whose name escapes me, Canelo “was a man of great statue!!!!”

  22. Mike Casey 09:09am, 10/02/2013

    Oh yes, Clarence!

  23. Clarence George 08:57am, 10/02/2013

    Mike C.:  Leonard Rossiter, a comedic genius.

  24. Clarence George 08:53am, 10/02/2013

    As always, I bow to Mike Casey’s research.

  25. Mike Casey 08:53am, 10/02/2013

    Yeah, God bless dear old Reggie, Clarence - a man going ever more mad but still saner than the rest!

  26. Clarence George 08:50am, 10/02/2013

    Social or sociable?  I’m reminded of when Reginald Perrin said that he was a congenial liar.  “Congenital, you mean?”  “No, congenial.  I’m enjoying myself.”

    Not sure of Moore’s dietary regimen, but he surely nibbled occasionally on Eddie Hodges.

  27. Mike Casey 08:41am, 10/02/2013

    Guilty, my dear Schmidty:

  28. Clarence George 08:37am, 10/02/2013

    By the way, Mikes, no matter what happens with Bradley-Marquez, it’s sure to be superior to Mayweather-Alvarez.  Was there anything about that tiresome bout that wasn’t predictable?

  29. Magnificent Bastard 08:37am, 10/02/2013

    Well, genius thy name is Clarence, one only need to look at an ab-original who kinda kept everybody happy on this Vegan business even though it was not thy name of the time—by taking an old Aboriginal Diet ( so he said anyways—the man was a master at promotion, hype, and the psych job on opponents) Archie Moore who most certainly chewed the juice of the meat and I don’t know what kind of starch comes of that in so far as worry to our Veganites but certainly the “Old Mongoose” starched more guys than anybody else. And that was on a mere chew!!!!!! Didn’t one of you Sweet Science scribes do an article, if memory serves me better than my time in Duluth, write an article on Archie’s Aboriginal Diet mystic powers etc etc.

  30. Mike Casey 08:29am, 10/02/2013

    The best way around it, Clarence, is to describe oneself as a ‘social’ carnivore in the way of social smokers - only five days a week, sir, when those rotten macho bastards force me to.

  31. Clarence George 08:22am, 10/02/2013

    I think Daniel Bryan over at the WWE is also a vegan.  Don’t hold with such newfangled notions myself.  Sugar Ray Robinson was very big on mugs of beef broth.  But his wasn’t a sissified age.

  32. Mike Casey 08:07am, 10/02/2013

    Yes, Mike, agreed. The appeal of Floyd-Canelo - even before it happened - completely escaped me. I just couldn’t see Mayweather losing.

  33. Mag Bastaro 08:02am, 10/02/2013

    The Vulcan has either been eating a shit load of cauliflower, is going to each a shit load making for cauliflower, or has been hitting the weights a whole lot Mike because the body is not Vegan looking. Whole lot of body building look bulk . Bradley may or may not need some cauliflower soup after this one—The thing is the Champ Bradley, for lack of KO power, one way or the other finds a way to win and nobody but nobody better question his Championship heart—intangible as always—The Grand Champ JMM age. I am much more excited for this fight than the hype job that was Mayweather vs Canelo. This one has the possibility, depending on how Bradley wants to bring it, OR NOT, to be a barnburner.

  34. Mike Casey 07:50am, 10/02/2013

    Bradley might need to be a Vulcan to win this one. I still see a Marquez win. The way we do things these days, Juan will probably be up to 190 by the time he steps into the ring.

  35. Mag Bastardo 07:10am, 10/02/2013

    A Vegan!!!!! Isn’t that some Martian thing they were going to have beamed down to take over the earth in Plan 9 From Outer Space Number Two? Bella couldn’t make the redux so they cancelled the whole fucking thing. A Vegan!!!! What would Bronson the Coyote/Shepherd Dog think. Clarence is that even legal south of the Duluth Border!!!! Seriously, and for all you Veganites out there who no doubt will hit me with an overcooked chunk of assssparagassss ringside, studies- I understand that you can get just as much protein, or more, less cholesterollleees, and less calories so all is good- you are not loosing out but probably gaining from your green foraging- Now having been politically correct ( not that we do that at hee heee) ask me if I am having peas and salad at Sinatra’s, Wynns Resort OR A BIG HONKING CHUNK OF STEAK. You can bet the piss drinker ain’t no Vegan. Bob Arum ain’t no Vegan, Steve Wynn’s own Bronson like dog would probably bite ya in the arse to even think such a thing-Coyote mixes are very sensitive about these type of things- A Vegan Clarence- the world is coming undone. How is a respectable cow to earn his place in society!! We would be overrun by Cattle, Steers and, and, and Chicken for fucks sake.

  36. Clarence George 06:44am, 10/02/2013

    Those are indeed the Royal Flush Girls, Mike.  Yes, pretty much interchangeable with their boxing counterparts.

    By the way, Bradley is a vegan.  Harrumph.

  37. Mag Bastardo 05:39am, 10/02/2013

    Thanks Sneak- coming from a Gent that certainly knows his boxing- much appreciated. I noticed after the Manny fight the Champ Tim let his weight balloon- and he looked very bulky early press conference to this fight- we shall see we shall see. Enjoy the fights Sir.

  38. Pete The Sneak 05:35am, 10/02/2013

    Beautiful write up Mr. Mag Bastardo…Can’t wait for part two…It will be very interesting to see what effect, if any, the Provodnikov fight had on Mr. Bradley. There is just no way you go through something like that and not have some type of fall back. And JMM is the type of fighter who could take full advantage of any physical/mental setback that fight may have had on Tim. I think Bradley will fight cautiously and box JMM from the start (Joel Diaz will make sure of that), but will begin to get more agressive as JMM begins to connect with counter shots. That’s when i think we’ll get to see what lasting effect the Provodnikov may have possibly had on Desert Storm. Should be an interesting fight…Peace.

  39. Magnificent Bastard 05:30am, 10/02/2013

    Clarence I checked your comment youtube “pop up.” Are those the Royal Flush girls. Fantastic—it gives new meaning to the game of Poker!!! How the hell anybody could concentrate on the game with those lovely ladies around…. not fair, not fair at all and “Kid” if you are reading this article—FORGEDDAA BOUT IT!!!  As far as you are concerned Vegas is still filming Hells Angels 69 or They Came to Rob Las Vegas, cactus balls are still rolling across main street, out on a Dude ranch a Bear vs. a Wildcat has been arranged as a smoker and the whole joint is boring as shit lit up with liquid Neon. Focus focus focus—Clarence I see an opportunity—please google Top Rank Girls Images—maybe some of those Royal Flush girls want to do a Top Rank Fight Girl thing- as they say Sir, “With every winner there comes a gratuity.” !!!!!!! Adios Sir.

  40. Mike Schmidt 05:08am, 10/02/2013

    Agreed Joe. If Bradley goes mano a mano, toe-to-toe, we may have something very special. If he fights outside with the pitter patter range finding jab and moves with angles, well we may see a real yawn-fest. Irish Seanneeee on the undercard, he of the Light Heavy, will more than make up for any stinkers. We have more than that to unfortunately worry about—a swath of shit judging lately and of course Tim has that nasty habit (just part of his style of fighting) of coming up from his crouch with that bald head of his—hopefully we have a great fight between two great fighters and no controversy.

  41. Magnificent Bastard 05:01am, 10/02/2013

    Thank you Sir—that is one hell of a post. My apology to Dita—if that was her in Duluth—please let her know that I fell asleep on the corner of one of my favorite named Casino’s, the Fond-du-Luth Casino—I remember daydreaming about finding another Stu Unger—but there was only one Ungar. The “Fond” was chaired I believe by a chap named Sonny Peacock so Clarence you had a Peacock in a Fond- du-Luth and ain’t that something. As for those Royal Flush girls all I can say is that they should meet Adrien Boner for the Champ Boner has most certainly engaged twitter youtube of the Royal Flush!!!! On a serious note, I may take some flack on the suggestion Bradley retire if he loses but having watched his last few fights he is starting to take some serious shots—nothing is more important than one’s health at the end of the day. I wish both Champions well—both very very good guys.

  42. Joe 04:57am, 10/02/2013

    Now I can’t wait to see what the numbers look like for this matchup.  Individually I guess both guys are good (Marquez more than Bradley) but two counterpunchers and PPV don’t necessarily mix in my opinion.  We’ll see.

  43. Clarence George 04:29am, 10/02/2013

    Schmidt, you magnificent bastard, I read your article!

    And an exceptionally incisive one.  Rather like Rigondeaux, as Ted recently argued, Bradley indeed needs to be much better marketed.  But perhaps it’s no longer doable, or no longer matters.  If he loses to Marquez—as I suspect he will, even if he boxes as would a master poker player—why not retire?  He’s young, has his wits about him, a wife and child, money.  He could open a gym, live the good life.  I’m a big believer in boxers retiring healthy, wealthy, and wise.

    Loved your reference to Clarence George, one of my favorite boxing writers.  I might have phrased it a bit differently, though—e.g., “Genius, thy name is Clarence.”

    By the way, I’m thoroughly addicted to the World Poker Tour.  Though I know how to play, I’m both fascinated and flummoxed by the jargon-riddled commentary of hosts Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten:

    “Down we go to the river.  Argyle hoping for a Nat King Cole or at least a Kojak, while Socks needs a Rin Tin Tin to stay in the game.  And—oh!—it’s a Grandma, What Big Teeth You Have, which puts paid to Argyle’s Bob’s Your Uncle…  We’ll be back after this message from our lovely Royal Flush Girls.”

    Here’s the message:

    I’ve been peppering my conversation with poker jargon lately.  People have no idea what I’m talking about, but are too insecure or embarrassed to let on.  Gives me an edge.

    Saw Dita Von Teese last night.  She tells me that you still owe her money for that, ahem, private performance in Duluth back in June.

  44. Magnificent Bastard 12:55am, 10/02/2013

    Storytelling time Editor Robert—in Las Vegas!!! Thanks to the Web Wizard for great Video content and Mr. Editor for the posting as always. The Winner wants to notch win Number Two against Manny?????

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