The Legacy “One” / The Marquez “Wynn”

By Michael Schmidt on October 18, 2013
The Legacy “One” / The Marquez “Wynn”
“I fought an opponent," said JMM, "who did not want to fight.” (Jeff Bottari/Getty Images)

Afterwards Bob Arum will comment that if the fight was held in the Eastern U.S. Marquez would have won 7 rounds to 5…


Ringside! Marquez 8 Rounds, Bradley 4 Rounds / Tell You Why!

Post-Fight Sunday “Manny”

The ring is packed with gorgeous Tecate girls. There must be at least one hundred of them. Champion Manny Pacquiao congratulates Champion Marquez and looks at the Schmidt personal security, bodyguard, training partner, Coyote Shepherd dog “Bronson” who is standing on his hind paws, bearing his teeth, with a slight lip curl to his snout. He has a T-shirt on that says, “I am Rios…the good…the Bradley…the ugly…” Manny looks at Marquez and Rios and smiles, “We make good fight for the fans. That’s entertainment.” Mexican flags fly overhead shaped like Doves.

The ring canvas is a very expensive mosaic tile and above floats a giant parasol Mexican flag. Michael Buffer takes the microphone, post-fight; “Ladies and gentlemen please click the computer button at the side of your chair and let HBO know who won…(pause) Ladies and Gentlemen the President of Tecate has announced that if Bradley has the courage to fight Marquez in Mexico, free Tecate beer for everyone!” Bronson curls the lip on his furry snout, “Si Señor, we make good fight for fans.” Ringside, Steve Wynn asks legendary Crooner Steve Lawrence who he thinks won and Lawrence responds “Blame It on the Bossa Nova Baby.” Wynn looks to his left and asks Tony Rome what he thought.  “At least Marquez tried to punch somebody in the kisser baby,” responds Rome. 

The automatic drapes, movie Matt Helm-like, open up in my Wynn Resort room showing a panoramic view of the Desert Mountains in the distance.  Well that was some dream!!! Brandon Rios and Bronson in an alley!  Sorry Brandon but you are “gone in sixty seconds.”

Pre-Fight / Wynn Resort, Las Vegas, Thursday Evening

I am here at Wynn Resort, Thursday evening, enjoying a huge, succulent, prime rib at SW Steakhouse, water level, looking out at Steve Wynn’s man-made three acre Lake of Dreams.

There is a seventy-foot waterfall and every thirty minutes a light, sound, and music show commences. Out above the waterfall rises a thirty-foot green singing mechanical frog. Tonight Mr. Frog, for I do not know his name otherwise, is doing a beautiful lip-moving rendition of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World.”

Our host/waiter for the evening is young Mr. Jason Rives, rock mountain climber of Wyoming. He has been perfect company and conversation to the lovely Suzanna and I all evening long and asks what I think of Mr. Frog. What is one to say with respect to a gigantic singing “What a Wonderful World” frog? “Whimsical” is the word that Suzanna gives Jason. I add that this entire Wynn Resort is full of “whimsical,” mixed with casino gaming folly to match, along with pure class, and the stamp of personality of the big boss himself, Steve Wynn. Believe me when I tell you that “Resorts” don’t come any better than this.

As I watch the evening light show pulsating amongst the lake, the waterfall, and the tall trees in behind Mr. Frog, I think back a few hours earlier. The perfection of pleasure! Somewhere in the back of mind I am recalling a Steve Wynn interview where he commented that he wanted to make beautiful things for people to enjoy and he happened to make a fair bit of money while doing it and obviously that was the added bonus and one hell of a bonus at that. As Jackie Gleason would say, “and away we go,” to another maker of beautiful things, the “Nacho” man!

Mid-Afternoon Thursday / “The Chairman’s Salon” / “Something that Resonates”

I have just come in from the V.I.P. pool area where I was lounging for a few hours near the cabana shop. Gorgeous young girls serving great food right to your lounge chair by the pool, bikinis, beautiful people… this is Classville, Las Vegas, Nevada. 

It’s been a few days since I spoke to Ignacio “Nacho” Beristain, by phone, down at his world renowned Mexico City Romanza Gym. Perhaps it is appropriate, in consideration of Nacho, that we meet close to the “Chairman’s Salon” at Wynn’s. Nacho ranks with the legendary trainers of all time and, by the numbers, through the past few decades, he is the best. Numbers don’t lie!

“And then you look up, and you see something that resonates with you; it makes you smile, and perhaps you’ll stop and think someone designed that for my enjoyment and my discovery.”—Steve Wynn

It is almost forty-eight hours to the forty-eight minutes to glory fight of Saturday. Here sits the Steve Wynn-like stamp of perfection, pugilism style, “Nacho.” Hospitality of the punch you in the kisser type: Fifty-two years in the business and an astounding twenty-six world champions. In his own way Ignacio Beristain has created beautiful things for people to enjoy including the technical perfection and precision punching of the likes of Grand Champion Juan Manuel Marquez and Ricardo “El Finito” Lopez.

Nacho and I talk briefly with the help of an interpreter and I say hello to some of the other team members including Angel “Memo” Heredia. There’s no sense talking about the fight at this stage for as surely as the ball is in movement on the Roulette Table around the corner, this fight is already set in motion. It’s hurry up and wait time. There are fighters in the hallways and Trainers and Managers sitting in the reception area. Some things don’t change! 

Friday Night “Sinatra’s” / The “Last Supper”

What a great way to end a day. From lounging at the V.I.P. pool with the lovely Suzanna and watching clouds drift by while listening to the likes of Shirley Bassey, “Hey Big Spender…” and Frank Sinatra, “I’ve Got You Under My Skin…”—songs of yesterday, to talking to team Marquez, to Friday night dinner at “Sinatra’s” at the Wynn Resort, with World Light-Heavyweight Champion tough guy Beibut Shumenov and his Vice-President of Operations Cary Redlin.  The two of them, Champion Shumenov, and Ms. Cary Redlin, like Marquez, like this Wynn Resort, seek nothing less than raising the bar on quality and the stamp of perfection. 

We eat at Sinatra’s on the secluded outdoor patio with its fireplace. We have a great evening and an impressive meal in a restaurant that was designed, with the input of the Sinatra family, by Steve Wynn and company. Over at Bartolotta Ristorante the Champion Marquez is enjoying a post weigh-in pasta.

As the evening wraps up, I can’t help but thinking of a Mexican fan that I literally bumped into on the way to dinner. There wasn’t translator about and it’s unfortunate that I do not speak Spanish. All this gentleman kept saying to me (I had a media pass around my chest at the time) was “one, two, Manny, one, two Manny, one, two, Manny.”  I am not sure if he was trying to convey that this fight was “one two Manny” for Marquez or, in his mixing in the name of Bradley repeatedly, was conveying some type of CompuBox theory, or Marquez gets Manny next!  Maybe he had “one, two, Manny” himself!  Like most the people here, one reason or “Manny,” there’s a big smile on his face. 

“Memo” on a Champion’s Intake

On our way back to our room I have an opportunity to speak further to Champion Marquez’s strength and conditioning coach, a gentlemen in red hot demand these days given the winning ways of his athletes, Mr. Angel “Memo” Heredia. We share a few jokes about our travels and travails in the boxing world and I ask him to please provide, if he would, the receipt stubs for Champion Marquez’s full day of fuel intake. What does a world-class Champion and Athlete consume the day before a fight? It is as follows:

Breakfast: White omelet and fruit along with tea and honey
12-1 pm: Protein drink
Immediate post weigh-in: Pasta with olive oil, meat and bread
Dinner: Protein shake, fish and vegetables, tea with honey

Fight Night

I am thinking of that CompuBox “one, two, Manny” as I sit first row, number one, section one, seat fourteen. In retrospect maybe I should have been thinking about the POD Index and how these judges “show.”

I have a clear unimpeded view ringside, with my buddy “Big D” sitting to my right, Kathy Duva to my immediate left, and some photographer named Nonito Donaire slightly two foot forward to my left. Immediately behind me Chavez Jr. Between the likes of Donaire, Chavez Jr., young prodigies Glen Tapia and Felix Verdejo, Mike Tyson, Tommy Hearns, Miguel Cotto and of course the big man himself, Steve Wynn sitting beside Bob Arum, this certainly has that Top Rank electric feeling about it. 

I also see the NFL’s Brandon Marshall, wrestler “The Undertaker,” and, my heavens, legendary “Crooner” Steve Lawrence who for seventy years plus looks fantastic. They don’t pay this big bald guy, yours truly sitting ringside, for his looks. It’s memory time! Dear old Pops was a huge fan of Steve and Eydie and we got a blast of music every weekend. Hell, I can hear in memory a Steve and Eydie duet for Tim Bradley. “Hey baby” how about a song for Bradley such as “We Got Us,” “It’s Us Again,” “I Gotta Be Me,” or “How Many Stars Have to Shine.” They can then turn around to the Grand Champion Marquez and give us “I Will Wait for You.”. (I do not know nor have I met Steve Lawrence although I assure you it would be a great thrill. Having said that I feel I would be remiss in not offering our condolences on the passing of his wife Eydie on August 10th of this year.)

I still get the tingle up and down my spine, before every big Top Rank fight, when they start the Top Rank video, sound booming with at the time commentary, of the likes of Arguello and Pryor slugging it out, Leonard, late rounds, coming off the ropes and tagging Hagler eight shots in a row, Duran dropping Moore with a right hand and Howard Cosell yelling “oh, it came from nowhere” as that Ali left hook lands on Oscar Bonavena’s jaw and he crumbles like an Argentinean accordion. TOP RANK MAGNIFICENT.

Bradley enters the ring to a chorus of boos and he will leave the ring to an astounding level of boos once the decision is announced. The fight moves through its forty-eight minutes in rapid fashion. There isn’t much in the way of clinching. Every time Marquez even twitches Bradley is moving and as Marquez will state after the fight, “I fought an opponent who did not want to fight.”

The bell rings ending the fight and Marquez peaks under the top rope directly at Big D and myself and raises his eyebrows with a slight smile. He knows he has won but the Accountant, by other trade, is wondering by how much and the eyes are asking. 

I have met this Grand Champion before you see and I should tell you he has a superb razor-like mind and memory. Am I biased? Perhaps, but not in what I scored. I put up my two hands signaling eight rounds, possibly seven, for him and he nods in appreciation. For twelve rounds a forty-year-old fighter, looking stronger as the rounds went on, initiated the action and was tracking down a younger, bigger, stronger man.

Afterwards Bob Arum will comment that if the fight was held in the Eastern U.S. Marquez would have won 7 rounds to 5. “They would have scored the fight for Marquez because he landed the more telling blows and was continuously the aggressor…it was a terrific fight, great atmosphere.” That it was! If that is the case put a rematch in Madison Square Garden and talk to Champion Cotto as to the winner at 147 and lucky 7’s all across the table! Better yet put it in Mexico City. Marquez deserves that. A lifetime supply of that free golden smooth beer to Bob Arum from Tecate would be in order on that one!

Post-Fight Media Room / One, Two Manny / Marquez Clearly

It was Marquez pressing the fight. Well let’s have at it then on the CompuBox: Total punches thrown, 562 for Bradley and 455 to Marquez, Connected: 168 Bradley to 153 Marquez, 30% ratio to Bradley and 34% ratio to Marquez. In summary, Bradley landed an average of 1.25 punches (if you could quarter a punch as it were) per round. The separation is clearly showing as Marquez’s accuracy. Jabs thrown: Bradley 337 and Marquez 169. Jabs landed: 82 Bradley and 38 to Marquez. In short, a whole lot of throwing by Bradley, and 44 more jabs landed. Again, as it were, 3.6 more jabs per round by Bradley. Power punches thrown: 225 to Bradley thrown and 286 by Marquez thrown. Power punches connected: 86 by Bradley and 115 by Marquez. Marquez threw 61 more power punches connected on a 40% average opposed to Bradley’s 38. By CompuBox numbers it would appear that the fight boiled down to a whole lot of Bradley throwing, jabs, and Marquez initiating the action constantly and far exceeding in the power punch department, and neither fighter separate but for a small margin by average total punch per round.

As I left ringside I asked Chavez Jr. whom he thought won and he felt it was extremely close but had Bradley by one point. I entered the media room and asked Teddy Atlas “How did you have it?” and Teddy responded “Bradley by one point” and then paused, waiting for my reaction. I raised my eyebrows and stated, “I had Marquez.” Teddy caught me off guard with his next response but it was vintage Teddy: “Does it matter! I mean does it really matter what you or I think. Maybe, just maybe, what is really important tonight is that we have a fighter, a champion in Bradley, who for a lot of people there is concern as to his physical well being, and what we saw tonight is that he is physically okay and performed at a championship level. Maybe that’s the important thing.”  Maybe, I am sorry, is not satiating the Schmidt Sweet Science cravings!

There’s another “maybe” to the end of this event and it was that astounding volume of boos after the decision was announced. Bradley’s trainer commented that fans are not judges and in fact over 95% percent of the fans were probably Mexican. Therein lies the ticket rub so to speak. Tim Bradley is a born and raised American fighter from just down the highway. This Thomas & Mack venue indeed was filled to the rims with Marquez fans and not many in the Bradley department. Bradley was not the ticket seller here, not the ticket seller at all! In the end result, in what is, MAYBE, of more legacy value down that memory highway is the fact that Marquez was overwhelmingly the winner by way of fan appreciation. Bradley did “to hell with the crowd” boxing. As I mentioned to you in “Legacy One” this is probably what Bradley would do and that he did to the crowd boiling like hell mad. 

Well, to hell with mainstream media. At the end of the day boxing is still the entertainment business. I’m not going to feed the creation of “who has arrived” but I would suggest you go internet surfing your way down Central America or Mexico website geography and see what “scoring” and entertainment enjoyment comments you get!

Sunday Post-Fight / Out of Dreams

At exactly 8 am this morning, two legends, Senor Beristain and Peoples Champion/Champion Marquez have breakfast in the Champion’s Wynn/Win suite; the privacy of one’s own suite to collect thoughts and start to contemplate the fortune of favored fan reaction as against those split decision minute numbers.

Me, I am across the street from Wynn Resort getting some fresh air and a fine lunch at El Segundo Restaurant. Vice-president and partner of El Segundo, Ross Butler, is engaging the lovely Suzanna and yours truly in conversation. Perhaps it’s fitting that I am having Mexican food in a Mexican atmosphere as I can’t get Marquez and Nacho off my mind. If you want to take a short two-minute walk across the street from the Wynn Resort, this is definitely the place to be if you like Mexican food. Immediately next door are high-end retailers such as Macy’s and Saks 5th Avenue. I need to “walk out” my frustration and leftover energy of last night!

The Marquez “Wynn”

From his early youth, and championship forward, Marquez, with the Nacho stamp of trained pleasure of perfection, has given us great memories. The Grand Champion Marquez has given us nothing less than everything in his pursuit to provide pleasure to the fans. It was readily apparent by way of the reaction after the fight. He is all that, in the “Wynn” way. 

The Champion Marquez was quoted earlier in the weekend, in answer to a question as to where he stands with the likes of the legendary Latinos Monzon and Duran, that “Every fighter writes his own story.” I’m not sure if Marquez is done writing. Certainly by his Wynn/win performance he has quite a few chapters to write if he so chooses. 

There are “if” options. The “if” starts in the next few hours for surely if Ruslan Provodnikov ends up beating Mike Alvarado he is the perfect come forward type of opponent for Marquez. If that fight were to take place, it might indeed be “one, two, Manny,” as in one or two fights to another match with Manny. A fight in Mexico,would be a giant extravaganza at this stage, against any of Rios, Alvarado, Provodnikov, Bradley, or Champion Manny. If the money is right Champion Manny would fight in Mexico. He is, in every sense of the word and meaning, a fighter! It would be of interest to hear his specific comments on last weekend’s fight! 

Either way, continue or retire, it has been a pleasure to watch the perfection of Marquez; watching him right hand palm off attempted body shots with a turn of the glove, dipping that left shoulder as if that left hook or left uppercut was coming and then seeing an overhand right come like a laser, slicing an arched over hand right over the opponent’s jab and those precision point combinations. Yes, he is the Champion Marquez “Wynn” and beautiful for people to watch and enjoy. There is much to admire of Bradley and the record of his last five opponents, entering the ring is a stunning 246 wins - 15 losses - 4 draws. But Bradley is no Marquez and he is no Manny when it comes to fan appeal. 

In one final thought of Marquez, who most certainly over the years has exceeded expectations and put on memorable performances, I can’t get that giant green frog out of my mind. It’s those giant lips twitching out the song “What a Wonderful World.” If the Grand Champion Marquez decides to retire and spend time with his family, as the family man that he is, then all power to him. I hope he enjoys “What a Wonderful World.” As for Ignacio? Well Ignacio reminds me of one of those classic old western gunfighters. I think he’s going to die with his boxing boots on. He is a tough man in a tough business and by the number he is a walking legend. There is a whole lot of boxing training ahead and a whole lot of boxing champions yet to come from the pistol Beristain. In fact this early Friday morning, Oct. 18th, Nacho is back in his gym designing and creating his next champion as he takes young fighters through “the rounds.”

The “Wynn”

To the Wynn Resort and all staff I must say on behalf of the lovely Suzanna and myself, thanks. Simply put this is an incredible place. As the lovely Suzanna and I left Sunday afternoon, I had a short conversation with amateur phenom Vasyl Lomachenko who I had met earlier Thursday. The lovely Suzanna asked me what I thought. “Lomachenko!  Obviously one hell of a fighter and grease lightening pivot quick” I responded. Suzanna laughed and stated, “No, no, the entire weekend?”

We both agreed that the weekend, from a “Wynn” perspective, was…PERFECTION OF PLEASURE! This is a place that exceeds your expectations. No, let me correct myself on that comment. This is a place that exceeds your imagination and if one follows the logic of exceeding ones imagination then perhaps you’re in Dreamland. Yes, we are in Wynn beautiful dreamland! Am I over the top on this comment? Sure I am, but this is a place one way or the other, beautiful people, great Restaurants, Gaming, Waterfall features, amazing Architectural Design, Giant Green Mr. Frogs, that gives pleasure and the staff aim to exceed. 

The “Kid”

There will be some of you, wondering from Part I, How “the Kid” performed. The Kid, a Poker prodigy, is a very wealthy young man this week. He made more than enough to make up for the betting loss Mr. Jensen Strauss took on Marquez, or, shall I say, he took by way of the judging. 

This place, Las Vegas, once described I believe by Budd Schulberg as the “razzle-dazzle capital of Suckerland” has come a long way from the early days of the Riviera, Sahara, Thunderbird Hotel, and the Dunes amongst the Sands. Indeed if this is the razzle-dazzle capital of Suckerland then there shall be winners and losers. 

There is much to dislike about some of the recent judging in Las Vegas and certainly when one judge has Bradley winning 8 rounds to 4, then having Marquez calling it out, along with Nacho, for what it is, is certainly in order! How about Bradley telling you he has watched his fight with Champion Pacquiao over and over again and has himself winning 8 rounds to 4. Not speaking up in this business of Boxing leaves you as dry as those Sands and Dunes and Sahara-like heat back in the early 1960s when tumbleweeds still drifted across the strip here in razzle-dazzle land. You don’t have to be in this business of Boxing long to get it one way or the other, the business that is! I’d love to drill you some new veins of insightful thoughts otherwise but you’ll have to drill them from my unpublished observations and that will cost you a nice juicy steak and my hourly rate! The plum tree never stops giving!

“Unforgettable moments can mean many things to many people.”—Steve Wynn

I won’t forget that look in the Grand Champion Marquez’s eyes as he peeked down over the top strand to look at us after the fight. Yes, Chairman Steve Wynn, “someone designed that for my enjoyment and my discovery.”

Side Note

Since my friend and advisor Jensen Strauss apparently likes quotations as you’ve seen from Part I, The Legacy “One”, I give one back to you, sir, in the case of Browning:

“I was ever a fighter, so – One fight more, the best and the last! I would hate that death bandaged my eyes, and forbore and bade me crept past. No! Let me taste the whole of it, there like my peers the heroes of old…” or perhaps my friend Jensen, Picasso is more relevant: “I am never interested whether the jury’s verdict about my work is favorable or unfavorable. My enthusiasm for my work is all that I need.” That is the message the Grand Champion Marquez left us with at the end of the evening. What else did he have left at that point? We only need to change “never interest” to “not interested.” Fans were overwhelmingly pleased with his performance and that was the giving on “interest.” The Grand Champion was pleased with his performance. What story he writes now, what slice of life details he provides us now, are his, hard earned, and rightfully only his to write forward.

Again a special thanks to all the Wynn staff for a perfect and memorable four-day weekend.  When something exceeds your imagination, well then indeed one has experienced something fresh and as new as those floral arrangements and Picasso color vibrant mosaic tiles when you first step though the doors to this other world. I am refreshed, recharged, and ready for the next “Body and Soul.”

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  1. dennis joy tan lim 04:04pm, 11/09/2013


  2. El Bastardo Magnifico 07:35am, 10/31/2013

    “I am going to take it to Pacquiao’s ass.!!” Okay, lets talk now about who is who in the sour grapes department etc etc- reality check to the last fight Sir Tim!!! Should be very very quiet and very very humble that you got out of Dodge, or in this case Las Vegas with the “W” over Manny

  3. Mike Schmidt 07:01am, 10/25/2013

    Ha ha!!! Fantastico!!! Honorary Mexican/ Gringo Schmeeeeet !!!!! Muchas Gracias.

  4. P. Hernandez 05:39am, 10/25/2013

    Mexicano honorario, el Gringo Schmidt!!! Marquez gano 7-5

  5. Mike Schmidt 04:09pm, 10/23/2013

    Thanks much. We went back into the article and added a section in regards to Marquez breakfast, lunch, dinner -dinner on the Friday before the fight. I am told that our Mexican gladiator loves his steak but they took him off of it some two months before hand as the Steak down Rio Grande may have slight traces of items not wanted. No doubt, as I was told, the first thing JMM would be doing when he got back home was having a nice big chunk of steak!!! Until the next one Sir and if or when we meet at the fights it will be a pleasure.

  6. Darrell 02:42pm, 10/23/2013

    Rather modestly talented, & henceforth shortlived, teenage amateur many moons ago but an always avid follower of the knuckle game.

    Agree with those matchups Mr Schmidt. I can’t see the very easy to hit Rios going the distance against Pacquiao. Those Bradley rematches are givens after that fight one would suspect.

    Nice read btw.

  7. Mike Schmidt 12:36am, 10/23/2013

    Well Sir you are an honest and astute boxing man indeed and your comments are very astute on both the Pac fight and Ruslan. And yes Manny did himself no favors in the scoring department due to his levels of inactivity during portions of many rounds. I suspect we can lay down our sabers and agree on one thing in so far as Mr Champion Bradley has put himself in a pretty solid bargaining position as to who is next. Given where he was not so far ago, lifespan years, in the dinero department and all the hard work he has put in, well then, hats off to him. Although Ruslan is most deserving of an immediate rematch in the New Year if I am Bradley’s brain trust, and if Manny gets by Brandon, then it is Manny money time if I am Sir Tim. As always thanks for the post- in the end result boxing men/fans we are—love the sport—adios.

  8. Darrell 08:51pm, 10/22/2013

    Hi Mike

    I had Pac winning a close one over Bradley….Pac didn’t help himself by knocking off in the last 3 rounds.  I didn’t see it as a blowout win by Pacquiao as he had some periods of gross inactivity in that fight which again didn’t help him.  Bradley was always busy…& both were inaccurate as hell, so….  The problem for Bradley, as I assume it may be part of your rationale for picking JMM in this fight, is he just doesn’t have any power to make his connects stand out….though I didn’t feel he was overshadowed badly in that department by JMM.

    Unlike most of the other posters, I had Bradley winning against Prov…..narrowly.  If those true knockdowns had been scored as such he would’ve lost.  And probably deserved to for being a dumbarse & not playing to his strengths which are his quickness of feet, body movement/slipping punches & volume of punches thrown.

    I do like Bradley though he has heart & skills.  Pity he has no power to finish off the package.

  9. Bastardo Del Magnifico 05:42pm, 10/22/2013

    Sneak I got a chance to watch ESPN No Mas- the look on Cholo’s face as they stood in the Ring in Panama- hell if they do a remake of Death Wish/Charles Bronson then Cholo is the man. Our Bronson the Coyote/Shepherd has that same look when somebody goes near his chow!!! Great Documentary on two legends- TWO GUYS TOP OF THE HEAP WHO HAD THE BALLS TO GET IT ON- UNLIKE ALOT OF THE HOGWASH RING AROUND THE ROSY DOSY WE GET TODAY

  10. Mike Schmidt 04:47pm, 10/22/2013

    Darrell did you have Bradley beating Manny and Ruslan. Obviously we hugely disagree on the outcome of this one but you post often and I would be interested on your thoughts on those two scraps—also, who would you like to see Bradley face next?

  11. Mike Schmidt 04:43pm, 10/22/2013

    Sure, round and round in the circle game.Two judges had it 115-113, or 7 rounds Bradley and 5 rounds Marquez, Patricia is the odd judge out at 116-112- hardly a thrashing or a “sound beating.” A small guy who started out as a Feather and is 40 years old, fighting a big young guy who fought amateur above 147, nah I am not too excited from what I saw aside from our little difference of opinion here.  JMM was bust up so bad he got up out of bed all nice and fine the next morning at an an early, and beautiful I might add, desert Vegas morning, 8 am, and had himself a nice breakfast.                                                             


  12. Darrell 04:15pm, 10/22/2013

    Break down the judging, compubox (please!), any way you want. Marquez was soundly beaten.

  13. Mike Schmidt 08:18am, 10/22/2013

    Tell your Dad thank heavens old Marv did not make a Rock em Sock em Bradley vs Marquez look alike toy. Can you imagine- the game starts and the Bradley kid comes out in the first and head butts the Marquez- “What the fuck is that” says the one kid and the other responds “It was an accident.” In response Marquez kid “Bullshit you do that all the time but I aint going to quit.”  Marquez kid chases the Bradley kid’s robot all over the place for a few minutes and states “This is getting boring, do you want to play or not!!!!” Hee hee - give that one to your Dad - he will have a good laugh- AND AS WELL A BIG PS TO ALL THE MEXICANS DOING A READ ON THIS ARTICLE AND THANKS FOR THE EMAILS GUYS- YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE -ADIOS- I GOT THAT ONE RIGHT!!!

  14. Mike Schmidt 08:13am, 10/22/2013

    Tell Pops he is dating both of us- it’s a children game from the early 60’s - still around I believe- I know this one big time as had a client in the toy manufacturing business- there was a Red robot boxer and a Blue one - game was developed by two legends Marvin Glass and Eddy Goldfarb- I think they were Chicago guys or maybe Boston- can’t remember- but they did all kinds of toys- Lite Brite, Mouse Trap, Operation- anyways if you belted the other guys robot hard enough his head pops up- they had a T.V commercial “oh oh you knocked my block off!!!”

  15. P.S. Gomez 07:58am, 10/22/2013

    Not at all! Will let you and Suzanna know - my dad would like to see Ruslan v. JMM - Rock-Em-Sock Em Robots -what is that?

  16. Mike Schmidt 07:43am, 10/22/2013

    English!!! I couldn’t have been that bad!!! December 14th to see friend fight—Current WBA Champion Beibut Shumenov’s fight at MGM—but we are staying over at the Wynn!! ( ooops!) Will get you my email address

  17. P.S. Gomez 07:11am, 10/22/2013

    Si! Let us know when you are going back.

  18. M Schmidt 06:55am, 10/22/2013

    Espero que esto salga correcto. Estamos tratando de aprendir Espanol con la ayuda del sistema Rosettastone. Si igualmente fue un gusto en conocerlos. La pasamos de maravilla en el Wynn. DID I PASS!!!!

  19. P.S. Gomez 06:30am, 10/22/2013

    Hola! Fue un placer conocer lo a usted y a Suzanna en el hotel Wynn. Como sabe estuve viendo la pelea desde la primera fila con mi padre. Los dos teniamos a Marquez ganando - por poquito. Podria haber seguido mas adelante

  20. Mike Schmidt 03:24am, 10/22/2013

    One swing vote round, JUST ONE, and this fight IS A MAJORITY DRAW. despite whatever the media bang wagoners say, that is the reality of the scoring AND IF THAT ONE ROUND OF 12 HAD SWUNG THE OTHER WAY AND WE HAD A MAJORITY DRAW I WONDER WHAT EVERBODY WOULD HAVE BEEN WRITING ABOUT IN TERMS OF MARQUEZ. Ah well, off to another adventure I go….....

  21. El Bastardo Magnifico 01:08am, 10/22/2013

    The reality is that two of the judges had this fight razor thin. The reality is that Bradley’s own Promoter had this East Coast judging business going Marquez way. The reality when you take a good hard look at the Compubox stats is that Marquez was the more accurate and jab vs power punching, harder puncher is the way it boiled down. The reality is if you watch the HBO telecast and listen to the Marquez corner instructions they were steady, no panic, and certainly no visage of defeat.  We could argue this of course, end of days, but the reality is that Bradley won a split decision against a 40 year old fighter and hardly “brought the house” down other than the massive booing at the end of the fight. A split decision hardly equates to a “schooling.”

  22. Darrell 10:54pm, 10/21/2013

    Mmmm, okay.  Laughing a bit here…

    Marquez lost quite comfortably.  You could see the worried looks right into the middle rounds on his & his cornermen’s faces.  He tried to push it for the last 4 rounds and aside from the 10th, which he won, he was out boxed in the other 3 & humiliated at the end.  Actually got wobbled by the light punching Bradley.

    If anything, he played it cagey himself right up to the 8th when it dawned on him he was getting outboxed.  Marquez was struggling to lay on leather….not a recipe for winning from him at all.

    Get real, Marquez was handed a lesson.

  23. Mike Schmidt 01:24pm, 10/21/2013

    Hey Mel—I see some of the guys on another article commenting about Wyatt Earp—hell maybe this fight should be a Wyatt Earp quote or if they do another one—El Campeo Del Mundo JMM can have it put on a poster—” FAST IS FINE, BUT ACCURACY IS EVERYTHING.”—WYATT EARP

  24. Mel F. 12:00pm, 10/21/2013

    Nacho had it right.  Bradley has lost two.

  25. Mel F. 11:59am, 10/21/2013

    Yes, agreed.  The Ruslan fight entirely different.  Ref should have ruled knockdowns and aside from that, still had Ruslan with a “W.”

  26. Mike Schmidt 11:54am, 10/21/2013

    Same thing in the Manny fight. Bradley deceiving busy thing—lots of movement, lots of range finding volume jabs—lots of movement. Unique style gotta give him that for sure—and always in superb condition.

  27. Mel F. 11:44am, 10/21/2013

    Had the fight a draw.  Bradley busier but Marquez coming forward to make the fight.  Looking at Compubox, Marquez power shots, if had a chance to see those numbers, “real time”, clearly would have gone Marquez.

  28. Smit 02:43pm, 10/20/2013

    “Smoke” you joker- LOL—but yes what a place Wynn is. Hey if Frank Sinatra endorsed it to the point of doing commercials with Steve Wynn (classics I might add) then what else can a man say—great weekend thanks Smoke’

  29. Snoke' 02:07pm, 10/20/2013

    Ola Sr. Smit. The Wynn is fantastic. You should calm down on the decision!!!

  30. Mike Schmidt 08:23pm, 10/19/2013


  31. Bastardo 01:36pm, 10/19/2013

    One other item Sneak- Nacho is one of the most accommodating and class guys around- gave all the time I wanted, answered questions good or bad on my part - a real gem and easy to see why the kids respect him- ONE OF THE FEW TRAINERS TO TAKE THEM FROM THE FIRST DAY THRU THE DOOR AND MAKE THEM WORLD CHAMPIONS- AMAZING NUMBERS AND A REAL LEGEND.

  32. Sr Bastardo 01:32pm, 10/19/2013

    Did not get to watch it yet Sneak but am licking my chops to see it shortly. We chillaxed with Roberto last trip down at his Restaurant and then at the fights- he is a very magnetic personality and the fans at Roberto Duran adore him- he is very fond of the young kids and the adore him. Sneak there have been some very big names at the fights down there, 50 Cent, Gamboa etc but Roberto is still the man when he walks into a room and well he should be. Bradley style does not do it for me either- the guy is in great shape, great heart, great talent but this flicking jab, amateur return flurry on the run and constant bending below the waste with head down and then up- just not user friendly in the classic boxing style or action style- as his ring entrance song says ” all he does is win win win” and the record against the last five or six he has ” won” against is amazing- Personally I have him loosing three in a row. ENJOY THE SHOW TONIGHT SNEAK AND ALWAYS GOOD TO HERE FROM YOU- AND BIG P.S MET AND HAD A CHAT WITH YOUNG VERDEJO AND HIS MANAGER IN VEGAS- THE KID IS LIKE A MINI TRINIDAD AND ONE TO WATCH OUT OF…..DRUM ROLL PUERTO RICO SENOR.

  33. Pete The Sneak 09:51am, 10/19/2013

    Senor Bastardo Del Magnifico. Thanks for the great write up. I was waiting for Part 2 and it certainly did not disappoint. I had Bradley winning the fight (I had picked Marquez to win), albeit not by much. I’m sure Bradley is a very nice chap, a gentleman and good family man. But the guy still doesn’t do it for me. For him to actually sit there and say he scored the Pac man fight 8 to 4 for himself, well that tells me perhaps the guy did absorb more punishment in the Provodnikov fight than we originally thought…By the by Senor Bastardo, did you get a chance to see the ESPN 30-30 documentary on Duran/Leonard ‘No mas?’ I was thinking bout you as I watched it, seeing Duran shooting pool in a bar in Panama. Was wondering if that was where you were hanging out with Mano de Piedras on your last jaunt to Duran’s home town…Peace.

  34. Mike Schmidt 01:37am, 10/19/2013

    PS Irish—the digital bounced off the airport floor on my last trip—good old made in China was like a bounced hunk of China after that which is to bad because it had “digital” saved a really nice conversation I had with Manny Steward before Judah vs Khan. Ah well with advanced science comes advanced headaches… but there are bigger tea party things to worry about eh Senor irish!!!!!

  35. Mike Schmidt 12:32am, 10/19/2013

    Thanks Procopy. That is curious that Manny thought Bradley would beat Marquez. I wonder if after mass, so to speak, Champion Manny will watch that fight and what his comments would/will be. I still think Brandon is going to be way to slow on his feet for Manny but Rios is boxing honest personified—HE GONNA BRING IT BOMBS AWAY—TOUGH GUY. Thanks Procopy Sir and enjoy the fights tonight

  36. procopy 09:15pm, 10/18/2013

    manny said he expected bradley to win against marquez. though he did not watch the fight because he attended a mass. maybe he said that because bradley defeated him by robbery and marquez is an a-hole for kicking his ass last dec. anyway, maybe the judges are swayed by bradley making marquez looked bad in the fight. marquez missed a lot of times (though he landed a lot also) and that the judges may have thought that as one of the best counterpuncher he should have not missed that many just like how the judges in the pac-bradley fight thought that bradley should win because pacquiao didnt knock him out and that he should have.

  37. Mike Schmidt 06:49pm, 10/18/2013

    Sounds like lucky sevens by the lady count Frank which is about the number, at minimum, that Champ Juan MM should have had in rounds. I have not seen anywhere what Champ Manny’s reaction was to the scoring- gonna keep looking.

  38. FrankinDallas 03:18pm, 10/18/2013

    I’m a dirty old man…and I’m guessing you guys are as well.

    I’ll call your Top Rank girls and raise you 3 Tecate girls plus 2
    Corona girls.

  39. Mike Schmidt 03:08pm, 10/18/2013


  40. Clarence George 03:03pm, 10/18/2013

    I’m a practitioner, Mike, of immersing lovelies in sauce.  It improves the flavor of both lovely and sauce.

  41. Mike Schmidt 03:01pm, 10/18/2013

    Frank the blue adorned Top Rank girls did most of the in Ring work- hell maybe it was my imagination but it seemed even they were hovering more towards Marquez.

  42. Clarence George 03:00pm, 10/18/2013

    I agree, EBM, except that Bradley’s fan base pretty much consists of his mother.

  43. Mike Schmidt 02:59pm, 10/18/2013

    Enjoy yourself Sir and if by chance you find one of those lovelies down at Macy’s cosmetic section on 34th and she wants to give you some “free samples” well then Sir perhaps a little shrimperoo and sauce on that and your weekend is complete save and except watching the scrap Saturday night with two guys that will “bring the house down.”

  44. Clarence George 02:57pm, 10/18/2013

    Frank:  Gold star next to your name for making me laugh out loud.

  45. El Bastardo Magnifico 02:56pm, 10/18/2013

    One other item C.G.- when you say that “no 40 year old is going to whip my ass” and you clown around during a close fight, sticking your tonque out, and don’t finish strong…. well that is not going to get your fan base all excited. A fight with Manny will probably sell ONLY BECAUSE OF MANNY AND THE THEME OF MANNY MAKING GOOD ON THE SCORING INJUSTICE OF THE FIRST FIGHT

  46. Clarence George 02:56pm, 10/18/2013

    I saw that fight on what the cognoscenti call the “Television.”  It was indeed awful.  I was rooting for Abril, which tells you something—can’t stand him either, but at least I don’t find him repellent.

    I’m going out for Cuban.  No, not a woman or a cigar, just nourishment—shrimp in garlic sauce with black beans and yellow rice, covered with tomatoes, onions, and hot peppers.  And then I’m going to watch Friday Night SmackDown.  But I’ll return later this evening to the hallowed halls of

  47. FrankinDallas 02:48pm, 10/18/2013

    I’d give a testicle for a weekend with the Tecate girls…..
    it would be drained and useless afterwards anyway.

  48. Mike Schmidt 02:46pm, 10/18/2013

    The Lion has gone off the radar since that terrible scrap with Abril- what was that Feb, March?? Had to feel sorry for Boogaires trainer- one of the better ones down the years, Kenny Adams.

  49. Clarence George 02:41pm, 10/18/2013

    Yeah, can’t stand Broner.  You know who also makes my skin crawl?  Sharif Bogere.  Ugh!

  50. Mike Schmidt 02:34pm, 10/18/2013

    I think Bradley is a firm first ballot Hall of Famer- I don’t think by the way that he beat Ruslan either and if Pat had called the “fall down” when Tim basically bailed to the canvas then Ruslan probably gets his W. We saw what kind of numbers Bradley drew with the likes of Devon Alexander up in Detroit- IT WAS A DISASTER!! Is that because of his style- who the hell knows. He is a really descent guy in person but then we don’t seem to award descent hero types in this business do we- nope we get the Boner types

  51. Clarence George 02:26pm, 10/18/2013

    So I can’t persuade you that it was even close?  Fair enough.  And perhaps you’re right.  After all, you saw it up close and personal, and that always makes a difference.

    I’m not a huge fan of Bradley, but I think he deserves more credit than he gets.  Perhaps he’ll be recognized after he leaves the ring.  Stranger things have happened.  Future Hall of Famer?  Maybe.  Marquez…definitely.

  52. El Bastardo Magnifcio 01:59pm, 10/18/2013

    As said, 8-4 for Marquez, and at worst, as Bob Arum had his “East Coast” Scoring 7-5. Has to be pretty discouraging if you’re Bradley, just down the road from your hometown and it starts right at the ring introductions….Boooooo, Booooo, Booooo

  53. Clarence George 01:45pm, 10/18/2013

    What an unexpected, and surprisingly cavalier, location for cerveza-representing strumpets, each and every one of whom is in desperate need of the most stringent disciplinary measures.  That said, I’m a big fan of “Kolchak:  The Night Stalker.”

    While no doubt useful, I’m not much into CompuBox—too, well, computerized for my tastes.  I look at it this way, and don’t much need or want a jumped-up abacus to do so, in ascending order of importance:  Number of punches thrown, number of punches connecting, number of punches (sometimes one will do) with telling effect.

    I gather you remain confident in your assessment of Marquez as the winner.  Well, you may be right.  After all, when a fight’s that close…  I myself predicted the Mexican to win by close decision, but haven’t felt the urge to quote Joe Jacobs.  Do you feel differently?

  54. El Bastardo Magnifico 12:09pm, 10/18/2013

    Clarence what did you think of the punch stats by the Bradley way??

  55. Mike Schmidt 12:07pm, 10/18/2013

    Thank you gentlemen. Pocket note book it is Irish—I am old school. I did see our Fearless Editor interviewing Teddy Atlas with a mini-digital. Clarence we will have to drop by the shop and see if there are any left. I called Helga at the shop and she says there might be one or two left, aisle three, row six, right behind the Robert’s Typewriter, buried underneath some old Kolchak- Night Stalker VCR’s.

  56. Clarence George 11:01am, 10/18/2013

    Characteristically quirky and excellent, but with insufficient detail regarding the tantalizing Tecate temptresses.

  57. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 10:55am, 10/18/2013

    Mike Schmidt-Wow!....simply great report…thanks for taking us along for the ride….I really relished it! Looks like you made good use of your Pocket Notebook and mini digital recorder!

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