The Memory Bank: Part Nineteen

By Ted Sares on November 29, 2012
The Memory Bank: Part Nineteen
Nine of Antwun "Kid Dynamite" Echol’s last 10 defeats have come by way of stoppage.

No one ever promised a happy ending in boxing—maybe great memories, but few happy endings…

No one ever promised a happy ending in boxing—maybe great memories, but few happy endings…

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Antwun Echols vs. Charles Brewer

Bernard Hopkins vs Antwun Echols - 1/3

Bernard Hopkins vs Antwun Echols - 2/3

Bernard Hopkins vs Antwun Echols - 3/3

Darryl Cunningham vs Antwun Echols

Joey Spina v. Antwun Echols

Antwun Echols | Oscar Bravo 1/1

Mike Jimenez TKO-3 Antwun Echols

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  1. Tex Hassler 05:26pm, 12/03/2012

    Echols has seen his best days and now he needs to retire.

  2. the thresher 10:28am, 11/30/2012

    Thanks, Don. Coming from a writer like you, that’s high praise and much appreciated. Echols at one time was a heavy handed brute and he gave Hopkins pure hell.

  3. Don from Prov 08:47am, 11/30/2012

    Good stuff, Ted.
    I remember not just this fight but the nasty Echols/Hopkins duo.

  4. THE THRESHER 06:04pm, 11/29/2012

    Irish, LMFAO

    David, you made my day.

  5. David Ball 04:47pm, 11/29/2012

    Story read like a movie from the ‘40’s….cool.

  6. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo (aka) Gimpel 12:20pm, 11/29/2012

    Ted Sares-I loved the intro paragraphs too…only one caveat…the hags may be” foul smelling” but the slots are anything but “mindless”, they are more computerized than the gambling public realizes…there’s much more going on inside in addition to the random number generator….all of it favoring the house.

  7. the thresher 12:10pm, 11/29/2012

    Dollar, great catch. I did. I used the James Ellroy technique of fast and moving sentences. The “room vibed testosterone” is an example. I sometimes use it but pick my spots.

    Thanks both Mikes and Pug for your kind words. It make doing these thing all the more worthwhile.

    Pug, Tony Spilotro was a straight-out maniac as was his brother. They rauised some big hell in Vegas before they got clipped. As for the stable guys, there is no scarier types than those crazies. A mix of Chicago 1955 pin setters, carneys. and stable hands will get you one very dangerous pervert back in the day.

  8. pugknows 11:13am, 11/29/2012

    What an enjoyable read. I had friends like that back in Chicago. I Remember the Spilotro brothers from Steimetz High School. They were later portrayed in Casino. Joe Pesci? They were crazies. Also, the maniacs from the horse stables were some bad dudes as well.

  9. Mike Casey 10:59am, 11/29/2012

    Methinks Mr Sares is too modest about his ailing memory. Schmidty is right in his praise.

  10. dollarbond 10:39am, 11/29/2012

    The writing in the top paragraphs was particularly good.  Did you use a different technique?

  11. the thresher 08:42am, 11/29/2012

    Memory but it’s not as good as it once was.

  12. dollarbond 08:33am, 11/29/2012

    Terrific piece of writing Ted.  How do you recall all this information?

  13. Mike Schmidt 06:31am, 11/29/2012

    Fantastic—live the moment and the moment shall live!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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