The Memory Bank: Part Six

By Ted Sares on May 10, 2012
The Memory Bank: Part Six
I remember screaming at the top of my 13-year-old lungs, “Get him Jake, get him Jake.”

Tracking all the way back to 1945, I have watched literally thousands of fights during my 75 years of life and consider myself a hardcore fan if not something of an aficionado. Some memories have been incredible; a few I wish I could erase. Most have been indelible. I have seen (or heard on the radio before television) some truly remarkable things.

One of the earliest occurred on September 13, 1950. I was in the basement of my home in Chicago and was listening to the radio. I was 13 at the time. One of my ethnic heroes, Jake LaMotta, was defending his middleweight title against Frenchman Laurent Dauthuille in Detroit (of all places), and the great Don Dunphy was the announcer.

After the plane crash that took legendary Marcel Cerdan’s life, Dauthuille had vowed to bring the title back to France. And as I recalled it, he was giving “The Bronx Bull” a pretty good beating. LaMotta even appeared ready to go in the fifteenth. Rather than play it safe, Dauthuille foolishly chose to go after LaMotta. Just as I thought to myself that this cannot be happening, all of a sudden Dunphy shouts, “Jake’s been playing possum! Now he’s got Dauthuille hurt! He rips a right hand to the body, two left hooks to the jaw, another left and a right to the head!” Now it’s Dauthuille who is staggering. I was screaming at the top of my 13-year-old lungs, “Get him Jake, get him Jake.”

Jake then landed a series of hard shots and Dauthuille went down hard, bouncing off the ropes, but he could not get up in time. He was counted out with only 13 seconds left to go in one of the most remarkable comebacks in boxing history. Good God, talk about snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. Needless to say, the fight was The Ring magazine’s Fight of the Year for 1950.

Though the fight took place some 62 years ago, I knew exactly where I was at that moment in time. I guess that’s what being a hardcore boxing fan means—you acquire a memory bank full of indelible stuff, and this one was indelible.

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Jake La Motta V Laurent Dauthuille

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  1. TEX HASSLER 04:35pm, 05/18/2012

    Cerdan was a truly great fighter who is all but forgotten today. LaMotta was also a truly great fighter who fought just about every top fighter in his era. His fight with Dauthuille was an all time come from behind win for Jake. Great article.

  2. the thresher 04:33pm, 05/11/2012

    Close. It was next to my dad’s homemade wine and it was in what we called the oil room where the oli tank was located. We then switched to gas so the room became kind of a neat place to hide out and escape from the adults.

  3. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo 03:42pm, 05/11/2012

    Ted Sares- I can see you now with your ear to that Motorola… to the shelves filled with your mom’s delicious home canned veggies…in mason jars no less…next to your dad’s private reserve of jugs of equally delicious and potent Italian wine. Or maybe that’s a basement from all those years ago….in Pittsburgh not Chicago….I get confused sometimes.

  4. the thresher 07:45am, 05/11/2012

    Thanks Mike and Mike

  5. dollarbond 07:06am, 05/11/2012

    That was before my time, Ted.

  6. mike schmidt 02:07am, 05/11/2012

    Ted you never stop amazing me—simply superb—Cerdan was one of my Dad’s fav fighters—that and Laszlo Papp.

  7. mikecasey 01:23am, 05/11/2012

    A true classic, Ted - an incredible late rally by Jake.

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