The Memory Bank: Part Twenty-Four

By Ted Sares on April 15, 2015
The Memory Bank: Part Twenty-Four
K9 was noticeably dry when he came into the ring and the announcers mentioned it.

All of a sudden Powell unloaded with a fully-leveraged straight left that connected flush and sent the Detroit native down hard…

Cornelius Bundrage vs. Sechew Powell

“I’ve never seen anything like it.”—Rich Marotta

This memorable fight took place at the Foxwoods Resort in Connecticut on May 6, 2005 and I was there. The principals were undefeated Sechew Powell (15-0) and undefeated Cornelius Bundrage (21-0) and someone’s O was going to go, but no one suspected it would go in a matter of seconds or in quite the way it did. My good friend Dick Flaherty was the referee and the stage was set for a great bout.

Bundrage was noticeably dry when he came into the ring and the announcers mentioned it. As soon as the bell rang, both men connected simultaneously with hard shots and both went down simultaneously. Referee Flaherty did not rule a knockdown. As both immediately got up, K9 looked a tad worse for wear. All of sudden Powell unloaded with a fully-leveraged straight left that connected flush and sent the Detroit native down hard. Bundrage then did a combination of the famous Zab Judah chicken dance and Trevor Berbick’s down-up-down-up-down against Tyson. K9 hit the canvass three times in 20 seconds. The entire fight lasted 22 seconds.

After six years and after a year layoff since stopping Cory Spinks in August 2010, K9 got his long awaited victory over rival Sechew Powell in the highly anticipated rematch for K9’s IBF super welterweight title in 2011 at the Family Arena in Saint Charles, Missouri . K9 (30-4 going in) wanted a stoppage, but Powell (then 26-2) was determined not to let that happen. Powell came to fight, but so did K9 who took his belt back to Detroit. The final scores were 119-109, 115-113, and 117-111. Most ringside observers also felt that K9 won by a fairly comfortable margin.

The 41-year-old Bundrage (now 34-5) is once again the current IBF super welterweight champion having beaten Carlos Molina in October 2014. He has a number of solid options in his future, one of which is a rumored fight with Miguel Cotto. Powell meanwhile is on a four-fight losing streak and it appears his best days may be behind him.

Of course back in 1985 in Monaco, Lee Roy Murphy and Chisanda Mutti engaged in a double knockdown in which Mutti was counted out while Murphy barely beat the count in the very last round. This quickly went into a prominent place in my memory bank as most double knockdowns should and will. Though rare, they are something most fans could never tire of seeing over and over.

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  1. Big Wally 07:28pm, 04/19/2015


  2. Kid Blast 02:55pm, 04/15/2015

    Eric, nothing beats “packing.” You have heard of the saying I presume, “never f—k with an old man, he will just kill you.”

  3. Kid Blast 02:53pm, 04/15/2015

    Thanks for your inputs Bikermike . all good stuff

  4. Eric 01:56pm, 04/15/2015

    KB… I, too, have no problem with the death penalty. I’m thinking 20-25 years would be about right for an attitude adjustment IMO. I’m probably showing this creep too much leniency. Just thinking about how often that people actually do die from a punch or hitting their head on the pavement during a scuffle, but this definitely wasn’t a mutual combat situation. Great idea to protect yourself. LIke they say in the ring, protect yourself at all times.

  5. bikermike 01:30pm, 04/15/2015

    ...a.bout that death penalty….with judges being elected….as are public prosecutors…....

    Might be a crime that needs ‘solving’ might line up with re election plans…so lowest fruit…..weakest in the herd….takes one for the team.

    I am aware of court practices….and the ‘evidence game’..

    ...and am aware of dozens of cases .....where the ‘rush to justice’ resulted in a conviction…..that was later overturned. (...too many ...posthumously)

    Life ....hard time….is enough for justice…..if the guy/girl is guilty

  6. bikermike 01:22pm, 04/15/2015

    Ted…....BUDDY !!

    were it not for you…...a lot of good fighters and fights would be lost….due to the manner Boxing has evolved…

    I know there is no sport like Boxing…...but contact sports have almost…or already have surpassed viewership…if you include all the tuff man circuits….MMA UFC…or whatever….saw last effort of George St Pierre…and he took the gift and retired…(he’s Canadian…what can I say….only real interest that drew me)

    As present practices continue..Professional Boxing will continue to spiral…
    Look at all the hope placed upon the pacman/pbf ‘thing’ that is targeted for May 2

  7. bikermike 01:14pm, 04/15/2015

    still got a hundred dollar credit at the bike shop…...gonna get them to take the ‘iron lung’ out of the shed….new tires…and fluids….tune up (always used synthetic oil.)...

    Taking the summer off and gonna see the mountains….be back in time to join my Jamaican buddies to see May 2…
    ...we all want it to be a good fight…hope springs eternal

  8. bikermike 01:09pm, 04/15/2015

    Geez….old yank…great to hear from you, pal

    Problem is…not much coverage of the tuffest against the best….
    Today’s prima’s….only step in against a sure thing…..they have moved from fighter to corporation…extend the cash flow as long and as much as possible

  9. Kid Blast 12:45pm, 04/15/2015

    Arghh, I meant that last post for Eric. I am way off today for some reason.

  10. Kid Blast 12:44pm, 04/15/2015

    KB. here in NH, we are allowed to carry concealed weapons and note I used the plural. If that were attempted here, the consequences could be mitigated depending on the surprise factor, At any rate, when it comes to Capital Punishment, I’m afraid I am old fashioned even though I lived in Europe for a long time. The death penalty would be quite suitable in this case but I know that is becoming a stale position. So be it.

  11. Kid Blast 12:40pm, 04/15/2015

    FD, Yes, Nick was a great guy and a friend of mine. We had a lot in common. Both from the same section of Chicago, both Italian and Greek, both first generation,  both left Chicago, etc. He was a very nice and humble man. I got him mixed up with Marrota but it was Nick who says, ““I’ve never seen anything like it.” Thanks for the correction, mate

  12. FrankinDallas 12:29pm, 04/15/2015

    The late, great Nick Charles…..along with Steve Farhood…called it.

  13. Eric 12:28pm, 04/15/2015

    Someone commented that it looked liked the 3 Stooges with Curly as the referee. teehee. Nice vid.

  14. Eric 12:23pm, 04/15/2015

    KB… He definitely deserved more than 4 years.The guy just wanted to slug a “victim” and this poor gentleman fit the bill. You never see any of these “tough guys” walk up and slug someone who looks like they could defend themselves. Four years goes by in a hurry, definitley not enough time to pay back for taking that gentleman’s life.

  15. Kid Blast 12:17pm, 04/15/2015


    Two hooks.

  16. Kid Blast 11:20am, 04/15/2015

    I’m thinking far worse

  17. Eric 11:14am, 04/15/2015

    Irish… I had read about this case quite awhile back. Tragic, but I don’t know if the perp had murder on his mind while throwing that punch. No excuse for hitting the victim, but it was the impact of the victim’s head hitting the pavement which caused his death. Manslaughter was the correct charge, but 4 years is a little light, especially when you consider the guy sucker punched a disabled man, and it is highly unlikely that the perp was provoked that much, if at all. I’m thinking 20 years, considering the attack was unprovoked, would have been fair.

  18. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 10:46am, 04/15/2015

    Very disturbing video linked to the one above shows a sucker punching rat killing a human on a busy street in broad daylight…..a homicide for which the filth was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to a stinking, lousy 4 years.

  19. Kid Blast 09:45am, 04/15/2015

    LaRue. they are very rare and to see one in person as I did demands entry into my Memory Bank.

  20. Kid Blast 09:31am, 04/15/2015

    Could well be

  21. Old Yank 09:21am, 04/15/2015

    Next candidate for a double knockdown—Provodnikov/Matthysse this Saturday night.

  22. Kid Blast 09:15am, 04/15/2015

    Hey, I can list all of the double knockdowns you want, but I thought this was about one in particular. The Mutti-Murphy one trumps them all for drama. I don’t watch MMA except for Rhousy, but there is far more in MMA than in boxing. That said, I wonder how many viewers actually watched the tape to this one as its only 22 seconds.

  23. Dollarbond 09:00am, 04/15/2015

    Absolutely unbelievable.

  24. Clarence George 08:23am, 04/15/2015

    And the ref’s, Eric.  Nonplussed doesn’t even begin to describe it.

    There was a double-knockdown, but not knockout, between Paul Samuels and Cello Renda five or six years ago.

  25. LaRue 08:13am, 04/15/2015

    This was very rare. How many others are there like it? I mean double knockdowns?

  26. Eric 08:10am, 04/15/2015

    bwaaaa. Clarence, that link was PRICELESS. Without a doubt, that has gotza to be numero UNO. Be hard to top that one. Love the crowd’s reaction.

  27. Kid Blast 07:10am, 04/15/2015

    Kirk “The Movie Star” Douglass won 11 (KO 9) + lost 16 (KO 12) . He was no boxing “star.”

  28. Clarence George 06:10am, 04/15/2015

    Reminds me a bit of Jersey Joe Walcott’s kayo of Ezzard Charles.  But my favorite double-knockout took place in an MMA bout.  See link below.  By the way, Bundrage and Powell both stopped…Kirk Douglas!

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