The Next and Last Centurion

By Ted Sares on August 11, 2011
The Next and Last Centurion
Yori Boy is the last of a breed. And he is doing it his way; he is earning it. (Chris Cozzone)

Luis Ramon “Yori Boy” Campas now has a record of 99-15-1 and has fought an astounding 655 rounds. When he wins his next fight, he will become the next and quite likely the Last Centurion. Jorge Fernando “Locomotora” Castro was the last and he retired in 2007 after a remarkable career in which he won 130, lost 11 and drew 3 times.

Roberto Duran, Jose Louis Ramirez, Julio Caesar Chavez, and Harold Brazier were others.

But what distinguishes Yori Boy from the others is that he is doing it the hard way. Since losing a highly questionable SD to Hector Camacho Jr. in 2009, Campas has won seven straight against fighters with an overall record of 184-68-2. Moreover, four of the seven wins have come by way of stoppage including two over Rogelio “Porky” Medina (25-1 coming in) and Marcelo Alejandro “Chuny” Rodriguez (54-17), the latter for something called the WBA Fedelatin middleweight title. Chuny had won eight straight and 17 of his last 18 dukes.

Yori Boy is the last of a breed. And he is doing it his way; he is earning it.

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  1. The Thresher 03:23pm, 08/13/2011

    Texas needs water.

  2. Tex Hassler 02:30pm, 08/13/2011

    Yori Boy is one of my favorite fighters. He comes to fight every time and has my respect. I hope he will retire when he gets that 100th win. He is as game as they come and a credit to boxing. May God bless Yori Boy Campas and best wishes from the Lone Star State.

  3. dollarbill 05:23am, 08/12/2011

    Another good piece by Ted the Bull!

  4. The Thresher 04:50pm, 08/11/2011

    Iron Beach, I’ll drink to that. WORD!

  5. oldschool 12:50pm, 08/11/2011

    Yori Boy is a gutsy performer who I have always had a soft spot for. I wish him success and hope he retires after acheiving his mark. I think its now time for him to leave the game while he still has all his marbles. He has been a credit to the game - taking on all the top fighters of his generation.

  6. Phil 12:13pm, 08/11/2011

    As ever, interesting read. I didn’t even realise Yori Boy was still fighting. Nice one!

  7. thomas 11:40am, 08/11/2011

    Great to see a guy like Yori being recognized, going after 100 against stiff competition is impressive stuff

  8. Iron Beach 11:35am, 08/11/2011

    Hadn’t thought about it Bull but you are quite likely on the money here (as usual) seems like Yori Boy’s been around 4ever. Never ducked anybody that I can think of, have passport will travel, come to your hometown…no problem. We should celebrate this warrior, he has more cojones than most of our current Champs. A Toast To Ramon is in order.

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