The Next Mayweather?

By Ted Sares on February 25, 2012
The Next Mayweather?
Adrien Broner has a knack for clowning, but once the bell rings, he gets down to business

“A flattering reporter compared Broner to Floyd Mayweather. He wanted to know if Broner was ready to be the next supernova in a galaxy of fists.”—Robert Ecksel

“I’m going to be me. Not Mayweather. He has his own legacy and I’m not trying to be him.”—Adrian Broner

Twenty-two-year-old Adrien “The Problem” Broner ((23-0) KOd undefeated Eloy “The Prince” Perez in spectacular fashion in the fourth round of their fight at the in Scottrade Center in St. Louis tonight. At stake was the WBO super featherweight title.

“The Problem,” who always shows up in tip-top shape, was expected to win, but not in such impressive fashion. He used his upper body as a great defensive weapon, showed dazzling foot movement, used sharp left hooks, and threw powerful rights following stiff jabs. He also showed focus, discipline, and a high ring IQ. Two punishing rights ended matters as Perez went down and then did a “Trevor Berbick” before referee Genaro Rodriguez halted the action.

This was Broner’s third straight KO win since his less-than-compelling showing against Daniel Ponce de Leon a year ago. But that was then and this is now and Broner is now a vastly improved and far more confident fighter who showed moves that just could catapult him into discussion about whether he might be the next Floyd Mayweather.

In June 2011, he crushed Jason Litzau with a deadly combination highlighted by a right uppercut in the first round. Five months later he KO’d Argentinian Vincente Martin “El Mono” Rodriguez in three rounds. This time he did it with a left hook from hell that put the Argentinean on another planet. Then, he used his right to end matters tonight.

Broner has a knack for clowning before and after fights, but once the bell rings, he is all business.

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  1. The Pinoy Pikey 04:11pm, 02/27/2012

    Thanks Thresher…LOL!

  2. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 04:09pm, 02/27/2012

    Fraud Mayrunner is at the age of 34 when most fighters skills begin to slip / fade…. Ortiz was a sorry S.O.B. who ain’t worth the hair on the crack of my ass… however, Adrian Broner is young and loaded with cum… 1 or 2 more fights and he’ll be ready to make a real move… WORD!

  3. TEX HASSLER 02:17pm, 02/27/2012

    Broner is not ready for Mayweather yet. He would get a good pay day but not a win.

  4. the thresher 04:31pm, 02/26/2012

    PP, you are a hard man, but I love you

  5. The Pinoy Pikey 03:15pm, 02/26/2012

    I can certainly appreciate his boxing skills and ability, but, I’ll never like him as a fighter or a person, until he behaves like a gentleman.  All this ugly behavior under the guise of “Showmanship” is just that ugly: sportsmanship over showmanship, I say!

  6. the thresher 01:18pm, 02/26/2012

    Quami Simmonds, you and I are on the same page

    I’ve never seen a guy improve so much so fast.

  7. Quami Simmonds 01:05pm, 02/26/2012

    He mimics Mayweather whether he admits to it or not, every punch he threw looked like a Mayweather punch, the only thing I didnt see from him that Mayweather is famous for was setting punches and luring his opponent in for a counterpunch, all that being said he is extrememly entertaining even more than floyd and definitely see him being the next superstar if he begins to defeat opponents that are worth talking about, I’d love to see him at 140-147 since the 135 is indeed empty and staying at the weight would be a career suicide for him.

  8. the thresher 11:22am, 02/26/2012

    Jofre, Dan, and MRBILL, points taken

  9. the thresher 11:21am, 02/26/2012

    Thanks, Pug. I can’t write worth a damn but I DO try.

  10. pugknows 11:09am, 02/26/2012

    Great summary here. Great example of concise writing. This is the Bull at his best. Few words but lots of meaning.

  11. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 10:59am, 02/26/2012

    I will credit Adrian Broner for having a decent speech pattern and not talkin’ with slurs or with some ghetto type jive rap to the max… Broner actually has one or two good “One Liners” during his interviews…

  12. MRBILL-HARDCORE XXX 10:56am, 02/26/2012

    Yeah, Adrian Broner has potential for sure, but he is rolling over limited dudes with little skill, finess or even charisma…. Broner with his sunglasses on while coming into the ring reminded me of the 1983 fight in which Roger Mayweather was set to defend his WBC 130 lb. title against Rocky Lockridge on NBC Sports World and wound up getting clocked and stopped inside 1 round by Lockridge… However, that guy / vato from Mexico who faced Broner was not a real elite contender, but more so a pretender… WORD!

  13. jofre 10:20am, 02/26/2012

    He has good potential. But, I’m holding judgement until he fights stiffer opposition.

  14. Dan Adams 08:30am, 02/26/2012

    Ted, I’m not sold on Broner…yet; but he intrigues me enough to withhold final judgement until another day, two or three more fights into the future.

  15. the thresher 08:27am, 02/26/2012

    This chap agrees with me possibly:

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