The Plumage Don’t Enter Into It

By Clarence George on July 3, 2013
The Plumage Don’t Enter Into It
Nothing against Wildenhof. For all I know, he visits his mother weekly. (Claudius Schell)

I’m not a fan of defensive technicians, unless they also know how to go on the attack and mix it up, a guy like Gene Tunney…

“Boxing is smoky halls and kidneys battered until they bleed.”—Roger Kahn

I’m not a fan of defensive technicians, unless they also know how to go on the attack and mix it up, a guy like Gene Tunney. I like a slugger, and I don’t care if he doesn’t have a name. Visit some broken-down gym down by the docks with that smell of sea and sweat and watch a couple of sluggers duke it out. That’s the Sweet Science at its sweetest, and name recognition don’t enter into it any more than does the plumage of Monty Python’s dead parrot. Take Guillermo Rigondeaux…please. He’s got a name, and you see it on a fight poster and your bones creak.

There’s a muscley junior middleweight, an Albanian who fights out of Germany, who’s never going to get a shot at Saul Alvarez, or even Delvin Rodriguez or fellow German resident Jack Culcay. His name is Mike Keta, and he knows how to leather head and body with a satisfying smack.

The 30-year-old, a six-year pro (12-3, 11 KOs), will square off for a scheduled six rounds against Florian Wildenhof at the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, this Saturday, July 6.

The hard-hitting Keta most recently fought in 2012, stopping Uladzislau Mahdanau in April and Aliaksei Volchan in September, both by second-round KO, and losing to Andreas Reimer by first-round KO in December.

Keta’s other losses came by way of Omar Jatta via first-round TKO in 2008 and Wildenhof by split decision in 2011.

Registered as a middleweight, Wildenhof, who’ll turn 32 this month, is also a six-year pro (17-2, 7 KOs). He’s fought twice this year, stopping Mavran Schade by second-round TKO in April and Kamil Mitras by third-round TKO in June. He fought three times in 2012, stopping Mustafa Dogan by eighth-round TKO in March, Milan Ruso by second-round TKO in July, and beating Joe Rea by sixth-round disqualification in August.

The German’s two losses came courtesy of Mamadou Thiam by ninth-round KO in 2009 and Siruk Donsdean by sixth-round TKO in 2011.

Nothing against Wildenhof. For all I know, he visits his mother weekly for homemade Sauerbraten, tosses the ball to little boys, mends their sisters’ dolls, and traipses over to the Black Forest on Saturday mornings to feed the squirrels. But me, I’m rooting for der Schläger, the slugger.

Like the old song goes: “It might be a fight like you see on the screen…

“That’s entertainment.”

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Mike "Tornado" Keta (ALB) mit Trainer Johny Keta VS.Karel Zdarsa (CZE)

Wildenhof Trailer 2.4

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  1. Ted 12:21pm, 07/06/2013

    Al Braverman once said that “there is no such thing as a bad win.” I once won two fights in a row by walk-over at a Marine Boxing Tournament at Great Lakes in 1959. I still have the trophy. I’m mighty proud of those wins.

  2. Clarence George 12:16pm, 07/06/2013

    Happy to report that Keta scored his 13th win.  All right, by UD rather than by KO or TKO; still…a win.

  3. Thresher 08:33pm, 07/04/2013

    won 2 (KO 0) + lost 103 (KO 37) + drawn 5 = 110


  4. Clarence George 06:33pm, 07/03/2013

    An ass in which he had precious little interest, Irish.  When Rock Hudson’s wife, Phyllis Gates, asked him how long after they were married did he have a homosexual affair, he answered, “Oh, I don’t know.  The next day.”

  5. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 05:16pm, 07/03/2013

    Clarence George-I see he was able to vanquish Vic the Dick in five…..which reminds me….I say that Glenn Close has the best ass in Hollywood and on Broadway….bar none! In days gone by…Rock Hudson was quoted as saying that Doris Day had the best ass in Hollywood.

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