The Return of Andrew Golota?

By Robert Ecksel on July 22, 2011
The Return of Andrew Golota?
He earned the nicknames “Foul Pole” and “South Pole” for his constant infractions (Ecksel)

Does Andrew Golota need boxing more than boxing needs Andrew Golota?

The 43-year-old former heavyweight contender may soon hit the comeback trail. Golota (41-8-1, 33 KOs) has been out of boxing for two years, but is reportedly working out and looking forward to action.

Golota, at six-four and 240 lbs., had the physical equipment to be heavyweight champion. He boxed well and moved like a nimble cruiserweight, and were it not for questionable decision losses to IBF titleholder Chris Byrd in 2004 and WBA champion John Ruiz in 2005, we’d speak of Golota with the awe and reverence we reserve for former greats.

But Golota’s ascent to the throne was not to be. A perennial contender, it was always close but no cigar for Andrew Golota.

We cannot give the Polish-born Golota a complete pass. It wasn’t just bad officiating that thwarted his ambition. He may have come out on the short end in big fights, but he was no victim, and in fact was his own worst enemy.

His two bouts with Riddick Bowe in 1996 are prime examples of Golota at his most thick-headed. Some fighters panic when they’re facing defeat. But not Golota. He panicked when he was tasting victory. For reasons never adequately explained, Golota the boxer turned into Golota the street thug and earned the nicknames “Foul Pole” and “South Pole” for his constant infractions.

Fast-forward five years and Golota is back in the gym; whether it’s for love of money or love of boxing we cannot know. Golota wants a couple of tune-ups. Then he’ll imagine he’s ready to challenge one of the Klitschkos for their title. Wladimir and Vitale will run out of opponents eventually, and that may be Golota’s chance to again command center stage.

Let’s hope he keeps his mind open and punches up.

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  1. Linda 10:00am, 03/30/2013

    Hi -

    We DO need you, Mr. Golota - I LOVE to watch you in action but without the low blows.  You don’t need that in order to become a true champion.  I, too, believe in your ability to be the BEST!

  2. Larry Shryock, SSG. Rock 02:30pm, 11/14/2011

    Mr Golota,
    I believe, nearly 1/2 the country believes in you, your absolute ability to be a Champion.
    Please, stay focused on what once could have been as a lesson that can now be.  Any failure in the past is simple a path to your goal today.

    Sir, no matter what happens…focus.
    I believe you will have Champion attached to your legacy, soon.

    Best of luck,
    Larry Ssg Rock Shryock
    Ps…please watch the Riddick Bo fight just before you fight…painfull as it might be.

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