The Return of David Haye

By Sean Ness on January 15, 2016
The Return of David Haye
It will take a punch from the gods and a lotta luck for de Mori to get Haye out of there.

Saturday night at London’s O2 Arena, David Haye makes his long awaited comeback against 33-year-old Mark de Mori…

Saturday night at London’s O2 Arena, former cruiserweight and heavyweight champion David Haye (26-2, 24 KOs) makes his long awaited comeback to the squared circle where he will face off against 33-year-old Australian Mark de Mori (30-1-2, 26 KOs). Otherwise known as “The Dominator,” the man from Down Under hopes to upset Haye’s quest to reach the top of the heavyweight scene once more. The 35-year-old “Hayemaker” will be looking to inject some much-needed life into his boxing career after a three and a half year hiatus with many people predicting an easy night for the man from Bermondsey, London.

Many of Britain’s boxing fans will welcome their former world champion back with open arms, but the same can’t be said for the big TV networks that once fought to secure live and exclusive rights to his fights. The pay-per-view extravaganzas that once captured the nation’s interest it seems is over, at least for now. David’s comeback fight will be shown on the free-to-air channel known as Dave. Ironically, the TV station is famous for broadcasting re-runs of British comedy shows and one hopes that’s David Haye’s debut on the channel won’t feature him as the butt of a joke.

Haye last fought in July 2012 in a much-publicized grudge match against Dereck Chisora at Upton Park London. Three and a half years is a considerable amount of time to be absent in the sport of boxing, but Haye is fit, ready and looking sharp, weighing in at a career best of 16st, 3lbs for the 29th professional fight of his career. With a change of the guard in Haye’s corner from Adam Booth to the young and highly regarded world champion trainer, Shane McGuigan, David and his team will attempt to roll back the years ensuring success is within touching distance for the Bermondsey native.

Speaking to The Express this week, Haye explained that his speed and an ability to mix it up are his main weapons despite the lengthy layoff. “I’m more focused on performance,” he said. “I’m more focused on punch variety, and speed, and I definitely feel that you’re going to see me new and improved.”

Mark de Mori arrives in London determined to upset the odds with a victory over the aging former champion. A career best performance will ultimately slingshot de Mori’s career, a career whose most notable name is Alex Leapai, who de Mori fought to a draw in Leapai’s pro debut in 2004. It will take a punch from the gods and a whole lotta luck for de Mori to get Haye out of there, and in all honesty I think he has a better chance of winning the lottery as brutal as that may sound. However the Australian has signaled his intention to end his career on a high note should he get the win over David Haye. “If I win, there is more chance that it will be my last fight,” he told Sky Sports this week. “If I lose there is more chance I’ll keep on going because I will want to prove something.”

My prediction: David Haye to win inside three rounds and Mark de Mori to be featuring on another small show in Germany or back in his homeland in the not too distant future.

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  1. No10Count 09:46pm, 01/18/2016

    This opponent was/is as worse as Wards last.
    Paper thin resume.
    Hype train starting to roll out.

  2. Jonny barrett 03:37am, 01/18/2016

    Well done have looked gd for the extra weight and time out done the rite thing u didn’t make the mistake of boxers of past have made on there come back well done I don’t think anyone below ranked 6th would really wanna step in the ring with haye yeah afew more fights and then let’s start picking off the big boys at the top they all know the power and skill you got is 2nd to none world class as for fury I don’t rate him yeah he may have a bit of skill becouse of were he is but he’s got a week chin as Cunningham put him down and he would ov lost that fight if the ref would of been on to wot he done lifting his head up with is elbow used his weight to hold him there to get that killer blow and win is not boxing also fury keeps saying about his size and speed for one he’s slow and moves like a camel and ATM he’s winning on his size and his camel like style and his trash talk he always trys NOT FUNNY BTW would love to see haye put him asleep and we all know wot fury would say he would say I done wot haye couldn’t and won yeah well done on ur win but the fight was crap he wasn’t on his A game but trust u will lose the rematch at least when haye fought him they went at it u done a lot of talking how u was gonna take him apart and knock him out one of the most boring title fights to have gone down ur days are number from now on go david haye

  3. AkT 06:11pm, 01/17/2016

    Ortiz will bother Haye some, and so might Povetkin. As for the rangy tall fighters, I’d say Haye probably has a better shot.

  4. Mike Casey 02:44pm, 01/16/2016

    Yes, mate, Haye v Fury would be very interesting!

  5. Koolz 02:38pm, 01/16/2016

    I think after a few more tune fights Haye would be ready for any heavyweight.
    Ortiz I want see against Joshua I think Ortiz beats him. 
    UK has some amazing Fighters now and there Heavy Weight Division is Stacked!  Through the Roof!!!

    Fury might fight Haye in a year, you never know.

  6. Mike Casey 02:33pm, 01/16/2016

    I take your point, Koolz, but it would have been nice if the other guy had made a slightly more earnest effort. As for Ortiz, perhaps Haye had better not fight him at any time.

  7. Koolz 02:13pm, 01/16/2016

    Give the guy a break would you he was out for three and half years!  You expect him to come back and fight Ortiz?

    Big fight will come now.  Heavy Weight Division was blown wide open!

    Look to the future!

    you are correct Irish no one wants GGG but his mandatory will fight in April.

  8. Mike Casey 02:03pm, 01/16/2016

    Haye just won in about 47 seconds. Farcical mismatch!

  9. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 06:41am, 01/16/2016

    If this is a new and improved version of Haye, what’s the point? Oh right, Haye might be “rusty” and he just might miss the mark a few times before he lands flush and damn near decapitates whatshisface. Which reminds me….if Wilder lands flush on Szpilka’s beak, those in the first ten rows will be wishing they wore rain gear. Which further reminds me….everybody and his auntie is talking shit about GGG….but nobody really wants to fight him….not really. Oh wait, I forgot about Ward who wants to come to the ring on fight night 185 for GGG, who in reality is not that much bigger than Canelo or Mayweather for Christ’s sake!

  10. Koolz 06:10am, 01/16/2016

    yea it will probably only last three rounds but it’s nice to see Haye Back!

    Makes the Heavy Weight division exciting again!

  11. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 05:52am, 01/16/2016

    Comeback fights=mismatches=fixed fights, but that’s OK because the important thing is that boxing enthusiasts will get to see someone getting pounded senseless.

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