The Return of Mike the Rebel

By Ted Sares on December 16, 2013
The Return of Mike the Rebel
“He fought like a warrior. I'm happy to be victorious but my main concern is for his health.”

The one intangible—and it’s a big one—is what mental state Mike Perez will be in when he fights in Montreal in January…

“Mago is in my thoughts and prayers and I hope he recovers quickly…He fought like a true warrior. I’m happy to be victorious but my main concern is for his health.”—Mike Perez

Mike “The Rebel” Perez is scheduled to fight Carlos Takam (28-1) on the undercard of the big Pascal-Bute fight in Montreal on January 18, 2014. This will be his first fight since the fateful and violent Magomed Abdusalamov brawl at the Garden in November and many are wondering what kind of emotional condition he will be in given that fight’s tragic outcome. Perez (20-0, 12 KOs), a Cuban defector living in Ireland, took over after the first few rounds and won 97-92, 97-92 and 95-94 on the judges’ scorecards.

The Dublin-based Rebel is a product of the Cuban amateur system and brings technical skills to accompany heavy hands and high punch volume. Among his victims have been journeymen Travis Walker, Friday Ahunanya, Zack Page (twice), Kerston Manswell, and Gregory Tony. Arguably, the Mago fight was his first big test. He did win a Prizefighter Tournament in 2011, beating three opponents in a total of five rounds including Tye Fields whom he waxed in one.

Mike, a southpaw, won a gold medal at the 2004 World Junior Championships in South Korea, fighting as a light heavyweight. He also won a silver medal as a heavyweight at the Cuban National Championships, beating current top heavyweight prospect Luis Ortiz along the way.

His opponent, Carlos Takam, is from Cameroon but lives and fights out of Seine-Saint-Denis, France, and has an impressive record on paper having KO’d an aging Michael Grant in May and an aged Frans Botha in March 2112. However, his one loss was to Gregory Tony by UD in 2009—a fighter Perez dispatched in one round in 2011. Moreover, Takam’s KO percentage of 76 is somewhat misleading because of the caliber of his opposition. Still, he represented soccer-crazy Cameroon at the 2004 Summer Olympics at super heavyweight. Also, he qualified for the Athens Games by winning the gold medal at the AIBA African 2004 Olympic qualifying tournament and defeated Angolan fighter Georgio Cabta in the final.

The one intangible—and it’s a big one—is what mental state Perez will be in when the two face off in Montreal. My thinking is that he will be okay, but like Perez before the Mago fight, this is the taller Cameroonian’s opportunity to move into the mix.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Ted 06:46pm, 12/17/2013

    Big Walter, I have the world’s record for the strict curl in my sight. I hope to break it by the end of 2014.

  2. Ted 05:55pm, 12/17/2013

    Thanks Kid. it’s getting a bit better

  3. kid vegas 04:14pm, 12/17/2013

    Good to see you back. Hope your back is ok.

  4. Ted 11:56am, 12/17/2013

    Take it to the bank

  5. John aka L.L. Cool John 11:54am, 12/17/2013

    If you make the World Championships in Vegas, I plan to attend, too. If Mercedes and I decide to get married during that time, will you be my best man?

  6. Ted 11:40am, 12/17/2013

    I did Bill. And I wish him luck. If an inexperienced Obama can do it in the USA, why not a more experienced Vitali in the Uke? He gas gotten some pretty decent experience in that past few years and the time is right.

    LL, those kinds of elbows can cause blood clots

  7. John aka L.L. Cool John 11:36am, 12/17/2013

    Mike the Rebel follows up that vicious left hook with an elbow reminiscent of another Mike - “Iron” Mike Tyson.

  8. dollarbond 11:32am, 12/17/2013

    Take it slow Ted.  Did you see Klitschko is leaving boxing to go into Ukranian politics?

  9. Ted 11:12am, 12/17/2013

    Jesus H. Christ!!

    I think Perez will fight to the level of his competition. If I were Takam , I would bull rush him as soon as the bell rings. Test him early.

  10. Big Walter 10:36am, 12/17/2013

    I like this Perez gut a lot, but he might not want to brawl anymore after that last one. By the way, Bull, If you compete in Las Vegas, you can stay with us in Henderson.  Are you near any records yourself? Most guys your age are either dead or are shovel ready.

  11. Ted 09:55am, 12/17/2013

    Kid Vegas and Big Walter will be there. I will stay at their home. Also, my sister who lives in Las Vegas will attend. We will make it a reunion of sorts and have ball.

  12. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:57am, 12/17/2013

    Ted Sares-OK! Don’t forget to warm up properly and employ proper lifting techniques and we will see you in Vegas….I’m sure Kid Vegas and many others will make the scene too!

  13. Ted 08:50am, 12/17/2013

    Good point Tex.

  14. Tex Hassler 08:49am, 12/17/2013

    Mike Perez was damaged in his last fight in my opinion. Both fighters took a lot of unnecessary punches do to a almost total lack of defense.

  15. Ted 08:45am, 12/17/2013

    Ha. I am scheduled for one in March in Boston, one in April in NH for the NH and Vermont State Championships, one in June Nova Scotia for the Eastern Canadian Championships—-and then—-if my body can handle it, there might be one in Las Vegas (world championships). My play would be in the strict curl, but I do all 4 events. I would need all the rooters I could get, though being a geezer, I generally win over the crowd by simply being there.

    But powerlifting has been a passion of mine for many years and I love it as much as I do boxing. It allows me to still engage in a competitive activity and travel the circuit with a great bunch of people.

  16. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 08:38am, 12/17/2013

    Ted Sares-If you ever compete in a power lifting event in Las Vegas I will be there to root you on and to get your autograph.

  17. Ted 08:11am, 12/17/2013

    I blew out my back chopping wood and then like a fool did some power lifting at the Turkey Day Bash in Boston. Also, have been on the road back and forth between Conway and Portland like a yo yo. But not I am back in some semblance of calm.  Thanks for asking, buddy.

  18. dollarbond 07:58am, 12/17/2013

    Also, the return of Ted the Bull.  Where have you been?

  19. Ted 07:34am, 12/17/2013


  20. Irish Frankie Crawford Beat Saijo aka Gimpel 07:17am, 12/17/2013

    Ted Sares-Not to worry…he’ll be just fine thank you. As long as as he can land those bone fracturing, brain damaging, bent elbow shots (like the one in the photo above) as he did on Mago where the fist, forearm, and elbow all impact his opponents face.

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