The Rios Grande Lie

By Michael Schmidt on March 13, 2013
The Rios Grande Lie
The outer limits of body and soul are reserved for the few special ones, like Brandon Rios.

Round after round, body and head blow after head and body blow, blood drop to dropped blood, his willpower will change his opponent’s reality…

“Brandon fookin’ Rios Grande is fabulous. A GREAT FIGHTER and like great fighters, a great fookin’ liar!” says my drunken friend of many moons, Irish Darcy “R”. More on Darcy another time but suffice to say it is long and loud of life. 

We are eleven floors down from our Law Office at “The Honest Lawyer” Restaurant (no joking and no jokes required Fearless Editor). Darcy is paging through some notes I have for this article.

“Aye Schmite! This is great shite and may thy Lord bless Paulie (Malignaggi). Listen lad.” I have of course already “listened” but off goes Darcy in full theatrical recital:

From Paulie: “…what have we seen from Adrien Broner? We’ve see a lot of handpicked opponents…HBO pays for some pretty filthy garbage to put Adrien Broner in…I mean the garbage HBO puts out…the garbage they put out there is filthy…There is one or two fights in Adrien’s career where I can’t even think he won them…the Ponce De Leon fight.”

Did Broner win that fight with Ponce? Seriously Darcy what do you think? I am trying to interrupt Darcy but when Irish Darcy is on an Irish roll, and the Cooley Distillery’s favorite son in the entire cosmos is whiskey fuel warm wild, then best to “let ‘er rip!”

“Aye, shite I see some lovely on Brandon fookin’ Rios Grande. This is wonderful then in it.”

From Brandon Fookin’ Rios Grande on Broner: “He’s a stupid ass…He’s a clown. On an interview I see(n) he said that I won’t touch him. If a fucking midget motherfucker (Gavin Rees) touch you imagine what I would do to you. I’ll knock his (Broner’s) ass out!”

There is a pause in the Darcy action so I enquire; “What do you think of young Broner?”  Get your Irish on!! “Aye Schmitee come now come thee then. Adrien Home Boner Office. Seriously on these lads. Where would ya be without yer HBO, your ESPEEN (ESPN) AND yer Showboat (Showtime). No pugeelisteek prizes then aye. Boxing needs ‘em and you shall support them. Ya should ave yer own sanctioning body lad. W.U.A.S.A.! Wish Upon A Star Association. Berto and on lad. But ye must understand they (networks) have to build these lads up fer what else is there then—What do I think of young Boner? Well ees a fine little boxer then in’t he then but he’s to be tested before we do a jig or a jug.” And what of Rios I enquire. “Well there is a fighter. Ee’s a fighter in’t e.” So says Darcy “R”.

You’ve heard that before, the response in reference of “he’s a nice little (fine) boxer.” Darcy, like many a measured fans response to the “what do you think of” is not being complimentary in that “fine boxer” answer. It is a secondary response isn’t it! He is not being fair as Broner has a high KO rate but a “fine LITTLE boxer” for Darcy is reserved to those that have yet to be tested and may not have the “bottle,” the “metal,” when punch comes to shove. On the other end of the comment spectrum is the Darcy highest of compliment that “Ee’s (Rios) a fighter….”

THE RIOS GRANDE LIE: Darcy and I have spoken before of this Champions “lie” business and it is, rest assured, not born of original thought but rather from that of a great Champion, Jose Torres, whose thoughts outside the ring where as grand as his in the ring thoughts and taught, teacher to pugilistic pupil, from that grand boxing psychoanalyst, Cus D’Amato.

Torres: “Champions and good fighters are champions and good fighters because they can lie better than the others…Because we fighters understand lies. What’s a feint? What’s a left hook off the jab? What’s an opening? What’s thinking one thing and doing another? What’s getting tired? I was an expert about thinking one thing and making my body do something else.” (“Sting Like a Bee.”)

These lies by mere fact of our physical makeup are nonsense.                               
No human being can take punishment forever.                                               
No human being is invulnerable to the knockout out under the right circumstance of punch.
No human has unending endurance and so the lie otherwise goes on and on to try and convince Mr. Opponent of the humanly impossible.

Of course there are liars and then there are Champions liars: The first version of Ali being able to dance forever and fistic mist to miss unhittable; the opponent succumbing from fatigue of lie and Ali’s stinging punch. Of course at some point Ali would come down off those toes to be hit. Marciano punching and punching until his opponent would fall. Of course no person can punch nonstop. Hagler and his as good as any top list iron jaw coming and coming and letting you know that it was unbreakable and the opponent succumbing to fatigue of lie and Hagler’s pressure. What then of a Champion who does not buy into such lie and one who simply decides to punch his way along with his own version of lie. Well that would be another great Champion of the Sugar Ray variety.

What then of the Rios Grande Lie? Torres’ lies for the most part surrounded the art of defense. The Rios Grande lie revolves around sheer unbridled willpower. The truth is the lie itself!

The assertion of lie that Brandon Rios makes is not necessarily that his willpower is the refusal to lose, for that would be the obvious statement for his opponent and most assuredly he means to win, but rather, round after round, body and head blow after head and body blow, blood drop to dropped blood, that his willpower will change his opponent’s reality. The reality of broken will being the cruelest of gladiatorial reality: you are simply weaker of mind and, self-doubt expanding the great realm of pain and exhaustion, that you are weaker of body. It is not for Rios to lose but rather the opponent to be broken.

I have had the pleasure of being ringside ringside three times to watch Rios (Acosta, Murray, and Abril). His strength of will, his desire, is astounding. How he took the big right hand gun of Acosta with a few seconds left in round three and the battering he took for the ensuing two thirds of round four is for only some small recess of his own mind to answer. Simply astounding!  What then? Well then the lie started, with a smile of “I am coming back your way—that did not hurt” and indeed the last one third of round four and Rios, like a man possessed, was hammering away at the then Champion Acosta. More of the same in the Murray fight. The Abril fight was of a different opponent look for Rios. From my unimpeded view ringside Rios won a close fight. Despite Abril’s style Rios kept hammering away the harder and more telling blow round to round the entire fight. Up close and personal the judges’ decision bore the same conclusion.   

Round one of the first Alvarado fight was everything we hoped for as was the whole fight which was described as “rock ‘em sock ‘em robots.” After round one there was Rios telling Trainer of the Year Robert Garcia, “I love it” and his “it” after being hit and hit hard in the first round. After the fight Rios was at the microphone, in battle glory to the victor, shouting out to the fans “Do you want it (rematch). FUCK IT, LET’S DO IT AGAIN.” Fuck yes we want it and are getting it again the end of this month. Beware the Ides of March!!

And so The Rios Grande Lie shall continue. His desire, his willpower, and his mental and physical toughness convincing the opponent that the journey Rios is embarking upon is not worth the travel. The outer limits of body and soul are reserved for the few special ones.

Yesterday Rios was lying and his lie ended as truth of victory and today his lie is the truth of an undefeated record, and we shall see if his lie the end of month will turn to more truth. Mike Alvarado is trying to convince himself that he did not submit to that truth of lie and he will have to create his own lie to begin this second fight journey. Make no mistake. Alvarado submitted when he let Rios fight his (Rios’s) type of fight. Don’t underestimate Mike Alvarado. His is the make-up of that Torres-level Champion liar. For Rios a win leaves him ever so much closer to that “A-List” payday of a Marquez, Pacquiao type fight.   

Let the truth of lies begin. I cannot wait! No airbrushing or hair brushing required in regards to Rios vs. Mile High Mike redux. As for Champion “Boner” as our now table snoozing Darcy would slurred tongue and cheeky call him well he will have his hands full with Paulie of Brooklyn who is a Champion earned the long and battle hard way. I am sure there were those empty post-fight dressing room nights when Paulie had deep thought process as to his career. No midget this Malignaggi and for Champion Broner an opponent who will provide mobility and skill set. A Champion, this Paulie, who went and “got some” and wants to get “sum” dollar wise. Perhaps we will have a better understanding of Broner’s quality, airbrush, or more Hair brush, after the Malignaggi fight. Interesting fights all the way round…”

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  1. Don from Prov 07:12am, 03/15/2013

    Great article—but then I’m a big Rios fan

  2. Mike Schmidt 04:49am, 03/15/2013

    I watched it - and deffo had Rios winning- I was front row live slightly off center of one of the Judges with nobody impeding my view, five feet from the apron- up close and personal Rios was certainly cracking the more impressive and scoring shots- there is of course a reason that we have our judges live by the apron- I would say this though Ryan- yes it was very very very close- of the four people that were with me, including World Champion Beibut Shumenov and one of the Sr. heads of KZ Promotions- two for Rios, one for Abril, one had it a draw-out of respect to those along that night I choose not of course to say otherwise who had who- ah well in the end it is what the judges had it

  3. Ryan 02:34am, 03/15/2013

    I stopped reading when you wrote Rios won the Abril fight, Ive watched that fight twice and he deffo didnt win that fight!

  4. David Ball 08:36am, 03/14/2013

    Aye, a throughly enjoyable read Mr. Schmidt, as for the outcomes of the two scraps mentioned….well I’ll wait to be entertained by the fighters themselves, will the dogs come to fight? I say yes they will!!

  5. the thresher 07:52am, 03/14/2013

    Paulie no longer has movement. He fights in a stationary manner and trie to get more leverage on his powder puff punches. Cano exposed him badly and also exposed Paulie’s chin. Cano got stiffed.

    I’ll give him credit for going after an early retirement package because it IS prize fighting and the prizes equal cash. But Broner is a tough way to earn money.

    Look for Paulie to begin backing up early, getting smacked with everything in the book, and then go reeling into the ropes where he is saved in the same manner that he was against Khan and Hatton. Broner is no Juan Diaz. This will not be pretty for Paulie fans.

  6. the thresher 07:35am, 03/14/2013

    The amount of attention Paulie gets is most disproportionate to what he is worth getting. He is an attention-getter that should be ignored. His skills have long since diminshed. But he is a fine commentator.


  7. Mike Schmidt 06:12am, 03/14/2013

    Sneak it sounds like a great fight night coming over at your pad—GREAT STUFF. Now as for Thresh—well Bull what the FOOK, could you please be a little more definitive in your predictions—quit sitting on the fence!!!!

  8. the thresher 06:03am, 03/14/2013

    Malignaggi will get slaughtered. He is all talk; he is essentially done. No movement. No power. He does have heart, but that’s all that’s left. Broner will butcher him until a mercy stoppage is called saving Paulie from himself.

    As for Rios, Alvarado haas been through 3 consecutive career altering-type fights. There is no way he can beat Rios. Look for an early and savage stoppage here.

  9. Pete The Sneak 05:07am, 03/14/2013

    Schmitty, another wonderful read man. And ‘Irish Darcy ‘R’ is my new fookin folk hero. Now that’s what you call telling it like it is, particularly his wonderful take on Adrian Broner (I’d pay a grip to hear Irish Darcy do an HBO broadcast on a Broner fight)... As for Brandon fookin Rios Grande, man I tell you, there is defintely some lovely on that cat. I’ve been on pins and needles ever since that fight was announced and the only issue I have with it is that it’s not this on weekend. For Boxing fans, the Mile High Mike and Rios fight is our superbowl. I have more people coming over to my house for this fight than the last few pay per view fights combined. And to Mr. Irish Darcy ‘R,’ there is a lazy boy chair waiting for you at my place. I won’t have any Kilbeggan on hand, but the Barcardi, Heinekens and Pernil(Roast Pork) will be flowing and the floor will be yours. ‘Fookin Aye.’ (Peace).

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