The Roadrunner vs. Pac-Man

By Joe Masterleo on November 18, 2014
The Roadrunner vs. Pac-Man
Birds of unlike feather usually don't flock together, but make contrasting styles in combat.

Algieri hasn’t proven anything substantive yet, at least not in the meat ‘n potatoes department, and therefore isn’t up to snuff for Pacquiao…

Christopher Algieri got beat-up by Ruslan Provodnikov last June, but got away with one in a split-decision because two judges with Golden-Gloves/Olympic-type scoring criteria favored the prancing ex-kickboxer. Olympic boxing (scoring) differs from professional boxing (scoring) the way breakfast at $tarbucks (lattes and scones), differs from the all-you-can-eat, $6.95 ham & egg special at Moe’s diner. As such, Algieri hasn’t proven anything substantive yet, at least not in the meat ‘n potatoes department, and therefore isn’t up to snuff for an opponent like Pacquiao. For that matter, neither is he worthy of a PPV platform. The game and gutsy medical school wannabe is all sizzle and no steak, more of a shake-and-bake runner with fancy footwork and little punching power.

If Algieri was a bird, he’d be a Roadrunner, using speed and cunning to evade his come-to-fight Wile E Coyote opponents, dancing in circles while taking whip-lashing jabs at their jerking noggins. As an illusionist, Algieri is pleasing mostly to smoke-and-mirrors, herky-jerky, locomotion-susceptible judges and purist boxing types known to frequent $tarbucks. After all, every illusion does require a willing participant. In reality, much like Pac-Man, coyotes are faster than roadrunners, easy to run down in the open field a la Algieri. Algieri’s boxing inexperience will also be to his disadvantage. Martial arts and kickboxing don’t count as ring experience, but are to real boxing what soccer is to football (American-style), or what Olympic boxing is to boxing as we commonly know it.

Birds of unlike feather usually don’t flock together, but do make contrasting styles in combat. While Algieri is “The Roadrunner,” Pacquiao is a hybrid, a cross between the in-and-out, back-and-forth, to-and-fro darting of a Hummingbird, and the lightning-quick spearing accuracy of a Great Heron. Therefore, look for the shifty Filipino to box, punch, move and cut off the ring on his overmatched, outclassed and overrated opponent. Once Pac-Man solves Algieri’s style, he’ll sooner cut loose with a confusing fusillade of body and head shots that inevitably break-down his game but lesser foe, eventually causing the referee or ring doctor to stop the fight somewhere between the 9th and 11th rounds.

In fighting Pacquiao, Algieri will discover that he’s in a very different league, one that will prove to be his boxing comeuppance. Only a master can initiate a novice, and that in a trial by fire. The only way Pacquiao can lose is if he’s not up for this fight, and/or has a lackluster performance. 

If perchance Algieri wins, well, you can tickle me with a feather.  .  . a roadrunner feather.

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Manny Pacquiao Vs Chris Algieri Promo

Ruslan Provodnikov vs Chris Algieri HBO Championship Boxing

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  1. Steven 06:05pm, 11/20/2014

    Scathing but correct. And the people that don’t respect Pac are simply ass holes and jealous.

  2. Bill Angresano 08:38am, 11/20/2014

    HA! this article is way off base. Chris Algieri in the grand tradition of Boxer puncher might just out punch and out box the smaller all time great Pacman. While coming out of “nowhere”  vs Provoknikov there is a serious LACK of Boxing knowledge not to admit he did in fact out punch and out box the feared fighter. If Pacman is not at his very best , (and even if he is) this gutsy rangy athletic Algieri will become Manny’s worst nightmare and ANY of the top Welterweights he would face.

  3. Koolz 03:27pm, 11/19/2014

    Let’s not forget that Pacman beat Tim Bradley Twice!  He is a rare bird that fights at Angles and get’s power shots off at any angle.  He is still very fast.  I was watching his training with Roach and Pac is Back!
    Aligeri’s reach will be his downfall.
    Aligeri hasn’t shown me he can do anything. 
    Let’s see Pacman really get into it and Knock this Roadrunner out!

  4. Koolz 03:17pm, 11/19/2014

    This Article is Great!  The Pacman will out box all over this imposter!  Arrg I was so annoyed when Aligeri won that Last fight with Ruslan!  What a joke that was.
    I can’t wait to see him lose every round!  he won’t be able to run Pac will be all over him.
    From the side at all angles the Pacman will Unleash his fury!  I hope for a KO.
    I think Algieri doesn’t quite realize just how hard Pacman can hit!

  5. Eric 08:42am, 11/19/2014

    People are playing Algieri cheap. Have you looked at the height difference between these two fighters? Algieri looks a head taller than Pacquiao, and has a massive reach advantage and he will use those long legs to keep him out of danger also. The only fighters that Manny has faced that were as tall as Algieri were Antonio Margarito, and a washed up De la Hoya, and both of those fighters gave up their height and reach by coming forward. Algieri isn’t going to come straight at Pacquiao negating his huge height and reach advantages, Algieri fights like a tall fighter.  I’m sure that Algieri was indeed cherry picked to be an easy test for Manny and the overconfidence issue will probably be more of a factor in the Manny camp, Roach sounds supremely confident. This fight is going the distance regardless of who wins. Algieri will be there at the final bell.

  6. PACMANUSA 07:22am, 11/19/2014

    To each his own !

    Fried eggs and ham steak are not my choice for breakfast . Neither is the rather over confident person from Long Island .

    I’m white and of course I’m American . However I hope Pacquiao kills this bum . The guy should not be there in the first place Provodnikov beat him yet this bum got the SPLIT decision . That call was ALMOST as bad as the first Pac Bradley fight where Pacquiao was robbed .

    God bless the Philippines and Manny Pacquiao !

  7. Norm Marcus 05:12am, 11/19/2014

    I hope Algieri isn’t another Tim Bradley. Losing bouts in front of our eyes yet winning the judges over. Provodiokov destroyed this kid that still lives in his mom’s basement. Yet they gave a split decision win to a guy that was knocked down twice? He looked like a meat cleaver hit him at the end.
    Why didn’t Provodnikov get an immediate rematch? Isn’t that usually in a champs contract? Also in a close fight the champ usually gets the benefit of the doubt. Have the PC police taken over boxing now.
    Hope Pacman destroys him. He’s doesn’t belong in the big leagues.
    Reminds me of Willie Pastrano, fast but he hits like a girl.

  8. Darrell 01:58am, 11/19/2014

    Personally, I can’t stand Pacquiao but have to admit that even this less than prime version should have too much for Algieri.  Algieri could pose a few problems but I haven’t really seen enough of him to say that he could pull off an upset…...after all, I did think Provo won their fight.

  9. Galvar 06:47pm, 11/18/2014

    I’m rooting for Manny but I agree with Eric, he’s not as fast as he use to be.  Algieri can jab and run then hit Manny with some rights that may not hurt Manny but it will score points.  I’m not saying Algieri is going to win, just saying Manny is going to have a tough night.

  10. Nick 10:01am, 11/18/2014

    Manny looks happy.  You don’t want him happy before a fight.

  11. Kid Blast 08:12am, 11/18/2014

    On paper, this is a no contest but in reality it might be something else. Still, at the end of the day, I agree with Freddie Roach that Algieri may be “in over his head.”If he hits and runs, Pac will run him down with a stalk, stun, and close scenario which, worse case, will end in a UD win for Pac Man. If Chris unwisely chooses to engage, he will be stopped.

  12. Ted 08:10am, 11/18/2014
    Try the link again

  13. Ted Sares 08:08am, 11/18/2014

    Good stuff Joe. And remember, if you don’t have PPV, you might want to try this variation of live streaming:


  14. Eric 07:51am, 11/18/2014

    What a coincidence. I just wolfed down 3 sunny side up eggs placed on top of &  a bone-in-ham steak. Love the taste of egg-yolk and ham together. Pacquiao is indeed a bird of prey, but he doesn’t fly quite as fast or soar as high as he used to back in the day. Algieri is the raven who will use cunning and smarts to steal the food away from the aging eagle. Algieri by a somewhat shocking split decision victory over the aging legend.

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